Friday, 28 August 2009

Rivero's Inconsistency Part 34

Here's Rivero's comments over Israel's demand for sanctions against Iran:
Netanyahu knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is not going to get the level of punitive sanctions he wants from the UN, because Russia and China will veto.

The UN will, again, as happened with Iraq, become "irrelevant".
At the end of the day, the US will have been "groomed" for some military confrontation against Iran, possibly by some kind of false flag event, and we'll be off and running in yet another military misadventure.

And remember, before the US "neutralized" Iraq through military intervention, Iraq was considered to be Israel's primary existential threat, accused of having weapons of mass destruction.

We know that was a lie.
Taking the statements I have added emphasis to:

1 - Russia and China will veto.

American use of veto to protect Israel is always condemned by Rivero et al. Perhaps rightly so, but leaving aside the issues.... we see that Russian and Chinese vetos are not condemned - even though they would presumably be employing their vetoes to protect their own interests as much as any American vetoes are given to protect American interests. (Does China have a UN mandate for its action in Tibet? Wouldn't China veto any action against its interests if it were proposed? Surely it would?)

If Chinese, Russian and French vetoes are to be respected, what about those of the USA? Are the validity of such vetoes to be based entirely on one's personal opinion of the situations involved? Fair enough - but that's a matter of opinion and the use of veto shows a difference of opinion (and interests). What's the answer - abandon all vetoes? (As if ultra-nationalists like Rivero would accept it! They generally oppose the UN in principle anyway as it's part of the "globalist NWO" conspiracy for world government. Unless, of course, it's useful to their propaganda - such as over Israel, or Iraq wherein the UN becomes a legitimate and ultimate authority.)

2 - "before the US "neutralized" Iraq through military intervention, Iraq was considered to be Israel's primary existential threat, accused of having weapons of mass destruction.

We know that was a lie.

So why does Rivero so often suggest Israel manipulated America into attacking Iraq so as to protect and serve Israel? If Iraq really was not a threat, and this was well-known to Israel and America, then it cannot be claimed that it served Israel's interests to manipulate America into attacking Iraq. Why would Israel have bothered to instigate 911 as a prelude to attacking Iraq when it already knew Iraq had no WMDs and hence posed no existential threat?


Greg Bacon said...

Why would Israel have bothered to instigate 911 as a prelude to attacking Iraq when it already knew Iraq had no WMDs and hence posed no existential threat?

Israel had already declared Iraq under Saddam to be a 'existential' enemy and a thorn in its side.

Someone like Saddam stood in Israel's vision of Eretz Israel, the Zionist fantasy of having land that streteched from the River Nile to Euphrates.

With Saddam out of the picture, Israel can continue on with its desire to steal more ME land without worrying about its back door, since 100,000 or more US troops will remain in Iraq indefinitely.

9/11 was the Zionist and Neocon dream come true.

The Zionists would get to use their 9/11 attack to turn Americans into carbon copies of Israelis; filled with hate, fear, paranoia and a never ending desire for revenge against Muslims/Arabs.

Israel would use 9/11 as a cover to steal even more land from Palestinians, under the guise of fighting 'terror.'

The Neocons would use that day to turn America into a police state and increase the size of the armed forces, some of which are used to help keep thugs in place around the world so their Fortune 500 buds can loot that country's natural resources.

Even before the smart bombs had stopped falling in Iraq, Israel was already uring the US to go on and invade Iran, another 'existential' enemy.

How that turns out remains to be seen.

the_last_name_left said...

GB:Israel had already declared Iraq under Saddam to be a 'existential' enemy and a thorn in its side.

Saddam had already proven an existential threat to Iran and Kuwait, the Iraqi communists, trades unions etc. He had tried to build a nuclear reactor, and he'd had significant WMD in his possession and significant programs to acquire more - certainly until the 1st Gulf War. Likely a reinigorated Iraq would do the same once again? The rest of the gulf feared the same thing, right?

Someone like Saddam stood in Israel's vision of Eretz Israel, the Zionist fantasy of having land that streteched from the River Nile to Euphrates.

Well, so you say. What about Iran/Iraq war? That's a far more significant aggression than Israel/Palestine? What is the actual evidence for Israel expanding to the Euphrates - or the Nile? There's been no significant movement towards that "goal" - even in a time when, as you argue, Israel's "dream had come true" (911, Iraq war etc)

With Saddam out of the picture, Israel can continue on with its desire to steal more ME land without worrying about its back door, since 100,000 or more US troops will remain in Iraq indefinitely.

9/11 was the Zionist and Neocon dream come true.

But even when 911 happened and (what you call) "the zionist dream had come true" Israel has not made significant progress towards their "dream". Indeed, an argument can be made the reverse has happened if anything - they have pulled out of Gaza, and settlements have reduced. The even had a mini-crisis in removing Israeli settlers.

Compare those tenuous, convoluted, barely supported claims with American reasons for Iraq war? Oil, empire, hegemony, Full Spectrum Dominance. Israel is clearly the minor party.

The Zionists would get to use their 9/11 attack to turn Americans into carbon copies of Israelis; filled with hate, fear, paranoia and a never ending desire for revenge against Muslims/Arabs.

But americans were those things anyway -S America, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc etc. American violence is unsurpassed - it's self-excuse to blame Israel.

And 911 is throwback for american, hate, fear and paranoia - and arrogance and greed and violence: where did Islamic Militancy spring from if not in reaction to American/western subjugation?

Israel would use 9/11 as a cover to steal even more land from Palestinians, under the guise of fighting 'terror.'

But everybody used it for those reasons - like Russia, China, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Colombia, etc etc. And Israel has not "stolen more land"? At least not significantly - so what a waste of opportunity? Hmmm. Ridiculous to claim Israel riskied committing 911 to achieve goals they haven't even bothered to subsequently achieve.

The Neocons would use that day to turn America into a police state and increase the size of the armed forces, some of which are used to help keep thugs in place around the world so their Fortune 500 buds can loot that country's natural resources.

They were doing all that anyway, or did you not notice?

socrates said...

From what I recall, the motives behind the US going into Afghanistan and then Iraq were oil and US geographic hegemony. I think there is some huge supply of oil up through Afghanistan towards the old Soviet Union's vicinity. I mean, it was kind of like what you were saying in that thread I saved from the Unofficial WRH forum. You caught Rivero admitting the true objective, but then you asked well what the fock is up with all this tinfoil Zionist illuminati crap. Is it the Joos, or is it the oil?

There's also the idea that Bush and Cheney Incorporated wanted to "correct" Bush Senior's leaving Saddam in place after the first Gulf War. I followed that thing. The US pretty much goaded him to invade Kuwait. They told him they had no opinion on any border dispute. Kuwait was actually a part of Iraq many centuries ago. So heck, there's another inconsistency. These people are making Israel out to be some form of Russia imperialism Part Deux. Kevin Bacon's evil twin brother shows up and says Israel is stealing land. Hey, I agree to a point. But my point now is are the right wing zeitgeisters actually arguing for Iraq to retake Kuwait based on their own twisted logic? If there should be no Israel, should there be no Kuwait? It's like you said about Rivero. He says it's all about Israel. Then he says it's all about the oil. Then the disinfo, seemingly internet cointelpro, jumped all over you and thus also me by then saying Rivero means both and that we are the same person and that we are into propagating our "kike Jedel mind tricks" with our hook noses and all that other ugly crap they were posting. If you recall, may41970 started that long thread at my forum back in June 2007 with "Ender's" Hal Turner 'esque' violent proclamations. That ushered in the first scrubbing of the Unofficial Forum. It would later return and commence its final end point with the trolling on your thread about Rivero saying it's all about the oil. I think the fake lawyer who showed up had the same name as the Hollywood lawyer who worked with Kimberlin with his Justice Through Rock Music thingamajig. The whole enchilada has been very surreal, and we have been victimised. But we keep chugging along while those fockers have metamorphised into other areas on the net. Basically in regards to what really happened at the unofficial forum, we won, and they lost. Sorry this post may be a bit stream of conciousnessness and could have been worded better, but I think I'm making some good points here. We done good. If we weren't onto great insights, we wouldn't have been and continued to be attacked. We would be left alone.

socrates said...

I found some more right wing ideology flowing out of MyLeftWing, the website that kicked Francis Holland to the curb in an act of outright censorship.

Dear Antiwar New Englander

The two culprits are DonkeyTale and KarmaStench. DonkeyTale is well know for having co-opted Francis Holland's whitosphere phrase with his own variation of whiteysphere. He also makes spelling mistakes on purpose. He may have supported Mr. Holland in the past, but I believe that was more a matter of what is referred to as concern trolling. KarmaStench is well-known for having followed Francis to MyLeftWing in order to troll him. He has admitted to that.

Here's DonkeyTale on Cindy Sheehan. This is reminiscent of when the right wing propaganda machine was spinning her as being a media whore.

"I often wonder how she came to raise up a "warrior son" in the first place, approvingly sending him off to boot camp? Oh, you mean the VOLUNTEER military is not just a jobs training program, a way to accumulate tuition money? You mean that nice sergeant at the recruitment center was lying????

Cindy Sheehan is gigging dude, an opportunist using her dead son for fun and profit. I have no problem with her schtick, but its a far cry from whereshe sits to grateness.

She's found her a nice job, is all, standing around all day in front of the MSM, collecting donations from the Left Behind.

Now, institutionalized. An annual event attracting dozens.....the Jerry Lewis Telethon of the Left Behind. Give a dollar and feel all good about yourself.


Now on to KarmaStench. A poster called him out for supporting war. KarmaStench denied that, but here is what he said on a different thread.

"When the Bush administration attacked Afghanistan I was initially opposed, but came to accept it after Osama bin Ladin took credit for the 9/11 attacks."

KarmaFish spinned that retort as being comprised of a quote taken out of context. Yet, he never denied that he is for the war in Afghanistan. The irony is that Bin Laden may have died a very long time ago and never actually took any credit for 9/11. It is an established fact that he has had a severe kidney illness. Then of course there is the question of whether he actually took credit for the September 11th attacks.

Swiss scientists 95% sure that Bin Laden recording was fake

There was a French study which tried to debunk this Swiss one. The point is there is reasonable doubt to believe that any tape of Bin Laden taking credit is authentic. Oh well, there you have it, yet another enigma. Plus, kooky right wing disinformation websites are the predominant search hits for trying to figure it out. So despite the link provided by myself being from The Guardian, curious newbies and fence-sitters are gonna end up thinking this is just more internet tinfoil after ending up at crap websites.

socrates said...

Here are a couple threads I found at Democratic Underground which have all the indications of being associated with the disinformation racker we have revealed.

To Believe the NY 2004 recorded vote, you must also believe...

The person writing it is someone who goes by the username TruthIsAll. He denies it, but it's obviously the same dude, just as Brett Kimberlin is obviously ThirdChoice at DU. After TIA was banned from there, he ended up at Progressive Independent. He associates himself with people like althecat who runs something called Scoop. Althecat is associated with right winger Tom Flocco. Flocco and Andy Stephenson also did business together. To repeat myself from other posts, Stephenson was buddies with Jeff Wells. Wells and Tinoire are close. Tinoire adores Michael Rivero.... TIA also lists BradBlog as a credible source. This is basically an insular circle of disinformation bitches who turn legitimate questions about election fraud into tinfoil. TIA is well-known for spamming unreadable huge chunks of math. He becomes easy fodder for the establishment yesman Mark Lindeman. Which leads me to a thread I found in the September 11th Dungeon.

On Disinformation and Damaging Associations

It's a thread with good ideas about how kooky ideas about September 11th such as no-planes and holograms have turned newbies and fence-sitters off from looking at anomalies. There is passing reference to the Joos did it angle. But it mostly is referring to the crazy things like pods and the energy weapons. There is one point TLNL might appreciate. I guess some troofer not a truther has gone on to write a book about Ernest Zundel, a neonazi who gets written up a lot by Rivero and Jeff Rense type dives. Then there are the JREF debunker cultist types who try to debunk the idea that people could be paid to muddy the water with kooky ideas. Though someone I suspect is a plant shows up to interject the idea that the moon landings were faked. It's classic strawman material.

Larry said...

Did you see my blog from yesterday? Im pretty pissed at Alex Jones

socrates said...

I checked that out a bit Larry. Good for you. I've been burned countless times by people on the net only to then find out they are deeply flawed or could be some form of operative. We hear what we want to hear perhaps, and then we miss the trees for the forest or something like that. It doesn't take a rocket science degree to see how much out of control anger is building up towards Obama, and it would be truly a disaster if something bad happened to him. I have problems with his policies, but I'd never wish him harm or curse him to hell. Things like this make me wonder about Alex Jones, like how he emerged, how he became such a big internet name. He could be part of an elaborate scam to muddy the waters. I certainly feel that way about Michael Rivero, Mr. NASA and McDonnell Douglas. We'll see if TLNL gives you some kudos for that post. I think he will, though he seems to be on blogging vacation right now.

the_last_name_left said...

Yeah - kudos to Larry!

I'm dead proud of him, somehow. :)


Still getting banned and deleted from BradBlog - I've now made it to qualifying for "maniac" status, and last i looked was accused of "stalking agent 99".

It's astonishing that the moderator at bradblog and several of its regular commentators should be part of what could easily be described as a "far-right cell".

I see no reason to believe their pleadings of ignorance about who Willis Carto is. But maybe it's true? Accepting their ignorance is an even greater indictment insofar as buying into Carto-sponsored ideas shows a greater susceptibility to fascism than a simplistic rejection of Carto's pronouncements based on knowledge of Carto himself and the then automatic assumption that one opposes him and his views.

What I don't get is why Bradblog would assume I am you, Socrates. Or, if not you, someone else they deem undesirable.

That's just weird. I don't get the connection.

and there's no evidence of anybody responding to anything i post. Nobody there is interested that whilst they're slagging off "right wing nutjobs" opposed to healthcare reform, the comments are filled by people who spend the rest of their time promoting WIllis Carto and explaining "it's the jews wot done it!" and suggesting Christopher Bollyn, Desertpeace, Les Visible and WRH are "anti-fascist".

There seems a clever thing going on there where Brad can seem above the fray......separate from agent99 the moderator. But seriously? Who would give agent99 mod status? Is it BradBlog or Agent99_Blog?

And plunger gets preferential treatment at bradblog. Just by reading Plunger's comments around the place it's clear s/he claims not to be anti-semitic and is careful to appear exactly so. But look at plunger's use of claims, quotes, sources - and they're all classic anti-semitism.

Ah - but it's true! Their great defence - with a link to Willis Carto's AFP to prove it.

Or Henry Ford - or Lindbergh - or Benjamin Freedman or Hitler. Nevermind that it's tripe - they said it so it must be true!

Oh - and Bertrand Russell was the most evil man alive......possibly the anti-christ.

Bunch of clowns.

socrates said...

Yeah, Brad somehow stays above the fray, good point. Maybe the thing isw set up where only the types who cybersleuth or whatever like we do are in on the whole situation. Anyone else isn't going to have a clue or care. Remember when you asked me to fill you in a bit on Kimberlin and Brad. It was as if nothing I had written before had mattered to yourself. Same with your stuff on Maynard and such. But once you got clued in, once I showed you how Tinoire is affiliated to Velvet Revolution, you were right there. And then to get you to see Vig Dan's blog and Agent99, you could see I wasn't just pulling lint out of my belly button.

I've never said anthing more than that these people appear to be internet cointelpro. I don't have copies of paystubs. All I have are the connections I've made via scouring through open source information.

They are clealy saying that you are me. I have been called a stalker many a time. One of the big smoke and mirror approaches is to say people like us are into character assassination, that we cherry pick and try to get something, anything to stick. There are many reasons why they try to astroturf we are the same person. We are two of the only people who have figured out this Joos did it conspiracy angle. Sure, there are plenty of others who point it out, but those folks do it in a way in which they say these people are kooks, that they believe what they post. Well, I take it as a sign of progress that you are saying they appear to be a right wing disinfo cell. I agree with you we have no hard core proof. But the circumstantial proof is substantial.

I know for a fact that there are guys like Larry who are not paid disinfo. I have some relatives who are into his angle. And I don't mean to belittle him or start a new trend of trouble between ourselves. Hey, maybe his newfound awareness of some dodginess in Jones' associations and presentations is due to him having some openmindedness. Now if I was ever to see him exhibit the kind of stuff Maynard posts, then sure, I'd want nothing to do with him.

I think the key to spinning ourselves as the same person has its roots in the Rivero thing and how reliant Tinoire and Agent99 and that grouping have been on promoting him.

I went through the BradBlog archives, and I couldn't find where Agent00 was anointed the moderator or why.

I'm looking at BradBlog right now, and it looks like Big Dan is criticising Rivero and Jones for being racist. I think they are trying to steal our schtick or put some distance between themselves and those two. But it's too late. They have been plugging those guys for years. Big Dan links to those guys, doesn't he? But now all of a sudden he is seeing the light? And I also think these guys study trends on the net, and I wouldn't be surprised that they have seen myself and now maybe you giving Larry the kudos and are trying to make us all seem like part of the same disinfo cell. C. Wright Mills called it circumscribing. I think these guys are meant to be strawmen. So when people like us expose them, they are forced to try to make us all seem like part of their script. Yet again, only those who are into getting into the nooks and crannies will see this. The rest will just see a lot of noise.

Ok, I see the thread where you probably tried to post, the one on Obama.

I see a SiliconDoc who is acting batshit crazy and talking about going through the archives. On the thread before that one I see a Mike who may or may not be the Mike who turned out to be my cyberstalker.


socrates said...

BradBlog is looking like a zoo. Brad may think he seems above the fray, but like you point out, his moderator being Agent99 makes him part and parcel of it.

Ok, I'm finding where you showed up again. Maybe this SiliconDoc guy is meant to look like he is us again, that we are all the same. And Brad is trying to seem like he is very sane and besieged by some lone psycho, who is supposed to be seen as being me. Now I've been following TLNL for a long time now, and while he can be a bit agitating at times, I've never seen him outright break rules. So I see this as Agent99 or Brad probably making up this SiliconDoc guy as a diversion. He is talking about the hypocrisy of the moderating, something I did in the past when I had my troubles there. Then Agent99 comes in saying keep it real or to that effect and people won't react in such and such a way. It's like a poor man's cult.

I couldn't be bothered to work to hard with writing this post. I am not gonna provide links, I'm just sincerely leafing through what I can, and these are my sincere observations.

Wow, I'm now on the thread where SiliconDoc is going at it with Agent99, something on a Lanny Davis. I think the BradBlog has basically hit rock bottom after the Brett Kimberlin connection has hit the zeitgeist's consciousness. I think this is basically manufactured noise. Aaah, the BradBlog cult is on about fake liberals. It's the old canard that if one is speaking about fake liberals, then they aren't fake liberals themselves. This is all too much for me. I still haven't seen any Haystack's {TLNL} posts. And I see SiliconDoc is putting a space before his punctuation, like the Mike I mentioned before and how a lot of over the top internet posters write. Aah, Agent99 called him Haystacks. These people are so fucked up. They got so busted in being disinfo dispenser that they still persist with the outrageous cybersmear script. I truly believe SiliconDoc os a made up persona.

Another thing, not sure, but a few months ago I lost use of my return key, and this SiliconDoc guy is being criticised by Brad for not using more paragraph breaks. Since I lost that key, I need to copy and past paragraphs to have them. Could be a coincidence, but my gut instinct tells me all this noise at BradBlog is just more of the same old same old of the cybersmear script.

Aah, then Agent99 again makes him out to seem to be TLNL. She said to Big Dan not to mention him or he'll be bacvk at his website. These disinfo fools couldn't be more obvious that they are spinning bullshit. This means I made a direct hit on their credibility over the last year. It shows that since TLNL was able to dig into this shite a bit himself and bring his own slant to it, they are desperate to spin us as being the same person.

Hmmm, SiliconDave says he never seen or heard of the BradBlog until he saw a piece on Sibel Edmonds. Aaah, a poster named Anti shows up and has his or her comment deleted and is banned. I have had a username of Anti-Wingnut. Could be another coincidence. I haven't a clue about what they are talking about in that thread. I just see what I see. I wouldn't even be checking out the BradBlog right now if I hadn't read TLNL's post above.

I'm smelling psychological operations. I'm smelling that I exposed these bullshitters for what they are. It really does seem that the comments section belongs to Agent99, and subsequently is tied to the hip of Tinoire and Rivero.

Pretty strange how they are spinning SiliconDoc as being you and then by extension me. The BradBlog has become utterly destroyed, and they have only themselves to blame. Brad and Brett should have canned the Agent99 schtick a while back and started to drive off the nutjobs. That's what I would have done if I was a disinfo fuck like them. I would have cleaned it up and tried to let the insanity get buried in the archives, of what would survive the scrub brush.

socrates said...

To correct something I wrote above- I assumed I would see some posts of your when I saw the username Haystacks mentioned. But I don't see one post of yours. I only see that they are making it seem that we are this SiliconDoc dude.

socrates said...

apologies for spelling and grammar mistakes. I didn't edit the roughdraft and just posted my stuff.

socrates said...

I googled SiliconDoc. He appears to be a real person from California. He's an angry right winger. I don't see how anyone could get the idea that he is you. I can see how they would say we are the same, seeing that this has been said in the past and by people affiliated to BradBlog. But saying SiliconDoc is also Haystacks, yourself, is ridiculous. I think BradBlog has simply lost all credibility and they have no choice but to go with stupid is as stupid does. I was wrong to think SiliconDoc was a fake. I admit that. Like I've always admitted which usernames I have had. The BradBlog is really reaching if they don't think the truth is now known about their ties to Tinoire, Rivero, and Brett Kimberlin, and others such as Jason Leopold, Larry Johnson, and Larisa Alexandrovna. Brad Friedman is officially toast, and I'm proud to have pounded the living snot out of his disgusting internet persona.

the_last_name_left said...

Looks like something stirred Socrates :)

Hey - we're all agents of Goldstein!

Bradblog reckons they only ever banned one person - the same person, again and again. :D

It's intriguing seeing what people delete.

socrates said...

Ok, check this out. I could provide you with a kazillion examples of internet bullshit. Here's one and it relates to how we are all the same person or on the same disinfo team and how it's been going on for years. You see, TLNL, anyone who comes close to exposing this finite group of bullshitters is pinned as being the same person. I have been accused of being this guy AnonymousArmy, who used to post at DailyKos. He was in on busting up the fake election integrity activists and other fake lefties like Larry Johnson, Jason Leopold, and Larisa Alexandrovna.

Leopold is a well-known hack. He's the guy who spun Karl Rove being indicted when it never happened. He also used to go by a sock puppet name of Harry Shep. I'll provide a couple links, but like I said above, this shite can get fairly extensive. Yes, these buggers have fricken woken me up. I keep saying if they'd just leave me the fuck alone, I'd probably stop getting the truth out. But the more they fock with me..... Truth out, ha, that's the name of one of the fake lefty rags Leopold used to work for.

So I have some news for you. You are also AnonymousArmy and work for both the DoD and Diebold!!!!!!

Anonymous Army prempts article and outs himself as DOD-DIA employee

The source of Larisa's info is Harry Shep, who is Jason Leopold. She acts dumb when someone asks her if Shep is Leopold. What they did was take an ip from AA's email and reversed it, something I made a similar mistake doing because I trusted my ex-moderator who works with computers but who is extra tinfoilish. Maybe reverse ip's can mean something. There could be a program for it. But usually if the reverse ip shows up as something interesting, it is a coincidence.

Long story short, AA's ip leads to a GoDaddy registered email server, not the DoD. But Larisa, who is buddies with Brett Kimberlin and has lied about his past ran with this as him being either a lone psycho in the DoD or part of a disinformation racket. Again, she accused me in the past as being this guy. I am so many people. I am quite the talented disinfo fuck. I am you. I am SiliconDoc. I am may41970. I am AnonymousArmy. I am DoD. I am Diebold. The question is who aren't I. Friggen sassafrassa.

Here's a BradBlog thread where Brad deleted AA's comments and put in its place a statement saying AA is part of a Diebold disinformation group. Hmmm. Even farther down he says he figures this will be big news. Yeah, just like all his other various hoaxes. These people are a joke. Huffington should boot them off her site. A major newspaper should do a story on all these disinfo fockers. You see, AA was really good way back when doing what we do. I was good at looking into archives and keeping hope alive. This is why I have been attacked so much. So few people do what we do. We might be just about the only ones doing this kind of stuff.

Escape from San Diego...

And this is also why I am willing to cut a guy like Larry some slack. I don't think he is part of this bullshit. Alex Jones and Rivero, yes, they are part of it. Tinoire is too. I am actually very impressed that Larry took Alex to the woodshed.

Hey, maybe Agent99 is one of these people. It could really be a he. It could be Leopold or it could be Kimberlin. Just guessing. But yeah, Agent99 showed up out of nowhere and just happens to fit the Tinoire fake lefty model of Jooo hating and Rivero loving. Is Brad above the fray? No he isn't. He has been totally busted. This is why they hate us. This is why they say I am all these people and some uber troll. Because these are somewhat huge internet names. The guys you have gone after are big names too. We converged on Rivero. Then we see they are all hanging out in the same disinfo sewer spa. Gonna get some shuteye now. I am not one to reinvent the wheel. I don't really have any more researching to do. They hate me because I figured out a lot.

socrates said...

Ok, a bit more, then I'll stop. Democratic Underground deleted a boatload, but I screenshot a lot and the proof is at my forum. But this link here is to one of many threads where Larisa was promoting the Kimberlin scam that Michael Connell was threatened by Karl Rove. She accuses someone of being AnonymousArmy. Also on that thread further up I asked her for proof when she said I was this guy creeksneakers2. But her posts were deleted. Thank God for screenshots and that these fockers don't control the whole internet. This is why I preach about pockets of awareness. Talk about wholesale deletions, Democratic Underground is the worst and is controlled by this specific disinfo racket.

Nope... we are all wondering why you are so emotionally involved AA.

I spoke with a freelance reporter named Joseph Lauria on the phone for a few hours a bunch of months back. According to him, I became a player as Prepostericity. The irony is that Lauria had his identity stolen by Jason Leopold years ago in regards to that other hoax dealing with Karl Rove.

socrates said...

Ok, I went further into that blog, but not much, for it is quite repetitive, and they do delete a lot. They usually leave up some crazy stuff. People like you who are articulate and persistent, like AnonymousArmy was, are deleted and smeared.

Agent99 wrote:

There's some maniac who has been banned here, and at many other blogs, who switches IP numbers and screen names as quickly as the armies of spammers. He comes in lately accusing me of being a follower of some person I never heard of... before it was accusing me of being a felon/CIA plant... and he just is having a ball here lately... and other places he finds me. My very own stalker!

Now, he wants to make it look as though he's been censored for the content of his comments... which is true insofar as he's told lies, hijacked threads, and generally tried to think of ways to be as disagreeable about it as possible, but using more than one screen name and switching IPs to get around bans or moderation.

Anyway, he goes in bursts of caffeine or speed where he does a bunch of different names and IPs, pooping all over Brad Blog and I just delete his stuff when I delete the spam that got past the filters because he's been banned.

Smear me all you want if you haven't been banned.

Maybe Agent99 is Larisa Alexandrovna. She's making no sense. She provides no proof of anything. It is her word against people who aren't allowed to defend themselves. It's like what Alexandrovna, another of Friedman's close associates, did to AA with the DoD claim. Alexandrovna is trying to represent herself as a legitemate reporter, but she lied there, she lied about Kimberlin, I could even get you a link to one of the most crazy meltdowns in blogging history. She went apeshit over Plamegate and a guy named Gannon. It was a historic meltdown at DailyKos. But anyway, my point is that since Agent99 is the only moderator and writes unsubstantiated things like this and Brad sanctions it, then he is not above the fray. BradBlog is paid disinformation. Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman are monsters.

socrates said...

There's also the possiblity that Agent99 is Brad Friedman. Even yourself, a relative newcomer to checking out these circles, can see how he acts like he is above the fray. His act has been that he is too busy on other things. I'm starting to think he could very well be Agent99. Friends of his like Jason Leopold are in the business of using sock puppets and having zilch for journalistic ethics. He gave my cyberstalker my personal info. Maybe someday I will get to meet this Brad Friedman and we'll see then how quick thinking he really is. Hey, Agent99 could be Leopold or Larry Johnson. Guess there's no way to truly know. But I'm not buying how the Joos did it crowd ended up with so much power at what was supposed to be an election integrity website. I also do not buy the Brett Kimberlin connection. If you go through the archives, there was never much mention of how it started. Brett wasn't really ever mentioned until he started to flex his ego stealing John Lennon songs and trying to create an image of himself as an exonerated ex-political prisoner who found alleged whistleblowers. It was always about Brad Friedman being a co-founder of Velvet Revolution without mentioning the other founder. And there is never one word posted about Kimberlin's history. Not one.

socrates said...

Myron Goldstein says you need to give him a call. He's got a list of blogs he wants you to disrupt..... I've gotta try to get Mark Singer off his ass and go after this bullshit. Or Joseph Lauria. Someone needs to expose these creeps in a big way. It shouldn't be on a few nobodies like us. Oh yeah, just remembered, Myron also wants you to pick up the bagels and chopped liver. It's your turn.

socrates said...

Ok TLNL, check this out. You are now also a poster named GOS, one named Troubleinwinter, and you are a paranoid schizophrenic.

Gos links to a now famous DU thread on Brett Kimberlin

Problem is, either GOS is a victim like us or is one of their sock puppets. The link he provided got changed from .com to .org. Now common sense says someone manually changed that to screw up the link. No one is gonna type out the whole address and make that kind of typo. This is the correct link.

GOS is either anti-semitic or a staunch critic of Israel. I don't know, and I'm not gonna research his posts to figure that out. But further down the BradBlog thread, this is what Agent99 wrote:

Gos doesn't give a damn about election fraud or our ability to be taken seriously.... he's just trying to be as nasty as he can think to be. Let him go ahead and link dangerously mentally ill paranoid schizophrenics. People can see it for what it is.

Yes, with a bit of perserverance, they can figure out he was linking to a poster named troubleinwinter, yet Agent99 was trying to say that person is me. This story will emerge. I think it actually already has. I will eventually get my revenge and vindication. The worst is yet to come for Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin, two of the biggest scumbags on the internet.

the_last_name_left said...

Well, I'm not Gos. :)

Funny how everyone is the same person at Bradblog - at least all the critics are the same person.

See Agent99 suggesting s/he knows there are warehouses locally where people are employed to troll websites that endanger "fascism" ie like Bradblog, presumably.

Paranoia. Bullshit. As if s/he knows that. Joke.

I always love those type of claims wherein they declare users, including myself to be "agents" of Israel, mossad, CIA, MI5 whatever. To be accused of it, when obviously one knows whether one's self is such an agent or not, is highly amusing and revealing about the critical faculties of the people making the claims.

Here's more evidence of the same, where Agent99 accused me of being paid to troll Bradblog - check the hokey, lazy, crude definition of fascism s/he employs too.

Agent99: I mean, hell, just ask the guy paying you to come here and spread all these talking points in the classic "concern troll" mode if you have any doubts about the veracity of my assertion here.

I'm not falling for this crap about "formidable opposition" to cover for not producing what virtually everyone in the country wants. The triumph of the corporate imperative over the common welfare [your "formidable opposition"] is known as fascism

That'd make any conservative that supported the legal institution of corporations "a fascist". What rubbish.

The great administration of post-war British Labour Party respponsible for National Health Service and nationalisation of the "commanding heights of British economy" would have qualified as "fascist" in that definition? Ridiculous.

Larry said...

Hey, what do you think about my latest story on Jones and Prison Planet? Voice your view at my blog. So MANY are pissed at Jones.

the_last_name_left said...

I have posted at your blog, Larry.

I said "kudos to Larry for allowing me to post"

You know that you'll likely be ostracised by Jones et al after your "hit-piece"?

They hate any opposition, no matter how legitimate.

Whilst I disagree with Jones about almost everything, the 911 movement should be concerned about Jones' persistent dalliance with characters like Pastor Anderson, Reverend Pike, Willis Carto etc. It's damaging and discrediting.

Personally I've discarded the 911 movement perspective, partly because of these connections the movement has with religious haters, and fascists, and racists etc. Nevertheless, though I no longer agree with the perspective, I can only continue to say that these sort of connections which Jones endorses and publicises can only harm "the movement".

If people in "the movement" care more about "the truth of 911" than they do in supporting the agenda of fascists and murderous haters, then they have to do the work to expunge such people from their "movement".

So far, there's been a near absolute unwillingness to even recognise the task at hand, let alone attempt the actual work required to achieve it.

In that respect, well done to Larry for at least raising the important issues over pastor Anderson.

Just as opposition to Bush's murderous policy against Saddam's Baathists or Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda in no way means one must support Saddam or Bin Laden, likewise criticising Anderson for murdeous pronouncements against Obama in no way means one must support Obama, or whatever he is claimed to stand for.

However, support for Anderson and his pronouncements, or Willis Carto and his pronouncements, surely IS support for what those people stand for.

Neither Anderson or Carto deserve ANY support. To include these characters and their vile beliefs and ideology in "the 911 movement" has seriously damaged the movement. Why should anyone treat such characters and their odious beliefs with anything but contempt?

If people want to create a genuine movement, such people and such ideas cannot be involved - they need to be exposed and expunged before "the movement" can acquire the least credibility.

The failure to do so is a huge indictment against "the 911 movement" - another factor in why I call it "911 Troof". Just because Pastor Anderson, Reverend Pike, David Duke or Willis Carto says something in no way makes it true. Indeed - the opposite is more likely the case.

socrates said...

I don't think the internet "patriot" movement really believes what they post. So what you think is paranoia, I figure is either some silly script to ask for donations or the agent provocateur kind of stuff. It's just not organic. It's like bad television, where you can predict what goofy twists and turns are coming next.

These people are such bad actors in my mind, that they seem to me more about being strawmen and rabbit holes than anything else. A guy like Kimberlin is on the record as having a strong affinity for raking in cash. So I admit it could be some type of snake oil over being a muddy the water propaganda adventure.

It's like with the myriad of examples one can come up with. Alexandrovna and Brad Friedman, along with Larry Johnson, Jason Leopold, and many others purport to being citizen journalists. But they don't seem to have any concern for how they look. Hence, I believe they are willingly making themselves look ridiculous. No way does Friedman allow Agent99 to romp around for years without him knowing that she is tied into the Tinoire type fake lefty Rivero lover network. No way can Friedman say he is a citizen journalist yet posts that AnonymousArmy is a part of Diebold {now I believe called Premier {sp?} Solutions} as if it is fact. No way would a journalist such as Alexandrovna post as if it were fact that AA was working out of a DoD facility without concrete proof. Plus, all the same names keep being connected, not loosely, but in concrete ways. Kimberlin was close with Andy Stephenson. Tinoire is close to Wayne Madsen, Rivero, Desertpeace, and Jeff Wells. Leopold and Alexandrovna used to cowrite articles. Funny thing about Friedman and Kimberlin. I don't think Brad started to post Kimberlin's name until after their relationship and its implications were outed at the Democratic Underground.

I think the few of us here have one fundamental thing in common. We are after the truth, no matter what it is, and we have each been susceptible to supporting dubious people who on the surface seemed to be supporting our individual causes. It comes down to the content and letting the reader decide. Each of us has a love for freedom of speech and association and a disdain for injustice. I think it's cool that you guys aren't flaming each other like before. I'm kind of rambling at this point, so I'll wrap this up. Oh yeah, I saw that Alex Jones had some big anouncement planned for today. I think he said it was gonna be the biggest thing ever for him or something stupid like that. Let's see. I guess it's about Charlie Sheen requesting a meeting with Obama. I'll go out on a limb and say that no way will that ever happen. I was also reading through the comments there the other day. It is unreadable. If you've ever read through youtube comment pages, it has that kind of waste of time feel to it. And TLNL, you're killing me with your avatars. Now you have some dude with a moustache dressed up as a woman. Hey, maybe that is Agent99.

Uhm, here is the link to Larry's blog. I'm gonna check out his new one on censorship at infowars. My take has been that they have been against censorship, but maybe that has been a ploy, the way BradBlog tries to make it seem that they do not censor. I saw many posts saying Jones is an agent provocateur. The way BradBlog seems to censor is to simply allude that anyone not fit to post there is me.

socrates said...

Infowars has all the comments off. This fake big event has blown up right back in their faces. They can say it's a bandwidth thing, but obviously they are in damage control via censorship as Larry wrote up at his place. This reminds me a bit of when Geraldo Rivero created news with his show on the Ku Klux Klan. Jones thought he could create a buzz around the Sept.11th story. The story, though, became about himself and his lack of journalistic integrity. This is clearly damage control 101. I also went and checked out BreakForNews and Rigorous Intuition. This is supposed to be a topic they cover, on internet fakes and whatnot. There is nothing at all on this at either place. I guess one can try to check out BradBlog and see if one of the regulars will discuss this. I'm actually getting tired of going to these places just to see how often they contradict themselves The internet is clearly a big disappointment. Ok, at Rivero's I don't see anything on this brouhaha. I do see a flashback article from infowars titled Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11. So Rivero has nothing on this pseudo current event but has a flashback Jones' article? WTF? I see nothing at BradBlog. Brad's subbing for Mike Malloy, someone I think may be a tinfoiler type, not sure. So all these places are ignoring Alex Jones making a fool of himself. I guess they want to keep the "alternative" zeitgeist on life support. I also see Brad plugging Ben Burch and his White Rose Society. AA called Brad, Johnson, Alexandrovna, and Leopold part of the Lefty Liars Club. I think I am attacked a lot because I didn't want all the stuff that got exposed years ago to become buried in archives, or shall I say, of what hasn't been scrubbed completely off the net. I do apologise for dropping a lot of names and other stuff. But I do believe a lot of what I have gotten into is finite in nature.

socrates said...

There's a Democratic Underground thread on the Charlie Sheen thing.

Larry said...

Holy shit. The shit is hitting the fan on my site now. I know Im finished at Prison Planet after today!!

the_last_name_left said...

Alex Jones' Info-Stores.nazi

Anonymous said...

Rivero's a complete Commie, through and through.

the_last_name_left said...

A commie?!

You're kidding? Care to explain?