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Rivero exposes himself over - - R - E -

At today:
The pornographic mass slaughter perpetrated by Israel in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, 27 December, once again reveals the Nazi nature of the Zionist state.

It also underscore the genocidal nature and brutal ugliness of the Zionist mentality, a mentality based on and shaped by murder, bullying, coercion, aggression, brutality and criminality.

Furthermore, it shows that Israel is capable, both mentally and physically, of carrying out a real holocaust against the Palestinian people and other peoples of the Middle East.

But what about Turkey? Why is it only Israeli aggression which reveals nazism at its heart?

One of the news reports I quoted in the last blog is from the BBC this weekend.

I find it astonishing that Israeli actions attract such condemnation and yet comparable Turkish actions receive almost no attention whatsoever. And certainly not shouts about nazism.

Another separate article featured by Rivero says the Turkish Prime Minister has criticised the Israelis. WRH quotes the article:
[And] among regional allies there was also discontent: The prime minister of Turkey, one of the few Muslim countries to have relations with Israel, called the air assault a "crime against humanity."

A crime against humanity? OK - but look where this is coming from? Turkey was itself bombing Kurds and carrying out ground operations along the Iraqi/Turkish border. The Turkish rationale is not so different from Israel's.

It is the BBC, not Rivero, reporting that,
Turkish fighter planes have bombed suspected Kurdish separatist positions in northern Iraq.

Turkish military sources said the attacks, which started late on Saturday (27th Dec 2008- same as Gaza), targeted members of the rebel Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

There was no word on casualties. There has been no official comment from the Turkish armed forces on the raid.

Turkey has stepped up its cross-border operations into Iraq in recent months, amid mounting casualties on both sides.

Turkey has accused Iraq of failing to stop the PKK - who are fighting for greater autonomy in south-eastern Turkey - from using its northern areas as a safe haven.

It does seem remarkable that Turkey so escapes condemnation for comparable action to that for which Israel receives intense scrutiny, criticism and condemnation from almost every quarter.

It is Turkey which has escaped condemnation and scrutiny - not Israel.

Rivero and his anti-semitic friends have been silent about Turkey. For them Turkey's aggression fails to elicit the ugly memories of Nazism. Somehow for them, it is only Israeli murders that provoke comparison with Holocaust - and they always make the comparison.

So what about Turkey's aggression? It doesn't feature at WRH - not even when the PM of Turkey indulges in the rank hypocrisy of calling Israeli aggression "a crime against humanity" hours after Turkey had themselves bombed the PKK in Iraq.

According to the BBC:

The PKK - which is treated as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the EU and US - has waged a violent campaign for Kurdish autonomy since 1984, resulting in more than 40,000 deaths.

40,000 deaths.

Earlier this year, 3rd May 2008, the BBC reported:
Turkish air strikes in northern Iraq this week left more than 150 Kurdish rebels dead, the Turkish army says.

29 February 2008, BBC reported:
...the Turkish military said at least 240 PKK militants had been killed since it launched its offensive just over a week ago. It added that 27 members of the Turkish security forces had also died.

"Both the start and end dates of the operation were decided by us solely based on military reasoning and necessities," it said.

And despite Turkey engaging in further airstrikes against Kurds, on the same day as Israel attacked Gaza, Rivero can't find a place to condemn the Turks for their their aggression - let alone does he condemn them for being a Turkish Reich.

But on today's WRH alone, there are 60 stories about Israel and Gaza. And not a mention of Turkey, apart from the PMs hypocrisy.

60 articles.

There are also 7 articles about "liar-jews" fabricating tales and memoirs of the holocaust.

Rivero asks
Are they ALl hoaxes?

The remaining few other articles are the usual whining about jews in banking - that's "economics" to Rivero and Curt Maynard.

So why such attention to Israeli aggression? Not hard to see why! Zero articles on Turkey, but 60 on Israel in Gaza. So how much longer must we put up with the pretense that Israel gets no such attention?

I wonder when I can expect to see Turkish aggression described as revealing the Nazi-heart of Turkish nationalism blah blah blah?

Rivero says of Israel, but not of Turkey - that
"The leaders of the world should, collectively,revoke the diplomatic credentials of every Israeli diplomat in their country and send them packing.

Otherwise, they are enablers to genocide."

Somehow that doesn't apply for anyone else? At least not for Turkey.

When will we see unpunished and ignored Turkish aggression given as 'proof' of Turkish "control over the White House and US foreign policy"?

It's not going to happen, and there's plenty of reasons why - anti-semitic conspiracism.

Here is Rivero commenting on the jewish Eli Wiesel's misfortune to have been robbed by Madoff. Rivero's all heart, eh?
Elie Wiesel operated a foundation that forced schools to include Holocaust Education on their curriculum. In a stunning ironic twist, Elie Wiesel's foundation had their endowments with Bernie Madoff, and has since collapsed.

Mike Rivero WRH Dec 28/08 11.49

How is it a "stunning twist"? How is it ironic? What does he mean? Is he saying he thinks it's funny? Deserved? What?

And interesting that anti-semitic conspiracism fails to account for how we have a supposedly super-powerful, jewish, holocaust-indoctrinator being robbed-blind by another supposedly super-powerful, jewish, financier. But they're all in on it together...........hmmm.

And Rivero doesn't fail to take the opportunity to again attack the memory of the holocaust. How Wiesel is supposed to have actually "forced" holocaust education onto schools' curricula remains a mystery.

And while Rivero simply asserts such nonsense, back in the real world:
On February 1, 2007, Wiesel was attacked in a San Francisco hotel by a twenty-two year old holocaust denier named Eric Hunt who tried to drag Wiesel into a hotel room. Wiesel was not injured and Hunt fled the scene. Later, Hunt bragged about the incident on a holocaust denial website.
Hunt was convicted on July 21, 2008, and he was sentenced to two years but was given credit for time served and good behavior and was released on probation and ordered to undergo psychological treatment. The jury convicted Hunt of three charges but dismissed the remaining charges of attempted kidnapping, stalking, and an additional count of false imprisonment, amid Hunt's withdrawal of his not guilty by reason of insanity plea.

So to whom did Eric Hunt go bragging about assaulting Wiesel?

A quick google and it turns up that Hunt went bragging to some of Rivero's favourite "historians" - ones he's often linked to and whose holocaust denial he promotes and shares: Frederick Töben and the Adelaide Institute. Well, whaddya know? Small world?
Note from Fredrick Töben on the Eric Hunt-Elie Wiesel matter:

1. I know that Eric Hunt sent an email bragging about his exploits to Ziopedia's Andrew Winkler and to Adelaide Institute. Ziopedia ran the story but Adelaide Institute decided not to distribute it.

Over at ZIOPEDIA we find
Alex Jones interview with Mike Rivero - 26 August 2008
Monday, 01 September 2008 17:27

Shock! Rivero's considered worthy of distribution over at Ziopedia. The Adelaide Institute says of ZIOPEDIA -
The article below specifically mentions the Hunt email appearing on a >>website for Holocaust deniers<<. To my knowledge Ziopedia is primarily an >anti-Semitic< website, but the logic of its thrust inevitably includes the >Holocaust<, which it fearlessly includes in its countless articles.

Ziopedia also has some other articles - like the highly original
The Jewish Bankers Are at It Again

Murder in the Middle East - the world watches on.

There's a country that regularly invades its neighbours - to kill "terrorists".

Can you guess which country it IS?

It's called _ _ R _ E _.

The BBC reports that --R-E-'s army has killed more than 150 people:

"According to initial estimates, this operation allowed us to neutralise more than 150 terrorists," the army said in a statement on its website.

_ _ R _ E _ has staged several cross-border raids .....over the past few months in pursuit of the rebels.

_ _ R _ E _'s parliament authorised cross-border operations ...late last year.

And it's not as if this was the first time. This weekend's attacks reflect a pattern of such behaviour - off-screen murder.

The BBC reports incursions and aggression earlier in the year:

In February, _ _ R _ E _ launched a week-long ground offensive .....which, it said, targeted bases used by up to 3,000 rebels as a spring-board for attacks across the border.

_ _ R _ E _'s fighter planes have bombed suspected ... positions......_ _ R _ E _'s military sources said the attacks, which started late on Saturday, targeted........

_ _ R _ E _ has stepped up its cross-border operations in recent months, amid mounting casualties on both sides.

Whom but an American ally could get away with such behaviour?

And how does Bush respond to state-sponsored terror from such a close and crucial ally in the middle east?

The BBC reports the Bush government's response:

Mr Bush told a news conference, he said _ _ R _ E _ needed to "move quickly, achieve their objective and get out."

Mr Bush dismissed suggestions that _ _ R _ E _ should be threatened with the removal of American intelligence co-operation.

Mr Bush's comments followed an earlier statement by US Defence Secretary Robert Gates during a visit to _ _ R _ E _.

_ _ R _ E _'s incursion "should be as short and precisely targeted as possible", he said after talks with his _ _ R _ E _ counterpart in the capital.

So - have you guessed which country it is? _ _ R _ E _ ?

Another clue, perhaps??

It's the American and Western ally that has been bombing suspected "terrorists" this last weekend - through the Christian week of Christmas. And they somehow not only escape American condemnation, but also the attacks are treated as unimportant by the media, seemingly ignored by the UN, the European Union etc etc.

It's a country which proves over and over again that people can turn a blind eye to violence. It's a country that proves so much of western hipocrisy.

Guessed the name yet?

It's T U R K E Y.

What else were you thinking of?

Saturday, 27 December 2008

rFactor Tutorial 1 - Installing Mods, Tracks, Cars.......

Most mods come in the form of .RAR files: compressed files, which need decompressing before they can be used with rFactor.

So, first of all, download and install WINRAR. Get it here.

--Download a mod. I'll use Legends Cars as an example.

--Save the download somewhere - on your desktop, for example.

--Create a new folder on your desktop - I'll call mine "temp mods".

--Open the RAR by double clicking it.

--Select all the files visible in the rar (CTRL-A), and click-drag them over to your new desktop folder (TEMP MODS in my example.)

--Once the RAR finishes extracting - closes the RAR - and open your rFactor installation folder. If you can't find the folder, find the shortcut you usually use to run rFactor, and right click it, select PROPERTIES and then click the button saying "FIND TARGET". The rFactor installation folder will open.

--Compare the two folders you now have open: the temp mods one, and the rFactor one.

--By comparing the two folders, we can see the folder structure of "temp mods" is repeated in the rFactor folder.

This is the crucial point - to find the right place in the rFactor folder for the mod folders.

In the example, we can see Legends Cars has 3 folders - GAMEDATA, RFM, and UIDATA. We can also see those folders in the rFactor folder. Hence, we have found the right place to put our mod files.

So select all the files in the TEMP MODS folder. Cut, or copy them all (CTRL-A, then CTRL-X to cut).

--Paste the files into the rFactor folder (CTRL-V).

You'll be asked if you want to overwite files etc - just answer "YES".

And that, is it.

Run rFactor - and Legends Cars will now be available in the game.

If you don't have enough money to buy a car, enter a race weekend, and in the chatbox, type ISI_BABYFACTORY, and press "ENTER". Quit the race, and your credits should go up to a few billion or so.


Often track mods don't have a full folder structure - you only get the track folder itself. For example, you open the RAR and get a folder called, ZOLDER.

In this case, you need to navigate to the right place in rFactor - and it's here:


Use the same method as above for the Legend Mod, except make sure you paste the new track folder ZOLDER into the right place in the rFACTOR folder ie into the LOCATIONS folder, as shown below.

Here's the RAR file, which needs extracting into the TEMP MODS folder:

Close the RAR, and bring up the rFactor Install folder again. Find the right place in the rFactor folder ie rFACTOR-->GAMEDATA-->LOCATIONS

Cut and paste the Zolder folder into the LOCATIONS folder, as shown below.

And that's it.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Banned Again - by an "anti-fascist board" - Rigorous Intuition

Rig Int banned me. Apparently because I was a duplicate identity, or something.

I only ever posted there under one name - same as the one I use here, and at the_last_name_left.

Anyone saying otherwise is simply a liar, or just simply plain wrong. I know the facts of my own actions, obviously. I can't see how or why anyone would spoof my IP address.

So what to make of another self-proclaimed "anti-fascist"/progressive board banning people without warning for spurious reasons?

Apparently I wasn't even banned for riding my hobby horse of warning about fascism's subversion of 911Troof. Yet - whilst I apparently wasn't banned for the content of my posts, there are posts about the banning which certainly do refer to what I'd said. Of course they completely misrepresent what I'd said.

I'm accused of inferring guilt by association, of employing the fallacy that "Nazis eat apples. Mr X eats apples. Mr X is a Nazi."

Of course I never made that argument. But that reductio absurdum of my argument is easier to deal with than the real ones, which ask things like "How much can someone share with Nazism before they must be considered 'a Nazi'."

Of course sharing a taste for apples is irrelevant.

Why are people on a supposedly "anti-fascist board" attacking and misrepresenting someone whom warns of fascism? Why does a self-proclaimed "anti-fascist" board so willingly accept banning people so groundlessly? Censorship is only an issue for "the powers that be", I suppose? When "the powers that be" do it, it's an infringement of civil liberty but when internet forums do it, it's the exercise of private property privilege - an expression of liberty. Yeah, right..... And somehow the advocates of private property miss this, when they complain about what Time, MSNBC, and other private media report. When mass media pursues its own interests it's called bias and censorship. What's it called when 911 Troof or "progressives" do it? The mass media is actually far more tolerant and reflective of diverse criticism than so much of the new-media, self-proclaiming their 'radicalism', anti-fascism or 'progressivism'.

I was accused of numerous things at RigInt, particularly of simplifying the issues and employing the fallacy of 'guilt by association'. And yet no comment was passed on the repeated posting of a picture of a red Hitler with a hammer and sickle armband. Not hard to see what the implication is - but somehow such propaganda cartoons aren't examples of 'guilt by association.' The communist Hitler cartoon drew no word of condemnation from the board at RigInt. Anti-fascist, or actually anti-communist? The poster believes they're the same thing - and RigInt is silent about it. So why doesn't RigInt claim to be "anti-communist", just as it claims to be "anti-fascist"? Because at RigInt, crude anti-communism elicits none of the ire that greets warnings of fascism within 911Troof. Why no criticism of simplicity for Hitler as a communist? Why no cries of 'guilt by association' over symbolising Hitler as "a red"?

Why is it tolerable that Hitler can be portrayed as a communist, and yet my efforts at warning about fascists posing as progressives are merely crude simplification and an effort at "guilt by association"?

And anyway - what is my banning at RigInt, if not an example of guilt by association? Who else am I suspected of being? who is it that so deserves banning, that the mere suspicion I am they, requires an immediate ban? (And no right of reply, of course.) And what should it matter if I was that person, anyway? I'm not, but so what? How does that matter?

A poster writes: "He's an old friend that's not welcome here. .."

Believe what you like, oh truthwarrior! If anyone on the planet knows the truth of the situation I do - and I am no-one's sockpuppet.

It reminds me of being banned from Progressive Independent after 2 posts. All I asked was "Who owns Progressive Independent?" - and I was banned. PI is registered to a proxy registrar, suggesting the real registrants want to retain their anonymity. Why?

PI is a self-proclaimed "progressive" and "leftist" forum - which keeps its ownership "anonymous". "full disclosure" it ain't - and they banned me for asking about it. They could have just pointed me to the facts, but instead chose to ban me. Odd behaviour for a progressive/leftist forum - dedicated to "finding the truth" blah blah blah. From my perspective, ownership is a crucial issue for lefties. Seems it is for PI too - only they prefer to keep their ownership 'anonymous'.

And like Rigorous Intuition, whilst there's claims to being "progressive" and "anti-fascist" at Progressive Independent, there's a dearth of actual anti-fascism or progressivism. Not surprising when you advertise for membership at Rivero's WRH, as PI has done. Such places as RI and PI can behave little differently to that what they claim to be in opposition to.

I checked the RigInt subject group-heading of "fascism". I found 6 entries for the entire year 2008. One thread was one of my own - which went unanswered, and another thread was a list of holocaust deniers, again, unanswered. Is that a fair measure of their "anti-fascism"? Or are instant bans and suppression the measure? Or maybe the measure is their use of false allegation absent a right of reply?

But even if RigInt were innocently simply plain wrong - and not maliciously and consciously deceitful - their behaviour still speaks volumes. Penguin the RigInt poster insisted one must judge people by what they DO. Apparently he never noticed that was the foundation of my criticisms.

I wouldn't labour the point, but my banning can be seen as vindicating my criticism. Amongst other things I criticised a dishonest attitude to evidence - and I'm now banned on the (entirely spurious) grounds of being an unwanted "old friend". I'm obviously very well-placed to judge such an assessment of any possible evidence, because I know what I do. Such a position affords me the knowledge that my criticism is vindicated.

Big deal. Keep your precious forum free from my dissent - it's your prerogative, isn't it, property owners?