Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Breivik 'Insane' shock

Anders Breivik is 'insane', says his lawyer

Uh huh. Seems to me that's self-evident, as in any incident like this. Some people are really ill, and dangerous because of it. You have to be crazy to do what he did?

I feel uncomfortable pursuing his manifesto with posts since that's a little bit of what he wanted. I am glad he hasn't been allowed to grandstand at a public hearing. Despicable crimes.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Some quotes from Breiviks 'Manifesto'

-----I have spent several years writing, researching and compiling the information and I have spent most of my hard earned funds in this process (in excess of 300 000 Euros). I do not want any compensation for it as it is a gift to you, as a fellow patriot.

Comment: Patriot!

-----Much of the information presented in this compendium (3 books) has been deliberately kept away from the European peoples by our governments and the politically correct mainstream media (MSM). More than 90% of the EU and national parliamentarians and more than 95% of journalists are supporters of European multiculturalism and therefore supporters of the ongoing Islamic colonisation of Europe; yet, they DO NOT have the permission of the European peoples to implement these doctrines.

Comment: Conspiracy! (Where does he get his figures? Compare his view with those whom believe Islam is demonised?)

------ The compendium/book presents advanced ideological, practical, tactical, organisational and rhetorical solutions and strategies for all patriotic-minded individuals/movements. The book will be of great interest to you whether you are a moderate or a more dedicated cultural conservative/nationalist.

Comment: Sounding more like the American far-right already.

-------Islamic Imperialism, which is now removed or falsified by our academia by instruction of Western Europe’s cultural relativist elites (cultural relativism=cultural Marxism).

Comment: Conspiracy. Academic conspiracy. Blames (cultural)Marxism. Sound familiar, Alex Jones, Mike Rivero?

-------Most people are still terrified of nationalistic political doctrines thinking that if we ever embrace these principles again, new “Hitler’s” will suddenly pop up and initiate global Armageddon...

-------it is our duty as Europeans to prevent the annihilation of our identities, our cultures and traditions and our nation states!

Comment: definite fascist scope. Palingenetic populist ultranationalism.

-------It is not only our right but also our duty to contribute to preserve our identity, our culture and our national sovereignty by preventing the ongoing Islamisation. There is no Resistance Movement if individuals like us refuse to contribute...

------- Multiculturalism (cultural Marxism/political correctness), as you might know, is the root cause of the ongoing Islamisation of Europe which has resulted in the ongoing Islamic colonisation of Europe through demographic warfare (facilitated by our own leaders).

Comment: Stormfront call it the "Multi-Kult"

-------Introduction - What is “Political Correctness”?

Comment: ha, a popular theme (amongst certain types)

-------But what happens today to Europeans who suggest that there are differences among ethnic groups, or that the traditional social roles of men and women reflect their different natures, or that homosexuality is morally wrong? If they are public figures, they must grovel in the dirt in endless, canting apologies. If they are university students, they face star chamber courts and possible expulsion. If they are employees of private corporations, they may face loss of their jobs. What was their crime? Contradicting the new EUSSR ideology of “Political Correctness.”

Comment: yeah yeah, heard it all before - at Rivero's website, Prisonplanet, Stormfront....whatever.

-------he and his wife would probably cheerfully pack their children off to the nearest public school. When the children came home in the afternoon and told them they had to go through a metal detector to get in the building, had been given some funny white powder by another kid and learned that homosexuality is normal and good, the parents would be uncomprehending.

Comment: I think we can safely dispense with the idea he was "ok" about homosexuality. If he said anything about it elsewhere, it was clearly a front, a ploy, as he explains.

------those who would defeat cultural Marxism must defy it. They must use words it forbids, and refuse to use the words it mandates; remember, sex is better than gender. They must shout from the housetops the realities it seeks to suppress, such as our opposition to Sharia on a national and local level, the Islamisation of our countries, the facts that violent crime is disproportionately committed by Muslims and that most cases of AIDS are voluntary, i.e., acquired from immoral sexual acts. They must refuse to turn their children over to public schools.

Comment. Uh huh. Sounds very familiar. This is all stuff that permeates and undergirds patriot/conspiracy/fascist movements.

A lot of stuff attacking "Frankfurt School":

-----The Authoritarian Personality, published in 1950, substantially influenced Western European psychologists and social scientists. The book was premised on one basic idea, that the presence in a society of Christianity, capitalism, and the patriarchal-authoritarian family created a character prone to racial and religious prejudice and German fascism. The Authoritarian Personality became a handbook for a national campaign against any kind of prejudice or discrimination on the theory that if these evils were not eradicated, another Holocaust might occur on the European continent. This campaign, in turn, provided a basis for Political Correctness.

Comment: you can find this same stuff all across the Patriot and Conspiracy movements.

The following is a poignant, considering what's happened:

-------The most tragic victims of this age of political correctness are the students. The traditional goal of a liberal arts education – acculturation, whereby students absorb the inherited wisdom of the past – has been set aside. Increasingly, a university education today seems to involve political indoctrination. When all is said and done, political correctness substitutes smug feelings of righteousness for the traditional habits of critical thinking. One distinguished scholar recently lamented that “higher education is increasingly about acquiring attitudes and opinions that one puts on like a uniform.”

Comment: perhaps helps explain his despicable attack on the island.

-------Perhaps no aspect of Political Correctness is more prominent in Western European life today than feminist ideology.

Comment: yawn.....How many times we have to hear this rubbish?

-------Where do we see radical feminism ascendant? It is on television, where nearly every major offering has a female “power figure” and the plots and characters emphasise inferiority of the male and superiority of the female.

Comment: LOL. Sensitive, ain't he? I've heard this same complaint - from chauvinists and fascists alike. Awww - da lickle man is upset by portrayals of men as fools? Awwww.

-------. Indeed, the present-day radical feminist assault through support for mass Muslim immigration has a political parallel to the their anti-colonial efforts.

Comment: feminism supports Islam? I highly doubt it.

-------The Frankfurt School theorised that the authoritarian personality is a product of the patriarchal family. This idea is in turn directly connected to Engels’s The Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State, which promotes matriarchy. Furthermore, it was Karl Marx who wrote in The Communist Manifesto about the radical notion of a “community of women.” He also, in 1845, wrote disparagingly in his The German Ideology of the idea that the family was the basic unit of society.

Comment: Ha - disclosure: count me in on that. He rails against all my influences. lol

------Cultural Marxist stalwarts apparently know exactly what they want to do and how they plan to do it. They have actually already succeeded in accomplishing much of their agenda.

Comment: Crikey, we won, and I never noticed!

-----they purpose to transform European culture to be female-dominated.

Comment: Errrr....really?


End of 1st chapter. The latter part of the manifesto looks more interesting - it seems pretty hokey, but less vicious than a lot of the American Patriot stuff (which tends to target Jooos, rather than Islam). Otherwise there is much in common.....

Conspiracists claim Norway was "false-flag" [Shock!]

Resembling nothing more than the Hive-mind types they so deride, conspiracists are clambering over one another to claim the attacks in Norway are "false-flag" ie committed by someone, blamed on someone else.

Here's the usual suspects offering the same drearily knee-jerk claims they always do:

Kurt Nimmo at Prisonplanet:
Breivik is obviously a patsy for a Gladio operation to destroy political opposition to the bankers.

In the days ahead, we can expect more false flag terror events. These will be used by the corporate media to portray opponents to the bankster scam as child killing terrorists. For the global elite, mass murder blamed on political opponents is a legitimate tool in the plan to take down national economies and install a one-world totalitarian government and banking system run in neofeudal fashion.
Used to portray opponents of 'the bankster scam' as 'child-killing terrorists'? LOL. Sure.....

Wayne Madsen is reported as claiming:
"Norway was prepared to vote for Palestinian statehood in the UN General Assembly and this Mossad terrorist attack was symbolic. The negotiations that led to the international agreement on a future Palestinian state are known as the "Oslo Accords." - Investigative journalist and former U.S. Navy Intelligence officer Wayne Madsen.
There's plenty more, but the point is made.

And Rivero carries them all, of course. False-flag......for Israel. Ahhh! LOL. Case-closed! Apparently Norway's been too close to Palestinian cause and not suitably compliant to the Israeli interests (which control the world, apparently).

And as Israel/Jooos control banking and the media, then 2 birds are killed with one stone - a lesson sent to Norway (and others) and the ground-laid for an attack on "anyone" who disagrees with bank bailouts. Apparently......

So, nothing new there then. Al Qaida doesn't commit terrorism, and nor do Nazi sympathising Norwegian nuts.....apparently.

According to Rivero the perp, Breivik, has been brainwashed into hating muslims by the mainstream media.

He also thinks the media initially "lied" that it was Islamic terrorism - even though everyone knows it is called 'speculation'. And nevermind the media-reports changed as soon as the facts became apparent. Bit stupid to "lie" about it being Islamic terror, if they knew it wasn't? Something go wrong with the plan, did it? Laughable.

Rivero posted a story headlined : "Right-Wing Pundits Jumped To Blame Muslims And ‘Jihadists’ For Norway Attacks". Rivero commented that "... then the Norwegian police actually caught the guy and the whole propaganda campaign cratered!" Well, maybe they just started reporting the known facts, as opposed to speculation. Duh!

So, already we have the conclusions of the conspiro-circuit and they're exactly the same as they always are - blame Israel. Don't they tire of writing such rubbish? Does nothing "new" ever happen? Is everything "false-flag"?

Strikes me that the perp has much in common with the usual Patriot/Conspiracist type - nationalism, anti-immigration, fears of a conspiracy to undermine 'the (norwegian) way of life', a sense that 'white culture' is under attack, libertarianism, conservatism, Christianity and fascism.

There are some contrary notions though - perhaps unsurprisingly from such a nut. We have his (apparent) support for Israel (as opposed to more characteristic anti-semitism) and his pro-homosexual views. These are about the only things that mark him out from the usual fascist views of Patriot and Conspiracy types. His views on homosexuality are surely a result/expression of his libertarianism. And being pro-Israel can simply be the flip-side of being anti-Islamic, just as being pro-Palestinian, pro-Arab, pro-Muslim is the default flip-side of anti-semitism -- it could be as simple as that.

However, Rivero gives us his novel view:
Motive for a false-flag terror attack in Norway.

Here is what I think went down.

1. Israel decides the best way to halt Norway's leading of Europe away from Zionist domination is to stage a terror attack to be blamed on Muslims, in order to put public pressure on the government of Norway to abandon BDS and support for Palestine.
Was Norway "leading Europe away from Zionist domination"? lol. And how in hell was it "staged" so as to blame Muslims? How does one reach such a conclusion without being a little mad.....or hugely prejudiced?

Rivero explains:
Breivik has been brainwashed over most of his adult life by the constant Muslim-bashing from the Zionist controlled media.

Because of his pro-homosexual views, which contracts with his otherwise fundamentalist Christian values, I suspect Anders Behring Breivik is himself gay and deeply conflicted by it. This is a man trying to build a new identity for himself that he can feel good about, and is hence an ideal candidate for recruitment by Israel's clandestine services.
HAHA. That's hilarious. Rivero isn't embarrassed by this? Gee. I wonder how Israel's 'clandestine services' knew about Breivik and his latent homosexuality? How do they do that?

Ah, such insight!

Rivero thinks he was meant to escape, or to be shot by his 'handler', to...
"give the media time to sell the planned anti-Muslim message to the people of Norway."
Amazing. Wouldn't you need be batshit insane to believe that? What evidence is there for such a conclusion? None.

If the media's readiness to blame Islamic terrorism is part of some supposed 'Islamophobia', then what is the rush to blame "false flag zionism" amongst the Patriot/Conspiracy movement?

The media response happened in real-time....to be fair. Their story changed, as the facts appeared. But the Patriot/Conspiracy folks start by discounting the facts as they appear: for them 'the facts' are a back-story to be disproven.....they immediately begin looking for anything that supports their alternative narrative, the same narrative they always produce - false-flag terrorism in the service of zionism. But how does this suggest "false-flag"? The guy was openly pro-Israel, apparently, and an enthusiastic opponent of Islam. So how on earth is that going to work towards turning Norway towards enthusiastic Zionism or Islamophobia?


ETA - DailyMail reports that:
Breivik says potential recruits should use an apparent obsession with the role-playing computer game World of Warcraft as an excuse for reclusive behaviour.

Other credible covers include ‘going abroad for a weekend’ say you are going to a massage parlour or brothel abroad. Or say you think you are gay and are in the process of discovering your new self.

He adds: ‘Your ego is likely to take a dent unless you are secure in your own heterosexuality, however, it’s an extremely effective strategy for stopping questions’
Yes, one that Rivero bought.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

at least 80 die in Utøya shooting

at least 80 die in Utøya shooting

The official said the attack "is probably more Norway's Oklahoma City than it is Norway's World Trade Center."

What really changed?

2008 financial crisis. What changed?

Nothing really. The planet had just as many people and resources and issues as the years before and since. Nothing really changed.

Or did it? Maybe it wasn't a crisis brought about by error or conspiracy.

Maybe it signifies something more profound. Maybe something really has changed?


Don't give me "there's no left, no right"

Republicans have been unwilling to consider raising new taxes to counter the growing budget deficits.

The Democrats have been opposed to cutting popular healthcare and welfare programmes for pensioners and the poor.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Right to Bear Arms

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


Surely a modern 'well regulated militia' should be Constitutionally entitled to helicopter-gunships, land-mines, rocket launchers, artillery, nerve-gas and nuclear weapons?


Media Committee was rubbish, aside from the initial questioner, and the admission from NI they're still paying the hackers legal fees.

The Murdochs came out of it very well, considering. The committee much less so. Oh well.

Home Affairs Committee was much better.

Parliament today.....

Monday, 18 July 2011

Phone hacking

Who next? Fascinating. Big day tomorrow.

US Tax burden lowest for 60 years

The U.S. tax burden has shrunk to its lowest level in 60 years, the Bureau of Economic Analysis said.

Including state, federal and local taxes, the average tax bill came out to 9.2 percent of personal income in 2009, USA Today reported Tuesday.

That's down from an average of 12 percent over the past 50 years. The tax burden has not been this low since 1950, the newspaper said.

"The idea that taxes are high right now is pretty much nuts," said Michael Ettlinger, head of economic policy at the Center for American Progress.

The tax rate has fallen 26 percent since 2007, a sharp drop that reflects progressive tax rates passed during the Clinton and Bush administrations and the 2009 federal stimulus bill that cut taxes by $800 for married couples earning up to $150,000.



GE - $94 Billion
Pfizer - $48.2 Billion
Merck - $40.4 Billion
Johnson & Johnson - $37 Billion
Exxon Mobil - $35 Billion
Citigroup - $32.1 Billion
Cisco Systems - $ 31.6 Billion
IBM - $31.1 Billion
Proctor & Gamble - $30 Billion
Microsoft - $29.5 Billion


Many U.S. multinational corporations keep some profits abroad, none more than GE: Its total was $94 billion at the end of last year. As long as corporations tell their accountants they intend to indefinitely invest those profits outside the U.S., they don't have to make a provision for federal and state taxes on them. If the profits stay abroad, they remain untaxed.

US taxes lowest for 50 years - Repubs refuse to cut Defence spending

Will Hutton writes:
When President Obama, the supreme rationalist, says that there are just days to avert Armageddon, everyone should sit up and listen. For months, Republicans have used their new majority in the House of Representatives to block any move to lift the artificial cap on the amount the US government can borrow. If by this Friday they still refuse – insisting on up to $4trillion of spending cuts, excluding defence, and no tax increases as the price of their support – then the US will be unable to service its public debts. The biggest economy on Earth will default.

....the Democrats cannot agree to the Republicans' absolutist demands, in part because the arithmetic of deficit reduction does not work without tax increases and cuts in defence spending, in part because they passionately believe that with taxes the lowest for 50 years, the US's rich should share in the pain and in part because in any human exchange there is an element of horse-trading. The Republicans want to suspend the rules by which not just Washington but any political system operates. They want to be political winners who take all, risking even the collapse of the US economy to get their way.
Crazy. Lowest taxes in 50 years? No cuts in defence? The patriot and RonPaul supporting nerds and Troofers need recognise it - the Repubs refuse to cut defence, refuse tax rises on the wealthy, and are prepared to cause Hell to get it. Pointless attacking Obama.....nay, stupid.
President Obama has tried to fashion a bargain with a collection of rightwing politicians that most in Washington regard as both mad and dangerous. Yet, after months of talking, the Republicans will not offer to bargain, causing President Obama to walk out of the talks last Thursday in pure exasperation. It says a lot about American politics and culture that such a passionate minority believes that it can defy not just American political tradition but also the normal terms of trade that define human association.

Everyone expects there to be a compromise at one minute to midnight on the very last day. I am not so sure. These are politicians who in some respects have more in common with Islamic religious fundamentalists than the Enlightenment tradition which gave birth to western democracy. The Tea Party sees neither virtue nor integrity in any position but their own. Nor do many of their number want to build political careers. They have been sent by God and their electors to bring down Washington
But who will get the blame? Obama?
There has always been this fundamentalist strand in US life, but what has inflamed it over the last decade is a twofold process – a wrong-headed understanding of why US economic pre-eminence is being challenged, closely linked to the breakdown of a public realm in which ideas are discussed, traded and exchanged in a climate which respects argument. The abolition of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987, which required all broadcasters fairly to represent all points of view, has created a mass media shouting, ranting, sloganising and overwhelmingly from the political right.

The leader in the charge is Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, a TV channel with an audience of 100 million in which all news and comment have to be shoehorned – subtly in its news operation and overtly in its commentary – into a conservative worldview. It operates, as the former White House communications director Anita Dunn has said, "as either the research or communications arm of the Republican party". Leading Republican stars such as Mike Huckabee or Sarah Palin are on its payroll. Its political shows pull no punches: the hosts are hard-line Republicans. If Fox News were to permit the case for tax increases to be fairly reported or discussed it would not be doing its job. Murdoch, refusing in a Fox News interview last week even to discuss the News of the World, would be displeased.

No explanation of the Tea Party "Real Republican" intransigence over the debt talks is possible without understanding how its political base has been constructed and sustained. But the damage goes well beyond the US getting so close to debt default. It makes rational discussion of wider US policy options close to impossible. Like reporters in the Soviet Union or China, Fox News journalists have to parrot an ideological line: the US economy's dynamism is rooted entirely in sturdy, enterprising, God-fearing individuals threatened only by federal taxes and regulation. Thus the Republican negotiating stance.

Navigating an economy through the aftermath of a credit crunch with a mountainous legacy of private debt and crippled banking systems is enormously difficult. On top, there is the spectre of the implosion of the euro. Yet in the US – and to a degree in Britain – the political right is implacably opposed to the creative public action that in the past has been crucial to success in such circumstances. It is already clear that even if the US avoids default in the weeks ahead, the price will be to so cramp the US government that it can do little or nothing.

Mr Murdoch is apologising this weekend for the behaviour of his papers over phone-hacking. That, as western economies totter on the precipice, is not all for which he has to apologise.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Oh dear

This could open a can of worms. Oh boy.

How does US media fare? Could be a major shit-storm coming. What's not to like? (Apart from the Crazies will be crazier?)

Wow. Events can take a course.....

[conspiracists please note?]

Thursday, 14 July 2011


"Rupert Murdoch, who has declined a request to attend the Commons media committee, and his son James, who has offered to go on another day, cannot be forced to appear.

I wouldn't be too sure about that. I am pretty sure they can be 'forced to appear' - they'll find something. Contempt? Arrest them!?

This won't go down very well with the public, nor MPs and other media. The bloody cheek of it - refusing a summons from Parliament.

* It's now being reported Murdoch will appear. Some swift back-pedalling there.

Hopefully this mess spills over into American sphere and Murdoch be ruined.

ETA - 9/11 victims, phones hacked? Oh my. That won't go down well.... Bye Rupert. Thank the Lord!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Learning something amazing

I'm trying to learn to play this. The start at least. :D

What an amazing piece of music. It's great to listen to, of course, but playing it - even just the first bars - gives a quite different experience: it's even more moving and beautiful. And then to think there was a writer.

I find it quite amazing how far beyond my own abilities other humans can reach. And the fact that, in music at least, I can still relate to it even though it emanates from a being so much more advanced than myself. Music really is a common language, somehow.

I remember some experiments concluding that sound was easily the best cross-cultural human communication - better than any of the other senses.

And it's amazing that music exists at all. I watch my cats' responses to music, they don't seem much interested. A real, accoustic guitar does terrify one, whilst another is intrigued, and raised a paw to the strings - she could see them vibrate? That one seems interested, and will sit and appear to listen. I can easily imagine that calm music might be met with a little kitty approval - it certainly works on calming boisterous children, I found.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Rivero - Shameless Hypocrisy

Can you believe it!? The shamelessness of it.

Does anyone really think Rivero has suddenly changed tack, and realised his support for Ron Paul was support for cuts in business taxes, cuts in Capital Gains etc?

Here's Ron Paul on healthcare:
Why can't we opt out of the whole system and take care of ourselves?
LOL. Some protection he'll offer against cuts and privatisation. What a joke. More Ron Paul:
Q: If you were president, would you work to phase out the IRS?

A: Immediately. You can only do that if you change our ideas about what the role of government ought to be. If you think that government has to take care of us, from cradle to grave...... we cannot manage, you can’t get rid of the IRS.
His voting record:
--- Vote to reduce federal spending by $56.1 billion over five years by retaining a reduced tax rate on capital gains and dividends

--Vote to pass a bill that would grant $99.5 billion in federal tax cuts in fiscal 2002, for businesses and individuals.......lower the capital gains tax rate from 20% to 18%.

--Vote to pass a bill that would cut all income tax rates and make other tax cuts of $958.2 billion over 10 years. The bill would convert the five existing tax rate brackets, which range from 15 to 39.6 percent, to a system of four brackets with rates of 10 to 33 percent.

---Vote to pass a bill that would gradually reduce revenue by $185.5 billion over 10 years with a repeal of the estate tax by 2011.
A cool $200Bn giveaway to heirs......including to the wealthiest. What a bonanza for Wall Street and the wealthy Ron Paul would be.

And what a joke Rivero's complaints are. Rivero supports Ron Paul. He can't have it both ways, though he's trying, as ever.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Rivero's advert charges......and he still begs for money?


Top Static Banner ads, 550x80, $1200 per month, 275x80, $600 per month

Top Rotating Banner ads, 550x80, $400 per month, 275x80, $200 per month*

Sidebar ads. All Static. 160x300 $500 per month, 160x150 $250 per month.

Ads limited to maximum of four full size or 8 half size or equivalent combination.


Woah! His ad-space appears always full (of the same junk, even though he said they had changed ad-supplier).

It's always 4 big ads and presently 2 sidebar ads.

What's that? A mere $2100 per month - minimum! Maximum would be $5300 per month? Wow. And the cheeky SOB still begs his readers for money!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Leader of NWO exposed

Someone tell Alex Jones!

So, the NWO has been confirmed to exist by leading British newspaper. The nutters were right all along!

Rivero prepared to sacrifice all of Europe now

Following the logic....

----> Greece is on precipice of financial disaster
----> A boycott threatens vulnerable Greek economy
----> a further crisis in Greece threatens the whole of the European economy (and the political project).

And Rivero's calling for actions with the hope of bringing it about! Because of Greece's actions re the flotilla? Great! Thanks Mr Rivero. That's really a cause Europe can get behind! Don't mind the rest of us actual Europeans.....what do we matter anyway, huh?

On the flotilla:
Public exposure of the connections of some of the flotilla’s organizers to Hamas also caused significant problems for its organizers. Just Journalism detailed the alleged Hamas connections of the European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza official Mohammed Sawalha, and four Dutch journalists pulled out of the flotilla after having discovered the extent of involvement of the Hamas-linked activist Amin Abou Rashed in the organization of the Dutch-Italian boat. The journalists also complained of lack of transparency on the part of the flotilla organizers.
So, the IHH again, and Hamas-linked activists. Hmmmm.

The same source adds some significant tidbits that everyone will ignore:
The UN secretary general’s appeal to the governments of countries in the Mediterranean region to use their influence to discourage the flotilla and the announcement that the UN’s investigation into the previous flotilla has concluded that the naval blockade of Gaza is in keeping with international law......
In keeping with international law..........I haven't seen that reported anywhere. Well, except now, in passing.....

The Flotilla/IHH/MB/Hamas dude is Sawalha, apparently:
Sawalha is also a signatory of the infamous 2009 Istanbul Declaration, which explicitly calls for all crossings to Gaza to be opened so that Palestinians can gain access to weapons for use against ‘the Zionist enemy’:

‘The obligation of the Islamic Nation to open the crossings — all crossings — in and out of Palestine permanently, in order to allow access to all the needs of the Palestinians — money, clothing, food, medicine, weapons and other essentials, so that they are able to live and perform the jihad in the way of Allah Almighty. The closure of the crossings or the prevention of the entry of weapons through them should be regarded as high treason in the Islamic Nation, and clear support for the Zionist enemy.’


The participation of Hamas member Amin Abu Rashid in the flotilla, who is known for fundraising money for Hamas terror operations, is clear proof that this is not a humanitarian flotilla, but a provocation and a terror operation in disguise of a flotilla. In the previous flotilla, Abu Rashid expressed his intentions to clash with IDF soldiers and we must take into account that this will be his intention in the current flotilla

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Pernicious rubbish

Here's how pernicious the rubbish about the FED is - even Libya is explained with "private central banks" and "interest-based currency" as the #real# narrative:

Nevermind that most central banks are *not* private? Nevermind that "interest based currency" is a load of cock and bull? Obviously facts don't matter......crazy. And scary.

Ron Paul on fascism. Errr...what?


He says 'there are lots of definitions of fascism' and then proceeds to claim all sorts of reasons why the USA is supposedly moving to what he calls 'a soft fascism'. Hmmmm.

He mentions Russo's film, Freedom to Fascism, which says nothing about fascism at all. Hmmm.

And funny Ron should be saying all that when it's him who is so cosy with the Birchers.

Ron hasn't ever noticed what some of his supporters are like? He's never heard the whispers of fascist bullshit in his own grass-roots activism? Never from his own supporters? Oh, yeah, sure.....I believe you Ron.

Ron Paul and Stormfront founder Don Black (and son)

Smash the Greek Zionists!

Stuff your anti-globalist solidarity now, huh? Wow. Looks like satire, but seems to be straight-up. Crikey. WRH really doesn't care. Shock.

Just to be clear:

Friday, 1 July 2011

Myths of the Federal Reserve

There are two oft-repeated myths about the USA Federal Reserve. Here they are, along with their rebuttal:

Myth 1: The Federal Reserve charges interest on the currency we use.

Hypothesis: Federal Reserve Notes, the currency we use in the United States, are evidence of the debt of the U.S. government to the Federal Reserve. The central bank charges the government interest for this currency, thereby diverting billions of dollars from the Treasury that could be used for other things. The government could print its own money and avoid the Fed's interest.

Facts: The Federal Reserve rebates its net earnings to the Treasury every year. Consequently, the interest the Treasury pays to the Fed is returned, so the money borrowed from the Fed has no net interest obligation for the Treasury.

Myth 2: If it were not for the Federal Reserve charging the government interest, the budget would be balanced and we would have no national debt.

Hypothesis: When the government runs a budget deficit, it borrows the money from the Fed at interest. If the Fed did not charge interest or if the government simply printed its own interest-free currency, then we would have a balanced budget and no national debt.

Facts: The Federal Reserve banks have only a small share of the total national debt (about 7%). Therefore, only a small share of the interest on the debt goes to the Fed. Regardless, the Fed rebates that interest to the Treasury every year, so the debt held by the Fed carries no net interest obligation for the government. In addition, it is Congress, not the Federal Reserve, who is responsible for the federal budget and the national debt.

Even Ron Paul makes use of the second claim, as evidenced here.

These myths are ubiquitous, a fact which is an indictment of a whole slew of supposed "critics".

Amusingly, much of the criticism of the US Fed concerns the FED's private status. It's an amusing criticism coming from people who otherwise extol the virtues of private ownership. Such people oppose regulation, government 'interference', etc. Except over the FED? Usually such people are zealots who hold private ownership has an almost mystical character to produce 'good' outcomes. But not at the FED? They're self-styled libertarians who want everyone to be 'free'.....except banks. Regulation is bad, see....except for banks etc.

It's not dissimilar in character to their position on international relations - for example, the UN is a supposed arm of NWO globalist tyranny blah blah blah, at least until it passes a resolution condemning Israel whereby the UN suddenly transforms into the most principled and highest authority of International Law......

Anyway, MYTHS.

One simple thing to consider is to whom does the American Government owe its debt?

According to Wiki -
As of January 2011, foreigners owned $4.45 trillion of U.S. debt, or approximately 47% of the debt held by the public of $9.49 trillion and 32% of the total debt of $14.1 trillion. The largest holders were the central banks of China, Japan, and the United Kingdom. The share held by foreign governments has grown over time, rising from 25% of the public debt in 2007 and 13% in 1988.
So, a large part of the debt is foreign owned - which alone undermines the myths mentioned above.

Or are we to conclude that the supposed NWO-globalist-bank-tyranny-thing is coming out of China, Japan and UK? Someone better tell Alex Jones?

Gerry Rough's archived website on this stuff is here.