Monday, 25 July 2011

Conspiracists claim Norway was "false-flag" [Shock!]

Resembling nothing more than the Hive-mind types they so deride, conspiracists are clambering over one another to claim the attacks in Norway are "false-flag" ie committed by someone, blamed on someone else.

Here's the usual suspects offering the same drearily knee-jerk claims they always do:

Kurt Nimmo at Prisonplanet:
Breivik is obviously a patsy for a Gladio operation to destroy political opposition to the bankers.

In the days ahead, we can expect more false flag terror events. These will be used by the corporate media to portray opponents to the bankster scam as child killing terrorists. For the global elite, mass murder blamed on political opponents is a legitimate tool in the plan to take down national economies and install a one-world totalitarian government and banking system run in neofeudal fashion.
Used to portray opponents of 'the bankster scam' as 'child-killing terrorists'? LOL. Sure.....

Wayne Madsen is reported as claiming:
"Norway was prepared to vote for Palestinian statehood in the UN General Assembly and this Mossad terrorist attack was symbolic. The negotiations that led to the international agreement on a future Palestinian state are known as the "Oslo Accords." - Investigative journalist and former U.S. Navy Intelligence officer Wayne Madsen.
There's plenty more, but the point is made.

And Rivero carries them all, of course. False-flag......for Israel. Ahhh! LOL. Case-closed! Apparently Norway's been too close to Palestinian cause and not suitably compliant to the Israeli interests (which control the world, apparently).

And as Israel/Jooos control banking and the media, then 2 birds are killed with one stone - a lesson sent to Norway (and others) and the ground-laid for an attack on "anyone" who disagrees with bank bailouts. Apparently......

So, nothing new there then. Al Qaida doesn't commit terrorism, and nor do Nazi sympathising Norwegian nuts.....apparently.

According to Rivero the perp, Breivik, has been brainwashed into hating muslims by the mainstream media.

He also thinks the media initially "lied" that it was Islamic terrorism - even though everyone knows it is called 'speculation'. And nevermind the media-reports changed as soon as the facts became apparent. Bit stupid to "lie" about it being Islamic terror, if they knew it wasn't? Something go wrong with the plan, did it? Laughable.

Rivero posted a story headlined : "Right-Wing Pundits Jumped To Blame Muslims And ‘Jihadists’ For Norway Attacks". Rivero commented that "... then the Norwegian police actually caught the guy and the whole propaganda campaign cratered!" Well, maybe they just started reporting the known facts, as opposed to speculation. Duh!

So, already we have the conclusions of the conspiro-circuit and they're exactly the same as they always are - blame Israel. Don't they tire of writing such rubbish? Does nothing "new" ever happen? Is everything "false-flag"?

Strikes me that the perp has much in common with the usual Patriot/Conspiracist type - nationalism, anti-immigration, fears of a conspiracy to undermine 'the (norwegian) way of life', a sense that 'white culture' is under attack, libertarianism, conservatism, Christianity and fascism.

There are some contrary notions though - perhaps unsurprisingly from such a nut. We have his (apparent) support for Israel (as opposed to more characteristic anti-semitism) and his pro-homosexual views. These are about the only things that mark him out from the usual fascist views of Patriot and Conspiracy types. His views on homosexuality are surely a result/expression of his libertarianism. And being pro-Israel can simply be the flip-side of being anti-Islamic, just as being pro-Palestinian, pro-Arab, pro-Muslim is the default flip-side of anti-semitism -- it could be as simple as that.

However, Rivero gives us his novel view:
Motive for a false-flag terror attack in Norway.

Here is what I think went down.

1. Israel decides the best way to halt Norway's leading of Europe away from Zionist domination is to stage a terror attack to be blamed on Muslims, in order to put public pressure on the government of Norway to abandon BDS and support for Palestine.
Was Norway "leading Europe away from Zionist domination"? lol. And how in hell was it "staged" so as to blame Muslims? How does one reach such a conclusion without being a little mad.....or hugely prejudiced?

Rivero explains:
Breivik has been brainwashed over most of his adult life by the constant Muslim-bashing from the Zionist controlled media.

Because of his pro-homosexual views, which contracts with his otherwise fundamentalist Christian values, I suspect Anders Behring Breivik is himself gay and deeply conflicted by it. This is a man trying to build a new identity for himself that he can feel good about, and is hence an ideal candidate for recruitment by Israel's clandestine services.
HAHA. That's hilarious. Rivero isn't embarrassed by this? Gee. I wonder how Israel's 'clandestine services' knew about Breivik and his latent homosexuality? How do they do that?

Ah, such insight!

Rivero thinks he was meant to escape, or to be shot by his 'handler', to...
"give the media time to sell the planned anti-Muslim message to the people of Norway."
Amazing. Wouldn't you need be batshit insane to believe that? What evidence is there for such a conclusion? None.

If the media's readiness to blame Islamic terrorism is part of some supposed 'Islamophobia', then what is the rush to blame "false flag zionism" amongst the Patriot/Conspiracy movement?

The media response happened in be fair. Their story changed, as the facts appeared. But the Patriot/Conspiracy folks start by discounting the facts as they appear: for them 'the facts' are a back-story to be disproven.....they immediately begin looking for anything that supports their alternative narrative, the same narrative they always produce - false-flag terrorism in the service of zionism. But how does this suggest "false-flag"? The guy was openly pro-Israel, apparently, and an enthusiastic opponent of Islam. So how on earth is that going to work towards turning Norway towards enthusiastic Zionism or Islamophobia?


ETA - DailyMail reports that:
Breivik says potential recruits should use an apparent obsession with the role-playing computer game World of Warcraft as an excuse for reclusive behaviour.

Other credible covers include ‘going abroad for a weekend’ say you are going to a massage parlour or brothel abroad. Or say you think you are gay and are in the process of discovering your new self.

He adds: ‘Your ego is likely to take a dent unless you are secure in your own heterosexuality, however, it’s an extremely effective strategy for stopping questions’
Yes, one that Rivero bought.


Talisman said...

It is really, really annoying to have these guys tie everything on the planet to Israel and the Palestinians.

Keep in mind that WRH managed to pin the EARTHQUAKES in Japan on Israel.

If you spill coffee in your lap, it's the Mossad. ;)

the_last_name_left said...

It gets very silly doesn't it? haha.

I think this Norway thing shook me up. All the hate and violence....horrific. And just one guy.