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The Nazi Plan for Russia

Two days before the troops jumped off [to invade Russia], Alfred Rosenberg addressed his closest collaborators who were to take over the rule of Russia:

The job of feeding the German people [he said] stands at the top of the list of Germany's claims on the East. The southern [Russian] territories will have to serve.......for the feeding of the German people.

We see absolutely no reason for any obligation on our part to feed also the Russian people with the products of that surplus territory. We know that this is a harsh necessity, bare of any feelings......The future will hold very hard years in store for the Russians.

Very hard years indeed, since the Germans were deliberately planning to starve to death millions of them!

Goering, who had been placed in charge of the economic exploitation of the Soviet Union, made this even clearer than Rosenberg did. In a long directive of May 23, 1941, his Economic Staff, East, laid it down that the surplus food from Russia's black-earth belt in the south must not be diverted to the people in the industrial areas, where, in any case, the industries would be destroyed. The workers and their families in these regions would simply be left to starve - or, if they could, to emigrate to Siberia. Russia's great food production must go to Germans.

The German Administration in these territories [the directive declared] may well attempt to mitigate the consequences of the famine which undoubtedly will take place and to accelerate the return to primitive agricultural conditions. However, these measures will not avert famine. Any attempt to save the population there from death by starvation by importing surpluses from the black-soil zone would be at the expense of supplies to Europe. It would reduce Germany's staying power in the war, and would undermine Germany's and Europe's power to resist the blockade. This must be clearly and absolutely understood.

How many Russian civilians would die as a result of this deliberate German policy? A meeting of state secretaries on May 2nd had already given a general answer. "There is no doubt," a secret memorandum of the conference declared, "that as a result, many millions of persons will be starved to death if we take out of the country the things necessary for us." And Goering had said, and Rosenberg, that they would be taken out - that much had to be "clearly and absolutely understood."

Pg 833 - Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William L Shirer. Random House.

Hitler and the Terror of Barbarossa

From Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich:

No holds were to be barred in the taking of Russia. Hitler insisted that the generals understand this very clearly. Early in March 1941, he convoked the chiefs of the three armed services and the key Army field commanders and laid down the law. Halder took down his words,

The war against Russia [Hitler said] will be such that it cannot be conducted in a knightly fashion. This struggle is one of ideologies and racial differences and will have to be conducted with unprecedented, unmerciful and unrelenting harshness. All officers will have to rid themselves of obsolete ideologies. I know that the necessity for such means of waging war is beyond the comprehension of you generals but......I insist absolutely that my orders be executed without contradiction. The [russian] commissars are the bearers of ideologies directly opposed to National Socialism. Therefore the commissars will be liquidated. German soldiers guilty of breaking international law......will be excused. Russia has not participated in the Hague Convention and therefore has no rights under it.

Further Directives issued by Keitel in the Fuehrer's name on May 13 limited the functions of German courts-martial - they were to give way to a more primitive form of law:

Punishable offences committed by enemy civilians [in Russia] do not, until further notice, come any longer under the jurisdiction of the courts-martial......

Persons suspected of criminal action will be brought at once before an officer. This officer will decide whether they are to be shot.

With regard to offences committed against enemy civilians by members of the Wehrmacht, prosecution is not obligatory even where the deed is at the same time a military crime or offence.

The directive was "to be treated as 'most secret.'"

[On July 27, 1941, Keitel ordered all copies of this directive of May 13 concerning courts-martial destroyed, though "the validity of the directive," he stipulated, "is not affected by the destruction of the copies." The July 27 order, he added, "would itself be destroyed." But copies of both survived and turned up at Nuremburg to haunt the High Command.

Four days before, on July 23, Keitel had issued another order marked "Top Secret":

On July 22, the Fuehrer after receiving the Commander of the Army [Brauchitsch] issued the following order:
In view of the vast size of the occupied areas in the East, the forces available for establishing security will be sufficient only if all resistance is punished not by legal prosecution of the guilty, but by the spreading of such terror by the occupying forces as is alone appropriate to eradicate every inclination to resist amongst the population.]

Pg 830/831 Rise and Fall of Third Reich - Random House.

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Congratulations Jean - a published author!

Congratulations Jean. Well done!

buy it here

Has Harold Pinter collided with the Priory of Sion, in this strange tale? Or has Jean Baudrillard met his fate at the hands of Dennis Wheatley? Perhaps Paul Auster has been talking to the Third Policeman?

A dazed man crosses England by night in an inscrutable luxury car. Hardly knowing who he is or where he's going, he feels he might have been awake for a thousand years. Then, at a grand and desolate mansion where he chances to call, he stumbles on a gathering of strangers, whose welcome is as effusive as it's bizarre.

Decades of scholarly research, planning, and calculation have gone into this meeting which, those present are convinced, will change their lives forever - perhaps even alter the very nature of time and being. Now they are ready for the final act of their long drama.

Instead they hear another story. Not of metaphysics, but of a Chinaman, a whore, and perhaps a murder in a Mediterranean marina; of an innocent girl sent on a pilgrimage to some unknown end across the blistering North African desert; of the ancient, unique Senua Codex; of artists and philosophers and savants précieuses in smoky Parisian cafés; of a desperate search for a seductress with a leather-bound notebook; and of a CIA assassin working for the KGB...

At the heart of it all, and of their bizarre scheme, is the enigmatic Martin. But is he mad, blessed, or cursed? Or exactly what he says he is?

Author Profile
Jean Bonnin was born in Lavaur, in the Tarn in France, in the year of the deep snows; he was brought up mainly in Wales and England. He took his first degree in government and politics at Birmingham, and his second in political philosophy at Hull; his doctoral research was on theories of despotism. After university he lived and worked in France, Portugal, Ireland, and the former East Germany. On deciding to leave the underground music scenes of Berlin and northern France behind him - but not to abandon his guitar - he returned to Wales, where he now lives with his wife and his imaginary cat.

Jean's recently deceased father was a writer too - here's his obituary as it appeared in the Guardian. It's written by Jean.

Georges Bonnin

Jean Bonnin
The Guardian, Friday 2 January 2009

In 1944 my father, Georges Bonnin, who has died aged 88, was imprisoned by the Nazis in Toulouse. Each night, he fell asleep to the screams of comrades being tortured. There were regular convoys of inmates to concentration camps. One day he was informed that he was to be killed, but the next day the Nazis instead opened the gates as the Allies advanced, and waved the prisoners goodbye.

After the war Georges was an official French observing lawyer at the Nuremberg trials, and at the time of his death he was revising an autobiography, to be entitled The 14th of July at Nuremberg. After the war he moved to Whaddon Hall, in Buckinghamshire (1947-59), as an editor of the German diplomatic archives.

He then went on to become an internationally renowned historian. One of his most well-respected books, Bismarck and the Hohenzollern Candidature for the Spanish Throne (1957), combined documents and commentary to lay bare the chancellor's scheme in 1870 to substitute the exiled Queen Isabella with the German Prince Leopold. Le Putsch de Hitler à Munich en 1923 (1966) drew on transcripts of the future Führer's trial after his abortive coup, which up until that point had not been fully explored by historians.

Georges was a solicitor's son, born in the Vendée in western France and educated by Jesuits at Vannes. He took a doctorate in law from the Sorbonne. With the outbreak of war he served in the army. He was arrested during the occupation while evading forced labour.

After Whaddon Hall he studied at St Catherine's College, Oxford, and researched in Bonn, Ohio and St Antony's College, Oxford. He also worked as a fruit farmer in Lot-et-Garonne in the Dordogne and taught at Leeds University and Thames Polytechnic. He was a generous and drily amusing tutor who wore odd coloured socks - because the first two socks at the top of his drawer would be the ones he would put on. Once, by accident, he wore a matching pair - and one of his students asked whether he was feeling all right.

In the mid-1980s he retired to Wales, although for the last eight years he suffered from Parkinson's disease. At his funeral his coffin was draped in the tricolore, and the Marseillaise, La Vie en Rose and Je ne Regrette Rien were played. His last words were "let's have champagne and oysters in Arcachon".

He is survived by his wife Morfydd, myself and my wife Evelyn.

Mike Rivero - Promoting Holocaust Denial

Mike Rivero seemingly promotes any of Willis Carto's bullshit. Carto is a leading propagandist of anti-semitic, holocaust denying, racist fascism.

The previous entry shows how Willis Carto's AFP sought to offer (whore) positive press coverage of Hugo Chavez in return for Chavez financing AFP. This was made explicit by AFP writer, Michael Collins Piper.

Mike Rivero, whilst claiming to publish "The History the US Government Hopes You Never Learn" also publishes Michael Collins Piper.

Even according to WRH, the article it hosts is by Michael Collins Piper, whom is
.... a correspondent for American Free Press and a contributing editor to THE BARNES REVIEW, the historical revisionist magazine.
"Historical revisionist magazine"??? Errr - a holocaust denial rag, I think you mean........published by N America's leading fascist propagandist. Not worth mentioning that to your readers, eh, truth-lover Mike Rivero?

The article at Rivero's WRH is an explanation of "What really happened in Iran" - at the Iranian Holocaust denial conference. Rivero cannot claim to be anything other than a promoter of the fascist far-right and a supporter of holocaust denial: his site is littered with links to Willis Carto's propaganda.

Another example:
Revisiting The Horrors Of The Holocaust
Webmaster's Commentary:

CBS proves that it is stuck living in the past and is irrelevant for the the 21st Century.

That being said, does it make sense to anyone that the Germans would keep such meticulous records of the health of the inmates at the slave labor camps if they intended to simply exterminate them all?
What is that, if not holocaust denial?

Another example:
Ahmadinejad says Holocaust a 'big deception'

"The identity of the liberal democracy has been exposed to the world by its protection of the most criminal regime in the history of humanity, the Zionist regime, by using the big deception of the Holocaust."
Do you think the history of the Holocaust needs to be objectively re-examined?

YES - New science may reveal new facts.

96% (3894 votes)

NO - Burn the heretics who dare ask questions!

4% (143 votes)

Total votes: 4037

Submitted by Mike Rivero on Mon, 02/09/2009 - 16:46
What is that other than a transparent effort to promote holocaust denial?

One can go on and on with such examples......there is NO debate whether Rivero promotes holocaust denial, Willis Carto, anti-semitism, fascism. He does. Rivero functions as a far-right propagandist.

Results 1 - 10 of about 2,130 from for "holocaust". All of them in denial. Oh truthseekers! sheesh.

"Zionism is a sickness" - WRH

Ethics of 911 Troof - Compromised by Fascism

Christopher Bollyn, 911 Troofer extraordinaire, was an employee of leading N American anti-semite Willis Carto's propaganda organ, American Free Press.

A leading light of 911 Troof, Bollyn provides a good example of how closely affiliated 911 Troof is with organised fascism, and helps to illustrate how 911 Troof is compromised by the same lack of ethics which permeate fascism.

For one - why does anyone work for Willis Carto?

According to Wikipedia, Carto is
"a longtime figure on the American far right.....primarily known for his promotion of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial.
Carto ran a group called Youth for George Wallace to aid the third party presidential campaign of George Wallace in 1968.[3] When the campaign failed, he converted what remained of the Youth for George Wallace organization into the National Youth Alliance. As National Chairman for this group, Carto was successful in recruiting William Luther Pierce, who later became famous for his authorship of The Turner Diaries.[3] Eventually Carto lost control of the National Youth Alliance to Pierce, who transformed it into the National Alliance, which is today a white nationalist and white separatist political organization.

Carto was also the founder of a publishing company called Noontide Press, which published a number of books on white racialism, including Yockey's Imperium and David Hoggan's The Myth of the Six Million, one of the first books to deny the Holocaust. Noontide Press later became closely associated with the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), and fell out of Carto's hands at the same time as the IHR did. The IHR was founded by Willis Carto in 1979, with the intent of promoting the proposition that the Nazi Holocaust never happened - a view known as Holocaust denial. After losing control of Noontide Press and the IHR in a hostile takeover by former associates, Carto started another publication, "The Barnes Review", which also focuses on Holocaust denial.
In 2004, Carto joined in signing the New Orleans Protocol on behalf of American Free Press. The New Orleans Protocol seeks to "mainstream our cause" by reducing internecine warfare. It was written by David Duke. LINK
This makes clear Willis Carto's promotion of racism and of Holocaust denial via IHR and Barnes Review, both of which are linked to by Mike Rivero at Rivero frequently links to output from Carto's numerous propaganda organs.

So, that's a simple, short outline of the sort of person Chris Bollyn was happy to work for - at least until he was fired.

Subsequently Bollyn provided a very interesting insight into the workings of Carto's Amercian Free Press (AFP), and how it happily compromises journalistic ethics for the sake of "the movement" (fascism/anti-semitism/holocaust denial/911 troof etc).

At his website, Bollyn claims
I was sent to Venezuela, from Europe, by Willis A. Carto, publisher of American Free Press, for one specific reason – to try and get financial support for AFP from Venezuela's generous populist president, Hugo Chavez.
Bollyn did make it to Venezuela, on behalf of AFP, and was accompanied by two other stalwarts of 911 Troof, madman millionaire Jimmy Walters, and "the last man out" (of the twin towers), janitor, William Rodriguez.

(Whilst Rodriguez is held in high esteem by 911 Troof, it should be noted that since 911 he has become something of a star amongst Troofers, and has become a jet-setter - promoted on a European tour by Jimmy Walters, featuring in countless Troofer videos, appearing on radio shows, starring at press conferences etc etc. Quite a step-up from being a janitor, perhaps? I say this merely to point out that it's clear Rodriguez has personally benefited from 911, and this can be seen as a conflict of interest, and a possible reason for Rodriguez to exaggerate, or to at least be less than forthcoming about anything which might undermine his own claims. Why spoil his new career?)

Anyway, Bollyn, accompanied by Jimmy Walters and Rodriguez did make it to Venezuela on behalf of AFP/911 Troof. Whilst they failed to actually meet President Hugo Chavez (did they really expect to meet him?! LOL) they did however succeed in obtaining an audience with government officials and handed over their 911 "evidence". Doubtless this was occasioned by Chavez having previously shown himself skeptical of the official story of 911. (Worth noting btw that Chavez has since not followed up on his skepticism, which suggests the Venezuelan authorities have absolutely nothing which could implicate the Bush administration or the American state itself: why wouldn't Chavez make use of such incendiary evidence if he actually had it? One suspects the Venezuelan secret service is more capable of assessing evidence than Troofers!)

At Bollyn's website, he quotes an email about the proposed Venezuelan trip which he received from Michael Collins Piper, another of AFP/Carto's employees:

From: "Michael Collins Piper"
To:, "Chris Petherick" , "Chris Petherick" , "paul angel"
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 16:47:20 -0500

Subject: Various American Free Press items including Chavez project

Dear Chris and Paul and Christopher (Bollyn):
On Wednesday Willis [Carto] asked me to come in to discuss a project that he had in mind.

Essentially, Willis proposed the idea that I approach the Venezuelan Embassy with the following plan:

1) that they fund massive numbers of AFP subscriptions here in the United States to political party officials, members of Congress, etc;
2) that they fund a trip for me to Venezuela to do a favorable book about Hugo Chavez.
3) that AFP would publish a series of nice articles about Chavez

LINK (as above)
Clearly, here we have evidence that Carto's AFP and his "journalists" proposed providing positive coverage of Chavez in return for Chavez funding "massive numbers of AFP subscriptions".

Never mind the facts, huh - the coverage was guaranteed to be positive - in return for financial reward! Nevermind that AFP and Carto have a long and clear history of being completely opposed to what Chavez represents ie socialism. And nevermind they criticise "mainstream" press as "whores".

AFP, Carto and his "journalists" were prepared to compromise their own political agenda, to provide favourable coverage to a foreign (socialist) government, seemingly regardless of the facts, in return for financial gain and the furtherance of their (far-right, anti-semitic) agenda.

AFP, Carto, Bollyn, Piper-Collins, Walters and Rodriguez are all heavily involved in 911 Troof. They all have been quoted and fielded by the 911 Troof movement, and their claims are regurgitated across thousands of websites, articles, videos, interviews and press conferences, all of which claim to provide "the real truth" about 911.

Why believe anything they say?

The 911 "Stand Down Order"? - MYTH

911 Troof seems to hold it as FACT that changes in the official hijacking interception manual suggest guilt on the part of the Bush administration. This is based on the (genuine) FACT that the manual was changed in the weeks leading up to 911. These changes, coming so shortly before 911, are always suggested to be very suspicious - and the claim is made that they changed procedure, thereby allowing Bush administration officials to "allow" 911 to happen - it's claimed they provide a de-facto means to allow a stand-down order. I mean, it does sound pretty suspicious, doesn't it? Changing the rules only weeks before?

Here's an example of the suggestion from prisonplanet, in an article by 911 Troofer, Michael Ruppert:
...the "new" NORAD procedures transferring scramble authority to Rumsfeld on June 1, 2001 were ignored by several NORAD commanders on 9/11....
Only problem is, the "new" NORAD procedures did *NOT* transfer scramble authority to Rumsfeld on June 1, 2001. The update issued on June 1st was a merely administrative only changed a few administrative details......the actual change to the procedure transferring authority to the Secretary of Defence happened in 1997, under Bill Clinton's administration!

This mistaken claim is repeated over and over throughout 911 Troof. It's part of the folklore, and almost nobody has ever bothered to check the claim. SFAIK I am the only person to have bothered to check. Troofers believe the change to be an important one, but they've clearly never checked it. Speaks volumes for their methods, and their gullibility.

The June 1st, 2001 update to the procedures was a merely administrative affair - the actual procedures were changed in the 1997 update.

Another example of how Alex Jones employs this "evidence" to distort the facts:
This document superseded earlier DOD procedures for dealing with hijacked aircraft, and it requires that Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld is personally responsible for issuing intercept orders. Commanders in the field are stripped of all authority to act.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction CJCSI 3610.01A (dated 1 June 2001) was issued for the purpose of providing "guidance to the Deputy Director for Operations (DDO), National Military Command Center (NMCC), and operational commanders in the event of an aircraft piracy (hijacking) or request for destruction of derelict airborne objects." This new instruction superseded CJCSI 3610.01 of 31 July 1997.

This CJCSI states that "In the event of a hijacking, the NMCC will be notified by the most expeditious means by the FAA. The NMCC will, with the exception of immediate responses as authorized by reference d, forward requests for DOD assistance to the Secretary of Defense for approval."

That clearly suggests the 'new' orders issued June 1st 2001 'superseded' the 1997 orders, and that it was the new version which transferred authority for shooting down hijacked planes to Donald Rumsfeld. And, hey! - that's a mighty suspicious coincidence, isn't it, coming just weeks before 911?

But the 'new' CJCSI had no new orders - all orders remain the same - the only changes are purely administrative ones, updating and adding some new department names etc. Nothing of substance changed in June 2001 whatsoever.

See for yourself:

The 1997 procedures: HERE
The "new" 2001 procedures: HERE

They're identical in substance: nothing changed. Remember that, the next time a Troofer makes the claim?

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Appropriate song for this blog.

A solo soprano sings a different Polish text in each of the three movements. The first is a 15th-century Polish lament of Mary, mother of Jesus, the second a message written on the wall of a Gestapo cell during World War II, and the third a Silesian folk song of mother searching for son killed in the Silesian uprisings.[1] The first and third movements are written from the perspective of a parent who has lost a child, and the second movement from that of a child separated from a parent. The dominant themes of the symphony are motherhood and separation through war.

My son, my chosen and beloved
Share your wounds with your mother
And because, dear son, I have always carried you in my heart,
And always served you faithfully
Speak to your mother, to make her happy,
Although you are already leaving me, my cherished hope.

(Lamentation of the Holy Cross Monastery from the "Lysagóra Songs" collection. Second half of the 15th century)

Second Movement

No, Mother, do not weep,
Most chaste Queen of Heaven
Support me always.
"Zdrowas Mario." (*)

(Prayer inscribed on wall 3 of cell no. 3 in the basement of "Palace," the Gestapo's headquarters in Zadopane; beneath is the signature of Helena Wanda Blazusiakówna, and the words "18 years old, imprisoned since 26 September 1944.")
(*) "Zdrowas Mario" (Ave Maria)—the opening of the Polish prayer to the Holy Mother

Third Movement

Where has he gone
My dearest son?
Perhaps during the uprising
The cruel enemy killed him

Ah, you bad people
In the name of God, the most Holy,
Tell me, why did you kill
My son?

Never again
Will I have his support
Even if I cry
My old eyes out

Were my bitter tears
to create another River Oder
They would not restore to life
My son

He lies in his grave
and I know not where
Though I keep asking people

Perhaps the poor child
Lies in a rough ditch
and instead he could have been
lying in his warm bed

Oh, sing for him
God's little song-birds
Since his mother
Cannot find him

And you, God's little flowers
May you blossom all around
So that my son
May sleep happily

Tuesday, 28 July 2009 - SHAM? (PI) is either a complete SHAM, or so befuddled as to be entirely useless, and thereby functions as a SHAM.

They've sponsored, are linked to by people such as DesertPeace blogger, and they hold their domain registration details secret behind GoDaddy's proxy registrar. They're run by someone called Tinoire.....apparently a former military intelligence officer whom worked in the jungles of Colombia on behalf of Uncle Sam. Tinoire supported market ideologue and neo-liberal fundamentalist RonPaul in the last Presidential elections. (Thanks to Socrates for some of this information.)

Hardly the profile of a "leftwing" or progressive outfit, is it? And yet, here is what claim about themselves:
...a member-moderated political discussion board for Progressives.....

Our vision is to shift the political center leftward to counteract the rightwing drift our country has been on for the last 40 years.
Leftward? How can close association with be considered "leftward"? They mean "leftward" towards WRH's contributors like Curt Maynard, Alex Jones, DesertPeace, Ernst Zundel, Christopher Bollyn, American Free Press, Willis Carto, Frank Toben, Erich Fromm, Arthur Topham? Funny sort of "progressives".......

PI claims:
One goal is to providing the theoretical foundation for an entirely new Progressive American political movement. (SIC)
That 'entirely new Progressive American political movement' would be composed of fascism, ultra-nationalism, racism, anti-semitism and holocaust denial then? What's exactly "progressive" about any of that?
PI: This is a member-moderated LEFTIST site created to combat the growing propaganda from the corporate-owned Republicans and Democrats.......
LEFTIST???? WTF is possibly "left" about it? There's absolutely *nothing* leftist about it. It's a SHAM.

I suggest PI is part of an organised effort to dupe people: part of a far-right effort to deceive people, with the intent of promoting the ideology of the far-right, whilst masquerading as something else - in the case of PI, pretending to be "leftists".

Such deception serves several purposes, notably to provide a means of insinuating right-wing propaganda and themes into discourse (under cover of being 'progressives'/'leftists'), whilst also providing a means to recruit members for the far-right by identifying potential members, and providing a direct route of contact through personal messages, etc.

I know people find this claim hard to believe at first, but just consider how PI's sponsorship of WhatReallyHappened and WRH's support of Curt Maynard, holocaust denial, anti-semitism, ultra-nationalism squares with what PI claims? This claim, by PI, for example:
If you are a liberal who can't stand socialists... you will not feel comfortable here, nor do we want you here.
If that's true, why were they sponsoring Why were they supporting RonPaul's candidacy? They're either completely befuddled, or a deceitful SHAM.

PI claims:
Since PI’s inception we’ve banned 9 posters, not counting obvious trolls. ALL were banned for infracting the spirit of our rules.
However, they banned me after my initial posting, asking who owned ProgressiveIndependent.

Asking who owns PI is trolling? Even though ownership is a central issue to "leftists"? Why did they find that so offensive? I hadn't even started to ask them why they were so tight with Rivero and how they justified sponsoring his far-right views.

Desertpeace - Hypocrites today publishes a most hypocritical commentary by one of its favoured bloggers - Desertpeace.

In the article, Desertpeace rails against the Israeli Minister Avigdor Lieberman, likening him to Adolf Hitler in his views and ideology.

Staggering, and deceitful hypocrisy. Why? Because Desertpeace and are closely affiliated, and is closely affiliated with many fascist writers and sources, which it repeatedly promotes. WRH even hosts articles written by Curt Maynard. It also promotes any number of Willis Carto's proteges, his propaganda organs, holocaust denial, anti-semitism, etc etc etc.

If Desertpeace protests about what it considers to be Lieberman's evidence of Nazism, why doesn't it find its own friends' ties to fascism offensive?

That's hypocrisy, and deceit. Desertpeace is actually serving fascism, because it suggests Lieberman (a democratically elected MP) fascist, and condemns it, whilst it promotes and supports the more obvious and straightforward fascism of its own friends ie Rivero/WRH.

Hence the democrat is criticised as fascist, but genuine fascism escapes any criticism.

The fascists are pointing at Israel, shouting "Look, there's fascism! Isn't it outrageous!" whilst giving a free-pass to their own fascism. Obvious propaganda - israel is criticised for the fascism which Desertpeace actually protects and promotes amongst its own friends.

Here's the Desertpeace article, as promoted at
Jul 28 08:54

Avigdor Lieberman, the brashly-racist foreign minister of the apartheid Israeli state, reportedly recently ordered Zionist embassies around the world to circulate a 1941 photo showing the former Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin Husseini meeting with German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Lieberman hopes that the picture would help counter growing international pressure on the Zionist regime to stop ethnic-cleansing measures against the Palestinians, especially in occupied Jerusalem .

Lieberman’s desperate act is likely to raise many eyebrows since it comes from a man whose mindset and ideological convictions differ little from those of Adolf Hitler.

WRH Links to Desertpeace's article, which is here

Also notable that whilst Desertpeace claims Lieberman is a supposed racist it's silent about Desertpeace's own friends at WRH whom publish, promote and broadcast Curt Maynard. Supposed Jewish racism is "fascism", and condemned - but the racism of actual fascists promoted at WRH isn't. Hard to get more hypocritical than that?

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Rivero's half-brother - "with the LAPD"

A Mike Rivero quote:
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
From: rivero @ (Michael Rivero)
Subject: Re: Metal Strips in $20 bills, why?

According to my half brother with the LAPD, the D.E.A. uses the strips to locate illegal (I assume he means not licensed by the CIA) drug dealers so their doors may be kicked in.


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

"Newsmax's Falsehoods"

From an article about NewsMax (Scaife)

Newsmax's Stimulus Falsehoods
The Clinton-bashing glory days of the 1990s are reprised at Newsmax, where the same treatment -- and lack of adherence to facts -- is now applied to President Obama.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 2/18/2009
A recent Media Matters article detailed how conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh's attacks on President Barack Obama echoed the attacks and smears Limbaugh issued against President Clinton and his administration during the 1990s.

The same phenomenon is happening at Newsmax: Its misleading and false claims about Obama and his administration echo its anti-Clinton work during the 1990s.

As ConWebWatch has noted, Newsmax began attacking Obama long before his presidential inauguration, bashing the stimulus plan he has promoted to jump-start the languishing economy. Newsmax has since moved to repeating misleading claims and telling outright falsehoods about Obama and the stimulus, with reporter David A. Patten leading the way.
NewsMax is apparently owned by Richard Mellon Scaife. (See earlier posts)

So, that's NewsMax and WorldNetDaily at it. (Jospeh Farrah and Scaife)

"WorldNetDaily - Serial Liar"

This from an article about Worldnetdaily:

WorldNetDaily, Serial Liar
Building on its long history of lying about Democratic presidential candidates, WND is now making up things about Barack Obama.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 8/7/2008
If a news organization repeatedly reported falsehoods, would you read it? Of course not.

Yet, somehow, WorldNetDaily remains in business despite a long history of lying to its readers. WND's favorite targets of lies are Democratic presidential candidates.

In 2000, it published a series of 20 attack articles by Charles C. Thompson II and Tony Hays that (it brags) cost Al Gore the election because they allegedly caused him to lose Tennessee, a state that, had he won, would have made the Florida turmoil moot. But the article contained false claims about a Gore supporter, Clark Jones -- a fact it was finally forced to admit more than seven years later to settle a libel and defamation lawsuit from Jones. Not only did WND admit that "no witness verifies the truth" of what was said about Jones, "the sources named in the publications have stated under oath that statements attributed to them in the articles were either not made by them, were misquoted by the authors, were misconstrued, or the statements were taken out of context."
Amazing how Rivero and Jones can link to WorldNetDaily (WND) articles, and resonate with WND over the same issues, yet somehow Jones and Rivero are seemingly unfamiliar with this story of how the 2000 elections were stolen - not by Bushco, but with the help of WND!

Of course, Rivero and Jones tell us that the elections were "stolen", by Bushco: all more proof of their supposed neo-con (read jewish) bloodless coup.

And yet, go to Google and do a strict search of "Clark Jones" at and one gets ZERO results.

Similarly for Prisonplanet - zero results.

However, try searching for "stolen election" and it generates 154 results. At we get 266 results.

And those are just the instances of the specific phrase "stolen election" - they have many more articles and references to the same thing only in other terms.

So, Alex Jones and Mike Rivero - through all their output about the 2000 elections, failed to ever communicate to their audience exactly what their own "pals" at WND did to help "steal" the election for Bushco.

A bit too embarassing for them to acknowledge it? That their friends and fellow travellers were responsible for there being an issue over the 2000 election result.....

Rivero and Jones would doubtless say the NWO was responsible for Bush attaining the presidency - the bloodless coup - fascism - all that.

But never once did they mention WND lies about Clark Jones. Not even after WND settled out of court and issued a joint statement with Clark saying there was no evidence for their accusations.

Despite the outcome of the court case 7 years later, and WND's effective admittance of having fabricated the entire thing, WND still carries their own report from Dec 2000 which brags about their own role in Gore's defeat:
"Whether the mainstream media believed the WorldNetDaily stories were credible or not," said Alexander, "the voters did. I've never seen articles that attracted the kind of attention these did. They cost Gore the margin he needed in middle and west Tennessee. They cost Gore Tennessee's electoral votes. That's a fact."
....had [Gore] won his home state -- the state he represented all his years in Congress -- he would now be President-elect Gore, with or without Florida.
Rivero and Jones regularly link to WND - they are familiar with WND. Jones even has WND columnists on his show - like Jerome Corsi.

Joseph Farah - WorldNetDaily - Chuck Missler

Chuck Missler has some weirdo 'foundation' called the Koinonia Institute, based in Couer D'Alene, Idaho.

On the 'board of directors' is a certain Joseph Farah, of WorldNetDaily, founder of the anti-union Journalism 'union' backed by Scaife Foundation (see previous post).

Joseph Farah - Board of Regents, Koinonia

Jerome Corsi is on there too. And Tim Lahaye. What a bunch!

Koinonia is interesting to me because of the simple, and possibly purely coincidental geographical connection with another link about the sponsoring of fascism I'd been following.
Ten years ago, white supremacist millionaire Vincent Bertollini moved to Sandpoint, Idaho

After moving with Story from California's Silicon Valley to Idaho, Bertollini became the leading financial supporter and public advocate for the late Richard Butler, founder and leader of the Aryan Nations until his death in late 2004. But the Aryan Nations and Butler lost a 2000 suit brought by the Southern Poverty Law Center, forcing Butler to sell the Aryan Nations compound that long had been a key meeting place of the radical right.

Bertollini stood by his man. After the sale, he marched alongside Butler in a parade in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, telling the local newspaper that Butler was the "only man standing up for the white race in America that I know of, and doing it in a reasonable way." Bertollini also bought Butler a house in town.

Seems a hell of a coincidence to find Chuck Missler (koinonia/dispensationalism), Joseph Farrah(WorldNetDaily/Scaife), Richard Butler (Aryan Nations) and Bertollini (Nazis sponsor) all in one place - Couer D'Alene, Idaho.

I just have to wonder if there was or is actually some crossover between the groups, right there in Couer D'Alene. It isn't my imagination........

Here's extracts from a 1998 story about Bertollini:

Spokane, Washington
Sunday, December 6, 1998
By Bill Morlin, Spokesman-Review Staff Writer

Two men who made their fortunes in California's computer
industry are spending large chunks of money promoting two white
supremacy churches in North Idaho.

Carl E. Story and R. Vincent Bertollini are using their
ministry, The 11th Hour Remnant Messenger, to benefit America's
Promise and the Aryan Nations.

For Story, his new alliances evolved after he gave $4
million to TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggart and $5 million to a
charismatic Christian church near San Francisco almost a decade
ago, his friends say.

An engineer-turned-businessman, Story was convicted in 1979
of illegally shipping his computer chip manufacturing equipment
to the Soviet Union.

The high-tech hardware apparently made its way to the
Soviets' missile development facility during the Cold War,
federal investigators say.

Now, Story and Bertollini are promoting Christian Identity,
the same racist theology that underlies Aryan Nations and
America's Promise Ministries in North Idaho.

But the pair bring something to the movement that alarms
human rights activists: money.

What exactly is it that these two were promoting?
Bertollini says he and Story are committed to spending their
money to "get the truth out" before the end of the world, which
they believe is fast approaching.

The truth, as Bertollini explained it, is that white people
are the true Israelites
, descendants of Abel. Nonwhites and Jews
are descendants of Cain, born after a mating of Satan and Eve.
It's called two-seed Christian Identity theology.

Now then, here's a word from Chuck Missler's autobiographical notes at Koinonia:
As Chuck notes, his day of reckoning came several years ago when -- as the result of a merger -- he found himself the chairman and a major shareholder of a small, publicly owned development company known as Phoenix Group International. {Note - also in California - like Bertollini's Computer Operation, which also was 'dealing to the Russians']The firm established an $8 billion joint venture with the Soviet Union to supply personal computers to their 143,000 schools. Due to several unforeseen circumstances, the venture failed. The Misslers lost everything, including their home, automobiles and insurance.

It was during this difficult time that Chuck turned to God and the Bible.

That really is quite a coincidence? Californian computer firms, both dealing with Russia, run by similarly religious christian fundamentalists, all of whom later show up at the same place, Couer D'Alene Idaho - along with Butler's Aryan Nations of course - after the computer businesses go

Remembering, of course, that Koinonia has Farrah on the board and Tim LaHaye. Farah, via WorldNetDaily publishes LaHaye, Jerome Corsi, Chuck Baldwin, Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, Jerry Falwell, David Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Medved etc etc.

According to the 2000 Census, Couer D'Alene is home to 8500 families. A small place. The population breaks down as:

* 95.80% White
* 0.22% African American
* 0.77% Native American
* 0.61% Asian
* 0.09% Pacific Islander
* 0.63% from other races
* 1.88% from two or more races

Hispanic or Latino of any race were 2.70% of the population.

I wonder if these groups are closer than they'd like anyone to think.

Scaife Foundation

From wikipedia:
Richard Mellon Scaife (born July 3, 1932) is an American billionaire and newspaper publisher.

Scaife owns and publishes the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. With $1.2 billion, Scaife, a principal heir to the Mellon banking, oil, and aluminum fortune, is No. 283 on the 2005 Forbes 400.

Scaife is particularly well known for his financial support of conservative public policy organizations over the past two decades. Scaife has provided support for conservative and libertarian causes in the U.S., mostly through the private, nonprofit foundations he controls: the Sarah Scaife Foundation, Carthage Foundation, and Allegheny Foundation, and until 2001 the Scaife Family Foundation, now controlled by his daughter Jennie and son David.[1][2] Scaife also helped fund the Arkansas Project, which ultimately led to the impeachment proceedings of President Bill Clinton.

How do we know none of this money is getting to Alex Jones, Mike Rivero and the rest of them? It would make a lot of sense if it were true.
With Scaife as publisher, the small circulation newspaper [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review] was the chief packager of editorials and news columns claiming that then United States President Bill Clinton or his wife, then First Lady Hillary Clinton were responsible for the death of Deputy White House counsel Vincent Foster. Scaife paid freelancer Christopher W. Ruddy to write about the Foster case for the Tribune-Review and other right-leaning media.

....the [Arkansas] project not only accused Clinton of financial and sexual indiscretions (some later verified, others not), but also gave root to hyperbolic conspiracist notions that the Clintons collaborated with the CIA to run a drug smuggling operation out of the town of Mena, Arkansas and that Clinton had arranged for the murder of White House aide Vince Foster as part of a coverup of the Whitewater scandal.
In 2004, Scaife was reported to own 7.2% of NewsMax Media, a news-based website with conservative political content founded by Ruddy in 1998.[13] In 2009, Scaife reportedly "controlled" 42% of NewsMax, with Ruddy the 58% majority owner, CEO and editor.[14]

NewsMax huh? Vince Foster too.......the Arkansas Project.......nothing Rivero, Jones and co would find problematic. They're actually deeply involved in the same stuff.

Some other interesting connections:

[Scaife's father] served with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during World War II and the family lived in Washington, D.C. for a time. (The various functional units of the OSS were reconstituted in 1947 as the Central Intelligence Agency
Scaife involved himself in the 1964 presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater, with whom his mother was acquainted.

OSS/CIA? Nuff said. And Barry Goldwater? He was the Republican's main (failed) opposition to the New Deal Great Society legislation. Importantly, he represented the so-called "libertarian" wing, and ended up a staunch opponent of the Christian Right's takeover of the Reagan-era republican party.

Something of the relevance can be found in this Goldwater quote, perhaps:
"I suggested on the floor of the Senate today that we stop all funds for the United Nations. Now, what that'll do to the United Nations, I don't know. I have a hunch it would cause them to fold up, which would make me very happy at this particular point. I think if this happens, they can well move their headquarters to Peking or Moscow and get 'em out of this country."[11]

It isn't difficult to see how Alex Jones and Rivero and co could be seen as useful to such people.
Following Duggan's suicide and then Watergate, Scaife shifted his political giving from politicians' campaigns to anti-communist research groups, legal defense funds, and publications.
Scaife also funded the Western Journalism Center, headed by Joseph Farah.

Joseph Farah - of WorldNetDaily...........hmmm. Another source familiar to readers of Prisonplanet and Whatreallyhappened and all the rest. There are clear lines of common interests, themes, agendas. There's good cause to wonder.

Here's a list of (some) of the groups Scaife has funded:

[Scaife] supported such varied conservative and libertarian organizations as:

* American Enterprise Institute
* Atlas Economic Research Foundation
* David Horowitz Freedom Center
* Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, which advocates for free-market solutions to environmental issues and dissent on anthropogenic global warming [21]
* Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives - a Harrisburg-based libertarian think tank [22]
* Federalist Society
* Foundation for Economic Education
* Free Congress Foundation (headed by Paul Weyrich)
* Freedom House
* GOPAC (headed by Newt Gingrich)
* Independent Women's Forum
* Intercollegiate Studies Institute (which operates the Collegiate Network)
* Judicial Watch
* Landmark Legal Foundation
* Media Research Center (headed by Brent Bozell)
* Pacific Legal Foundation
* World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh
* Reason Foundation

By 1998 his foundations were listed among donors to over 100 such groups, to which he had disbursed some $340 million by 2002.[23]

Of course, I don't know that Scaife is helping Prisonplanet and WhatReallyHappened......but it wouldn't surprise me. And even if there's no direct financial connection, there are nevertheless important connections. Indeed - one can view the entire thing as one grand project, to further the shared political and ideological goals of these people, all of whom hold so much in common.

Rivero and Prisonplanet publish stories put out by Scaife owned "news" outlets, his publications, reports published by his sponsored think-tanks, university schools, sponsored research etc. Maybe they're getting donations, too? Maybe ad revenues? Being secretive about their funding and sponsors means we can't know.