Thursday, 30 July 2009

Mike Rivero - Promoting Holocaust Denial

Mike Rivero seemingly promotes any of Willis Carto's bullshit. Carto is a leading propagandist of anti-semitic, holocaust denying, racist fascism.

The previous entry shows how Willis Carto's AFP sought to offer (whore) positive press coverage of Hugo Chavez in return for Chavez financing AFP. This was made explicit by AFP writer, Michael Collins Piper.

Mike Rivero, whilst claiming to publish "The History the US Government Hopes You Never Learn" also publishes Michael Collins Piper.

Even according to WRH, the article it hosts is by Michael Collins Piper, whom is
.... a correspondent for American Free Press and a contributing editor to THE BARNES REVIEW, the historical revisionist magazine.
"Historical revisionist magazine"??? Errr - a holocaust denial rag, I think you mean........published by N America's leading fascist propagandist. Not worth mentioning that to your readers, eh, truth-lover Mike Rivero?

The article at Rivero's WRH is an explanation of "What really happened in Iran" - at the Iranian Holocaust denial conference. Rivero cannot claim to be anything other than a promoter of the fascist far-right and a supporter of holocaust denial: his site is littered with links to Willis Carto's propaganda.

Another example:
Revisiting The Horrors Of The Holocaust
Webmaster's Commentary:

CBS proves that it is stuck living in the past and is irrelevant for the the 21st Century.

That being said, does it make sense to anyone that the Germans would keep such meticulous records of the health of the inmates at the slave labor camps if they intended to simply exterminate them all?
What is that, if not holocaust denial?

Another example:
Ahmadinejad says Holocaust a 'big deception'

"The identity of the liberal democracy has been exposed to the world by its protection of the most criminal regime in the history of humanity, the Zionist regime, by using the big deception of the Holocaust."
Do you think the history of the Holocaust needs to be objectively re-examined?

YES - New science may reveal new facts.

96% (3894 votes)

NO - Burn the heretics who dare ask questions!

4% (143 votes)

Total votes: 4037

Submitted by Mike Rivero on Mon, 02/09/2009 - 16:46
What is that other than a transparent effort to promote holocaust denial?

One can go on and on with such examples......there is NO debate whether Rivero promotes holocaust denial, Willis Carto, anti-semitism, fascism. He does. Rivero functions as a far-right propagandist.

Results 1 - 10 of about 2,130 from for "holocaust". All of them in denial. Oh truthseekers! sheesh.

"Zionism is a sickness" - WRH


socrates said...

You have nailed it. The main reason the WRH Unofficial forum was deleted was simply because it provided too much overt Jew hate. I've got the screenshots to prove it. They housed Rivero's letters and were prominently linked to by Rivero. One screenshot I took and posted was an actual Holocaust denial letter to Rivero. He didn't comment on it. That to me is tacit approval. You might want to screenshot more. I think these people scrub and prune a lot. Though, maybe it has hit the point where there is no way for them to hide that they are propagandists. It's a pity from their standpoints that the Tinoire psyop has utterly backfired. We did it dude. Not trying to sound like a big ego, but who but ourselves has solved this right woos left riddle? And I was kidding about saying you spammed your forum with videos. Do whatever you want. Although, it is more user-friendly, imho, without them. Maybe we should open up a new forum and see if there are any good lurkers ready to help.

the_last_name_left said...

I always used to screenshot stuff......I have several CDs full of stuff from the run-up to the Iraq war, for instance. I did start making a website out of it, was too big......more of a CD to give away. But most everyone knows the war was a sham now.......and we're way down the line.

TBH that same resource would probably be handy for this tack I'm on now.

I find Rivero's attitude to the holocaust disgusting, but cleverly fraudulent. They know what they're doing.

The refrain is always "why are 'they' frightened of anyone investigating the holocaust?"

That's clever, because the point is, the holocaust HAS BEEN massively investigated.

And why do they care about the Holocaust anyway? Do they show the same cynicism towards the history of say, the battle of Hastings? Do they scream about wanting Hastings reinvestigated? Their objective is clearly to attempt to de-legitimise Israel, and to rehabilitate Nazism. Personally I don't see how it would de-legitimise Israel, even if they could prove the Holocaust was fiction. What would it change? And it's always from that perspective that they approach the subject - not as disinterested observers.

And the aspect of it all that seeks to rehabilitate Nazism is just abominable.

The destruction of world jewry was central to's one of the core tenets - a world jewish conspiracy. If the Nazis weren't responsible for the Holocaust, then why does Nazism hold such an appeal to present-day anti-semites? If the Nazis didn't hold dear the Hitlerite fantasy of "a world jewish conspiracy" why do the anti-semites of today believe they did?

It's just crazy they can hold all this stuff together and not crack apart at the seams. Oh - they do. LOL

Thanks for the support btw, and as for the videos? Well, you're right - they don't really belong. Gorecki does though. Beautiful, and dreadful.

socrates said...

How I see it: They are actors for the most part. They don't even believe what they post but are doing so in order to receive a paycheck. Any donations and advertising revenue is superfluous with the task of astroturfing right wing tinfoil dressed up as progressive. They got busted, and all they have left is some lame idea that we are the same person with 19 pseydonyms.

the_last_name_left said...

Actors? Hmm - but they're working for something? I can't believe they're just working for a paycheck....they must believe in their cause? Surely?

I don't know, but I always take people as being committed. Because I am, I suppose. And you are too? So why can't they be? I don't think they're doing it for money - well, not as a job, at least - though they might be doing it as a job. They must be committed?

Anonymous said...

do you believe the nazis made soap out of jews ?

socrates said...

I think you are naive. We just nailed Tinoire and Rivero as being military intelligence and defense contracting. Hacks like them do not generate the success they have on the internet. This is modern day cointelpro. And on schedule one of them arrives. It's an act. They are working out of psyop manuals.

the_last_name_left said...

@anon: re soap

The soap story is misrepresented by holocaust deniers.

....the overwhelming majority of Holocaust historians have never believed that the Nazis mass produced human soap."

However, there were contemporaneous rumours that soap was being made from humans - rumours which Himmler heard about and concerned him - because the extermination of the jews was supposed to be of the highest secrecy. (Why did the rumours so concern Himmler?)

Plus, there are the issues of the Danzig Anatomical Institute, where it seems some limited experiments were undertaken to produce soap from human fat taken from concentration camp victims (soap is fat). It seems the experiments were abandoned as unfruitful.

So, no - I don't think Nazis mass-produced soap from human fat, and it has seemingly never been a claim amongst scholars and historians.

Rather, holocaust-deniers suggest the soap stories were claimed by holocaust historians, so that they can shoot the claims down and use it as "evidence" of how flimsy other claims about the holocaust are - thereby attempting to undermine faith in the actual claims of holocaust historians. It's a strawman argument: attack claims that weren't made.

Check the link?

the_last_name_left said...

Socrates, as I've said before, I don't know about the psyops stuff: I don't see how it can be proven.

However, what can be readily proven is that what these people are pursuing is *not* peaceful, just, egalitarian, progressive etc.

You might very well be right that they're cointelpro, working psyops, whatever.......but that stuff is going to be very hard if not impossible to prove. It is much easier to prove that what they're working for is not what they claim it to be ie it isn't just, progressive, liberal, socialist, whatever - it's racist, anti-semitic neo-fascism.

That Brett Kimberlin stuff seems to be a blackhole of confusion - I'm very wary of such stuff, because as soon as you get into agents, you get double agents, triple whatever. And 911 Troof for example is riven by claims and counter accusations of who is working for who. Beyond pointing out suspicious behaviour, I don't see what can be said about it, other than it's well worth steering clear of it all - it all descends into accusations, with nowhere further to go. IMO it's better to stick with the simple and obvious *content* of what people say - that stands and falls on its own. Relationships between people are important, in so far as there are provable relationships between people whom say certain things. Whether any individuals or groups are cointelpro, or whatever, is going to be next to impossible to prove? If someone IS cointelpro, they aren't going to be able to maintain saying "the right things"? That's the level to judge it at, imo. Just my opinion though. :) I'm more than happy if you can take it further than that.

the_last_name_left said...

And naive? yes - probably. :) I like to try to retain a certain naivete.

Anonymous said...

i remember watching documentaries on tv about how the nazis made soap from jews.
some of my family remembers still refuse to believe me when i tell them the stories are false.
so when i visit sites like nizkor and read that its all a straw man arguement, what am i supposed to think ?

Anonymous said...

*family members

surely what holocaust publishers have done is more relevant than what most holocaust historians thought.

Anonymous said...

also, it seems that my question prompted you to google the official answer.
i didn't ask you to do that. i wanted to know what you believed at the time i asked.

the_last_name_left said...

anon - I gave you my opinion, and I directed you to a discussion about the soap issue at Nizkor which does a good job of running through the evidence.

As for documentaries when you were younger about nazis making soap out of humans - I'd always recommend people read books, rather than watch TV. How old are the these documentaries? What country were they made and broadcast in? What were they called? Can you remember?

As you believe the stories were false - which they aren't entirely (there were rumours, and there is the DAI experiment evidence etc) - but you claim your family believes them to be true, suggesting to me you are yourself a holocaust denier. Why do you disbelieve the stories if your family believes them? Why does it matter to you to persuade them otherwise? What is your interest in asking the question here?

socrates said...

I totally agree that it is very difficult if not impossible to prove. Nonetheless, psyops and cointelpro are historical facts. What we do have is an absurd amount of circumstantial evidence. You are also correct that it is best to nail them on what they assert and how it doesn't fly with what they post. And yes, the connections made between individual bloggers does sink them all into the same disinfo pool.

I don't think Kimberlin is cointelpro. He appears to be, but that might be a coincidence that makes conmen look like spooks. The Kimberlin story is important. You may not have the time to wade into it, but the dude is in bed with Tinoire. The BradBlog is in bed with them.

The best evidence I see for cointelpro-like activity is with Tinoire and Rivero. She claims to have been military intelligence. Rivero worked for McDonnell Douglas. Yet neither of them publicise this information. There is the Hal Turner story, in which Sean Hannity's friend was shown to be an FBI informant. How does one go from posting bomb making links to having a direct line to the FBI, the institution that ran cointelpro? What about Markos Moulitsas Zuniga of the Daily Kos? From his own words he said he applied to the CIA in 2001 for a six-month process. He started Daily Kos in 2002. He said that he decided to join the Howard Dean campaign rather than work for clandestine spy services. That was in 2003. How does six months span from 2001 to 2003? There's tons of other stuff, but as I've said before, it's not fair to be expected to keep reinventing the wheel. Not that you're doing that.

the_last_name_left said...

S - I think you're absolutely right to raise the spectre of COINTELPRO: the things you're pointing up reek of it, or at least an equivalent sort of operation by .... some other organisation.

I just can't imagine that it could be proven from publicly available information, whereas it's relatively easy to show these people are not what they claim.....based on what they are saying in public, and to whom they're closely and publicly affiliated with.

As I've said, that really isn't meant to be a criticism of you, or anything you're saying - I really appreciate your efforts and support. Lordy knows there's little enough of it about! :)

That whole Kimberlin thing is murky - Kimberlin himself is very murky, as you've made clear. It's a viper's nest?

Anonymous said...

"The laboratory was small, and it had been established only towards the end of the war. It did not involve Jewish bodies. The Russian prosecutor at Nuremberg brought the issue up in the trials, but had to drop it because no proof could be presented that these were actual experiments for the production of soap."

so the stories are entirely false. germans did not make soap from jews.

"A box of soap which, according to the Romanian Jewish community, was made from the bodies of Jews killed in the Holocaust was found yesterday in a funeral home in Magdiel (part of Hod Hasharon) in central Israel, Army Radio reported. The box was buried under a tombstone that read "Soap of Holy People." "

"Sources at Yad Vashem expressed disappointment at the radio report, calling the story a "pure invention that was given a stage by the media." "

Yad Vashems quote "given a stage by the media" supports my previous point - "surely what holocaust publishers have done is more relevant than what most holocaust historians thought."

i do not recall the names of the holocaust documentaries seen in my youth. this probably suggests to you that i'm lying.

if you had answered my original question "do you believe nazis made soap from jews" with a yes. i would have proceeded to show you that the stories were false. causing you to be more skeptical about the other holocaust stories which you thought unquestionly true. maybe even reaching the same levels of skepticism which are commonly given, by default, to muslim claims of torture.

Anonymous said...

"Rivero cannot claim to be anything other than a promoter of the fascist far-right and a supporter of holocaust denial"

care to explain why rivero can't also claim to be a global warming denier ?

Anonymous said...

the_last_name_left said...

Anon: Yad Vashems quote "given a stage by the media" supports my previous point - "surely what holocaust publishers have done is more relevant than what most holocaust historians thought."

No - it shows that one contemporary and obscure story is relevant to you.


so the stories are entirely false. germans did not make soap from jews.

Not necessarily. We still have the possibility that some effort was made somewhere. It might even be entirely undocumented. And we do still have the evidence re DAI, which suggests some efforts were made to make soap from humans - whether jews or not. But I'm glad you're taking nizkor as such an authority.

Anon: care to explain why rivero can't also claim to be a global warming denier ?

Oh - he's that too. He even used a half-arsed architect's evidence against it. Rivero thinks because there's cold weather for a week in Hawaii it means climate change is disproven: a wholly idiotic position.

Anonymous said...

typical example of holocaust publishers reinforcement of holocaust lies:-

British Museum's Aztec artefacts 'as evil as Nazi lampshades made from human skin'