Monday, 27 July 2009

Rivero's half-brother - "with the LAPD"

A Mike Rivero quote:
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
From: rivero @ (Michael Rivero)
Subject: Re: Metal Strips in $20 bills, why?

According to my half brother with the LAPD, the D.E.A. uses the strips to locate illegal (I assume he means not licensed by the CIA) drug dealers so their doors may be kicked in.



socrates said...

We have been blogging about a specific disinfo racket. No one just shows up out of nowhere like Alex Jones and Michael Rivero have. Same with Tinoire. Same with Fintan Dunne. Same with BradBlog. No one just shows up and has that kind of huge success. Huffington was already famous. Rivero's been around since the early 90's. Strange how he went from working for the world's largest military contractor to being some sensation on the net.

He's not a great writer. I can't get over Tinoire admitting to having been military intelligence. No one goes from being a spook to being a socialist who also so happens to adore Michael Rivero.

One needs to go through archives of the major forums to see how it all went down over time. I did that. Democratic Underground and Daily Kos have been for the most part scripted.

I thought he was some ninja turtle animator or something. What did he do at McDonnell Douglas? Why doesn't he ever mention this past of his?

Then he was editing or doing something with The Special Forces Underground. And the people who troll the few like us continue to ignore the golden nuggets we have spoonfed to the masses in honour of the mysterious S. Boyle.

socrates said...

Here's a funny one. On Rivero's own website is a page devoted to an astroturfed S. Boyle retraction. Rivero didn't help sell t-shirts for the Arizona Militia. He was helping out the FBI. He worked for the largest military contractor in the early nineties. He was hawking t-shirts for the FBI. Contelpro, anyone?


I wanted to publicly apologize for an incorrect statement that I first made in a private email but then later published in "The other side of the "What Really Happens" story" link.

"...What I did suggest is that Michael Rivero's posting of the militia's newsletters and his willingness to answer questions about them indicates on his part a sympathy for the movement and some, if not all, of its objectives. This idea is further reinforced by messages Michael Rivero posted on the Usenet many years ago advocating the purchase of T-shirts from the Arizona militia to provide the group financial support..."

As Michael was quick to point out that law enforcement officials, not the militia, sold the T-shirts. This is his actual message:


From: Michael Rivero (

Subject: Kingman Arizona Charity T-shirts REVISED ZIP CODE

Newsgroups: misc.activism.militia

Date: 1995/06/14



Following in the wake of the FBI's "visit" to Kingman, Arizona, the local Sherrif's department put together a T-shirt designed by one of their staff with the words," I survived the FBI invasion of Kingman, Arizona, April 1995".

Demand for the shirts has risen to the point where the sale of them has been moved from the poor, overstressed Tanya at the Sherrif's office directly to Sportsman's Enterprises.

The shirts are $10.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling. Out of that, $3.00 per shirt is forwararded to the fund for the families hurt by the Oklahoma bombing.

The shirts are in white and ash grey in adult sizes small through triple extra large (I suppose to fit over those bullet proof vests).

To order your own personal memento of this historic trashing of civil liberties, send $13.00 money order to

OK Assistance Fund FBI T-shirt

2525 Pasadena Street

Kingman Arizona 86401

Specify size and color and your return address. Anyone interested in quantities should direct the inquiry to Steve Wilson at the above address.

Michael F. Rivero - - 16 years in the business

Award Winning Digital Effects for TV & Feature Films - 818-763-2800


socrates said...


You can tell by all the love notes for Rivero, that DesertPeace is rigged. They are a sister site to Tinoire's Progressive Independent. Did you know Wayne Madsen has also been a big supporter of Tinoire's dive? Do folks realise Tinoire was borne out of primarily the Democratic Underground and Rigorous Intuition? Where the fock does she come off saying she worked for military intelligence? Does she now regret having made that comment? I bet she and Markos Moulitsas are both disturbed to have admitted such things. Someone mentions they found Raw Story through Rivero. I think Rivero and Tinoire are part of something very stinky. Military Intelligence. Military contractors. FBI. Socialists for Ron Paul. Give me a break! Lefties for neonazis will never add up. I say this is a paid disinfo network.

the_last_name_left said...

I saw that "retraction" from S Boyle only yesterday, but not at WRH. I was gonna post it, but you already have.

So does it mean Rivero wasn't adding his email to The Special Forces Underground thing......does it mean he had absolutely nothing to with them, and through the web his name has only become attached to it through mistaken repetition? I'll happily admit if that's so......but is that so?

Or is it just about the T-Shirts? In which case, who cares? It's a minor issue, right?

Interesting that he puts up a retraction of just that single point. As there's nothing about the rest of S Boyle's claims, it's reasonable to consider them presently undisputed.

I'm skeptical anyone goes from MilInt to socialism, but maybe it's possible. Thing is though, none of these people are socialists; they're not remotely socialist. Anyone with the backgrounds we're talking about should expect legitimate skepticism, and it's up to them to prove their new-found ideological credentials. This is where they fail big-time.

Co-opting and infiltration of political movements is nothing new, as the WW2 stuff about the Nazis operating propaganda and sabotage efforts in the USA proves.

Wayne Madsen? I've wondered about him too: he was on Alex Jones' show recently I noticed. I don't understand why anyone would go on there, other than to attack Alex Jones, which obviously isn't going to happen.

I read a former guest of Alex's say once that people PAID to go on Jones' show. That'd make sense, judging by some of the idiot non-entities he has on there.

Rivero and the rest are certainly into something "stinky", regardless of whoever or whatever is organising it, or not. Just read what they say, and don't say: they're not socialists, they hang with fascists, they obscure and distort the meaning of words and political ideologies (NEWSPEAK), they distort simple facts, repeat lies, amplify fascist memes, engage in holocaust denial and anti-semitism, and indulge hitlerite fantasies of (jewish) world conspiracy, reject class analysis, etc etc etc ......

And look at who they attract? A significant part of their audience are full-blown fascists - no surprise as their contributors are too. And they do *nothing* to disavow their audience of its 'mistaken' belief their heroes are indulgent of fascism.

Quack Quack - sounds like a duck, right?

socrates said...

Precisely. The retraction doen't change a thing. If anything, it makes Rivero look worse, as if he might be part of some modern form of cointelpro.

Usually when one is ex-intelligence and trying to be a blogospheric presence, they come straight out and admit it and often. Larry Johnson is one of those guys. He is now clearly tinfoil. He went heavy into promoting some script between Shrillaries and Obama-bots. I couldn't figure that one out. McCain got a free ride while any sincere liberal wouldn't have gone over the top attacking other Democrats. Wayne Madsen says he is ex-NSA. He doesn't hide it. Why does Tinoire hide being ex-intelligence? Why doesn't Rivero tell us about his time with McDonnell Douglas?

The problem with Tinoire being a socialist is she recently promoted Ron Paul and continues to adore Michael Rivero.

I've got tons of stuff you probably don't know about. But there are so many bread crumbs, with the amount of quacking going on, I feel less of a desperation to keep reinventing those wheels. We have already hammered the nail in so to speak. We can't do the homework of others, you know, you can lead a horse to water, you can't get him to drink it....

Can zebras change their stripes? Jeff Wells was banned from Democratic Underground for voting yes in a racist poll. I just tried to post the links, but that cheating forum has deleted the threads. Jeff Wells answered yes to the question, "Are black Christians 'dogsh!t'?" Why has Democratic Underground deleted the threads? Why protect Jeff Wells?