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Dickens' Christmas Carol

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Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Reverend Pike and David Duke.

Israel’s Cyber Warriors Knock Duke Off YouTube
By Rev. Ted Pike

The Internet was probably the least foreseen of events challenging ADL/Israel’s agenda for world control. Leaping across previously Jewish-dominated media boundaries, the worldwide web has given people of conscience unfettered privileges to criticize Jewish supremacism and misbehavior of the state of Israel.

However, in my April 27 article, “Israeli Cyber-Warriors Crash Internet,” I detail how Israel, unable to legitimately dispel overwhelming world criticism, has been marshalling hundreds of thousands of Jews worldwide into an army of internet “cyber-warriors.” These act in unison to skew polls about Israel and disproportionately flood the internet with opinion favorable to the Jewish state and against its critics.

Pike just wishes he could "marshall" more racists and achieve the same thing he accuses Israel of doing.

Pike believes Alex Jones could and should perform such a role. So what's Pike's complaint other than Israel is apparently more successful than himself, David Duke and Jones at "skewing polls" and "disproportionately flooding the internet with favorable opinion"? Pike condemns the Israelis for supposed success at it and Jones for his supposed failure at it. For Pike, and anti-semites more generally, when they suppose the Jews successfully work together it's a cabal and a dark malevolent conspiracy etc......but when they themselves work towards the same thing (and fail at it!) it's just never enough but an honour and duty all the same. Mad.

Pike continues:
Duke: First Domino to Fall?

After Canada passed ADL/B’nai B’rith’s hate law in 1971, the Jewish Gestapo’s strategy was to first indict those least in favor with Canadians: holocaust questioners and racists. While Duke is increasingly listened to on the far right, he will receive little sympathy in this controversy from mainstream Christian/conservatives who have been deeply imprinted with the negative stereotype of his KKK past and animus against blacks. Yet, in viewing several of his recent YouTube videos, I found everything he said to be factual and logical, without anything that could legitimately be described as racist or anti-semitic.
HAHA. He's a changed man! He hardly mentions Jews anymore....errr......just like Alex Jones.....oh, hold on!? Here's Pike in his letter to Jones -
When you do not faithfully warn against the Talmudic conspiracy, you sin most against your own family and loved ones. If you fail to be a dependable truthteller today, your descendants, shivering in a concentration camp someday, will curse you in your grave for not doing your utmost to identify and oppose the source of the horrific bondage that has come upon them.
The Reverend can't have it both ways, can he? Pike defends Duke against charges of anti-semitism, but attacks Jones for lacking it.

And note the source? Rense. That's Pike, writing at Rense, in defence of David Duke against charges of racism and anti-semitism. Elsewhere I have shown we have confirmation of Rense's friendship with David Duke - during his bust-up with Mark Glenn of the Crescent and Cross about supposed "anti-Islamic racism" featuring at Rense and preventing Glenn from getting published there.

What a merry little go around it all is. All these "independent alternative news" places all know each other. What are they independent of? Not each other, that's for sure.

Reverend Pike - Open letter to Alex Jones (HAHA)

Here's an open-letter from Ted Pike to Alex Jones. Jones heavily promoted Rev Pike and his efforts to stop passing of "hate-crime legislation." Pike has appeared as a guest, has been published at Prisonplanet and has a spot on both Willis Carto's AFP and David Dukes' WhiteCivilRights website.

Here's the letter:
National Prayer Network
By Rev. Ted Pike
7 Sep 10


I watched with pleasure a two-year-old YouTube video clip of your program in which you indicated you were sick of not speaking the whole truth concerning the threat of Jewish supremacism. (Watch clips at bottom of page.) You then went on to discuss this threat, revealing a knowledge of the subject much more extensive than the great majority of right-wing leaders or talk show hosts.

Yet, for the most part, you have not shared such knowledge with your listeners over the years.

Jewish supremacism is untiring and relentless in its attempt to bring about a Judaic new world order. It is not enough that you occasionally punctuate your radio outreach with such truth, giving token opposition. It should be your habitual response to be vigilant and vocal against the greatest threat to Christianity and civilization that has ever existed.

You said in this clip that you are a Christian. If so, God obligates you to speak the whole, undiminished truth without fear of the Jews. There are at least three reasons you should now tell such truth:

First, as a Christian, God has empowered you with the opportunity and responsibility to be a “watchman,” capable of warning millions. Ezekiel also had that assignment and was told by God that if he did not warn the instant he saw evil approaching he would lose his soul. (Ez. 33)

Second, if you do not speak the whole truth about what you know, you become a deceiver. Half-truths are worse than outright lies. When a leader of your stature claims to have researched a topic yet holds back half of the truth, your followers relax, concluding that if a threat really existed, Alex would tell them! How wrong they have been.

Clearly, you have known for years that an all-pervasive, Talmudic threat exists. Yet, for fear of losing some of your mainline stations and perhaps being called “anti-Semitic,” you have not warned your audience as you should. Instead, you have given airtime to consideration of a myriad of lesser conspiracies, largely distracting your listeners and consuming their energies. In doing so, you have protected the most wicked conspirators from regular criticism and exposure. Since you have not gone to the heart of the problem, your message cannot save America. This is very wrong and unchristian. This is dereliction of duty and will merit the loss of your soul. You must repent of this great sin and do what is right: repeatedly, consistently speaking all that you know of this pervasive danger.

Third, you must do so, not just because God commands you or on penalty of your soul, but because the Christian is obligated to lay down his life, as Christ did, in love for others. When you do not faithfully warn against the Talmudic conspiracy, you sin most against your own family and loved ones. If you fail to be a dependable truthteller today, your descendants, shivering in a concentration camp someday, will curse you in your grave for not doing your utmost to identify and oppose the source of the horrific bondage that has come upon them.

Jesus describes the shepherd who does not adequately protect his flock as a “hireling.” Today, this untrustworthy guide might be a talk show host who is very concerned about the fate of our nation yet is even more concerned with acquiring a bigger following and number of stations. He rationalizes that, because he has become so big, he cannot jeopardize his influence by saying anything that might threaten his outreach. As a result, this “hireling” flees when the ADL “wolf” howls, “Anti-Semitism!”

Over the past five years, America has experienced repeated assaults from ADL-inspired, Christian-persecuting hate crimes legislation. During that period, especially during times of greatest crisis, I have repeatedly left messages imploring you to put me on your show to warn the people and take action. Unlike over a hundred other hosts, very rarely have you responded, and then only at the last minute, giving me perhaps 30 minutes of airtime. That happened more than a year ago, hours before the federal hate bill passed. You told our audience, “No one has done more to save freedom than Ted Pike.” Yet, during the station break, you told me the reason you have virtually never put me on is that you “had forgotten all about [me].” We both know the truth: If I am your guest, I cannot be depended on to avoid the Jewish issue.

The true Christian speaks the whole truth because it is the right thing to do, the responsible loving thing. The fate of many may depend on him. That is why he will not be distracted from delivering the message God has entrusted to him. When we do what is right, looking to God for guidance and protection, He and His mighty angels take special notice. They make a way for the truth to be told, even when there seems no way.

As I recently warned another media leader, WorldNetDaily’s Joe Farah, it is time to leave the endless strategies and self-protection of traditional right-wing power politics. Leaders must return to the ancient, divinely backed command to trust God and the whole truth. If you and other authorities like Farah do what is right, and the people respond in truth, then there is no restraint with God to save America for as long as He wants to.

How long will that be? Just as long as we fear God, not Jews.
Very interesting. I love it when these people fall-out and go for each other. Their vanities expose each other. Brilliant.

Pike's most interesting line was this, I thought: "We both know the truth: If I am your guest, I cannot be depended on to avoid the Jewish issue." And yet Jones did invite Pike several times, published him, claimed he had done "more for freedom" than anyone else, etc. Pike is saying Jones knew Pike's views and his refusal to avoid explicitly referencing Jews. (Pike is pretty candid about it isn't he? lol) And still Jones promoted him. That it wasn't sufficient promotion to satisfy the vanity of Pike is hardly surprising, however, if Jones is really such an enemy of the anti-semites why did he have Pike as a guest at all if, as Pike asserts, Jones knew the score?

Pike, like the others, fails to understand Jones' position: he isn't there to promote explicit anti-semitism, swaztikas and Hitler. That's exactly what he cannot do, and what he attempts to position himself in opposition to (though only superficially, of course).

Jones promotes the Reverend Pike, Eustace Mullins, Willis Carto and his hordes, Mike Rivero, Big Jim Tucker and all the rest - and they simply complain he isn't "going for the Jews" sufficently. lol. Even when that's the exact thing that will most quickly get him exposed as a hater and fascist sympathiser - overt anti-semitism and promotion of nazi notions of jewish world conspiracy is exactly what Jones must avoid if he is to succeed at going anywhere near mainstream. Pike and the others just don't understand.....and Jones can hardly defend himself by admitting his trojan-horse position (which serves himself and the movement both financially and in terms of exposure.)

Jones faces some problems now - if he wishes to continue growing he must continue being very careful about overt anti-semitism. Otherwise he will never break into bigtime. At least not unless anti-semitism becomes more acceptable in the mainstream.....which is what Jones is helping to accomplish, though perhaps too adroitly for Reverend Pike and the extremists to understand. So what will Jones choose if it comes to it? Throw his fascist friends overboard (as he should have done long ago), or spurn the more mainstream overtures of FOX and co?

Regardless, the question remains what people such as Pike were ever doing on Jones' shows Pike clearly suggests Jones knew full-well what Pike was about. Likewise, Jones must have known what Mullins was about, what Willis Carto's "interests" are..... All these fascists and fellow-travellers are his friends, guests and colleagues. These are people with whom Jones has been wilfully colluding so as to mislead his audience to their real intent - anti-semitism. According to Pike, Jones has been allowing these people to say just what they like, so long as they don't directly specify Jews as the target - hence the euphemism found littered throughout Jones' shows.

Update: I just found another version of this "Open Letter" from Pike about Alex Jones. It appears at Barbara Hartwell's website (yes, that Barbara Hartwell)

An interestingly different letter - totally different. Odd for an open letter? Here's the text as it appears at Hartwell's site - and from which she links to Pike's own website. Only the link goes to the other version of the letter I posted which is completely different. Odd. Anyway - here's Hartwell's version:

By Rev. Ted Pike
9 Sept. 10

Last year, prior to passage of the federal hate crimes bill, Alex Jones, after years of ignoring my requests to allow me to warn his huge audience of the hate bill threat, finally put me on his June 8th program.

As I was waiting to begin the broadcast, Jones told me off the air that he had heard me the previous morning on Joyce Riley's program criticizing Jewish supremacists as authors of the hate bill. He said what he was about to tell me was "off the record." He said his broadcasting empire has "gotten so big" with many mainline affiliates that he cannot afford to lose those stations by criticizing Jews.

"But I've got to mention ADL behind the hate bill!" I objected. "ADL is okay," he said. "Talk about ADL all you want, but we can't talk about Jews specifically." He then told me that, with this understanding, there would be many opportunities for me to be on his program, especially as new legislative threats emerged. Having said that, we were on the air. I did go after ADL and, fortunately, did not encounter any time in which I would have been morally bound to become more specific.

Yet I felt violated. I had experienced raw censorship in action, by a national talk show host who touts himself (and is believed by millions) as delivering only the truth -- whatever the cost or controversy.

Jones put me on again Oct 14th for fifteen minuntes. Yet, he was not true to his promise of future interviews, even as I repeatedly left him messages warning of more ADL legislation, such as ENDA and the cyber-bullying bill. Evidently, Jones was as uneasy about having me on as I was about operating under his gag order.

Now, with ENDA and the cyber-bullying bills most likely defeated, I am relieved I did not compromise myself in order to access Jones' vast audience. It is now so critically important that the populist right know which leaders can and cannot be trusted. The fate of our republic hangs in the balance.

What I learned, beyond any doubt, was that Alex Jones cannot be depended upon to provide the populist right with all the facts necessary to understand geopolitical reality. If he will censor the truth concerning a threat as dominant and well-documented as Jewish supremacism, what else will he manipulate?

Jones is widely regarded as the most effective spokesman for the far right, the "king of alternative talk radio."

It is time that lovers of freedom look for another.

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
Why such a difference in the letters? Did Hartwell change hers or did Pike change his? Odd. Hartwell's version is more revealing, I think.

Update2: Here's a Stromfront thread on Pike's letter to Jones (what is it doing at Stormfront if the issues, Pike and Jones are irrelevant to them?)

Vindication - from the other side

Interesting to find a good example illustrating some of my perspective on Alex Jones written by someone from 'the other side': it's from Subverted Nation, an apparently neo-nazi but unquestionably visciously anti-semitic blog. (IIRC Rivero linked to to it during his dust-up with Alex Jones when he was fired etc. I had posted there at the time in response to an article they'd posted on Jones' being a supposed jew, zionist, whatever)

Anyway, the article shows a consciousness of "the movement" from its own particular, anti-semitic/nazi stance. It references something I have suggested - Jones' use of euphemism rather than blatant anti-semitism eg "the globalists, bankers, socialists and one-worlders" as perennial and historic euphemism for "the Jew". Subverted Nation recognises that some "make excuses for Jones" because of this use of euphemism rather than the explicit use of "Jew" preferred by those openly embracing nazism and anti-semitism. I'm reminded of Poplawski the cop-killer nazi who was linked to Prisonplanet so uncomfortably for Jones. Poplawski was saying exactly this point about Jones at Stromfront - that he "wasn't 100%" sure of Jones' -- meaning he wasn't 100% that Jones was properly anti-semitic/nazi - not 100% that Jones' euphemisms meant what Poplawski (and Stormfront) understand them to mean. (Jones and Prisonplanet spun that "not 100%" line to suggest Poplawski's views were 180 opposed to those of Prisonplanet! ha!!)

Anyway, here's the article:
Alex Jones – I support Israel

Here is all one needs to know about Alex Jones. If this fat retard were a real patriot, he would be telling you the truth about things like 911, the wars, the economic collapse, Obama, the police state, and all the other things he rants about. The truth about these topics are that every last one of them was engineered by, what he calls, the “global elite”. However, there is nothing “elite” about the monsters behind all of our ills, because they are nothing more than a bunch of blood sucking leeches known as JEWS

How many dopes out there still believe that Alex Jones is really on our side? How many people think he ignores the truth about jews, just because he’s playing it safe and politically correct? How many excuses have you heard people make for this overweight windbag? I know I’ve heard dozens myself, but once people start to read sites like SN, it doesn’t take them long to figure out exactly where this chump falls short.

In reality, all Alex Jones is out to do is keep you in fear, because fear paralyzes. At the same time, he’s also out to make sure that anyone who really knows the truth, makes a fool out of themselves trying to share it with others. This is why he brought other psy-op groups like We Are Change, the makers of Loose Change, etc. to the forefront. Simply because their methods sell real good to truthers, but at the same time, make you everyone involved look like idiots. At least, their line of crap sells good to those who haven’t reached an understanding about jews, but to those who have, these people are nothing but criminal conspirators and traitors.
So, more evidence from the far-right that it's aware of Jones and that one of the issues is his use of placeholder euphemism rather than overt anti-semitism.

It doesn't occur to SubvertedNation that maybe Jones deploys euphemism quite consciously so as to avoid mainstream criticism and thereby enable his outreach efforts? It's called propaganda......and hardly works when one is covered in Swaztikas and Heil Hitlering everywhere. Stormfront already does that anyway and how close are they to getting on major TV Networks? Jones can happily take flack from the far-right, it provides him ammunition to defend attacks from elsewhere. And the fact of the matter is that Jones certainly is employing classic anti-semitic tropes as euphemisms. The far-right understand it - well, they would. The only question for them is if he really means Jews when he deploys euphemism, or whether the euphemism is to protect Jews.

Poplawski was "not 100%" on Jones.....SubvertedNation is definitely 0%, apparently. Regardless, they both confirm the issue is real and live - does Alex Jones mean Jews or not? For the prosecution I submit the evidence that Jones eulogised Eustace Mullins and heavily promoted him as central plank of his conspiratorial world view - and Eustace Mullins has 50 years of mixing with Nazism and anti-semites eg Willis Carto (whom Jones also heavily promotes). Did Jones not know Mullins' anti-semitism when he called him "a modern-day founding father" and promoted him and his work over and over? Does Jones not know Willis Carto's views even as he promotes his prolific output? Can we believe that Alex Jones does not know his mainstay of guests and opinion come from the anti-semitic far-right?