Sunday, 28 March 2010

Passion Fodder - Luz Blanca (White Light)

Larry the Banana

Put it fullscreen ^^^^ and think of Larry.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Larry Simons endorsing Illegal War

"They are risking their fucking LIVES for all of us....."

Seems Larry Simons doesn't quite get the rules and responsibilities of soldiers fighting in "illegal wars".

Larry says:
When have I EVER blamed the TROOPS for the wars?? Troops dont create foreign policy, POLITICIANS do. When someone enlists to fight, even if they already know its illegal, is STILL not responsible for the wars' cause.
Indeed, they might not be responsible for the cause. But individuals are responsible for their own conduct: saying "I was told to do it" is actually no defence against charges of carrying out illegal orders. And certainly signing-up to fight in "illegal wars" must be considered complicity, especially if (as Larry seems to believe) the wars are so obviously "illegal".

And even whilst Larry believes the wars are illegal, he still thinks the individuals who make it possible (by carrying out illegal orders) are deserving of tax-payer dollars, for pay, and even for healthcare which Larry would deny to America's law-abiding, but poor people. Here's Larry again:
Troops receive health care because they are SERVING IN THE MILITARY, you JACKASS! It isnt just GIVEN to them! They are risking their fucking LIVES for all of us, the LEAST the government should do is give them health care. They are risking their lives you stupid mother fucker! How dare you equate military service with POOR PEOPLE, you piece of shit!!!!
So, what Larry seems to believe is an illegal war is at the same time being fought "for all of us". Funny sort of illegal.

And for carrying out illegal orders, the people on the ground directly implementing a supposedly illegal war are entitled to take money off of taxpayers - according to Larry. Just taking taxpayers money and giving it to troops engaged in illegal wars is fine, apparently. Yet it's something Larry finds an unprincipled and dangerous assault upon "American Freedom" when the issue is taxpayers money to provide healthcare for America's poorest people!

Fighting in illegal wars "for all of us" deserves taxpayers' money - but just being an American citizen -even if a poor one- just doesn't qualify. Some peoples' health is more important than others, obviously. Likewise, it seems complicity in war crimes is a lesser offence than being poor, for Larry. Indeed - it even qualifies for an income, healthcare and a pension at taxpayers cost. That's 'the least we can do' too, apparently. (!)

Larry thinks it is an infringement on "freedom" to make his "NWO elites" pay for poor peoples' healthcare. But poor people paying for the healthcare of soldiers whom are complicit in wars Larry considers illegal is fine. "The least we can do!" - he says. Somehow taxpayers' funding illegal of wars isn't theft - but funding of healthcare for American citizens is.

And for all Larry's fake posturing in defence of "the People" and against "Elites", when it comes down to it Larry stands resolutely on the side of the elites.

Here's Larry posturing as some anti-elitist:
God forbid should representatives actually try to pass something that would benefit the American people and not the private bankers that are beyond all scrutiny and above the law.
And here's Larry when it comes to actually doing something:
I support the FREEDOMS of Pharma and Insurance companies...
Here's some more of Larry's typical posturing:
the total takeover of the American economy by private banking interests...
And here's what he says today:
If I become a success and make 2 million a year, why should I have to give that to YOU just because you were content at working at Taco Bell until age 40??
Spoken like a genuine Rothschild, Warburg, Harriman, Cheney or Bush. Etc Etc Etc. Likewise, here's Larry posturing as some concerned member of a community:
Building strong communities is all about establishing strong bonds and friendships with your neighbors, not grassing them up to the authorities for a quick buck.
But here's Larry when it actually comes to doing something about it:
So, youre saying if I dont want children, my policy has to cover the cost of YOUR child being born?? WHY???? Tell me why?????
Ah - strong communities! What every conservative claims to want but always refuses to pay for.Here's more of Larry's anti-corporate, anti-elitist posturing:
Since the corporate media is owned by the same interests that control the pharmaceutical companies, who by the way will stand to profit in the billions and even trillions....
And yet this is also Larry speaking:
Do I think a CEO is worth 500,000 a year? Probably not. Do I want a bill saying the government can step in and strip away a reward for personal achievement?? NO.
So, Larry's grumbles about "elites" and "corporate takeover of America" are empty and vacuous posturing. They are mere grumbles - he actually stands alongside his "elites", his "bankers" and the corporations and he works to prevent any serious challenge to them - even at the cost of denying some healthcare to America's poorest 30-40 million citizens.

One moment Larry is posing:
L: the total takeover of the American economy by private banking interests........the incessant pillaging of America’s economic security by a handful of financial elites
the next moment he's working to defend those same things:
L: people who have lots of money achieved that and should not have to support OTHERS because they accomplished individual success.
Any notion of Larry being anti-elitist is disproven by the following quote of his:
A person might be poor but they still have the same freedom to accomplish anything they want.
If that's true, what "elitism" can there be? If everyone is free to accomplish "anything they want" then where's the elitism Larry is supposed to so loathe? And why does he spend his time criticising it if it doesn't exist, or at least has absolutely no impact on the world REAL Americans and others inhabit?

According to Larry the elites he rages against daily have no detrimental impact on one's life chances. Everyone has the exact "same freedom to accomplish anything they want." So, Larry's elites obviously do nothing......everyone can still accomplish anything they want. And so one wonders why Larry opines:
Do something people, anything to save these globalist, money and power-hungry bastards from taking over.

Clever Darling

"Alistair Darling has conceded that if Labour is re-elected public spending cuts will be "tougher and deeper" than those implemented by Margaret Thatcher."

Bad news, obviously. And hardly likely the sort of stance one might hope for from a Labour party.

But, isn't it very smart? First off, it's such bad news it is likely to believed. Secondly it lowers expectations, making clear the likelihood of a particularly austere next parliament, or two, or three.

But most importantly it suggests even Labour's supposedly free-spending agenda is going to hurt more than Thatcher's early 80s phase did. Why is that clever? Because the Tory opposition want to cut much more deeply and swiftly - that's their whole schtick. Even people tempted to vote Tory will surely be frightened by the idea of mandating cuts worse than those for which Margaret Thatcher became so hated (and still is)....... Nobody would generally consider Thatcher as free-spending and profligate, and those are the Tory criticisms of the Labour plan.

Can the Tories get elected on a program that's considerably "worse than Thatcher"? Hard to believe. So, a very clever move, Darling.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Healthcare Reform Passed!


A victory of sorts - for the left. And a DEFINITE DEFEAT for the right. Look at their responses?

Oh how gratifying to see the right - and Rivero and Alex Jones and the Larry Simons of this world - screaming bloody murder. HAHA. L-O-S-E-R-S.

Now they're exposed - for the elitists we always knew they were. They want to protect the status quo - of healthcare for the privileged only. Now we see why they hate taxation.

And they claim to speak for "the people". Apparently not the 40 million uninsured, nor those with pre-existing conditions......etc.


Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fulham don't stand a chance.

1743: From Joe Regan, via text: "Fulham don't stand a chance. Roy Hodgson is a great manager, but Juventus are just too classy."

2021: "It was a fantastic team performance.": victorious Fulham boss Roy Hodgson on his side's incredible 4-1 win over Juventus that puts the Cottagers into the Europa League quarter-finals with a 5-4 aggregate victory.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

BNP 'whites-only' membership rules outlawed

BNP rules had stipulated that only "indigenous Caucasians" and people from ethnic groups "emanating from that race" could join.

After several months of delay, BNP members voted at an extraordinary general meeting a month ago to scrap the clause and replace the party's constitution.

The new constitution, which has yet to be published, requires would-be members to agree that they are "implacably opposed to the promotion, by any means, of integration or assimilation" that affected the UK's indigenous white population. Another clause expresses opposition to mixed-race marriages.

BNP critics argue the party has no genuine interest in recruiting non-white members and is merely doing the minimum to avoid legal action and potentially crippling court costs.

An internal BNP memo seen by the Guardian this week told members that the party had not "gone soft".

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Webcam - will it update though?

The hill in the background on the right is Bryn Myrddin - Merlin's Hill. Yes, Merlin from Arthurian legend. He was supposed to have been born here:
Carmarthen was the birthplace of Merlin according to Geoffrey of Monmouth. The name Carmarthen is the anglicised form of the Welsh name for the town, 'Caerfyrddin', which means Merlin's fortress ("Caer"-Fortress, "Myrddin"-Merlin). There are many places surrounding Carmarthen with names associating it with Merlin such as Bryn Myrddin, "Merlin's Hill".

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Imports of carbon emissions

China recently passed the US to become the most highly-emitting country.

But 22.5% of China's emissions are generated during production of goods and services consumed overseas, and 7.8% are embodied in exports to the US alone.

However, when countries' emissions are calculated this way, the US is less of an "emissions importer" than some European countries.

The study found that Austria, France, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK import about a third of their emissions.
Dieter Helm, the Oxford University professor of energy policy who has conducted a lot of research in the same field, observed: "What all these exercises show is that production-based figures are highly misleading and in particular flatter Europe and the US.

Monday, 8 March 2010

6 am and Wales is getting light

Saturday, 6 March 2010

David Dees is a Holocaust Denier (and more)

Read David Dees' lies in support of Holocaust denial here.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Alex Jones - lies about neo-liberalism / Ron Paul

Alex Jones has a major contradiction over his apparent hatred of neo-liberalism. What's the contradiction? His favourite politican, Ron Paul is a neo-liberal and Jones did all he can to try to get Ron Paul elected, even running the RonPaulWar-room website.

Ron Paul has written six books on neo-liberalism, he is closely involved with the following think-tanks and people whom are the leading lights of neo-liberalism: Ludwig Von Mises Institute, Murray Rothbard and Lew Rockwell, Hayek, Friedman, Mises, etc: the Austrian School (of Economics).

And yet, here's some examples of Alex Jones' websites pretending they are against neo-liberalism:

Prisonplanet writes of the Trilateral Commission that:
Many of its members are also Bilderbergers with the same mutual interests for the development of globalization, the so-called economics of 'neo-liberalism' including wholesale privatization of anything that moves, the new world order and corporate capitalist totalitarianism.
What if that had said "the economics of Ron Paul"?

Here's Prisonplanet suggesting "neo-liberalism" associated with Iceland's recent economic crisis:
Iceland Pushes Back Against Neolib Bankers
And here's Jones' Infowars claiming Ron Paul....errr....I mean neo-liberalism was the cause of Argentina's economic collapse:
Neolib Policies and Argentina’s Economic Collapse

Central to the collapse was the implementation of neo-liberal policies which enabled the swindle of billions of dollars by foreign banks and corporations. Many of Argentina’s assets and resources were shamefully plundered.
One can debate the merits or otherwise of neo-liberalism as an economic doctrine. However, there is simply no debate that Alex Jones is playing both sides of the fence.....condemning neo-liberalism as part of some vast conspiracy responsible for America's economic problems, whilst at the same time claiming neo-liberal Ron Paul is the answer to those same economic problems!

This really doesn't make sense. No surprise, I guess, but......shouldn't Jones somehow be made to face all these contradictions? He never does.

Here's something much better: John Harvey on "A History of neo-Liberalism".

Pt 1/5

Pt 2/5

Pt 3/5

Pt 4/5

Pt 5/5

US facing surge in rightwing extremists and militias

The Guardian

• Civil rights report shows 250% rise in 'patriot' groups
• Economy and media conspiracy theories fuel growth

The US is facing a surge in anti-government extremist groups and armed militias, driven by deepening hostility on the right to Barack Obama, anger over the economy, and the increasing propagation of conspiracy theories by parts of the mass media such as Fox News.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre, the US's most prominent civil rights group focused on hate organisations, said in a report that extremist "patriot" groups "came roaring back to life" last year as their number jumped nearly 250% to more than 500 with deepening ties to conservative mainstream politics.

The SPLC report, called Rage on the Right, said the rise in extremist groups was "a cause for grave concern" given their propensity to use violence during their heyday in the 90s, most notably with the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people. It added that the issues driving support for such groups were increasingly populist and that "signs of growing radicalisation are everywhere".

"Patriot groups have been fuelled by anger over the changing demographics of the country, the soaring public debt, the troubled economy and an array of initiatives by President Obama that have been branded "socialist" or even "fascist" by his political opponents," the report said.

"Already there are signs of … violence emanating from the radical right. Since the installation of Barack Obama, rightwing extremists have murdered six law enforcement officers. Racist skinheads and others have been arrested in alleged plots to assassinate the nation's first black president. One man from Brockton, Massachusetts – who told police he had learned on white supremacist websites that a genocide was under way against whites – is charged with murdering two black people and planning to kill as many Jews as possible on the day after Obama's inauguration. Most recently, a rash of individuals with anti-government, survivalist or racist views have been arrested in a series of bomb cases."

The report says the patriot movement has "made significant inroads into the conservative political scene" in part driven by a growing view of the US administration "as part of a plot to impose 'one-world government' on liberty-loving Americans".

"The Tea Parties and similar groups that have sprung up in recent months cannot fairly be considered extremist groups, but they are shot through with rich veins of radical ideas, conspiracy theories and racism," the report says.

The SPLC notes that the rise comes as part of a deepening disillusionment with government in which just one quarter of Americans think government can be trusted. It said that a recent poll found that the anti-tax Tea Party movement is viewed in more positive terms than the Democratic or Republican parties.

"The signs of growing radicalisation are everywhere. Armed men have come to Obama speeches bearing signs suggesting that the 'tree of liberty' needs to be 'watered' with 'the blood of tyrants'. The Conservative Political Action Conference held this February was co-sponsored by groups like the John Birch Society, which believes President Eisenhower was a communist agent, and Oath Keepers, a patriot outfit formed last year that suggests, in thinly veiled language, that the government has secret plans to declare martial law and intern patriotic Americans in concentration camps," the SPLC said.

The report says that, unlike during the 1990s, the patriot movement's core ideas are more widely propagated and accepted by prominent politicians and some in the mass media, such as the Fox News presenter Glenn Beck.

"As the movement has exploded, so has the reach of its ideas, aided and abetted by commentators and politicians in the ostensible mainstream," said the report. "Beck, for instance, reinvigorated a key patriot conspiracy theory – the charge that the federal emergency management agency is secretly running concentration camps – before finally 'debunking' it."

How far such language is now part of the mainstream political discourse was confirmed by Politico today, which reported that it had obtained a Republican national committee document detailing plans to raise election funds with "an aggressive campaign capitalising on 'fear' of President Barack Obama" and a promise to "save the country from trending toward socialism".

In the presentation, the administration is portrayed as "the Evil Empire", and Obama as the Joker in Batman.

Patriot groups and militias are planning a march on Washington next month ostensibly in defence of the right to carry guns.

Most of this would make absolutely zero sense to Europeans imo. I suspect most Europeans really wouldn't understand it - at all. It's like reading about some strange cult from S Korea, or something.

To those familiar with these people, the patriot movement, the far-right and its populist expression in Alex Jones etc this is all too familiar territory. The "surge" is also completely part as reaction to further defeat against democratic forces - led by a black guy, of all things!

The Guardian successfully lists the factors though it notably omits the anti-semitism underlying most of the conspiracy theories. I'm grateful that the mainstream is waking up to the problem somewhat - SPLC reports in the Guardian? But we know already what the response from crazies like Larry Simons and Alex Jones will be.....howls of rage. Doubtless they are working on some convoluted, bizarro rejection of the entire SPLC report, just as they did with the last report which said much the same thing. "Standing for the constitution is extremist right wing?", they'll mock. Yes, it is, when you're stood with a load of jew-hating crazies with Swaztikas printed through them like Brighton Rock. These people want war, revolution, terror. They want fascism - pangenetic populist ultra-nationalism. [Pangenetic = phoenix-like rebirth of the "nation"]

We can easily place crackpots like Poplawski, Von Brunn, Alex Jones and Mike Rivero in this camp. And Larry Simons too. Most dangerously, these people either deny it, or are ignorant of their own far-right extremism: Obama is denounced simultaneously for being socialist and fascist - by people whom condemn the public as "sheeple" and their political and intellectual class as "zionists"/jews. As ever, I see frightening similarities with 1930s Germany - and the steady erosion, to the point of crisis, of public confidence in the government. Could it happen again? Of course not, everyone says......

---Update - sure enough, just today a 911 Troofer has attempted murder at the Pentagon. HE opened fire wounding two police officers before being killed by returning fire. Prisonplanet writes:
Just two days after we warned of false flag domestic attacks that would be blamed on the federal government’s political adversaries were all but inevitable, a Californian man attacked the Pentagon last night in a shooting that wounded two police officers and has since been blamed on the John Patrick Bedell’s advocacy for 9/11 truth.
Amazing. Notice how they say "just two days after we warned of false-flag domestic attacks"......when in reality it is just two days after the SPLC warned of the rise of far-right extremism, fuelled by 911 Troof, etc.