Monday, 22 March 2010

Healthcare Reform Passed!


A victory of sorts - for the left. And a DEFINITE DEFEAT for the right. Look at their responses?

Oh how gratifying to see the right - and Rivero and Alex Jones and the Larry Simons of this world - screaming bloody murder. HAHA. L-O-S-E-R-S.

Now they're exposed - for the elitists we always knew they were. They want to protect the status quo - of healthcare for the privileged only. Now we see why they hate taxation.

And they claim to speak for "the people". Apparently not the 40 million uninsured, nor those with pre-existing conditions......etc.



the_last_name_left said...

and where's Bradblog's celebration?


check their site.......they don't anywhere cheer the success.


the_last_name_left said...

Bradblog has one story on healthcare since the reform PASSED.


PRior to that, Bradblog says:

"the pending obscenity masquerading as "reform" "

Oh, go fuck yourselves.

Larry said...

LOL---apparently 39 states in my country ALSO agree with ME and the Constitution----that's why these same 39 states have filed lawsuits to sue the federal government over the unconstitutionality of the health care bill. NOWHERE on my blog or in my speech do I say this is a victory for the left or defeat of the right because once AGAIN its not a right/left issue, it's an issue of it being unconstitutional---an it's NOT constitutional.

In FACT, it's the very same type of Nazi socialism that you claim to hate. They keep claiming health care is a RIGHT. If it's a RIGHT, then you have the option NOT to buy. You keep ignoring the part of the bill that says if citizens do NOT buy health insurance, they will be fined. The media ignores it too. The media also ignores that 39 states have filed lawsuits.

I feel a second civil war brewing in America. Well, that is...if people care enough.

the_last_name_left said...

"Nazi socialism"?

you might want to do a little work on your definitions.....

socrates said...

Hopefully, it's a start to a more compassionate America. Hopefully over the years, flaws in the reform can be corrected. Knock on wood. Godspeed and whatnot.

Don't expect anything of relevance ever out of BradBlog. Obviously they delete anyone who makes too much sense. They only allow wingnut caricatures to be published. Maybe they are keeping quiet on it, because to come out strong against socialised health care would show they are a form of right woos left.

Larry must have been reading Rex Curry. He's also showing some Jihad Jane emotions. I've seen people like him just asking to be spoken with by the FBI. Larry wrote, "I feel a second civil war brewing in America. Well, that is...if people care enough." Larry's sounding not only idiotic but violent.

the_last_name_left said...

yep - to everything you wrote.

reform is incremental. let the bastards try to get this removed. in the UK it's least to do it overtly. same across Europe - it's being undermined by stealth everywhere, of course, but no-one can even stand on a platform of abolishing it.

I think it's a massive success. 30 million people is a fucking massive number. Think about it? that's 1/2 the UK's entire population. Only 10% of USA - but still........the absolute numbers are massive. What a fabulous success. Imagine if it had been completely defeated? Think of the crowing, and the setback for another decade or two? It's massive - even though it fails to satisfy "the left" at Bradblog. lol.

I find it amazing that they print nothing on it........not the least celebration. As you say - they risk exposure, perhaps. That seems the most obvious reason for their near complete silence.

So there's no public option? Would they rather nothing - would they rather DEFEAT? My god! It's incomprehensible. It is amazing they did anything......look at the opposition?!!!! Come on people!!!!???? even the limited reform achieved is a huge reform for 30m of the poorest. Absolutely fucking bonkers to pretend it's worthless. Only the privileged or stupidly rigid ideological types could refuse it on the grounds it doesn't go "far enough".

So yes - absolutely the deal is that it gives a foundation for future gain - and makes retrenchment more difficult, as it will be from a more advanced position. A position that will become more secure as time passes and people get treatment whilst the sky fails to fall.

I think this is huge. Just as I felt MA election of Repub. was a massive defeat. More.

On larry - yes, i got that sniff of violence out of his comment too. again - he likes to hide behind his theme that it's unfair to paint him and his fellow-travellers as violent nuts......but 30m+ people get a much improved deal, and he's waving guns and revolution around. Pathetic. And despicable.

Our cause was advanced, I think. Change. Yes "we" can. You can. Makes no real difference to me other than ideologically.....and for the fact 30m people (at least) are much better off.

I feel elated. And it's Spring.

socrates said...

If you go to Rigorous Intuition or that dive called pffugeecamp, you see alleged lefties in shock and dismayed that health care got passed. The only other people in their camp are wingnuts. And none of them will admit to that.

Then there are the folks who truly have had qualms and were enamored with Kucinich's attempts to get the thing even better. Kucinich and them were called right wing trolls.

That to me all reeks of controlled debate.

BradBlog is too busy running the Acorn story into the ground. It probably is a decent one to keep an eye on, but to the extent they do? Your point is also valid that it's strange how quiet they got over health care.

Larry needs to chill out. I don't think he's a paid fake. I don't think he realises that he is one (drunken?) post away from getting on a shit list. Hal Turner explained how it was his job to flush out the crazies. It's one thing to debate topics. Hey, knock yourself out with 9/11 conspiracy theory or predictable spinning of global warming..... But do not incite violence. Don't go anywhere near that. Larry will probably take this as me being an ass muncher or whatever new slur he comes up with. To be honest, I think I'm doing him a favour. I did the same with a couple chumps over at pffugeecamp, a place I probably won't ever post at again. One asshat said we need to ain higher with violence. Another called the actions of Joe Stack heroic. Those are not comments anyone should make on the internet. Not only is violence wrong, promotion of it in any way on the internet will bring one attention they don't want. With what happened with Von Brunn, that crazy lady- forget her name, Bedell, Stack, that other dude from last year Poplawski or something, it should be fairly clear the dangers of posting irrational free speech with the inciting of violence. Jihad Jane is the latest example of the kind of trouble Larry appears to be courting.

the_last_name_left said...

Yeah, again I think you're completely right.

I read the Kucinich comments over at Bradblog - they struck me as pretty odd too. Rather than vote down something that didn't meet his demands, he backed it - presumably as the best deal he was going to get.

That's politics. It ain't pretty....but results like 30m getting cover when they had none before is massive. I could tear it apart in principle too, probably. WTF are private insurance companies doing in the scenario at all? But how many people work in that industry, and how much of a mandate is there to get private insurance providers out of the whole deal? etc. I've railed against people taking my present position be it. The benefits should be real.....and it's a step towards something really very positive. Fuck my ideological purity - we're supposed to be democrats, right? I am, and my ideological purity has to take 2nd place.

I'm certainly not waving banners of violence alongside Larry and jumping over barricades to prevent helping 30m+ people attain healthcare. No way. How stupid would that be? Very. As you said.

Everyone who opposed the bill - for whatever reason (l/r) - needs to address those 30m+ people who now have healthcare but wouldn't have if this bill had failed.

Where IS the alternative? It's in need of ER because it's lying in the ditch behind the teaparty people, the Klan, American Renaissance, the Nazis, Rivero, Armey, Ron Paul, Alex Jones and their MOB.

I can't see anything more would ever have passed. But it's a new baseline. I feel delighted.

Larry said...

"Larry must have been reading Rex Curry. He's also showing some Jihad Jane emotions. I've seen people like him just asking to be spoken with by the FBI. Larry wrote, "I feel a second civil war brewing in America. Well, that is...if people care enough." Larry's sounding not only idiotic but violent."

So, are you calling the southerners of 1861 terrorists? Do you realize the Constitution PERMITS secesssion from the Union?

The bill is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Our government CANNOT FORCE its citizens to buy a good or service or face punishment!!! Period!

Larry said...

Do you realize the South seceded from the Union in 1861 for FAR LESS than what's going on in the country today???

Larry said...

"Fuck my ideological purity - we're supposed to be democrats, right?"

If I had said that exact same sentence, it would have been DELETED for language. You can say it all day long and it's perfectly OK.

socrates said...

There are obviously problems with the bill (now law), but it's better than nothing for the 30,000,000 now covered. The fight was on to never have socialised medicine in any form. TLNL made a great point that this is an excellent first step, and that the law can eventually be amended into a better one.

socrates said...

Am I missing something, Larry? You're not actually supporting the South's actions in the 1860's, are you? Of course they were terrorists. What part of just say no to violence don't you get? Slavery was made illegal for good reason. The South had no right to secede based on that monumental issue.

socrates said...

They are making us wear seat belts. While I agree people should have the right to not buy health insurance, I don't think this angle will get you very far. Wait and see what happens, if it's enforced. The courts will be forced to interpret the law. One good thing is that no one goes to jail anymore for being in debt. It's definitely an interesting side topic. We'll have to see how that aspect plays out.

socrates said...

You're saying slavery was a minor issue compared to what goes on today? That's sounding racist, Larry.

socrates said...

No Larry on the cursing. That's my blog rule. TLNL appears to delete you for the way you use curse words as pejoratives towards others. He also deletes you when you copy and paste the same posts over and over again, in other words, when you spam.

the_last_name_left said...

Exactly, Socrates.

I don't mind the occasional swearing - hell, I don't mind if posts are a mass of swearing.

But what the swearing is doing is important - and how it is being used.

Saying "you fucking queer ass-licking piece of shit cunting leftwing bastard shitfaced lying piece of shit" - Larry stylee - is quite different to saying "FUCK MY IDEOLOGICAL PURITY WHEN IT COMES TO IMPROVING THE REAL CONDITIONS OF 30 FUCKING MILLION PEOPLE."


Easy. I'd rather no swearing, but it can be used to make a point.

the_last_name_left said...

re Larry's comment on Revolution:

At Larry's blog, he publishes an article by PR-IS-ON-PLAN(et) which says:

the feds have been busy training law enforcement that law-abiding American citizens who exercise their legal right to purchase firearms or who exercise their first amendment right to discuss politics or run websites, are potential terrorists who want to instigate a violent revolution.

Oh - there's Larry and Prisonplanet furiously grumbling that they're UNFAIRLY portrayed as "potential terrorists who want to instigate a revolution".........and then LArry goes and wrecks the deception by ADMITTING he wants a Revolution....and can see another Civil War coming!

Well, gee - seems all those reports were right Larry.

At least that's the end of your pretense then.

the_last_name_left said...

The article at Larry's concludes saying:

All of these coordinated moves to demonize informed, armed and pissed off Americans as extremists, terrorists and hate criminals represents the federal government’s final push to brainwash the population into accepting the notion that some Americans are dangerous, that they are enemies of the state.....

Larry's wish for revolution and threats of impending civil war must surely qualify him as 'an enemy of the state.'

Like it or not.

Such deceit! One minute it's an outrage for those seeking to protect the peace to call Larry and his fellow-travellers enemies of the state - the next minute Larry is threatening revolution and civil war.

This is WHY you and your fellow-travellers are rightly considered "a danger" Larry.

socrates said...

You can't scream fire in a movie house. Unless of course there is one.

There are limits to free speech. No one has the right to physically threaten anyone.

We have this court show in America called The People's Court. Larry should heed well the catchphrase said at the end. Don't take the law into your own hands, take them to court.

The irony is that Larry due to his rigid ideology probably has a lot of disdain for the American Civil Liberties Union. A day could arrive when Larry crosses one too many lines in the promotion of violence, and the ACLU will suddenly become his #1 defender. Grow up, Larry. You might not believe it, but we're trying to watch your back and keep you out of trouble.

socrates said...

I guess the bill didn't pass yet. I guess they are still in the process of hammering it out. It looks pretty much a given that it will become law. It just has to get the votes in both Houses with the same specific language.