Friday, 5 March 2010

US facing surge in rightwing extremists and militias

The Guardian

• Civil rights report shows 250% rise in 'patriot' groups
• Economy and media conspiracy theories fuel growth

The US is facing a surge in anti-government extremist groups and armed militias, driven by deepening hostility on the right to Barack Obama, anger over the economy, and the increasing propagation of conspiracy theories by parts of the mass media such as Fox News.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre, the US's most prominent civil rights group focused on hate organisations, said in a report that extremist "patriot" groups "came roaring back to life" last year as their number jumped nearly 250% to more than 500 with deepening ties to conservative mainstream politics.

The SPLC report, called Rage on the Right, said the rise in extremist groups was "a cause for grave concern" given their propensity to use violence during their heyday in the 90s, most notably with the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people. It added that the issues driving support for such groups were increasingly populist and that "signs of growing radicalisation are everywhere".

"Patriot groups have been fuelled by anger over the changing demographics of the country, the soaring public debt, the troubled economy and an array of initiatives by President Obama that have been branded "socialist" or even "fascist" by his political opponents," the report said.

"Already there are signs of … violence emanating from the radical right. Since the installation of Barack Obama, rightwing extremists have murdered six law enforcement officers. Racist skinheads and others have been arrested in alleged plots to assassinate the nation's first black president. One man from Brockton, Massachusetts – who told police he had learned on white supremacist websites that a genocide was under way against whites – is charged with murdering two black people and planning to kill as many Jews as possible on the day after Obama's inauguration. Most recently, a rash of individuals with anti-government, survivalist or racist views have been arrested in a series of bomb cases."

The report says the patriot movement has "made significant inroads into the conservative political scene" in part driven by a growing view of the US administration "as part of a plot to impose 'one-world government' on liberty-loving Americans".

"The Tea Parties and similar groups that have sprung up in recent months cannot fairly be considered extremist groups, but they are shot through with rich veins of radical ideas, conspiracy theories and racism," the report says.

The SPLC notes that the rise comes as part of a deepening disillusionment with government in which just one quarter of Americans think government can be trusted. It said that a recent poll found that the anti-tax Tea Party movement is viewed in more positive terms than the Democratic or Republican parties.

"The signs of growing radicalisation are everywhere. Armed men have come to Obama speeches bearing signs suggesting that the 'tree of liberty' needs to be 'watered' with 'the blood of tyrants'. The Conservative Political Action Conference held this February was co-sponsored by groups like the John Birch Society, which believes President Eisenhower was a communist agent, and Oath Keepers, a patriot outfit formed last year that suggests, in thinly veiled language, that the government has secret plans to declare martial law and intern patriotic Americans in concentration camps," the SPLC said.

The report says that, unlike during the 1990s, the patriot movement's core ideas are more widely propagated and accepted by prominent politicians and some in the mass media, such as the Fox News presenter Glenn Beck.

"As the movement has exploded, so has the reach of its ideas, aided and abetted by commentators and politicians in the ostensible mainstream," said the report. "Beck, for instance, reinvigorated a key patriot conspiracy theory – the charge that the federal emergency management agency is secretly running concentration camps – before finally 'debunking' it."

How far such language is now part of the mainstream political discourse was confirmed by Politico today, which reported that it had obtained a Republican national committee document detailing plans to raise election funds with "an aggressive campaign capitalising on 'fear' of President Barack Obama" and a promise to "save the country from trending toward socialism".

In the presentation, the administration is portrayed as "the Evil Empire", and Obama as the Joker in Batman.

Patriot groups and militias are planning a march on Washington next month ostensibly in defence of the right to carry guns.

Most of this would make absolutely zero sense to Europeans imo. I suspect most Europeans really wouldn't understand it - at all. It's like reading about some strange cult from S Korea, or something.

To those familiar with these people, the patriot movement, the far-right and its populist expression in Alex Jones etc this is all too familiar territory. The "surge" is also completely part as reaction to further defeat against democratic forces - led by a black guy, of all things!

The Guardian successfully lists the factors though it notably omits the anti-semitism underlying most of the conspiracy theories. I'm grateful that the mainstream is waking up to the problem somewhat - SPLC reports in the Guardian? But we know already what the response from crazies like Larry Simons and Alex Jones will be.....howls of rage. Doubtless they are working on some convoluted, bizarro rejection of the entire SPLC report, just as they did with the last report which said much the same thing. "Standing for the constitution is extremist right wing?", they'll mock. Yes, it is, when you're stood with a load of jew-hating crazies with Swaztikas printed through them like Brighton Rock. These people want war, revolution, terror. They want fascism - pangenetic populist ultra-nationalism. [Pangenetic = phoenix-like rebirth of the "nation"]

We can easily place crackpots like Poplawski, Von Brunn, Alex Jones and Mike Rivero in this camp. And Larry Simons too. Most dangerously, these people either deny it, or are ignorant of their own far-right extremism: Obama is denounced simultaneously for being socialist and fascist - by people whom condemn the public as "sheeple" and their political and intellectual class as "zionists"/jews. As ever, I see frightening similarities with 1930s Germany - and the steady erosion, to the point of crisis, of public confidence in the government. Could it happen again? Of course not, everyone says......

---Update - sure enough, just today a 911 Troofer has attempted murder at the Pentagon. HE opened fire wounding two police officers before being killed by returning fire. Prisonplanet writes:
Just two days after we warned of false flag domestic attacks that would be blamed on the federal government’s political adversaries were all but inevitable, a Californian man attacked the Pentagon last night in a shooting that wounded two police officers and has since been blamed on the John Patrick Bedell’s advocacy for 9/11 truth.
Amazing. Notice how they say "just two days after we warned of false-flag domestic attacks"......when in reality it is just two days after the SPLC warned of the rise of far-right extremism, fuelled by 911 Troof, etc.


socrates said...

On that dude who opened fire at the Pentagon, if you check out his facebook page, you'll notice his admiration for the Mises Institute and Lew Rockwell, both of which you mention in your new blog post on Ron Paul.

One of his facebook friends is also Hopsicker, an associate of hmmm, Jeff Wells. Internet conspiracy theory seems to be finally generating domestic terrorism in the US. Von Brunn, that guy Stack, now this new incident. I hope this isn't a new trend, but it's fairly clear there is a connection between the type of stuff being put out by Alex Jones and Rivero with this increase in unnecessary and ultimately pointless violence.

the_last_name_left said...

Daniel Hopsicker?

The Venice something? the something Boys?

And Jeff Wells? Is that right?

It shouldn't surprise, really - it's such a small group of people doing so much amplification of each other.

The Pentagon shooter was into Mises and Lew Rockwell? Right, thanks for that. Can you drop us the link?

The Troofiness try to say it's only coincidence - "protesting 911 doesn't mean you're a terrorist!" But what about sharing an entire ideological framework? Such as Mises, Rockwell and Ron Paul at the most acceptable end and David Dees, Alex Jones and Rivero in the middle, nazis and hater lunatics at the extreme......all chundering on about the same things.....with the real "threat" throughout being "THEM SOFT LIBERAL / SOCIALIST / WELFARIST SCUM" set against their backbeat of "FREEDOM and LIBERTY".

It scarcely makes sense.....unless you know the ground?

Larry was today defending himself (and Troofiness and the patriot movement, and everything he stands for) by proclaiming that it doesn't make sense....for Troofers to go shooting up cops......for example. Or for anti-abortionists to go killing doctors who perform abortions.

Of course it doesn't make bloody sense!!!!

That's no reason to say it doesn't happen, or it isn't happening, or that it won't happen!

It doesn't make "sense", no, but it's still possible to see it's increasingly likely to happen given the atmosphere and the irrational extreme beliefs people hold.

Oklahoma is denied by the patriot movements which spawned it as false flag!

Cui Bono? The 911 "movement".

socrates said...

Yes, Daniel Hopsicker. You probably know more about him than me. I simply never got too deep into 9/11 conspiracy theory.

If you want to debate someone on it, there's an anonymous at DFQ2 who seems very reasonable who does think there's something to the cd theory. That's what I would like to see, two nice people debating fair, presenting their stuff with the awareness that people like myself could lean either way, but that we need things made as clear as possible and easy to digest. If so, he's on the new post called zeitgeist troll calls it quits or something.

Anyway, the facebook page for Bedell has been scrubbed. I did find a cached version, but Hopsicker isn't listed as a friend on that one. Here's the link for that.

I did take a screenshot. I do have proof that Daniel Hopsicker was a Facebook friend of his, for what that's worth.

Here's my take on Wells and cd. He does feel that 9/11 was an inside job, but he goes overboard in saying that cd is disinformation. I don't understand that. I could see a debunker like yourself saying it, but why would a kooky conspiracy theorist be so upset about cd being discussed at a tinfoil palace? He's the one who goes on about aliens and govt. sponsored satanic ritual and mind control cults. I don't understand the disconnect.

Anyway, Hopsicker has a stick in his craw also when it comes to controlled demolition as a 9/11 topic of interest. By the way, that entry I made was on a blogger named Joseph Cannon who by chance has blogged for BradBlog and speaks highly of both Wells and Hopsicker. It truly is a small group or circle like you put it amplifying the same things. Though we are kind of like that too. YIKES! p:>

I think I'm gonna put my Gowans-Salzman ICNC blog entry on hold. My next one will be on this theme we both seem to be hitting on here. That the internet is having nasty repercussions. I can give you my screenshot of the Hopsicker link to Bedell or you can wait for my next entry. You can see his admiration for the Von Mises Institute and Rockwell at the cached link. Dude, I'm pretty sure we make a lot of sense. That explains why we got attacked originally way back when. I bumped up your WRH thread on Rivero the oil or something at Aircraft Wings. People can see for themselves how we were pinned as being the same person. Tinoire and Wells also did that. We must have hit a raw nerve, and these fockers thought they could kill two birds with one stone. Later.

socrates said...

Ha, I love Facebook! I checked out Hopsicker's page, and Jeff Wells is listed as one of his friends. There are also some other tidbits these chumps give away making it easy for cybersleuths to figure out their game. Guess who else is Hopsicker's friend? Jeff Rense. Wow. If I wasn't so tired, I'd get started on my new entry. So many fools to expose and not enough time in the day.

Daniel Hopsicker

Jeff Wells

Larry said...

I did a story on this and you even posted on it, but addressed NOTHING of substance in my story---hmmmmm, why IS that? Why can you NEVER debunk me?? Id like an answer to that. Actually READ my article and make a sad attempt at debunking it, so I can once AGAIN destroy you with facts.

Larry said...

Socrates, so speaking out AGAINST terrorism [regardless of WHO it is, whether its black ops or al qaeda] means youre a terrorist?

You two support Obama, and so did Amy Bishop. She went on a shooting spree at the University of Alabama---so, following your logic---when can I expect you two to go on a shooting spree??


the_last_name_left said...

try and stay on topic, Larry?

The topic is about "the rise in rightwing extremists and militias" - not just whether Troofers are "terrorists" or not.

socrates said...

I'm done with Larry. I don't care what he thinks or writes. My strategy is to bash trolls then get back on topic. I'm not into suffering fools.

I just finished my new blog entry, TLNL. Included in it are those screenshots I told you about.

Jeff Wells Of Rigorous Intuition Linked To Pentagon Shooter J. Patrick Bedell

Larry said...

Hey ASSFACE----I couldnt have been ANY MORE ON TOPIC. My post said:

"I did a story on this and you even posted on it, but addressed NOTHING of substance in my story---hmmmmm, why IS that? Why can you NEVER debunk me?? Id like an answer to that. Actually READ my article and make a sad attempt at debunking it, so I can once AGAIN destroy you with facts."

That post is DIRECTLY addressing your post about the SPLC and their report on right wing extremism!!!!! JESUS! I told you: I did a STORY ON THIS ON MY BLOG that you posted under but did NOT debunk! And you say Im OFF topic??? My god, youre a NUT. Now, are you going to address my story on RIGHT WING EXTREMISM and Mark Potok's BIG lies??

Youve been to my site several times since you last posted and have NOT posted anything---still reading my blog and getting educated?

Yeah Socrates, Id KNEW youd IGNORE Amy Bishop-----TLNL keeps ignoring her too when I mention her.

When are you two planning your big shooting spree of a college campus?

Larry said...

You two can go off topic anytime you like. You went off topic on Socrates' blog mentioning Stormfront and JFK, but when I mention global warming, I get deleted. Why? Cant handle the truth? I already know TLNL cannot handle EASY questions like if he uses light bulbs and drives a car.

But when I come on this blog and stay DIRECTLY on the topic and talk DIRECTLY about the SPLC report on right wing extremism, you say Im "off topic". Laughable

Larry said...

Ahhhhh yes, my comments go ignored ....STILL.

I love it.

Its SOOOOO goddamned FUN scaring you two faggots away from the truth like diaper-wearing sissy school girls.

the_last_name_left said...

No larry - you're just a total dickhead.

Larry said...

Intelligent reply!! You used bad language again-----bad boy. YOU can use profanity all you want, but others do it and they are vile and filled with vitriol and get BANNED!!!!!

The fact that you cant and REFUSE to debunk a goddamned thing I say is EVIDENCE that you are a hypocritical, fraudulent, Nazi-loving SISSY who does the VERY SAME SHIT that he accuses OTHERS [like Rivero] of! I ask EXCELLENT questions, you REFUSE to answer. I challenge you to phone debates, you REFUSE. AFRAID of the "nut"??

Ever gonna refute a WORD of my Mark Potok story??? NOPE. Know why? Because you are scared little faggoty-assed punk who probably wears womens clothing.

Where's Socrates been? Hiding inside your underwear, permanently attached to your 3 inch cock??

socrates said...

Did someone say something? I wasn't listening.