Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Imports of carbon emissions

China recently passed the US to become the most highly-emitting country.

But 22.5% of China's emissions are generated during production of goods and services consumed overseas, and 7.8% are embodied in exports to the US alone.

However, when countries' emissions are calculated this way, the US is less of an "emissions importer" than some European countries.

The study found that Austria, France, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK import about a third of their emissions.
Dieter Helm, the Oxford University professor of energy policy who has conducted a lot of research in the same field, observed: "What all these exercises show is that production-based figures are highly misleading and in particular flatter Europe and the US.


Larry said...

Whats your point? Do you use light bulbs and drive a car? Then youre sending emissions into the air and contributing to global warming yourself TLFL [The Last Fraud Left]!

Delete me now Mr. Goebbels.

the_last_name_left said...

What's my point? It's pretty obvious?

And along with imports of emmissions, there's export of pollution. Same sort of thing mentioned by Marx - mentioning the leading German chemist of his day.


Yes Larry - of course I have a resource and pollution footprint. No, I don't have an extravagant lifestyle - far from it. I don't have a car anymore. Yes, I use light bulbs (I'm sat in the dark atm)

Any ideas for me to use less are welcome. ;)

Larry said...

You contribute to global warming then. I REALLY believe you dont, but according to YOUR beliefs you do, which makes you a COLOSSAL FRAUD.

the_last_name_left said...


socrates said...

Larry, thanks for discontinuing posting at my humble blog. You are saving me some carpal tunnel syndrome from hitting the delete post button each time. The ban on you is permanent and will never be lifted.

You are wrong to compare me to Goebbels. You are the one who is enamoured with David Dees and his Hitler was framed angle. My censoring of your vomit is more akin to Bill O'Reilly's cut the mic approach. p:>

TLNL, speaking of global warming deniers, I have a new member at Aircraft Wings. He put up a video and claimed something was a ufo. I checked out some of his internet schtick. He loves Ron Paul and Alex Jones. It's like with that anonymous dude who trolls here with blatant, neonazi claims. Crikeyoticity. You'd think these buggers would know better than to post on websites which have been critiquing the fock out of their spewage.

My take is that such fools are truly a waste of time. I do respect that you don't hit the delete button as much as me. They know we are put into a conundrum wrapped around a cocoon or something. Perhaps your reply to Larry was the best approach. Just debunk him in one word- twit. That wasn't an ad hominem. It was like calling the sky blue. Though, I still recommend you cut the cord from him completely. There is no there there. Perhaps his type of noise is repelling good people from otherwise posting on your masterpiece of a blog.