Saturday, 13 March 2010

BNP 'whites-only' membership rules outlawed

BNP rules had stipulated that only "indigenous Caucasians" and people from ethnic groups "emanating from that race" could join.

After several months of delay, BNP members voted at an extraordinary general meeting a month ago to scrap the clause and replace the party's constitution.

The new constitution, which has yet to be published, requires would-be members to agree that they are "implacably opposed to the promotion, by any means, of integration or assimilation" that affected the UK's indigenous white population. Another clause expresses opposition to mixed-race marriages.

BNP critics argue the party has no genuine interest in recruiting non-white members and is merely doing the minimum to avoid legal action and potentially crippling court costs.

An internal BNP memo seen by the Guardian this week told members that the party had not "gone soft".


socrates said...

What a bunch of losers. A law should be passed to outlaw their ability to have children. p:>

socrates said...

I guess on your side of the pond, these people are referred to as wankers. Ta ta. I could use a nice scone and some tea about now.

socrates said...

If I didn't laugh, I'd cry.

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