Saturday, 6 September 2008

The Perplexing World Of Alex Jones - Part 1

Alex Jones holds some very odd views. Some of his views are simply plain odd - but others are odd only when held in juxtaposition with other beliefs he professes to have. My bullshit detectors tingle when I see such oddness..

I find the following exchange particularly odd, and not a little insightful.

Alex ends up saying the Israeli "security fence" is "beautiful", and that he salivates over it....!

Here's Alex Jones [AJ], in conversation with his guest, Michael Shrimpton [MS]:

151. AJ: You were there with the IDF on the ground, what did you learn?

152. MS: Well I was very impressed with the way the IDF ran check-points. I talked to a check-point commander in Jenin, for example, very impressed with what I saw; very impressed with the security fence which is clearly having an impact in those sectors of the West Bank where it’s been erected.[Inaudible]

153. AJ: Well I know this. We sure need one of those on the southern border of the US.

154. MS: [Laughs]

155. AJ: And I want one. That thing’s beautiful.

156. MS: Well I think your southern border is a bit porous and as we’ve seen on 9/11, porous borders can present dangers. And er –

157. AJ: Well I’m not kidding, I’ve literally seen photos of that thing and I start salivating on it.


162. MS: Well I’m a big fan of the IDF. I was very impressed meeting and talking with erm, from soldiers up to generals. I think the IDF are doing a good job. I think the Israelis know far more about counter-terrorism than we do in Britain or in the United States. My general line with Israel is I think, we in the west, the rest of the west – Israel is part of the west – we need to get off the Israelis’ back and let them go and do the job. They do know what they’re doing.

163. AJ: Well certainly they know how to build a fence and I wish we had one of those.

164. MS: [Laughs] The fence is very impressive. It’s more than a fence of course, it’s a, you’ve got a ditch, you’ve got a roadway that allows regular patrolling, easy access to any terrorist incursion, good surveillance, some good, high-tech stuff there. The security barrier is a very impressive development.