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Architecture: Capitalist neo-Stalinism


Just look at those buildings? Isn't that the Ministry of Truth rather than a highly desirable florida zip code? Isn't it? Grotesque.

Industrialised fun, we are truly blessed.

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Philip Glass - Branka Parlic

DRY ROT -- The Far Right Targets The Left - by Will Offley [2001]

DRY ROT -- The Far Right Targets The Left.
By Will Offley

Canadian Dimension, January/February 2001
Volume 35, Number 1

Like most huge events in history, the fall of the Berlin Wall shook our world. In doing so it also changed the ground rules of politics.

Whether you call it paradigm shift or merely the temporary triumph of neo-liberalism, the dust from the Wall's collapse has clouded our vision for nearly a decade. Without exception, currents of the left around the world have found themselves disoriented and scrambling to create a new vision and a new political framework within which to organize and to fight. This has not only been true for the traditional Communist Parties, but for the non-Stalinist and anti-Stalinist left as well.

The left has not yet been able to reconstitute a coherent vision of the new world we want to see issue from the ashes of the old, nor have we articulated the strategy or programme or organizations necessary to make that happen. As a result, radical left politics have remained largelyconfined to "anti" politics for a decade or more: anticorporate, anti-globalization, anticapitalist. We have remained locked down behind the relatively easy bulwark of what we're against, rather than venturing out into the exposed and more dangerous terrain of defining what we're for. In addition, in some sectors there have been marked tendencies to view the capitalist system through the lens of conspiracism and irrationality, where plots and conspiracies replace class interests and mass politics as the motor forces of human society.

This weakening of its culture, institutions and politics have rendered some sectors of the broad left vulnerable to the conscious and organized predation being carried out in Canada by a specific current of the far right. In the U.S. this dates back as far as the Gulf War, where neo-fascist currents like the Larouche organization and Spotlight sought to attach themselves to the movement against the war.

Is the Canadian left immune from this sort of targeting? No.

Is the situation any different now, a decade later? Yes and no.

Yes, because Seattle has led to Washington, and from there to Philadelphia and L.A. and Windsor and Prague. Quebec will be next, and it won't be the end. The rise of the struggle in the streets against globalization marks the end of ten years of demoralization and confusion.

There is a new dynamism and a new optimism, and if the path ahead is only partially visible, at least we're collectively underway again.

However, one has only to look at Seattle to see that the growth of far right currents within and alongside the left and progressive movements has increased visibly over the decade. There are also indicators that point to a change during the Gulf War, the far right was active on the fringes, but by Seattle it seemed to be active at the very centre of things. While the young militants faced down the cops and the gas in downtown Seattle, on a leadership level elements of that movement were being increasingly compromised politically by a de facto convergence between Ralph Nader and the most important far-right leader in the United States, the semi-fascist Pat Buchanan. Five months later during the April 16th mobilizations in Washington, Buchanan shared a stage with Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa Jr. as an invited guest of the AFL-CIO.

Antiglobalist politics are not the exclusive preserve of the left. Though it springs from different roots, Buchanan's opposition to globalization and free trade is as genuine as ours. He just takes it in a direction diametrically opposed to everything else we stand for protectionism, racism, exclusion. Not only that, there have been plenty of examples this century to show the far right can be anti-corporate too.

Throughout the 1920's Hitler's Nazi Party contained a minority current led by Gregor and Otto Strasser that was inalterably opposed to the German trusts... as well as the Jews, the Communists, Social Democrats, gays and lesbians, unions, etc.

Nor is the far right confined solely to the hardcore neo-Nazism of the Heritage Front or the Northern Hammerskins. It's relatively easy to ward off the interventions of groups that put swastikas on their literature. It's considerably more difficult when the politics of the groups in question are cloaked in progressive rhetoric and hidden behind coded language. Between Wolfgang Droege and Stockwell Day there is a whole swamp of currents and organizations conspiracist, anti-Semitic, some with hidden fascist agendas, some totalitarian, some merely far right.

Some of these are targeting the left. There is reason to be concerned.


Although they're based at different ends of the country, they seem to be made for each other.

The Radical is a monthly tabloid published in Quesnel, B.C. since June 1998 by Arthur Topham, a self-described anarchist who regards himself as "a natural, sovereign and unique critter who doesn't need any centralized forms of authority telling me how to run my life."

Discourse and Disclosure is a more irregularly-published bimonthly, also a tabloid. It has been put out by editor Sue Potvin since May 1996. Potvin, formerly a resident of Ottawa, now resides in Greenwood, Nova Scotia. Potvin is considerably less forthcoming about herself than is Topham.

Both publications share common positions on many different issues. Both are opposed to globalization, the WTO, the MAI, NAFTA, the World Bank, the IMF, and now to the FTAA. Both are opposed to the increasing corporate domination of the economy and most other sectors of everyday life. Both have editorially supported the mobilizations against globalization, from
Seattle to Prague. Both have condemned NATO, and the West's aggression against Yugoslavia. Both oppose clearcutting and support many environmental causes. Both are strongly supportive of Canadian nationalism. Both have even run articles endorsing gay and lesbian rights, and have been outspoken in support of native struggles from Ipperwash to Gustafsen Lake. When you realize that each has survived hand-to-mouth for years, with very shaky finances, the announcement in the November 2000 issues of each publication that they were moving towards
appearing as a joint publication makes a whole lot of sense. The Radical is distributed widely throughout the hinterland of B.C; Discourse and Disclosure appears to have a broader national distribution. Both share a number of regular contributors. To move toward joint publication is a completely logical step in extending the reach of two papers which have essentially identical editorial approaches.

In fact, the similarities go far deeper, but this requires you to get out a fine-tooth comb and start a much closer examination of both ublications. Both papers are riddled with conspiracy theorists. Both have supported the politics of David Icke, the new age anti-Semite who argues the world is being run by a conspiracy of blood-drinking lizards. Both regularly feature and support the activities of the far-right Detax movement. Both exhibit numerous links to various prominent anti-Semites, militia supporters and white supremacists. And because of these similarities both have become important vehicles in English Canada for the politics of the third position current of Canada's far right, third position because this current of the right rejects capitalism AND Marxism.

Although a definite current of the far right, the third position current is distinct and apart from the mainstream of the neo-Nazi movement, which has attacked it in vitriolic terms. D&D's editor has herself been directly criticized by a fascist web site in the following terms: "Sue Potvin publishes a Canadian tabloid titled Discourse and Disclosure ...[which] believes aboriginals (Native North Americans) are the planet's chief (no pun intended) victims and contains an enormous amount of White guilt and rants about not only what Whites have "done" to these sacred aboriginals, but to the world in general. There is also so much ranting about corporations that it's hardly distinguishable from your local Marxist/communist publication." Clearly it would be a misrepresentation to equate Potvin's publication with mainstream neofascism, as this is simply not the case. However, it's also undeniable that the political content of both The Radical and Discourse and Disclosure extensively overlaps the politics of neonazism, anti-Semitism and some of the most crazed conspiracy theorists on the planet. Judge for yourself:

** On more than one occasion D&D and Potvin herself have quoted extensively from the U.S. newspaper, The Spotlight , which has been described as "the most significant voice of the far right". It is published by the Liberty Lobby, itself described as "the major source of anti-Semitic propaganda in the United States" , and whose leader, Willis Carto, has been publicly quoted as stating that "only a few Americans are concerned with the inevitable niggerification of America" and "the Jews came first and remain Public Enemy Number One."

** The December 1999 issue of Discourse and Disclosure appeared with a guest editor, Jim McKee. McKee has contributed frequently to the paper on numerous topics. Three months earlier a letter from him appeared, condemning immigration and stating that "in recent years, we have been bringing most of our immigrants from countries where the predominant religions are non-Christian, and the cultures are quite different from ours. Integrating these people into Canadian society poses problems that didn't exist for the British and European immigrants....Our heritage of Christian standards is being swept aside." McKee's racism assumes even sharper definition when it's recalled that on May 13, 1997 he held a public meeting in his Glenarm, Ontario home which was addressed by Paul Fromm. Fromm, the head of several racist organizations, gained notoriety ten years ago when the Toronto Sun obtained a video of his appearance on stage at a December 8, 1990 meeting of the Heritage Front, flanked by a huge Nazi flag and giving a Nazi salute.

** D&D features a regular column on the activities of the Canadian Action Party written by Carla Marie Dancey, CAP's representative to Elections Canada. In 1997, Dancey was the Reform Party candidate in Ottawa South, where she immortalized herself on the topic of "ethnic" immigration. An article in the May 18, 1997 Edmonton Journal reported that "Canada's immigration system is racially driven to ensure at least 85 percent of people who come into the country aren't white, a Reform candidate said May 17. If you look at the immigration system right now... they've got it divided according to racial lines,' said Carla Dancey....Eighty-five
percent of the people coming into the country have to be ethnic and 15 percent white, because before they had 85 percent white and 15 percent ethnic and they decided that was racist.'" Paul Fromm's thoroughly racist Canadian Immigration Hotline liked this quote so much it was promptly republished on its web site.

** Almost every recent issue of Discourse and Disclosure features at least one article by Tom J. Kennedy, the Ottawa tour organizer for David Icke in 1999. Kennedy's main area of activity centres around the Detax movement. He has published material on the Internet that he has reprinted from neo-Nazi and Holocaust Denial websites, and he has also publicly admitted
to a friendship with Ernst Zundel that goes back nearly twenty years. Currently, Kennedy has a brief tribute on the web naming his friends, mentors and leaders; this list includes not only Sue Potvin, but also Paul Fromm, Ernst Zundel, David Icke, David Irving, Glen Kealey and no less
than ten leaders of the Detax movement.

** Potvin herself has editorially promoted the Detax movement, an ultra-right tax denial movement that is in many respects the Canadian equivalent of the Posse Comitatus, the U.S. current in the 1980's that was one of the key predecessors to today's militia movement. Writing in a front-page article in the May/June 1997 issue of her paper entitled "Canadian Challenges The Illegal Income Tax System", Potvin extensively profiled David Butterfield's B.C,-based "Shareholders of Canada" and echoed its claim that no one need pay income tax, since "it's illegal". However, Potvin's editorials have rarely been as overtly far right as those of her other regular contributors. On occasion she has even publicly distanced herself from some of her most extreme contributors.

** Other D&D articles continually harp on the same conspiracist themes, whether it's on the New World Order plot that murdered Princess Diana (Sydney White, September-October 1999), or the New World Order plot to take away our guns (John Welham, Sept/Oct. 1998), or the conspiracy of the Illuminati to control the world economy (Fred Kirkman, August 1998). And as for Canadian nationalism, contributor Ed Benson gave a flavor of D&D's politics in the August 1997 issue when he wrote that Canada has been "reduced to being the major financial and atomic benefactor of Red Communism; a country which condones the jailing of people for displaying a sign in English; a country that allows democratic votive fraud and military sedition; and a country that permits bare-breasted women on the streets."

Discourse and Disclosure functions as the public voice of a far right current that first came clearly into sight during the 1993 campaign of the National Party of Canada. Since the National Party's demise, many D&D supporters have remained active in its successor organization, the
Canadian Action Party, particularly in CAP's leadership. Regular contributors to Discourse and Disclosure include party leader Paul Hellyer, CAP's national president Connie Fogal, at least three CAP regional directors , and more than 10% of CAP's candidates in both the 1997 and 2000 federal elections. D&D supporters have also been visibly active in and around numerous other organizations since then, including several PIRG organizations, Concerned Citizens Against Free Trade, David Orchard's campaign for the leadership of the Progressive Conservatives,
the Council of Canadians, various anti-globalization groups and others.

The Radical appears to have taken a completely different trajectory, only to wind up at the same spot. Where the D&D current appears to have set out to penetrate various sectors of the left, The Radical appears to have engaged in a process of political evolution away from anarcho/green politics towards those of the far right. Both papers share both a common
editorial approach and a common pool of writers. David Icke has appeared repeatedly in both papers, and has been listed on the masthead of both as a contributor. (The May/June 2000 issue of Canadian Dimension features an assessment of Icke and his backers in greater depth than is possible here). Numerous other writers besides Icke appear regularly in both The
Radical and Discourse and Disclosure. including Bev Collins, Joseph Duggan, Robert Rodvik, John Welham, Eva Lyman, Pat Bennett, Kevin Annett, and Connie Fogal, among others. Joseph Duggan is David Icke's main Vancouver organizer, whose speakers' bureau Strong Eagles Productions organizes tours in Vancouver and B.C. for much of the conspiracist right.

Bev Collins made the cryptic comment in the April 1999 issue of The Radical, "are you prepared for an American military officer under United Nations command to enter your home and remove you and your family because of Y2K?", and went on to hint darkly about a battalion of British troops on "training exercises" at the time outside Rossland, B.C. This has been one of her main preoccupations for a long time. In August 1996 she authored a long piece in D&D entitled "U.S. Militia Victim Of Negative Image Makers", which stated that "more than three million patriots in the U.S. today have joined with law enforcement and a cross-nation militia organization network". She went on to add that "the militia is not, as those in power would have you believe, some extremist band of thugs." On the contrary, she wrote, "militia members are said to be everyday, ordinary American citizens who care enough to take steps to protect their
country against corrupt government." She pooh-poohed the armed Freeman standoff taking place in Montana by simply declaring the Freemen were not really militia, after all, which probably came as news to them.

Collins' links to militia activity do not seem to be confined to ideological support alone, either. According to David Lethbridge of the Salmon Arm Coalition Against Racism, "not long before the 1997 federal election, Collins attended and spoke at a secret meeting of the Texas Light Infantry, one of the earliest militias to be set up after the [1992] Estes Park gathering which founded the contemporary militia movement." Bob Holloway, one of the key organizers of the Texas Light Infantry, is an associate of Louis Beam, Grand Dragon of the Texas Knights of the Ku KluxKlan.

John Welham has written for both papers as well. He authored a piece in the July 1998 issue of The Radical entitled "Why Federal Income Tax Is Illegal" which stated in part "Revenue Canada has done a fantastic job of brainwashing Canadians into believing that federal income tax in legal. Nothing could be further from the truth....No one has to pay income tax to the federal government. It's illegal...." The following month his article was picked up by Discourse and Disclosure and reprinted verbatim.

And not least, both paper have given extensive publicity to the various leaders of the Detax movement, including Eldon Warman, Tom J. Kennedy, Byrun Fox, Hans Krampe, David Butterfield and others. On more than one occasion Discourse and Disclosure has published four-page supplements on Butterfield's group, and The Radical has also repeatedly run ads for
various Detax seminars and public events.

If you judge a book by its cover, you'd have to conclude that The Radical is radical after all, every issue is festooned with peace symbols, anarchist A's, hemp plants and (cruellest joke of all) little pictures of Che. It would be much more accurate to say that while the layout may be
radical, the editorial content's been taken so far to the right that it's off the page. And it's not like Arthur Topham is the first, either.

Throughout the last century, every single current in the broad left has seen defectors from its ranks crossing over to the far right. Benito Mussolini left the Socialist Party to lead the Italian fascist movement. Many sections of the Comintern experienced losses to fascism during the
1930's, like the split of the Jacques Doriot wing from the French Communist Party. Lyndon Larouche came out of the Trotskyist SWP. Why should we expect hippie anarchism to be any different?

The problem is, The Radical, like D&D, has connections and it has influence. The current November issue demonstrates this clearly. It contains articles by militia supporter Bev Collins, Detax activist Tom Kennedy and Wiebo Ludwig supporter Allan Johnston. It has a column by Hans Krampe stating that this federal election "may very well be our last chance to deal with despotic and treasonous systems in a democratic and relatively peaceful manner. After that, who knows what will happen." , accompanied by an editorial calling on readers to refuse to register their guns. But others are present as well. There is an article by the Prince George Green Party. There is an article by Vancouver Parks Board commissioner Roz Cassels, elected on the Green Party slate. There is a letter from 72-year-old Betty Krawczyk, currently serving a one-year prison sentence for her participation in the logging blockades in the Elaho Valley.

This is where we find the danger from this current. They have a hearing within our ranks, and it looks like a pretty big one. Both papers have systematically courted sectors of the left, the greens and anarchist currents, most spectacularly in the case of The Radical. Over the last
year Topham's paper has featured front-page articles on the Elaho blockades, Toronto Green mayoralty candidate Tooker Gomberg, the Vancouver Mayworks Festival and the David Suzuki Foundation. The March issue featured a full-page ad on the back cover placed by the World March of Women for International Women's Day. Articles and letters have been printed from and about the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, Friends of the Earth, the Cariboo Green Party, Vicki Husband of the Sierra Club of B.C., Veterans Against Nuclear Arms, the Valhalla Wilderness Society, the Council of Canadians, Amnesty International, SPEC, Check Your Head, the New Internationalist, Greenpeace, Leonard Peltier, the Sierra Legal Defence Fund and others. Articles by Noam Chomsky appear regularly. And the paper continues to be distributed not only by the progressive Magpie Magazines, but by the leftie Peoples' Coop and Spartacus bookstores.

Third-position politics are a threat to the left, the green movement and progressive organizations in general. To counter them, first and above all we need to expose them to the light of day. Many of the cases above have a very simple explanation, that Potvin's and Topham's politics are largely concealed from public view, and therefore neither known or understood by many who associate with these papers. This is pretty common with crypto-right currents.. But there will undoubtedly be those who defend The Radical and Discourse and Disclosure, just as there are at least some who appear prepared to accept Wiebo Ludwig as an ally, and David Icke as a guru. This will require not only exposure, but political struggle as well.

In the final analysis, the rejection and marginalization of third position politics require many of the same political discussions that will be integral to any process of rebuilding the left. What is at stake? A rejection of irrationalism, of conspiracy theories, of scapegoating. Repudiating Canadian nationalism. Moving beyond a reflexive anti-capitalist politics to begin to develop a broad vision of the world we want to be able to leave to our children. Articulating what we're for, and how we intend to get there. Redefining socialism. And reconstructing the left.

Will Offley is a Vancouver-based researcher.

Leninist-International mailing list


*Just putting this here for archiving as it appears to be from an old mailist.

It was written in 2001. Speaking in 2010 I can only confirm the authors warnings about the far-right targeting of the left.

Incidentally, Topham has republished this article at his site,
The article in question cannot be found by googling it and one cannot find it on the Canadian Dimension website. It’s fallen into the sink-hole of non-history because it no longer is useful to those who originally wrote and published it. I have it here mainly for reference as it will be useful in further discussions.

Paul Fromm -> Arthur Topham -> Rense -> You

Paul Fromm -> Arthur Topham -> Rense -> You

Image: Lorraine Hjalte/Calgary Herald
Source: News Release from the Anti-Racist Organizer

Wikipedia : Frederick Paul Fromm (born January 3, 1949), known as Paul Fromm, is a Canadian White Nationalist, based in Port Credit, Ontario, with a radio show on the Stormfront web site and ties to former KKK members David Duke and Don Black (white nationalist) through Stormfront. He has been described by national media as "one of Canada's most notorious white supremacists".[1]

Radical Press' Arthur Topham on Paul Fromm:
Paul Fromm and I have been working together on issues for close to a decade now after first meeting online while I was printing my hard copy edition called The Radical.

Mr. Fromm’s many years of experience in battling the good fight to retain freedom of speech and expression for all Canadians makes his participation in this present struggle with B’nai Brith Canada over the Section 13(1) issue one of vital importance.
Arthur Topham on Jeff Rense:
"He was posting my material without any problems until one day about a year ago he suddenly contacted me to say that I had spammed him by sending him something like 14 or 15 copies of an article and so he was removing me from his email list......I tried to appeal to him via a mutual correspondent Henry Makow but nothing ever came of it.

Now, in retrospect, I suppose I should check into the last few articles that I did send him. Possibly I was exposing the anti-Muslim bashers and hate-mongers and thus fell from Jeff’s grace."

Rivero's Wisdom


Badly written. Very poor reasoning.

Seriously, who puts their own (rubbish) up as 'Thought for the day'? Hilarious.

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Makow on Rense vs Mark Glenn

Looks like an argument has broken out amongst the lunatics. It seems to revolve around Lunatic Jeff Rense publishing stuff that Lunatic Mark Glenn thought was offensively anti-Islamic. The Lunatic Makow reports:
Among the thousands of articles Jeff has posted since last summer were two which Mark felt were anti Islam. Mark felt they played into the hands of Zionists who are trying to pit Christians against Muslims and asked Jeff to remove them. Jeff refused. He will not permit anyone to censor his news content or tell him how to run his site. Mark retaliated by launching a vitriolic attack on Jeff.

Ironically, both imitated the hated Zionists by playing the "hate card." Mark accused Jeff of inciting hatred against Muslims. Jeff accused Mark of inciting Muslim terror against him personally.
They're accusing each of other of exploiting 'hate'? No shit, Sherlock. They are former buddies so they really should know. The Lunatic Makow continues:
Jeff threatened to call the FBI and Homeland Security on Mark. Mark said Jeff was threatening Mark's wife and nine children.

When I suggested to Jeff that Homeland Security is the antithesis of everything he represents, he agreed. He was just trying to get Mark to understand how seriously he took Mark's readers' vitriol.

Jeff argued that these two articles were exceptions among thousands that are pro-Muslim or expose the Zionist NWO threat.

One was a ridiculous Zionist propaganda piece that he had meant to label as such. He expected his readers to recognize it.

Mark Glenn certainly didn't nor did he accept Jeff's explanation.
HAHA. Prior to this they would each have been defending one another from the accusations of being 'haters'. Amusing. And note: 'a propaganda piece that he meant to label as such.....he expected his readers to recognise it'. Ah - it was just one little mistake, says Makow:
Some days he [Rense] uploads over 100 stories. No, he cannot read them all from beginning to end. He readily admits that some things get past him. Let's cut him some slack.
Oh wow - what a guy! He uploads news stories! Woah boy! Amazing. Sometimes he even reads them. Incredible.
The attacks on Jeff simply ignore his extraordinary ability and record of service. He has provided us with the leading alternative to the mass media. Hundreds of thousands of people depend on him. He has worked 14 hours a day, seven days a week, year after year for 15 years. He has not taken a vacation in that time. Yet he has had no formal recognition or thanks.

Rather Jeff is now vilified and accused of being a Zionist mole, which is absurd. People on Mark's site said Jeff's father worked for the Rand Corp. Jeff's father worked in PR for McDonald Douglas. His step mother is a publishing executive.
Oh, really. And he joined the CIA in what year? lol Makow continues with his potted history of Rense:
He could see that TV News was becoming a mass mind control tool for the Illuminati and left a successful career to go into talk radio.
Ah of course! He was very successful but he left for obscurity and peddling tripe instead - and all because of the Illuminati. They get everywhere, right? Makow again:
He was chosen to face off against Art Bell's Coast to Coast when Bell's network bought Jeff's. There was room for both of them but Art Bell couldn't take the competition and insisted that Jeff be fired.
Oh right. Rense's network was bought up by Art Bell's network? (I thought it was supposed to be only those nasty corporations (and the Joooos!) who formed 'networks'......) Jeff Rense certainly has a profile that fits a ....... propagandist. Even some of his many former friends agree, right Marky Glenn? lol. Back to Makow:
Jeff and I don't always agree. Jeff is a lot more skeptical about the holocaust than I am. He has posted some articles that I found offensive. I thought they did his site a disservice. (We would both like to see an impartial investigation.)
Another story that sounds like a deep gloss. Rense is 'a lot more skeptical than Makow' about the Holocaust? What does that mean? That he's a Holocaust denier.
Makow: I also cautioned him [Rense] about the anti-Islam articles.
But not the anti-semitism? Anyway - what does he mean when he said he 'cautioned' Rense? He doesn't give the important details. Makow:
I also appreciate that he [Rense] treats Jews as individuals and judges them on their individual behavior. He is not a racist in the sense of condemning all Jews for the actions of so many.
Not a racist in the sense of.....? IS he a racist in a different sense then?
Makow: When I pointed out that a contributor had advocated rounding up all US Jews, Jeff immediately took the offending article down.
Oh fairplay to Rense, eh! (I guess that was just another one that 'slipped through')

Makow goes on to say
Let's save our venom for the enemy: the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel, specifically the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and their myriad dupes, lackeys and tools.
I just have to wonder what the word Jewish is doing in that sentence if Makow really isn't being 'racist'. Makow concludes:
We all owe Jeff Rense a vote of thanks. He may have made mistakes but he doesn't deserve the treatment he received from Mark and his followers.
You think so? I don't care but it's ever so much fun seeing lunatics attacking each other. haha.

Mark Glenn responded by publishing an open letter. Mark Glenn claims
"I have sent him [Rense] MANY emails–all in a very polite, respectful, and gentle manner, asking him if he thought it was wise to do such things, given the mission we are all supposed to be fighting for."
What mission is that? They never say, do they? Not in public, at least. And who is the "we" that Glenn speaks of? Who are they, what do they want, what do they do?

Glenn gives us an idea of what he at least thinks they were supposed to be working together for:
[Rense] never, NEVER, presented these articles as “examples” of the lying the enemy does. Like the ridiculous articles written by Devvy Kidd and Frosty Wooldridge that he gave showcase attention to, they were always put out there as “stand alones” with his obvious stamp of approval viz a viz their believability.

It was not until recently that I became less ‘gentle’ in my nudging JR [Jeff Rense] on this issue, and for obvious reasons. Given that innocent people are having their throats cut, their homes and mosques set on fire and, in the case of my good friend Hesham Tillawi who had a car set on fire in the parking lot of the mosque where he and his family attend, this is no longer a theoretical game. Real people are being hurt in real ways and the reason for it is simple–JEWISH LIES, and Jeff Rense–despite the good he may do in running articles critical of Zionism and Jewish power, nevertheless negates the good he does when he allows his forum to be used as an instrument for spreading the enemy’s propaganda.
Jewish lies? But I thought this wasn't supposed to be about 'race'? Incredible that someone as indulgent of anti-semitism and far-right racism as Mark Glenn can fail to see the irony of his own sensitivity about anti-Islamism. Nothing to do with his own biases, of course.....(he's a Muslim and head of Crescent and Cross Propaganda machine. He helped promote a fascist white-supremacist conference which masqueraded under the guise of a pro-palestinian, anti-war conference. Mike Rivero promoted it too.)

Hilariously Mark Glenn can't resist a dig at Rense's wackiness -
"I have never given Rense an ounce of grief over the articles he runs dealing with the Art Bell/National Enquirer paranormal-type articles that make the rest of us look like fools for all the nonsense they contain."
Seems their anti-semitism was the thing that united them? Glenn:
"Now, as to the “event” itself. The fact is that the time span between the last email communication I had with JR and him threatening to send the aforementioned federal agencies against me was nearly 2 weeks. There was NO REASON for him to contact David Duke and use him (for the 4th time) as a messenger in conveying this threat. I had written no articles, had not mentioned his name on any radio programs. His was the provocation, not mine."
Oh dear - David Duke as a go-between! It just gets better......haha. But these people aren't racists, of course. Not in some contorted Makowian sense, at least....... What a bunch of jokers. Their arguments most clearly betray them - their nasty internecine spats are by far the most interesting and revealing items they ever generated. lol.

Lastly, Glenn reveals another very interesting connection between these people and fascism/racism -
Furthermore, after doing the book review for you for AFP and in the subsequent agreement you had with them to get up-front free advertising in return for which you would send them a portion of the book sales you received from their ad, it was because of MY vouching for your honest character that they agreed to do it, as they were very reluctant to make a deal like that with someone they did not know and had not worked with before.
AFP is of course Willis Carto's American Free Press. (Carto is considered to be N AMerica's leading anti-semitic and far-right propagandist, publisher of Holocaust denial, friend of Stormfront, David Duke etc).

What a right little nest of fascists we have here. Tut tut. Truth movement, indeed........

I have been pointing out these connections to Troofers and Paytiots for years now. But they're so far gone....they just don't care. It isn't a surprise, because there must be political reasons underlying the interconnection of all these people and their respective audiences - anti-semitism and fascism.

The comments page at Mark Glenn's blog in response to his open letter about this reads like a "who's who" of the....errr...."movement": Arthur Topham (from Radical Press) appears, as does Phil Tourney, Joe Cortina and John Kaminski - all having digs at various personalities of 'the movement'. It's a real treasure trove of damning information, referencing Willis Carto's AFP, Jim Tucker, David Duke, Michael Collins Piper, Chris Bollyn, Mike Rivero, John Stadtmiller, Curt Maynard - all the usual far-right scumbags......

Link to Glenn's blogpage, here. Very interesting to watch them all go at it. Paranoia? Anti-semitism? Conspiracies? Particularly amusing was Mark Glenn saying that 'Americans are stupid, so ET & UFO stuff is too difficult for them. Better to keep it simple at first and raise more difficult issues (like ET) later.' HAHA. These people are such morons - yet they happily describe americans as "stupid". Other Americans are stupid, not them, obviously......haha.

And there's all that stuff about Jews that stands as the subtext of all there squabbling - it looks pathetic, bubbling up in almost every comment. What a bunch of wankers. Credit to them though - they've achieved a considerable success: they've very clearly proven themselves to be a tight-knit bunch of complete tossers.

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Rivero and Paypal - hypocrite.

Gotta lova a man with principles.

Just yesterday Rivero was asking for donations because the site was really struggling to continue. Awwwww.

Rivero likes to trumpet the demise of 'the mainstream media' using their inability to fund their operations as proof and evidence that 'the people' know better.

We hear a different argument when it's Rivero pleading for funds though. He's asking for charity now (again)? But you know, if you can't fund it, Mr Rivero, you don't have a business. Tough shit.

And, oh yeah - Rivero the "special FX" wizard uses .jpg format for a block of flat-colour text - incompetent.

Thursday, 21 October 2010