Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Rivero's Wisdom


Badly written. Very poor reasoning.

Seriously, who puts their own (rubbish) up as 'Thought for the day'? Hilarious.


socrates said...

That is some funky phrasing he came up with. Totally unclear. If he's saying all terrorist acts are examples of false flags or whatnot, he's completely wrong. He's a bit too over the top for a conspiracy theorist, imho. Same with Alex Jones. But at least Jones seems to be making a buck off of it. I don't see Rivero making much money from his schtick. And then consider how much time and effort that thing must take him to keep going. I smell outside funding and insidious purposes, a la Lyndon Larouche. I guess that's my tinfoil. I actually believe there are psyops on the internet. Maybe Rivero receives a paycheck from the FBI like Turner was getting?

the_last_name_left said...

Rivero's logic is seriously bad: because terrorism alienates the people the terrorists must win over, then it is impossible for terrorism to be 'authentic'.

All sorts of things wrong with that. Most seriously the idea that terrorists never make mistakes - never have a flawed rationale - that terrorists have the same values as everyone else does - that they seek to win hearts and minds.

It's all just ridiculous.

Nevermind that it's clearly just plain wrong and that people prepared to indiscriminately blow-up civilians are sick in the head and thus can in no way be considered rational.

Better to say 'genuine terrorism can't exist because nobody would be so sick as to do it'. But clearly that's wrong. The point is people are sick enough to do it - they are driven (by religion, ideology, madness) to do it.

And Islam is especially able to do it - as it promises believers they will be treated especially well if they martyr themselves for their god and cause.

Based on Rivero's reasoning we could just as well say "nobody is actually religious because it's obviously reasonable to reject it". This is ridiculous - nobody disputes religion exists. Or is religion all false-flag too?

And what a apologia for Islamic terrorism! "It doesn't exist!" Gee - that's some denial, isn't it?

So, no Islamic responsibility for anything. Rather the rpoblem is western intelligence agencies or something? It's a despicable attempt to exonerate radical Islam. One might expect as much from a radical muslim - which Rivero may well be, such is his protection of Islam, his anti-semitism, and anti-western-ism.

Where has he ever had a bad word for Islam? He always criticises Catholicism and Judaism but never Islam: in his telling, American christians and jews are religious nutters. Whereas for Afghan/Pakistan/Iranian/Palestinian Islamists he has nothing to say - they don't exist - or at least they don't commit terrorism, because it would be irrational! LOL

God, Rivero makes me sick.