Sunday, 24 October 2010

Makow on Rense vs Mark Glenn

Looks like an argument has broken out amongst the lunatics. It seems to revolve around Lunatic Jeff Rense publishing stuff that Lunatic Mark Glenn thought was offensively anti-Islamic. The Lunatic Makow reports:
Among the thousands of articles Jeff has posted since last summer were two which Mark felt were anti Islam. Mark felt they played into the hands of Zionists who are trying to pit Christians against Muslims and asked Jeff to remove them. Jeff refused. He will not permit anyone to censor his news content or tell him how to run his site. Mark retaliated by launching a vitriolic attack on Jeff.

Ironically, both imitated the hated Zionists by playing the "hate card." Mark accused Jeff of inciting hatred against Muslims. Jeff accused Mark of inciting Muslim terror against him personally.
They're accusing each of other of exploiting 'hate'? No shit, Sherlock. They are former buddies so they really should know. The Lunatic Makow continues:
Jeff threatened to call the FBI and Homeland Security on Mark. Mark said Jeff was threatening Mark's wife and nine children.

When I suggested to Jeff that Homeland Security is the antithesis of everything he represents, he agreed. He was just trying to get Mark to understand how seriously he took Mark's readers' vitriol.

Jeff argued that these two articles were exceptions among thousands that are pro-Muslim or expose the Zionist NWO threat.

One was a ridiculous Zionist propaganda piece that he had meant to label as such. He expected his readers to recognize it.

Mark Glenn certainly didn't nor did he accept Jeff's explanation.
HAHA. Prior to this they would each have been defending one another from the accusations of being 'haters'. Amusing. And note: 'a propaganda piece that he meant to label as such.....he expected his readers to recognise it'. Ah - it was just one little mistake, says Makow:
Some days he [Rense] uploads over 100 stories. No, he cannot read them all from beginning to end. He readily admits that some things get past him. Let's cut him some slack.
Oh wow - what a guy! He uploads news stories! Woah boy! Amazing. Sometimes he even reads them. Incredible.
The attacks on Jeff simply ignore his extraordinary ability and record of service. He has provided us with the leading alternative to the mass media. Hundreds of thousands of people depend on him. He has worked 14 hours a day, seven days a week, year after year for 15 years. He has not taken a vacation in that time. Yet he has had no formal recognition or thanks.

Rather Jeff is now vilified and accused of being a Zionist mole, which is absurd. People on Mark's site said Jeff's father worked for the Rand Corp. Jeff's father worked in PR for McDonald Douglas. His step mother is a publishing executive.
Oh, really. And he joined the CIA in what year? lol Makow continues with his potted history of Rense:
He could see that TV News was becoming a mass mind control tool for the Illuminati and left a successful career to go into talk radio.
Ah of course! He was very successful but he left for obscurity and peddling tripe instead - and all because of the Illuminati. They get everywhere, right? Makow again:
He was chosen to face off against Art Bell's Coast to Coast when Bell's network bought Jeff's. There was room for both of them but Art Bell couldn't take the competition and insisted that Jeff be fired.
Oh right. Rense's network was bought up by Art Bell's network? (I thought it was supposed to be only those nasty corporations (and the Joooos!) who formed 'networks'......) Jeff Rense certainly has a profile that fits a ....... propagandist. Even some of his many former friends agree, right Marky Glenn? lol. Back to Makow:
Jeff and I don't always agree. Jeff is a lot more skeptical about the holocaust than I am. He has posted some articles that I found offensive. I thought they did his site a disservice. (We would both like to see an impartial investigation.)
Another story that sounds like a deep gloss. Rense is 'a lot more skeptical than Makow' about the Holocaust? What does that mean? That he's a Holocaust denier.
Makow: I also cautioned him [Rense] about the anti-Islam articles.
But not the anti-semitism? Anyway - what does he mean when he said he 'cautioned' Rense? He doesn't give the important details. Makow:
I also appreciate that he [Rense] treats Jews as individuals and judges them on their individual behavior. He is not a racist in the sense of condemning all Jews for the actions of so many.
Not a racist in the sense of.....? IS he a racist in a different sense then?
Makow: When I pointed out that a contributor had advocated rounding up all US Jews, Jeff immediately took the offending article down.
Oh fairplay to Rense, eh! (I guess that was just another one that 'slipped through')

Makow goes on to say
Let's save our venom for the enemy: the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel, specifically the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and their myriad dupes, lackeys and tools.
I just have to wonder what the word Jewish is doing in that sentence if Makow really isn't being 'racist'. Makow concludes:
We all owe Jeff Rense a vote of thanks. He may have made mistakes but he doesn't deserve the treatment he received from Mark and his followers.
You think so? I don't care but it's ever so much fun seeing lunatics attacking each other. haha.

Mark Glenn responded by publishing an open letter. Mark Glenn claims
"I have sent him [Rense] MANY emails–all in a very polite, respectful, and gentle manner, asking him if he thought it was wise to do such things, given the mission we are all supposed to be fighting for."
What mission is that? They never say, do they? Not in public, at least. And who is the "we" that Glenn speaks of? Who are they, what do they want, what do they do?

Glenn gives us an idea of what he at least thinks they were supposed to be working together for:
[Rense] never, NEVER, presented these articles as “examples” of the lying the enemy does. Like the ridiculous articles written by Devvy Kidd and Frosty Wooldridge that he gave showcase attention to, they were always put out there as “stand alones” with his obvious stamp of approval viz a viz their believability.

It was not until recently that I became less ‘gentle’ in my nudging JR [Jeff Rense] on this issue, and for obvious reasons. Given that innocent people are having their throats cut, their homes and mosques set on fire and, in the case of my good friend Hesham Tillawi who had a car set on fire in the parking lot of the mosque where he and his family attend, this is no longer a theoretical game. Real people are being hurt in real ways and the reason for it is simple–JEWISH LIES, and Jeff Rense–despite the good he may do in running articles critical of Zionism and Jewish power, nevertheless negates the good he does when he allows his forum to be used as an instrument for spreading the enemy’s propaganda.
Jewish lies? But I thought this wasn't supposed to be about 'race'? Incredible that someone as indulgent of anti-semitism and far-right racism as Mark Glenn can fail to see the irony of his own sensitivity about anti-Islamism. Nothing to do with his own biases, of course.....(he's a Muslim and head of Crescent and Cross Propaganda machine. He helped promote a fascist white-supremacist conference which masqueraded under the guise of a pro-palestinian, anti-war conference. Mike Rivero promoted it too.)

Hilariously Mark Glenn can't resist a dig at Rense's wackiness -
"I have never given Rense an ounce of grief over the articles he runs dealing with the Art Bell/National Enquirer paranormal-type articles that make the rest of us look like fools for all the nonsense they contain."
Seems their anti-semitism was the thing that united them? Glenn:
"Now, as to the “event” itself. The fact is that the time span between the last email communication I had with JR and him threatening to send the aforementioned federal agencies against me was nearly 2 weeks. There was NO REASON for him to contact David Duke and use him (for the 4th time) as a messenger in conveying this threat. I had written no articles, had not mentioned his name on any radio programs. His was the provocation, not mine."
Oh dear - David Duke as a go-between! It just gets better......haha. But these people aren't racists, of course. Not in some contorted Makowian sense, at least....... What a bunch of jokers. Their arguments most clearly betray them - their nasty internecine spats are by far the most interesting and revealing items they ever generated. lol.

Lastly, Glenn reveals another very interesting connection between these people and fascism/racism -
Furthermore, after doing the book review for you for AFP and in the subsequent agreement you had with them to get up-front free advertising in return for which you would send them a portion of the book sales you received from their ad, it was because of MY vouching for your honest character that they agreed to do it, as they were very reluctant to make a deal like that with someone they did not know and had not worked with before.
AFP is of course Willis Carto's American Free Press. (Carto is considered to be N AMerica's leading anti-semitic and far-right propagandist, publisher of Holocaust denial, friend of Stormfront, David Duke etc).

What a right little nest of fascists we have here. Tut tut. Truth movement, indeed........

I have been pointing out these connections to Troofers and Paytiots for years now. But they're so far gone....they just don't care. It isn't a surprise, because there must be political reasons underlying the interconnection of all these people and their respective audiences - anti-semitism and fascism.

The comments page at Mark Glenn's blog in response to his open letter about this reads like a "who's who" of the....errr...."movement": Arthur Topham (from Radical Press) appears, as does Phil Tourney, Joe Cortina and John Kaminski - all having digs at various personalities of 'the movement'. It's a real treasure trove of damning information, referencing Willis Carto's AFP, Jim Tucker, David Duke, Michael Collins Piper, Chris Bollyn, Mike Rivero, John Stadtmiller, Curt Maynard - all the usual far-right scumbags......

Link to Glenn's blogpage, here. Very interesting to watch them all go at it. Paranoia? Anti-semitism? Conspiracies? Particularly amusing was Mark Glenn saying that 'Americans are stupid, so ET & UFO stuff is too difficult for them. Better to keep it simple at first and raise more difficult issues (like ET) later.' HAHA. These people are such morons - yet they happily describe americans as "stupid". Other Americans are stupid, not them, obviously......haha.

And there's all that stuff about Jews that stands as the subtext of all there squabbling - it looks pathetic, bubbling up in almost every comment. What a bunch of wankers. Credit to them though - they've achieved a considerable success: they've very clearly proven themselves to be a tight-knit bunch of complete tossers.


afteramerica said...

I loved your write up about Rense vs. Mark vs. Save the males and blah blah blah. This truther in fighting has got to stop. All the while America is going into the crapper as the economy shreds.

Keep up the great work, just found your blog and thought it appropriate to comment.

Me? I produce a radio show out of New Zealand that is broadcast to the good old USA. It's the lighter side of genocide, it's the Vinny Eastwood Show with Will!

Here is our web site, check it out sometime!

Keep up the great work.



the_last_name_left said...

Thank you, very kind.

[I'm always suspicious people are winding me up when they say things like that. Not that it happens very often, mind you....]

Mr/s afteramerica, I checked your site - I have to say I don't share your conspiracy angle. I used to more so, but once I took a serious look at all these freaks in the conspiracism and patriot 'movement' I reassessed everything and concluded I had been completely wrong - they had misled me, just as they continue to mislead others today. Bunch of shysters imo. They are knowingly dishonest and manipulative or too ignorant to notice or care. Either way, they're all pretty useless. Look at the arguments between 'factions', for example? All calling each other racists and bullshitters......which is true, of course.


So what's the attraction to these lunatics?

socrates said...

These guys have no credibility to begin with. Then they make things worse by spelling McDonnell Douglas as McDonald. Which gets me wondering. If Rense is linked to McDonnell Douglas, and we know Rivero is, and we also know those guys have been swapping backwash, oh I don't know. It must be just another crazy coincidence... or not. McDonnell Douglas was a top dog military corporation in the past, back when Mike Rivero had an email account with them.

the_last_name_left said...

I thought you'd like the McDonnell Douglas connection. :D

Ronald McDonald Douglass?

I can't understand why Rense gets any hits, let alone how he comes to be seen as some big influence on what all of them seem to call "the movement".

THE movement?

From the BigFooters to the Nazis, they all seem to call it 'the movement'.

[Part of the danger of it to me - mixing pseudo-science alongside fascists. Umberto said about mixing Saint Simon and Stonehenge in his ways to spot a blackshirt. All these credulous gullible people spoonfed Bigfoot alongside fascist agitation propaganda. Witches brew! God knows how they can make money out of it or feel they're doing much positive. Bunch of jokers.]

This Rense/Makow/Glenn thing seems very revealing - whether it is essentially stage-managed or a symptom of genuine discontent especially following on the heels of the Alex Jones/Rivero bustup (or whatever).

Undoubtedly these people form an 'elite' network as the partly visible leadership of their 'movement'. And clearly anti-semitism is playing a central role in all of the doings, not least in their factionalism.

I find the poverty of content in the reasons for their disputes to be quite laughable.

For instance, Mark Glenn was perfectly content to bite his tongue about Rense on Bigfoot and UFOs whilst Rense published pretty outrageous anti-semitism.

Yet when Rense posts criticism of Islam Glenn is furious about the crude demonisation and peddling of lies which is suddenly 'typical' of Rense and his mumbo-jumbo etc.

And then Glenn parades around, puffing out his chest for his principled stand against Rense and his 'race-card' playing buddies.

And get a load of Arthur Topham's entries in the comments? What a petty little whiner! What was his complaint about Rense? That Rense cut him out for having spammed him one of his articles 20 times in a day. Oh - big deal, eh? Such heavy ideological discussions must really tear at the solidarity of 'the movement', Mr Topham. What a joke.

[Topham is long-time colleague of 'canadian Nazi', Paul Fromm - they work together on 'freespeech' Nazis for Freespeech! Yay! Same super-cynical method the Muslim Brotherhood and Jihad employ, supposedly. Demopathy the Augean Stables call it. Clever - cynical as fuck tho. But that's Nazis, i guess....]

Fascinating episode this. I can only hope that some of the people I have argued with over the years see all the connections amongst these people - especially to the far-right.

I mean - Rense has an issue with Mark Glenn and so sends David Duke as a smoother or something?

Duke was off to send Glenn a little bit of the cosmic love of all ages? A love which moves through a fractal quantum universe and whose secrets you can enjoy today with this special edition DVD for just $39.99 The Universe wants to take you home - in easy installments - call 099 456 456 33-SHIT

socrates said...

I thought the same thing as in Ronald McDonald. It's an interesting thing those two having been affiliated with a major arms producer. It kind of flies in the face of their so-called activism against the "new world order."