Friday, 22 October 2010

Rivero and Paypal - hypocrite.

Gotta lova a man with principles.

Just yesterday Rivero was asking for donations because the site was really struggling to continue. Awwwww.

Rivero likes to trumpet the demise of 'the mainstream media' using their inability to fund their operations as proof and evidence that 'the people' know better.

We hear a different argument when it's Rivero pleading for funds though. He's asking for charity now (again)? But you know, if you can't fund it, Mr Rivero, you don't have a business. Tough shit.

And, oh yeah - Rivero the "special FX" wizard uses .jpg format for a block of flat-colour text - incompetent.


socrates said...

Rivero's plea for cash sounds very similar to the whining Brad Friedman has done lately. These guys act as if they are God's gift to challenging the status quo, that without their so-called independent reporting, things would be much easier for the stinking powers that be.

People should give money to real causes not posers.

Maybe this type of internet scam worked years ago. I doubt it is any longer. I hope not. It'd be nice to never see those two ugly mugs ever again on the internet. Yes please Brad and Mike, quit already!

the_last_name_left said...

Well, who can't smile a little when such a vicious Kapitaleeest pig-dog as Rivero whines at the brutality of it all?

Even if he were well-funded by Nazis it would prove his street-cred to ask for donations, as he's just an average guy........yeah yeah.

Why ask for donations at all?

Do you ask for donations? Do I? What a joke.

socrates said...

I've always wondered if Rivero has been getting funding all along. He seems to have a very sophisticated website with plenty of links to offer. I can spend close to a full day and maybe crank out one good entry. I might be able to offer about three good links.

I know what you mean by asking for donations could be a ploy. Like a going out of business sale for stores that never seem to have to close shop. It's emotional blackmail on the dupes who actually think these bloggers are some form of poor activist, that they have the skills to make a difference, if they can only stay afloat.

I don't picture Rivero as being Mr. Smart Guy. His spelling is atrocious. I don't think he has the wits to pour through so many websites and articles and then post them with commentary. I had one entry the other day. I noticed a poll said 13% of Germans wanted a new fuhrer. It took me some time to find a couple links and write something short. It would take too much time to do that every day and on all sorts of various topics.

I'm just very skeptical of anyone on the internet who has emerged as a zeitgeist player. Guys like us have our distinct schticks. It took somewhat of a miracle for either of us to even establish ourselves as small time bloggers.

That may sound like begrudging. So be it. I have no proof that a lot of these semi-big bloggers have been running business models from the start with forms of backing. It feels like it. They most definitely aren't regular guys as we are a couple examples of those. Regylar guys don't ask for donations. They don't have spiffy, intricate presentations. They just blog from the heart and do their bests.

I was watching a film-noir today. One of the detectives busted the case because he thought one dude's alibi was too perfect. It's similar to how I feel about some of these zeitgeist players. It's just a little too convenient how they rose to the top of their small pond dynasties.

the_last_name_left said...

S: Guys like us have our distinct schticks. It took somewhat of a miracle for either of us to even establish ourselves as small time bloggers.

hehe - you reckon? Personally I just signed-up at and voila!

what I don't get is what Rivero is expecting to be paid for......putting together a list of 'news stories' and various nasty opinion pieces? woah - big deal? Same with Rense. Big deal.

Sometimes Rense even reads the articles. Clearly a great man.....

Rivero is claiming he gets 1 million views a month. I doubt the BBC are concerned but 1m seems a lot (esp. for that trash)

I still think running a company and spending on adverts is a 'good' way for people to peddle influence/cash and as such I really wonder how the rubbish all these people advertise can possible generate enough income so as to splash out on blanket advertising across the conspiro-sphere.

It's hard to sell quality stuff yet apparently utter crap walks out the door itself? Hard to believe, but it is America I suppose (youch! ;))

socrates said...

We transcend what we've accomplished through blogger. This seems to have been an escape route for ourselves. We were definitely getting things done elsewhere but with no security. Trausti deleted all your stuff or better put has made it inaccessible to everyone but those who are members. I've had things deleted at places.

Blogger has enabled a couple things. For one, they treat us well with google search engines.

Secondly, it's our own turf, and for nobodies like us, it's easier than trying to get traditional forums off the ground. This is an old-school blogging format.

Rivero doesn't get a million hits per month. Alexa is kind of wonky with stats. According to quantcast, WRH gets 275,000 people a month and 189,000 from the US. A lot of that could be robots and spiders. WRH has signed on with quantcast, so those are probably accurate numbers. It says his US rank is 10,258. That is a decent number, but it also shows he is marginalised to quite an extent. Basically Rivero is a big fish in a neonazi pond. Prison Planet, on the other hand, is at 3,572. That website has not been quantified as quantcast calls it.

Did Rivero give those numbers recently? He is either lying or his website used to be huge yet appears to have run its course. Maybe once Alex dumped him, that marked the end of Rivero being a zeitgeist maker. A lot of folks who seemed big in the early to mid 2000's seem to have fallen off the blog map.