Sunday, 19 December 2010

Dickens' Christmas Carol

It is doomed to wander through the world - oh, woe is me! - and witness what it cannot share.


Anonymous said...

Hey Last Fag Left, I see you offered ZERO refutations on my Andy Ostroy story of him winning the 2010 Fraud of the Year. Impossible to defend Ostroy's OWN words huh? LOL

Anonymous said...

That comment was from ME [Larry] but it still posted under Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Whats up with your blog? When I type my name [Larry] into the bar and choose "name", it still posts under Anonymous--why??

Anonymous said...

Testing to see if you set your blog to not allow my name on it. Ill use another name but Larry. I will try "Bob"

Anonymous said...

Weird. Your blog puts every post under anonymous even when they choose something else.

the_last_name_left said...

why would I care about Ostroy?

I see yet another demented nut that populates your stupid "movement" has killed a pile more people.

And I see "the movement" desperately trying to deny any responsibility, whilst also claiming the event will be used to 'smear the movement'.

Smearing? Ha! "The movement" is basically fascist and it holds lunatic paranoid ideas as self-evident.

Just look at its reaction to any of these events - they just babble with total denials of responsibility, instead suggesting it's all a setup with which to attack "the movement"!

Pathetic. And dangerous. Obviously.

Larry said...

"I see yet another demented nut that populates your stupid "movement" has killed a pile more people."

I also see the liberal media IGNORING that his favorite books, The Communist Manifesto and Mein Kempf are EXTREME left books. He is also an ATHEIST, also considered EXTREME left---unless, youre calling atheism far right??

Why would he want to kill Giffords since she supported the 2nd amendment and strong border control---two very big issues the tea party advocates?? She's a moderate democrat, meaning she holds views that most DEMOCRATS would oppose-----that makes Loughner far right???????? Hmmmmm.

Loughner also mentioned his wanting currency in gold and silver----taken right from the Constitution---article 1, section 10. Are you calling Thomas Jefferson and James Madison terrorists now??

Also, I see no mention of LEFT websites like Daily Kos running stories that mention the implication of wanting Giffords dead and them "targeting" her district with crosshairs on a picture they posted on there [but have removed it since the shooting]. There is WAY more about Loughner that would make him far LEFT than anything---YOU are the one who is in denial, asshole!

Larry said...

You deleted my comment--why? Too much truth? Couldnt refute a word of it?? Gonna post a story on why Loughner's friends on twitter said he was a LIBERAL and LEFT WING? I will show you the PROOF when I write my story on my blog.