Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Desertpeace - Hypocrites

Whatreallyhappened.com today publishes a most hypocritical commentary by one of its favoured bloggers - Desertpeace.

In the article, Desertpeace rails against the Israeli Minister Avigdor Lieberman, likening him to Adolf Hitler in his views and ideology.

Staggering, and deceitful hypocrisy. Why? Because Desertpeace and Whatreallyhappened.com are closely affiliated, and whatreallyhappened.com is closely affiliated with many fascist writers and sources, which it repeatedly promotes. WRH even hosts articles written by Curt Maynard. It also promotes any number of Willis Carto's proteges, his propaganda organs, holocaust denial, anti-semitism, etc etc etc.

If Desertpeace protests about what it considers to be Lieberman's evidence of Nazism, why doesn't it find its own friends' ties to fascism offensive?

That's hypocrisy, and deceit. Desertpeace is actually serving fascism, because it suggests Lieberman (a democratically elected MP) fascist, and condemns it, whilst it promotes and supports the more obvious and straightforward fascism of its own friends ie Rivero/WRH.

Hence the democrat is criticised as fascist, but genuine fascism escapes any criticism.

The fascists are pointing at Israel, shouting "Look, there's fascism! Isn't it outrageous!" whilst giving a free-pass to their own fascism. Obvious propaganda - israel is criticised for the fascism which Desertpeace actually protects and promotes amongst its own friends.

Here's the Desertpeace article, as promoted at Whatreallyhappened.com:
Jul 28 08:54

Avigdor Lieberman, the brashly-racist foreign minister of the apartheid Israeli state, reportedly recently ordered Zionist embassies around the world to circulate a 1941 photo showing the former Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin Husseini meeting with German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Lieberman hopes that the picture would help counter growing international pressure on the Zionist regime to stop ethnic-cleansing measures against the Palestinians, especially in occupied Jerusalem .

Lieberman’s desperate act is likely to raise many eyebrows since it comes from a man whose mindset and ideological convictions differ little from those of Adolf Hitler.

WRH Links to Desertpeace's article, which is here

Also notable that whilst Desertpeace claims Lieberman is a supposed racist it's silent about Desertpeace's own friends at WRH whom publish, promote and broadcast Curt Maynard. Supposed Jewish racism is "fascism", and condemned - but the racism of actual fascists promoted at WRH isn't. Hard to get more hypocritical than that?


the_last_name_left said...

WRH also has another story from Desertpeace today, wherein it says:

It is really sad that the children still think of the cruel war against Gaza earlier this year.

I think the exploitation of the childrens' suffering by Desertpeace and Rivero is disgusting.

One need only consider the likely attitude towards Palestinians and Arabs of the racists promoted by Rivero and WRH to see how this is disgusting posing and exploitation.

the_last_name_left said...

From the Desertpeace article about Lieberman's supposed nazism:

....it is a moral obligation of the first order to oppose Zionism with the same vigour and same determination the world demonstrated in the face of Nazism.

But you're friends with fascists, Desertpeace.

Incidentally, Desertpeace censors all my comments at his swill-hole, using a deceitful method I've written about previously: posters get to see their own comments, but no-one else does, thereby creating an illusion that one's comments are printed. They're not.

the_last_name_left said...

Interestingly, WRH has yet another Desertpeace article posted today - that's 3 in a row.

Friendly, and self-promoting aren't they?

The Desertpeace article is actually a cut-and-paste of a WorldNetDaily (WND) article by Aaron Kline.

Again - friendly and self-promoting aren't they?

And what does the article say? "Obama is a racist".......for his policies "against Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem and the strategic West Bank...."

This apparently based on "a rally drawing about 2,000 Israelis in front of the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem."

If 2,000 neo-nazis protested somewhere in USA, would anyone consider their views as representative of all Americans? No - so why should we here?

Anyway - the point being, it's an example of how incestuous the relationships are : WRH promoting DesertPeace promoting WorldNetDaily.

the_last_name_left said...

Desertpeace links to ProgressiveIndependent.com too (Tinoire).

ProgressiveIndependent have sponsored WRH.

Progressive Independent claim Our vision is to shift the political center leftward to counteract the rightwing drift our country has been on for the last 40 years.

That's why they sponsored WhatReallyHappened, I suppose........and why DesertPeace finds them attractive enough to link to, I suppose.......

WRH - WND - DesertPeace - "shifting the political centre leftward"!!!!!!!!??????????

Hilarious. Deceitful.

socrates said...

By making such connections based on facts and links, we got our arses cybersmeared. Progressive Independent lists four affiliates on their front page: Desert Peace, Ben Heine, Liberty News, and Velvet Revolution. I covered the Velvet Revolution and the Speedway Bomber-Brad Friedman connection. You've covered stuff I never knew about. Liberty News TV? I think of caricatures when going over this stuff. I can't believe anyone can take these people for being sincere. Maybe for a week or two, but come on, give me a break.

the_last_name_left said...

y - i just posted the desertpeace/PI affiliation on that thread: i hadn't seen your comment here. And thanks for pointing out the Erich/Paul Fromm error. :)

i don't know about libertyTv news....though I'm obviously suspicious. Anyone "affiliated" with these people is suspicious imo.

What about the velvet Revolution, Speedway Bomber stuff? I've never heard of it? Is it at allaircraft forum or your blog?

I'm really seething about Desertpeace's comments. Does he know anything about Nazism? Such comparisons are trite. Is Russian action in Chechnya "just like nazism"? Is Sri lanka hitlerite because of its treatment of Tamils? Turkey because of the Kurds? If they really think so, why don't they say it? Why only use israel as an example?

it makes me seethe because it reduces the horror of nazism to one of a 'mere' localised territorial dispute. It doesn't require apologies for nazism to attack Israel's, nor anyone else's resort to military action.

plus, it's perfectly possible to be 'liberal' whilst supporting Israel's actions to a degree - see BaconEatingAtheistJew for example.

He has a POV which seems very supportive of israeli action. Such a view has to be acknowledged, whatever one's own view might be, and the anti-semites just dismiss it outright. that doesn't make him the equivalent of a nazi.

socrates said...

I don't support any of Israel's actions in regards to the Palestinians. But when you have neonazis like Rivero, Maynard, Madsen, Tinoire, Velvet Revolution, Willis Carto and many others tied to the hip of Jew hate, it's tough for the progressive Israelis to be able to make any difference. Israel becomes perceived as a vulnerable victim rather than as a military power who has crossed lines.

I have no time for anyone supportive of Israel's actions towards the Palestinians. They are no better than the neonazis. They are scumbags just like Rivero. Two peas of the same pod, imho.

The Speedway Bomber is Brett Kimberlin. He started Velvet Revolution with Brad Friedman of Brad Blog. The guy is known for making up stories. He's a confidence man. He has been at the forefront of hoaxes surrounding the idea of black box voting. Before that he was serving a fifty year sentence for being a domestic terrorist. One of his bombs led to a man's death. He then became a media event in himself after claiming to have sold pot to Dan Quayle. There's plenty on him in the astroturfing section at my humble forum. I became a player on the internet. You can also check out prepostericity.dailykos.com.

I'm tired of reinventing the wheel. I too despise these asshole disinformation spooks. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. No way do they sincerely care about the Palestinians. They are part of a rigged internet. Rivero is not who he seems. They are all liars who cover up their pasts. Tinoire was military intelligence. That says it all. Anyone affiliated to her is bad news and probably working out of shadow government cubicles. These people are internet cointelpro or might as well be.

One example. I call it the two day question. Kimberlin offered a substantial reward for info leading to a prosecution for election fraud. Brad Friedman was a total nobody. He alleged he heard the offer and contacted Kimberlin. Two days later the Velvet Revolution formed. TWO DAYS! And Brad never explains about Brett's criminal past. Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story and Brett lie about him being an exonerated ex-political prisoner. You should find yourself a copy of Citizen K by Mark Singer. These people are the ultimate scumbags.

the_last_name_left said...

Two days? Hmmm. Maybe they make friends real quick? :D

I came across this, published at DesertPeace blog, which implies Christopher Bollyn (American Free Press writer ie in the employ of Willis Carto) is "a good man".

What all other front-line reporters of the 9/11 Truth movement, like Kurt Nimmo, Michael Rivero, Justin Raimondo, Alex Jones and so many more have experienced, has finally happened to Christopher Bollyn as well: being stabbed in the back by a couple of guys who had pretended to be allies, by agents Smith and Hufschmid.


Don't know what DesertPeace is doing publishing stuff that honours Christopher Bollyn. I certainly wouldn't - why honour anyone connected with AFP and Willis Carto? Bollyn is also the originator of quite a few claims regarding 911 which have passed into 911 Troof folklore eg the spurious claim that the official method of dealing with hijacks was changed weeks before 911.

That claim has been repeated ad nauseum throughout 911 troof. I once believed it, but upon investigation I discovered the updated rules for hijacking were actually a merely administrative update, and nothing of substance changed whatsoever. The original procedures, published under Clinton, remained identical. Nothing of substance changed, yet Bollyn, IIRC, claimed it was "a smoking gun", and the claim was repeated throughout 911 Troof.

I see this episode as a very good example of how the distortion and propaganda endemic to the far-right filters into 911 Troof - and ultimately discredits it. Not that any troofers will recognise it, of course.

To DesertPeace, and LesVisible for example, Bollyn becomes "a truth warrior" - rather than an agent of far-right propaganda, distorting the truth.

That story at DesertPeace also includes a comment left by Curt Maynard. Ho hum.

the_last_name_left said...

hmmm - seems I remembered wrongly (again - damn!)

I can't find Bollyn pushing the changes in the Intercept Manual as "smoking gun".

Though I did find my post elsewhere, which imo demolishes the claims that the changes to the intercept manual are in the least bit suspicious. I'll post a new entry on it.

socrates said...

We've done a public service, no doubt about it. I'm actually grateful to these buggers for pretty much gift-wrapping their tainted credibility. Speaking of memory. Sometimes our memories can fail us. Other times, the meanies have gone to the scrub brush. But there today in bold print at Progressive Independent, the sister domain to DesertPeace, it's written that one of their affiliates is Velvet Revolution. That makes no sense. How did Brett Kimberlin hook up with Tinoire. I actually think the Chlamor dude looks related to Kimberlin, but that is a hunch. Chlamor put up photos of himself with Paul Wolfowitz. That'd be like if a picture showed up with you shaking hands with Curtis Maynard. Someone asked Clamor why it took him two years to post the photograph. He side-stepped answering that one. But back to Velvet Revolution and PI. There is no logical explanation for the connection. I have mentioned in the past how Friedman's BradBlog moderator comes across as a Tinoire clone. You might want to check out Agent 99 and her friend Big Dan with his big blog. I think NoWarsForIsrael posted with them too. This is astroturfing plain and simple. These are not real life activists. These aren't even keyboard activists. This reeks of military intelligence and a modern form of cointelpro. It's too elaborate a scheme, if it's just some kind of money making machine. Plus, it's tough to see where all the money would keep coming in. Though I did notice Kimberlin found a heiress from California named Lori Grace to take money from concerning his election fraud hoaxes. It's like with 9/11. There are questions with that like with how elections are processed. But then these dirtbags come in and make everything look like a hoax, even though troubling questions do remain about elections and 9/11.

Wayne Madsen's affiliated with PI. Brad likes to reference Wayne once in a while as a contradistinction to his self-proclaimed journalism. Yet, Brad as co-founder of VR, is affiliated to Tinoire, Wayne Madsen, and a legion of neonazis. Brad also likes to praise the works of two insidious internet presences, Jason Leopold and Ben Burch. The former has written up hoaxes and worked closely with Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story. The latter is a guess what, a Libertarian who just so happens to collect audio for so-called progressive voices who like to claim themselves as being patriots. He was extremely close to Andy Stephenson, himself a big part of the election fraud scripts. Andy wrote with Tom Flocco and was also buddies with Jeff Wells of Rigorous Intuition. The multitude of such connections are being buried as time goes on. Yet, there's no doubt in my mind that we have unraveled a disinfo network spanning so-called left and right. And these are the wankers who claim there is no difference between right and left! The internet is rigged. The sham goes on.

the_last_name_left said...

attempting to familiarise myself.....how does this sound:


it's all stuff i know nothing about, so pardon my ignorance.

socrates said...

Mark Singer, a respected New Yorker journalist, wrote an excellent book on Kimberlin called Citizen K. Kimberlin never sold pot to Dan Quayle just like Sinclair wove some tall tales about Obama. Now that was some big time disinfo, that script pitting Obama-bots aagainst the Shrillaries. That was completely manufactured.

I think you're getting beyond yourself. You know that PI and VR are affiliates. Thus, you know that Tinoire and Kimberlin are tied to the hip. The Wizard of Odd article proves that VR was formed two days after Kimberlin and Brad Friedman met. Thus in two days, Friedman went from being a nobody to becoming perhaps the most widely known "election integrity" activist. I'm not gonna reinvent the wheel. I refuse to. I have already put too much time and effort into cybersleuthing. I'm not sure what you are asking. Basically, we can now tie Mike Rivero to "progressive" blogs. We do so through Tinoire.

Kimberlin is a confidence man. He is a snake oil salesman.

The key for you is to appreciate what you already know. The links between Friedman to Kimberlin to Tinoire to Rivero are devastating. Not only that, they can be linked to many other names, many of which are foreign to you. My contention is that these people are part and parcel of an organised disinfo machine. No way does BradBlog ever become what it did without Kimberlin. No way does someone like Tinoire become so popular based on natural processes. I'm actually feeling quite giddy over how many connections we have been able to make. The connection between Rivero and the "progressive" blogosphere is made through Tinoire, Kimberlin, and Friedman.