Thursday, 30 July 2009

Ethics of 911 Troof - Compromised by Fascism

Christopher Bollyn, 911 Troofer extraordinaire, was an employee of leading N American anti-semite Willis Carto's propaganda organ, American Free Press.

A leading light of 911 Troof, Bollyn provides a good example of how closely affiliated 911 Troof is with organised fascism, and helps to illustrate how 911 Troof is compromised by the same lack of ethics which permeate fascism.

For one - why does anyone work for Willis Carto?

According to Wikipedia, Carto is
"a longtime figure on the American far right.....primarily known for his promotion of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial.
Carto ran a group called Youth for George Wallace to aid the third party presidential campaign of George Wallace in 1968.[3] When the campaign failed, he converted what remained of the Youth for George Wallace organization into the National Youth Alliance. As National Chairman for this group, Carto was successful in recruiting William Luther Pierce, who later became famous for his authorship of The Turner Diaries.[3] Eventually Carto lost control of the National Youth Alliance to Pierce, who transformed it into the National Alliance, which is today a white nationalist and white separatist political organization.

Carto was also the founder of a publishing company called Noontide Press, which published a number of books on white racialism, including Yockey's Imperium and David Hoggan's The Myth of the Six Million, one of the first books to deny the Holocaust. Noontide Press later became closely associated with the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), and fell out of Carto's hands at the same time as the IHR did. The IHR was founded by Willis Carto in 1979, with the intent of promoting the proposition that the Nazi Holocaust never happened - a view known as Holocaust denial. After losing control of Noontide Press and the IHR in a hostile takeover by former associates, Carto started another publication, "The Barnes Review", which also focuses on Holocaust denial.
In 2004, Carto joined in signing the New Orleans Protocol on behalf of American Free Press. The New Orleans Protocol seeks to "mainstream our cause" by reducing internecine warfare. It was written by David Duke. LINK
This makes clear Willis Carto's promotion of racism and of Holocaust denial via IHR and Barnes Review, both of which are linked to by Mike Rivero at Rivero frequently links to output from Carto's numerous propaganda organs.

So, that's a simple, short outline of the sort of person Chris Bollyn was happy to work for - at least until he was fired.

Subsequently Bollyn provided a very interesting insight into the workings of Carto's Amercian Free Press (AFP), and how it happily compromises journalistic ethics for the sake of "the movement" (fascism/anti-semitism/holocaust denial/911 troof etc).

At his website, Bollyn claims
I was sent to Venezuela, from Europe, by Willis A. Carto, publisher of American Free Press, for one specific reason – to try and get financial support for AFP from Venezuela's generous populist president, Hugo Chavez.
Bollyn did make it to Venezuela, on behalf of AFP, and was accompanied by two other stalwarts of 911 Troof, madman millionaire Jimmy Walters, and "the last man out" (of the twin towers), janitor, William Rodriguez.

(Whilst Rodriguez is held in high esteem by 911 Troof, it should be noted that since 911 he has become something of a star amongst Troofers, and has become a jet-setter - promoted on a European tour by Jimmy Walters, featuring in countless Troofer videos, appearing on radio shows, starring at press conferences etc etc. Quite a step-up from being a janitor, perhaps? I say this merely to point out that it's clear Rodriguez has personally benefited from 911, and this can be seen as a conflict of interest, and a possible reason for Rodriguez to exaggerate, or to at least be less than forthcoming about anything which might undermine his own claims. Why spoil his new career?)

Anyway, Bollyn, accompanied by Jimmy Walters and Rodriguez did make it to Venezuela on behalf of AFP/911 Troof. Whilst they failed to actually meet President Hugo Chavez (did they really expect to meet him?! LOL) they did however succeed in obtaining an audience with government officials and handed over their 911 "evidence". Doubtless this was occasioned by Chavez having previously shown himself skeptical of the official story of 911. (Worth noting btw that Chavez has since not followed up on his skepticism, which suggests the Venezuelan authorities have absolutely nothing which could implicate the Bush administration or the American state itself: why wouldn't Chavez make use of such incendiary evidence if he actually had it? One suspects the Venezuelan secret service is more capable of assessing evidence than Troofers!)

At Bollyn's website, he quotes an email about the proposed Venezuelan trip which he received from Michael Collins Piper, another of AFP/Carto's employees:

From: "Michael Collins Piper"
To:, "Chris Petherick" , "Chris Petherick" , "paul angel"
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 16:47:20 -0500

Subject: Various American Free Press items including Chavez project

Dear Chris and Paul and Christopher (Bollyn):
On Wednesday Willis [Carto] asked me to come in to discuss a project that he had in mind.

Essentially, Willis proposed the idea that I approach the Venezuelan Embassy with the following plan:

1) that they fund massive numbers of AFP subscriptions here in the United States to political party officials, members of Congress, etc;
2) that they fund a trip for me to Venezuela to do a favorable book about Hugo Chavez.
3) that AFP would publish a series of nice articles about Chavez

LINK (as above)
Clearly, here we have evidence that Carto's AFP and his "journalists" proposed providing positive coverage of Chavez in return for Chavez funding "massive numbers of AFP subscriptions".

Never mind the facts, huh - the coverage was guaranteed to be positive - in return for financial reward! Nevermind that AFP and Carto have a long and clear history of being completely opposed to what Chavez represents ie socialism. And nevermind they criticise "mainstream" press as "whores".

AFP, Carto and his "journalists" were prepared to compromise their own political agenda, to provide favourable coverage to a foreign (socialist) government, seemingly regardless of the facts, in return for financial gain and the furtherance of their (far-right, anti-semitic) agenda.

AFP, Carto, Bollyn, Piper-Collins, Walters and Rodriguez are all heavily involved in 911 Troof. They all have been quoted and fielded by the 911 Troof movement, and their claims are regurgitated across thousands of websites, articles, videos, interviews and press conferences, all of which claim to provide "the real truth" about 911.

Why believe anything they say?


socrates said...

I don't believe anything from any of them. It's doubtful they ever tried to make contact with Chavez but rather merely the impression of having done so. This is right woos left. You are correct that it makes no sense for right wingers to be fans of Cesar Chavez. It's the same as Tinoire and Stan Goff pimping for Ron Paul. These people are actors, and only the few nobodies like ourselves have been trying to expose all these various weasels. I do predict our message will be eventually co-opted. It will someday be accepted as truth, though we will receive no acknowledgement of what we came up with. That's called circumscribing.

the_last_name_left said...

Hugo - not Cesar. :)

I don't know - I believe they did think they'd get an audience, and money. I bet they fucking hoped they'd get cash! :)

To me it shows their absurdity - as if Hugo Chavez is gonna get taken in by some representatives of one of N America's leading racists? What did they take him for - some idiot?

I mean, seriously! Chavez is President of the country which is the main supplier of American Imperium's oil, and is attempting to create 21st century socialism. That Carto and his minions seriously thought Chavez would do anything other than show them the door reveals their ......insanity? You'd have to be totally unhinged to imagine the scheme had the least chance of success.

It shows the irrationalism at the core of fascism, imo. Umberto Eco referred to the inability of fascism to accurately assess almost anything, because of its irrationalism and internal contradictions. This episode seems a good example imo.

It's quite funny.

here's Eco:

.....the followers of Ur-Fascism must also be convinced that they can overwhelm the enemies. Thus, by a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak. Fascist governments are condemned to lose wars because they are constitutionally incapable of objectively evaluating the force of the enemy.

socrates said...

I don't think Tinoire and Jeff Wells wanted to be busted. Nor DesertPeace. Nor did they want Rivero's shield of wiggle room taken away. I guess they are trying to solidify the base. They know let the reader decide is beyond an enigma stage. They are left with a pool of slightly retarded right wingers and uninformed centrists to recruit for their choir.