Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Learning something amazing

I'm trying to learn to play this. The start at least. :D

What an amazing piece of music. It's great to listen to, of course, but playing it - even just the first bars - gives a quite different experience: it's even more moving and beautiful. And then to think there was a writer.

I find it quite amazing how far beyond my own abilities other humans can reach. And the fact that, in music at least, I can still relate to it even though it emanates from a being so much more advanced than myself. Music really is a common language, somehow.

I remember some experiments concluding that sound was easily the best cross-cultural human communication - better than any of the other senses.

And it's amazing that music exists at all. I watch my cats' responses to music, they don't seem much interested. A real, accoustic guitar does terrify one, whilst another is intrigued, and raised a paw to the strings - she could see them vibrate? That one seems interested, and will sit and appear to listen. I can easily imagine that calm music might be met with a little kitty approval - it certainly works on calming boisterous children, I found.


Talisman said...

Not exactly related, but I'm not sure where else to put this comment...were you a fan of Amy Winehouse?

I LOVED her music. Very sad.

the_last_name_left said...

I only know a little of her stuff, but I was very impressed. I remember hearing the Rehab one, and being wowed, which happens very rarely these days.

I've heard a few others, enough to know Rehab wasn't a fluke. Very sad, actually, yeah. It seems crazy someone in the limelight can slip away so much.

I did get some things together about socialism for you btw, but clearly I haven't finished the letter addressing all those issues you raised. I guess I've been put-off by the scale of the task......hehe.....and I'm lazy.....and.. Perhaps better for me to just send the socialism stuff, or do some posts on it, and simply say I agree with pretty much all of what you wrote. I did start several replies, but they got long. For brevity's sake, I don't think there's much between us, though I always disagree with everyone over some thing. ;) I did read all the emails, thanks. I had a hiatus, of sorts, I guess - playing piano instead of carrying the weight of the world. Nice for a change.

I just checked and your blog is still there, and seems you have found your blogging feet, as it were. Good stuff. I'll have a read later.

Sorry your post took so long to appear - I had forgotten I had put moderation on.