Saturday, 27 December 2008

rFactor Tutorial 1 - Installing Mods, Tracks, Cars.......

Most mods come in the form of .RAR files: compressed files, which need decompressing before they can be used with rFactor.

So, first of all, download and install WINRAR. Get it here.

--Download a mod. I'll use Legends Cars as an example.

--Save the download somewhere - on your desktop, for example.

--Create a new folder on your desktop - I'll call mine "temp mods".

--Open the RAR by double clicking it.

--Select all the files visible in the rar (CTRL-A), and click-drag them over to your new desktop folder (TEMP MODS in my example.)

--Once the RAR finishes extracting - closes the RAR - and open your rFactor installation folder. If you can't find the folder, find the shortcut you usually use to run rFactor, and right click it, select PROPERTIES and then click the button saying "FIND TARGET". The rFactor installation folder will open.

--Compare the two folders you now have open: the temp mods one, and the rFactor one.

--By comparing the two folders, we can see the folder structure of "temp mods" is repeated in the rFactor folder.

This is the crucial point - to find the right place in the rFactor folder for the mod folders.

In the example, we can see Legends Cars has 3 folders - GAMEDATA, RFM, and UIDATA. We can also see those folders in the rFactor folder. Hence, we have found the right place to put our mod files.

So select all the files in the TEMP MODS folder. Cut, or copy them all (CTRL-A, then CTRL-X to cut).

--Paste the files into the rFactor folder (CTRL-V).

You'll be asked if you want to overwite files etc - just answer "YES".

And that, is it.

Run rFactor - and Legends Cars will now be available in the game.

If you don't have enough money to buy a car, enter a race weekend, and in the chatbox, type ISI_BABYFACTORY, and press "ENTER". Quit the race, and your credits should go up to a few billion or so.


Often track mods don't have a full folder structure - you only get the track folder itself. For example, you open the RAR and get a folder called, ZOLDER.

In this case, you need to navigate to the right place in rFactor - and it's here:


Use the same method as above for the Legend Mod, except make sure you paste the new track folder ZOLDER into the right place in the rFACTOR folder ie into the LOCATIONS folder, as shown below.

Here's the RAR file, which needs extracting into the TEMP MODS folder:

Close the RAR, and bring up the rFactor Install folder again. Find the right place in the rFactor folder ie rFACTOR-->GAMEDATA-->LOCATIONS

Cut and paste the Zolder folder into the LOCATIONS folder, as shown below.

And that's it.


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