Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Insight - Bradblog Censorship

Big Dan's Big Blog is frequented by just a few active posters, each of whom seems closely affiliated to BradBlog. At least one of the posters at Big Dan's Blog is a moderator at Bradblog, namely Agent99. (This is the same person whom continually deleted my comments at BradBlog: Agent99 lied that I'd been previously banned, continually deleted my posts and eventually suggested I was "mentally deranged". It seems posting a relevant Guardian article at BradBlog about Obama's Healthcare Reform means one is "mentally deranged". Clearly the issue was really about preventing anyone arguing against the premise that Obama was betraying people, had always meant to, and is in fact, an agent of ThePowersThatBe (jews?))

Whilst checking through the old threads at Big Dan's Big Blog, I came across an interesting post made by Agent99, the moderator at BradBlog.

Agent99 was responding to a request by another poster (at Big Dan's) to "approve" a comment made over at Bradblog:
I don't know why the suddenly over-avid spam filter is picking on you, plunger, and I spent a good deal of time going through the banned list to see if anything in there is causing it. I have my admin window now set to include blacklisted comments so I can approve the ones that get shunted over there wrongly.

Big improvements are looming, but not soon enough to suit me....


99 | Homepage | 12.22.08 - 9:54 pm | #

Agent99's response is quite revealing of the techniques used at BradBlog to suppress commentary they wish to prevent appearing.

It shows the influence of the moderators' own politics on what gets posted, of course, and also the extent to which "approved" members privileged status will inevitably skew the content of comments, and thereby also skew what appears to be the view of "the general public".

How can it be a representative view when only "approved" comments are allowed?

This is quite interesting and ironic in light of how Big Dan's Blog and Bradblog seem to insist that any and all critical comments are the responsibility of the pro-Israeli "Megaphone network", or organised right-wing, fake, grassroots campaigns.

Likewise, Bradblog and Big Dan's Blog, and any number of other such "alternative news sources" believe this sort of censorship and control of opinion is behaviour typical of mainstream media - an (assumed) characteristic which they perpetually condemn.

The self-described "alternative" sources like to pretend they are superior to 'mainstream media' specifically because (so they claim) to offer a wider range of views and give expression to views considered verboten in what they consider to be the "mainstream corporate controlled fascist media'.

[Because the mainstream is all part of "the great conspiracy", don't you know, and stamps out the least voice of the following example, posted by "plunger" at Big Dan's Big Blog illustrates:]
ALL LIES. Media = Jewish-owned and complicit.

plunger | 12.28.08 - 11:43 am | #
Such a view of the mainstream media as strictly controlled and these peoples' "alternatives" being more 'open' is patently untrue: the mainstream media are often far more willing to publish opposing views than are these "alternative" sources; the mainstream reflects a much wider range of opinions than allowed at Prionplanet, Brad'sBlog, Big Dan's Blog, WhatReallyHappened, SmokingMirrors blog, Desertpeace, etc etc. Yet it's these blogs that claim to represent "liberty" and "freedom of speech" and condemn the mainstream for limiting those same things. What a con.


socrates said...

Brad Friedman was an unknown writer-actor type until the two day question. According to Time Magazine, he heard of Brett Kimberlin's reward for whistleblowing leading to an election fraud conviction. He was intrigued and gave him a call. Two days later, Velvet Revolution was formed. Fancy that.

Agent99 came out of nowhere. Her explanation was she wasn't blogging anywhere else. Then she became a BradBlogger. Then she says she offered to help Brad out and he accepted. Those posters at Big Dan's are BradBlog regulars. Like Tinoire and Progressive Independent, they are perhaps some of the most prominent Joos did it bloggers in the fake left-o-sphere. While the Rivero's and Carto's of the world are quite transparent with their anti-semitism, at least we know they are fringe right wingers. Now how such a fringe gained acceptance with these so-called progressive bloggers is the million dollar question.

I would not be surprised if there has been election fraud through electronic voting. However, there are many more facets to election fraud which can be proven, such as with gerrymandering and other racist maneuvers. The BradBlog has served as a convenient strawman, imho.

Basically, Brad is the face man for Brett Kimberlin, a convicted bomber and major drug smuggler. Brett supplied BradBlog with various hoaxes, such as with the Clint Curtis story and more recently with the Spoonamore thing. It was taken up a notch when they claimed that Michael Connell had been threatened by Karl Rove. One of their big schticks is to promote scripts surrounding right wing whistleblowers. It kind of makes sense, as they love to promote the idea that both political parties are virtually the same.

I did really well as Prepostericity at Democratic Underground exposing Kimberlin and the Michael Connell hoax. I did so well that nearly all my posts were deleted. In the election integrity forum, most threads are lucky to get a couple hundred views and ten posts. My thread titled Brett Kimberlin exposed had over 5,000 views and nearly 100 posts before it was totally flushed down the memory hole. A freelance reporter named Joseph Lauria said I had become a player. I even ended up speaking with him on the phone for a couple hours about a rigged internet. The problem with the mainstream media as Joe explained was that a story could have been done if election fraud was proven. Yet, since the story revolved around internet shenanigans, there was no interest.

The only opposition BradBlog allows is from easily debunked right wingers. The script calls for divide and conquer, as if debate within progressive circles is non-existent.

The incestuous ties among that small circle have been documented. Alexandrovna, Kimberlin, Andy Stephenson, Jason Leopold, Jeff Wells and many more dubious names can be directly linked. Wells was actually banned from DU for voting yes in a racist poll. His username was minstrel boy, which sounds racist in its own right. I was very shocked to find out Tinoire is tied to the hip of Velvet Revolution. But it all makes sense now. It should make even more sense that a sophisticated cybersmear script was put in place against me, a nobody from Massachusetts. I was the only person standing up to this group of disinfo tools. Perhaps you got thrown into that mix in an attempt to divide and conquer two of the only people asking tough questions and connecting dots. I knew you'd see stuff going on with Big Dan's place. That's why I informed you of it. I let you in on BradBlog precisely because it can be easily linked to Michael Rivero.

One last idea I'll add in this post is that Agent 99 went after Cindy Sheehan a long time ago. That was around the time that she was being astroturfed as being a media whore. In the second to last Randi Rhodes board, I exposed a hoax that was posted about her doing an interview with Hustler Magazine. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of examples alluding to the idea that the internet is being played.

the_last_name_left said...

There isn't a lot of action going on over at BigDans. THere's only the same few people always posting. So it's small time? BradBlog is busier - and has more renown? As does WRH and Prisonplanet, of course. I suspect PrisonPlanet is by far the busiest of any of these places. Even those places aren't that busy? But the thing is, how many of these small=time places are there, all feeding off the same spiel - all regurgitating the same rubbish - echoing, transmitting.....?

And no, I don't mean to suggest there's no such thing as election/voter fraud, just that it provides an avenue to exploit for enemies of democracy. So - like issues over 911 and Israel/Palestine it requires care in dealing with it.

socrates said...

Yes, it's only a few people. Yet since Agent99 is the only moderator at BradBlog, Friedman owns that crap, imho. And sure, it may be a small place, but you're correct, if you add together all the nickels and dimes, or shillings and pence to ye, that's a lot of zeitgeist change. Uhm, I was actually covering my own tracks with the election fraud thing. Even though I call out Brad and the Speedway Bomber for propagating election fraud hoaxes, it doesn't mean I don't think the elections have been legit. It's like when I go after the Jew haters, I do try to throw up some critiques against the Israeli government for its asymmetrical warfare. That way no one can call me Mossad with a straight face. I made a serious dent into BradBlog's credibility. That's why Agent99 is spinning yourself as me. We have nailed them on many different aspects of astroturfing. They can't push it all under the carpet. There's Brett Kimberlin. There are the election fraud hoaxes. There's the Joos did it crowd who have inside power at BradBlog. I truly believe Brad is playing dumb about all of it. I think Agent99 could very well be Brett Kimberlin, though I admit there is no proof of that. He does have being a serial fabulist on his resume, in addition to the bombings, drug smuggling, and being a suspected murderer and possible pedophile. Unless of course all those people interviewed by Mark Singer lied. Unless all those court documents and news clippings were forged. Aaah. That's what is going on. Everyone is out to get Brett Kimberlin. He's a musician and peace activist who just sold a bit of dope. That's the ticket. {That's the ticket is a phrase from one of our shows Saturday Night Live signifying a brash statement made by a liar. If you've read that line before and didn't know the backstory, there you have it.}