Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Deleted at Big Dan's Big Blog

Here's an example of my comments which have been deleted at Big Dan's Big Blog. All the instances of quotes from "plunger" I had culled from old threads at Big Dan's Big Blog. Plunger is also a contributor to BradBlog, and is on good terms with BradBlog's moderator Agent99, whom also post at Big Dan's Big Blog. Hence the views expressed by Plunger given here can be taken as somewhat representative of those at BradBlog - either that, or the views expressed here are unknown to BradBlog, in which case, Plunger and Agent99 (and any other member of the two blogs) is deceiving BradBlog about their views. Or vice versa, of course.

My comments are in bold. The thread they were deleted from is here.

I should point out that until this point I had been completely civil, and was intent on asking why the Blog owner - Big Dan - was linking to fascist "news" sources, whilst claiming sources such as Chris Bollyn, WhatReallyHappened, DesertPeace and Smoking Mirrors were "anti-fascist". The blog owner deleted at least 30 posts of mine which asked about this issue. Having experienced such censorship, and having spent hours reading through the back-history of threads at Big Dan's I was less inclined to maintain my civility - they simply don't deserve it, such is the preponderance of their hatred, their stupidity, and their service to genuine fascism.

Plunger: "Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

I challenge you to stand that statement up. Where is the least evidence that statement was actually made? I'll tell you - there's no evidence for it having been made.

But that says everything about you - you will accept such obvious tripe as "fact" - and you feed your hate on it. You embrace bullshit to justify your own hate, and to create hate in others. Despicable.
Plunger: "Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, all of them are ON ISRAEL'S PAYROLL. All of them were directly involved in 9/11, and many foreign intelligence services have them dead-to rights, and are blackmailing them."
You just pick things from the air - and say they are true. And thereby your hate is justified. No matter you have no evidence - no matter it's utter bullshit. Which came first - your hatred or your "facts"? Regardless - now they are one and the same: your hate leads your bias, your bias feeds your hate......
plunger: "Bin Laden does not exist."
HAHA - sure. Because you say so? Sure....
plunger: Henry Ford said this........
Charles Lindbergh said this......
Oh really? Like anyone gives a shit what they said? We're supposed to listen to Henry Ford, now, are we? Why? Oh - that's right - because .....errr.......because they confirm your beliefs. Big deal. It doesn't mean anything beyond asserting they *said it*. You believe it if you want to, Mr Gullible.
plunger: "33. The International Jew. By Henry Ford."
Oh - look - a real authority on "the international jew"! Pathetic.
plunger: Patrick Buchanan
Oh - look - listen up people, Buchanan's speaking! Bwahaha.
plunger: Who Rules America? By Dr. William Pierce
Woooaah! What a source that is! National Alliance founder, Nazi William Pierce! Pardon me if I pass? Sheesh. Let's find a Nazi for some "information" on Jews, shall we? HAHA. Facts, plunger, facts! HAHA. It'll be bloody Adolf fucking Hitler next?
plunger: From Adolf Hitler's last Will and Political Testament. Google users enter: Hitler my political testament
Hitler!? Oh yeah - world renowned for his scholarly ojectivity on jews, right.......? You're BATSHIT MAD.
plunger: Benjamin Freedman's 1955 speech
Ben Freedman? Oh lordy! The only jew every anti-semite totally trusts? LOL All the rest are lying snakes, but Freedman's reliable? LOL Believe it if you want. But so what?

Just look at that "range" of sources........?

And you say you're not anti-semitic?

Sure - it's just your sources that are anti-semitic. HAHA You don't fool anyone.
plunger: You will find no writing of mine that condemns the entire country of Israel for anything - ever.


plunger: You insinuate that I paint all Israelis or Jews with the same brush, despite the fact I never have.
That doesn't prevent you fielding a mass of sources whom DO! That's your entire gambit - claim you don't say those things, then field every crazed anti-semite whom does! Like Hitler, like William Pierce, like Lindberg, like Henry Ford, Like Ted Pike, Like AFP, like TBR etc etc. How transparent. That's pure rhetorical trickery on your part.

Plus you employ OBVIOUSLY manufactured quotes such as "We the Jews control America!"


And you do CONTINUALLY say things such as:
plunger: Obama will say nothing, in deference to his true master, the Master of all who are (s)elected to serve Israel's AGENDA.
So pardon me, but your self excuse is frankly disgusting contortion and dissembling.

You don't say such things? RUBBISH!!
plunger: ALL LIES. Media = Jewish-owned and complicit.
One wonders what the point of the word "Jewish" is in that phrasing if it isn't meant to imply what it is obviously meant to imply. Don't give me your bullshit about you NEVER say such things. Combine such words of yours with the quotes and sources you cite and there is simply NO ROOM FOR DEBATE - YOU ARE AN ANTI-SEMITIC HATER. You have a Hitlerite conception of World Jewish Conspiracy - the exact same mobilising myth of Nazism. Your denials are self-delusion, if that. I don't believe you even believe your denials - they are only there for your audience and to provide a peg on which to hang your righteousness.

Your faux rage at being 'cruelly labelled' is pathetic and a travesty to language and definition.
plunger: Israel controls everything inside the US. .....Israel actually controls the launch and targeting codes of the entire US Nuclear arsenal. .....Bottom line - Israel owns the United States - thanks to GHW Bush. None of this is speculation. These are facts.
FACTS?! HAHA You are a disgusting joke and a fraud. I seriously think you are mentally ill.

Look at the vileness running through everything you write?

I have spent more time than I wish to engaged with far-right polemicists, and you are very clearly amongst them. You would be amongst the extreme even at Stromfront.

And don't pretend otherwise - your stupid enraged denials are ridiculous.


From these quotes from Plunger's contributions to Dan's blog, it seems obvious why my posts at BradBlog about Obama's Healthcare Reforms were deleted - I was arguing against the idea that Obama was "serving" some (jewish) conspiracy and instead was dealing with political realities ie I was recognising there was extremely fierce opposition to Obama's proposals rather than agreeing with the (far-right) conspiracy notion that that such disagreement is a pretense designed to deceive the public and prevent them realising there is a monolithic (jewish) conspiracy secretly ruling America.

This makes me wonder whether BradBlog's purpose is essentially the same too: is BradBlog's intent to suggest that there is a conspiracy? They suggest Obama is "betraying" Americans, and always meant to - do they mean to suggest such "betrayal" is on behalf of the (jewish?) conspiracy?

BradBlog also suggest vote fraud is endemic: is BradBlog suggesting such fraud is perpetrated to maintain the (jewish?) conspiracy? Is that BradBlog's intent - or do they just attract an audience which holds such a perspective?

Agent99 is a regular poster at Dan's Big Blog, and, as we have seen, actively ensures Plunger's comments appear at BradBlog using his privileged moderator status there. How much do Agent99's views about a jewish conspiracy reflect those of BradBlog? Is BradBlog's focus on Voter Fraud intended as a means to insinuate a conception of a Hitlerite Jewish World conspiracy into mainstream/progressive discourse? Or just to undermine confidence in what passes as "liberal democracy"? Or do they have a genuine concern for democracy?

I raise this question with the history of Weimar in mind - a crucial factor in the rise of Nazism was the undermining of confidence and faith in the Weimar Republic: before Nazism could gain a hold on the reigns of power, Weimar had to lose legitimacy, and the ensuing crisis opened a vacuum into which Hitler was swept. There were two major, and connected, factors: the loss of legitimacy of Weimar, and belief in a Jewish conspiracy.

It's worth noting that Big Dan defended his use of Willis Carto's AmericanFreePress with the examples that AFP had excellent coverage of vote fraud issues AND of Jewish/Israeli control over America.

Clearly there are obvious reasons why fascists would promote issues over vote fraud and "stolen elections"; 911 being an "inside job"; (Israeli/Jewish) blackmail of American politicians; demonisation of Israel/Jews; jewish control of media, political process, business, banking, etc.

Mainstreaming such views is crucial to the fascist enterprise.


Anonymous said...

What does the word 'fascist' mean to you?

socrates said...

I'd like to quickly point out the difference between election and voter fraud. It's one of the things Brad's actually been good at doing. Election fraud is the proper phrase. Voter fraud is more like if an individual votes more than once or uses fake registrations, that sort of thing. Election fraud would pertain to the more conspiratorial nature of rigged elections. Say like how Stalin said it doesn't matter who votes but who does the counting.

There's a new thread up at BradBlog with piss poor videos of Sibel Edmond's deposition. I can't figure that thing out. It does appear that she did not have to be there despite being subpoenaed {sp?}. The following is just my opinion, but she seems to be selling a song and dance. She was quite fidgety. Her eyes would dart to and fro. Yeah, that's not evidence of anything but my personal opinion. She also doesn't seem to have anything more than allegations. I find it strange how she used to {?} work for the FBI {cointelpro?} and how she has ended up in the "election integrity" world.

Plunger has shown up yet again. He's posted more citings of Michael Rivero.

As for Brad himself, I think he is the good cop to the Jew hating bad cops. He never seems to get into the Joos did it quagmire. But his regulars, most of them at least, are stereotypical tinfoilers. Agent99 likes to refer to herself as a lefty. But she, Big Dan, and those few are circumscribing Rivero and Carto types into the Bradblog world. I think Brad's schtick is to play dumb. When in doubt, he ignores tough questions. He's never explained Brett Kimberlin's past nor of how they truly did hook up.

I agree with your point about how these places are small potatos, but that they add up into some form of contrived zeitgeist.

That's typical of these people to delete. When Tinoire got busted for lying when she said I made up Virgil using the phrase Jewboy, she simply went to the scrub brush.

These people are cheaters. They have been busted with certain affiliations that are clearly bad news. Whether it's Brad linked with Kimberlin, or Agent99 and Big Dan linked to Carto and Rivero, the implications are not that tough to figure out, and it's something you've articulated quite well. No true lefties would ever link to Carto and Rivero.

Larry said...

Hey Turd, Im proud of you. Youre up to 370 hits now--in 18 months. Pretty impressive. Youre now UP to 0.7 hits a day!

GREAT job!

I got 267 hits in ONE DAY just the other day on the 24th.

Hows your "blog" coming Turd? Oh thats right....0.7 hits a day. LOL

the_last_name_left said...

Agent99 is the only moderator at Bradblog? Geez. Astonishing. How on earth does that happen? That doesn't make sense to me.

The Sibel Edmonds testimony? I haven't watched it - nor have I read it. I wanted to see what the comments said to determine if it might be worth it: law bullshit is about as tedious as anything gets.

Judging by the relative dearth of comments last time i looked, it's not so important: it doesn't seem as "explosive" as one might imagine from reading the long comment threads in the build-up. If there were anything "explosive" in her testimony, the comment thread would surely be lively? Not to dismiss it out of hand, because I know nothing about it all, but......such a big deal was made out of the entire thing about her being gagged, and that this testimony would 'blow the whole thing open'....... Could she have refused to testify? Is it impossible she would have preferred not to have done?

[side note - one thing that grates with me, that I became aware of through 911 Troof: people claim 'evidence' about a particular situation to be extremely important - but when the facts about the situation become clearer, and don't stand up the conspiracy, suddenly the situation isn't SO important. It gets discarded. But, you know, if it's important when it's suspected to suggest one thing, why isn't it important when it suggest *not* that thing?]

And what was plunger's angle on Sibel's testimony? That Turkey leads to Israel.....hmmm. Shock! Well, there ya go. But of course, every road leads to Israel, right?

the_last_name_left said...

@Anon: What does fascism mean to me? Well, that's partly what this blog is supposed to be about. Fascism is a difficult thing to pin down - there's a whole literature on it, and it isn't as straightforward to condense as other ideologies: it doesn't have a set of core texts and beliefs etc.

Big brush stylee - and crudely - for me it's Hitler and Mussolini.

As concise as it gets is Prof Griffin's definition of pallingenetic populist ultra-nationalism. Sounds a bit scholarly, but essentially it means Phoenix-like rebirth of the (our) nation. That's a theme I find powerfully expressed throughout American "alternative" media - the patriot movement, 911 Troof, etc. Phoenix-like rebirth of our nation holds the kernel of conspiracy and of racism. That's a very powerful description considering the extreme concision. That's a form of definition which 911 Troof, WRH, Prisonplanet, Big Dan's Blog etc totally fail to recognise. Indeed - they exhibit the characteristics of such a definition.

I also hold in mind the (trostksy?) notion of fascism as extreme reaction of bourgeois capitalism against working class and socialism - called upon in times of crisis. Even though the bourgeoisie is threatened by fascism, it isn't as threatening as socialism. Again, that's an aspect of definition which 911 Troof, WRH, Prisonplanet et al fail to express - that the bourgeoisie is itself threatened by fascism - even though it might call upon it in preference to socialism.

I don't much care for the extremely crude definition that has become very popular - Mussolini's ghost written effort - of fascism as corporate and state interests combining. That's far too simplistic - and why believe Mussolini when he speaks about himself and 'his' movement? That's like defining socialism by what Stalin said. Or capitalism according to a single quote from Adam Smith, or Ricardo.

Mussolini's famous quote could apply to every modern state....and to a degree every state that's ever existed. It's so crude that it allows abuse. Notably, the Mussolini definition is the one that always gets rehearsed throughout 911 Troof, WRH, Prisonplanet, Big Dan's Blog etc.

I think Umberto Eco's "14 ways to spot a blackshirt" is useful too.

On a more personal level, I find it deeply repulsive in all sorts of ways, particularly the US and THEM perspective. I loathe the way it utilises and propagates hate, the way it divides as it unites a pseudo-distinct people. I loathe the aggression it embraces - the nationalism - the competition - the crudity - the violence - the difference.

I recognise (and fear) its appeal too: it's far simpler and more animalistical in its appeal than socialism, which requires a certain elevated sort of ethic, a commitment to science, to love, all-embracing brotherhood. Fascists could claim those things too,'s an appeal more akin to the wife-beater saying he loves his wife.

I'm quite happy to accept it is a difficult concept to pin down - that's why I find it worrying people throw it around so readily. I do try to avoid doing that, but doubtless I can be guilty of it. However, when people embrace the views of Nazis, there's little doubt about what they are really about, as difficult as the exact definition of what that is might be. Nobody with a sophisticated and developed ethic can embrace Hitlerite fantasies. Nobody with an all-embracing view of humanity and nature can either. Similarly, no-one who has experience of people who do embrace Hitelerite fantasies can be left without the impression that such people are "not very nice" and that no real good is going to come of it.

the_last_name_left said...

@Larry - AND anonymous

Larry has 15 stories at his blog about "fascism".

What does "fascism" mean to Larry?

We won't get an answer.

Anon - why not go and ask him too? See if he gives an answer, or if just deletes your comment, or even disables all comments?

And Anon - please tell us if you do ask him, and if not, why not?

socrates said...

Maybe Larry will just go away. He was looking a bit better when he showed that TLNL used some salty sailor talk at Prison Planet, but his turd and moron comments are stale. It actually doesn't matter what the readership numbers are. As long as content remains on the net, there is always the potential for such info to be circulated. That's what happened with the mysterious S. Boyle.

You see, TLNL, these people never answer the real questions we pose. Big Dan, when you first arrived at his dive, invited you to discuss with them how bad sources can have good information. That's the closest he came to answering your questions about Carto and Bollyn. These people are cheaters. They are all tied to each other. They act dumb when it's convenient. When the few of us show up as modern day gadflies, they say we are the same person and mentally deranged. Then when they are beaten down in debate, they delete.

This explains why Tinoire never mentions the military intelligence thing anymore. It's why Brad never discusses the truth about Brett Kimberlin. You made tons of connections in your cybersleuthing. I did in mine. Combine them together, along with other pockets of awareness, and the truth is clear cut.

Yes, BradBlog's only moderator is Agent99. {By the way, not sure if it matters, but Carmenjonze from the Randi Rhodes Board used to sign off as Agent 99 also. Of course, that's another place that has been totally deleted.}

There are just so many strange things. Plunger, like you said, was all over Israel in the Edmonds thread. I too thought there'd be more comments. It kind of hit the skids at 35. I haven't checked again today. Sibel shows up for a quick thank you for all you do Brad comment. I no longer think she is even that cute. I don't like fake lefties who smell like corporate whenches. It smells like if anything about her story adds up, say like with a lesbian blackmail thing, that she was given that info by black op FBI, i.e. modern day cointelpro. {continued}

socrates said...

Maybe these tabloid angles are no longer garnering interest like they did in the past. You know that phrase fool me once, twice, three times the lady, oops, that's a Lionel Ritchie song, but I think you know what I mean. And back to web hits and comments. There's no way to know whether a unique hit is a real person or some robot program. From my forum, I can see once in a while that a lot of the guests are just bullshit spammers. I'm not sure why they keep showing up. So they must be robots and spiders, whatever the latter are, I was never bothered enough to figure out what a spider is.

Sorry for rambling. This is just too much for only a few people to cover. We do the best we can of course. But it's like think about it this way. It takes a lot of time for each of us to get the other to even know what we are talking about. I had never heard of Larry. You'd never heard of Kimberlin or Biggie Big Dan. Maybe you knew of Plunger. What people in general probably realise is the non-stop bullshit circulating around Israel and anti-semitism. But they don't know the inside connections, of say, how Maynard, Rivero, Piper Collins, Carto can be linked to Tinoire and Jeff Wells, and then to Andy Stephenson, Ben Burch, Brad Friedman, Kimberlin, the list is actually kind of endless, folks like Leopold and Alexandrovna can be thrown into the mix. The funniest part of this to me is how the numbnuts keep going on about how Huffington and others are ignoring the story. Ironically, or not, Edmonds spoke of being a citizen journalist.

Hmmm. Brad speaks of being the media. I forget where I read it, maybe through an interview with Don Harkins, but the key to the disinfo racket is through individual so-called alternative domains, like say his bullshit place and then there was the Alaska Free Press, where the cybersmear script emerged in its full idiocy. I think I will make another post after this one, to show yet another slice of the seemingly synthetic manufacturing of convolution. The biggest impediment to me is the sheer volume of crap which is produced. When the moderating is rigged everywhere except for small places like here, we are forced into a pockets of awareness strategy. But make no mistake about it, TLNL. We have certainly made a damaging blow on this. Otherwise, there would be no sophisticated cybersmear script, there would be none of this wholesale scrubbing and pruning. Just think about Virgil using the phrase Jewboy, and how Tinoire banned me for exposing that. {continued}

socrates said...

Think about how she's only mentioned once that she was military intelligence, and how she did it at a right wing forum dedicated to Ronald Reagan. Things pretty much all add up for me at this point. The dark side keeps going back to the same tired cybersmear script, as exemplified with Agent99's recent calling of you being me. They are desperate. I think anonymous may have attempted to get this specific thread off topic. I suspect anonymous is Agent99 or Big Dan or something like that. Ok, I'll try to get some links for you and another post. I think I've found another strange connection.

socrates said...

The sheer volume of nonsense on the internet is the #1 reason I believe this is the deliberate result of modern day cointelpro. In theory, the net should have become a positive force for social change. It is clear, however, that it isn't. The dark side can say we are jealous of others' apparent success, but I sincerely believe that most of it has been rigged.

I am gonna through this post supply yet another example of a planted rabbit hole, and how it all leads back to this incestuous network of fakes. We know that Jeff Wells and Tinoire are tied to the hip. We now know that it must be a very big hip, as it also includes Brett Kimberlin Productions and many other zeitgeist fabricators such as Rivero and Carto.

I was lurking the mind fock known as Rigorous Intuition. I don't suggest people do that, for it clearly is a disinfo spam palace. But I did notice something very strange, and it is part and parcel of the Joos as illuminati World Controller bullshite.

Did anyone save DreamsEnd's post on Ghost Troop/Eric May?

There is as much rabbit hole in this one, as I've ever seen. It leads into something about a Theresa Duncan. It includes the Johnny Gosch is Jeff Gannon thing, which was something from years ago promoted by Jeff Wells and Andy Stephenson. One of the editors from Raw Story, Ron Brynaert, was knee deep in the cybersleuthing of Jeff Gannon. It's like how we both think this new Sibel Edmonds story doesn't add up to a hill of beans due to a relative dearth of comments. Back in the day, the alternative blogosphere went nuts over Gannon and the tangents. So perhaps by gaging the responses, one can tell whether a script is meant to go far or whither away.

Anyway, one can follow that link and end up at a million other ones. There was this dude named Captain Eric May who clearly is disinformation centered around Joos as illuminati world dominators. This link I found through surfing the top one will take you to an interview he did with the Lone Star Iconoclast.

This now makes more sense to me. A few months ago I wrote a thread on Cindy Sheehan being pushed under the bus by so-called progressives, which is reminiscent of Agent99 having done the very same thing. So basically, Cindy Sheehan's ideas and capacity to instill positive, social change were co-opted {circumscribed} and then perverted by this group. If one goes to my thread, they will see how Brett Kimberlin and BradBlog have a special relationship with that Texas newspaper. They will see how the fake lefties have brought the Willis Carto-Michael Rivero type shite into the fake left-o-sphere. We see how Tinoire and BradBlog have done it. Years later we can now understand how this network is bigger than imagined. I'd say it is not a coincidence that the disinfo is leading to Texas. I can now see why the sophisticated cybersmear script was created. Seeing that we are two of the only few people trying to expose how the Joos did it and everything else script, that explains why we are still being astroturfed as being mentally deranged and the same person to boot. {To boot means in addition, not the trunk of a car. :) }

Cindy Sheehan Thrown Under the Bus by Fake Progressives

Anonymous said...

"Nobody with a sophisticated and developed ethic can embrace Hitlerite fantasies. Nobody with an all-embracing view of humanity and nature can either."

I'm having trouble meshing your above statements with reality :(

“We believe as much in the purity of race as we think they do, only we believe that they would best serve these interests, which are as dear to us as to them, by advocating the purity of all races, and not one alone."


socrates said...

The disinfo is working overtime. First they say Owens was enamoured with Hitler in the olympics. Now they are saying Gandhi was a racist. They spread their bullshit that right and left are the same while asking you to give a definition for fascism. I wonder why any of them other than Larry would be bothered to read and post here. They will burn in hell, no doubt.

the_last_name_left said...

Lotta stuff to respond to - forgive me if i only address a little.

Capy May - ghost-troop, yes, I've come across that whacko before.

That interview is 'interesting' - though it's full of crap. I laughed at this: "Sir, if Ghost Troop had not been working Mission 911-2B, World War III would have started by now.

Good lord - what a dick.

All that stuff in his background - dodgy - but even so, it takes him until 2003 to realise anything is amiss? LOL. Oh - the poor army is being discredited etc - ahhhh - bullshit. These peeps always say that stuff.....but screw your "glorious army".

This bit too: So I took a thousand mile bike ride to Ft. Stewart to confirm the battle. When I got there, after three weeks of riding, Ft. Stewart officials told me that there was a cover up, and then I knew that the Constitution was in the tank.

Oh wow - 1000 miles in 3 weeks! WTF? was he cycling? If so, he's stupid if it's a matter of import. 3 weeks! I can do 1000 in a day by car on holiday. joke.

God - he's full of himself. Him and Kimberlin would make a right pair.

The Iconoclast is one of VR’s affiliates.

Ah - small world. lol

Fuck - it's a small world! haha

The sheer volume of nonsense on the internet is the #1 reason I believe this is the deliberate result of modern day cointelpro.

Well, there's a lot of idiots abroad too? :) weird how all these places keep showing up tho.

Cindy still honing her protest craft.

As you did, I find that phrasing offensive/weird.

the_last_name_left said...

@anon - re ghandi's racism

India has a caste system. Ghandi was racist, at least in his earlier life? what? That makes him a fascist, you reckon? Or just a racist?

Does evidence of Ghandi's racism imply it's ok then? Is Ghandi the standard?

@Larry - you're looking at profile views to determine hits?

I'm surprised it's 380 tbh.

I always like to see people who denigrate the public as "sheep" brag about their own popularity. ;)

socrates said...

Maybe one poster on the BradBlog thread from a few days ago is a lefty with criticism, although I don't remember him saying that. A right leaning person predictably showed up to say kind of what I have, that this seems to be nothing new under the sun. Others have shown up to quote Michael Rivero and Wayne Madsen. Brad has also come up with a new entry praising a right wing paper for taking this story seriously. The image presented is that Brad covers the stories no one else will. Brad praises yet another former CIA agent, some dude named Giraldi. He has had good relations in the past with another disinfo spook named Larry Johnson. He is also very close with Alexandrovna and Leopold, both known for having the same kind of inside pull with former and perhaps even current spooks and who have written up their own fair share of hoaxes. I'm proud to have done my part in exposing Brad Friedman as being a disinformation hack, one who could very well be employed by a network of disinformation fakes.

the_last_name_left said...

"Happy Springtime (Bush Is Over)"

Kimberlin is obviously a genius.

socrates said...

I realise I came up with a classic chunk of absolute rabbit hole. But yes, you picked up my main point, that Velvet Revolution and The Lone Star Iconoclast are close and that they both can now be tied into some apparent scam to bait and switch Cindy Sheehan, to cointelpro her or snitchjacket or whatever the fock the right term is. That Jeff Wells and Tinoire are also mired in the same utter bullcrapola. And yes, your point about it being an amazingly small world is one of the other major points I was trying to make. Like Sibel Edmonds is now involved in an "election integrity" story. Give me a break. Hey, even Wayne Madsen has been a big supporter of Tinoire's. He claims to be ex-NSA. Small frickentacular world indeed.

socrates said...

Yeah, Kimberlin stole John Lennon's song. He makes me want to puke. I'm glad to have posted some of the only stuff exposing him for the Julia Scyphers story, the pedophilia, and a bunch of other stuff. I am very proud to have wiped grins off the faces of douchebags like Brad Friedman, Tinoire, Jeff Wells, and many others.

the_last_name_left said...

there's actually only about 10 of us on the internet?


all those domains - all that bullshit.

Something I'm gonna go sleep on. LOL

Take it easy.

socrates said...

There's only a couple of us who do what we do, question the internet zeitgeist in a realistic manner. Others have done it but mostly in dodgy ways. Fintan Dunne is no regular nobody. They have nothing on us. We have simplistic blogs from the heart. I don't think you are Mossad, and I doubt you're putting a real dent into 9/11 awareness. I basically don't think either one of us is gonna prove or disprove what happened on that day. You'd be much more prominent, if you were running cover for the so-called inside job. I think you even admit there are some enigmatic elements to that inquiry. They've got nothing on me, seeing that I give a realistic presentation for chemtrails, for whatever that's worth. So it's not like you are arguing that Israel's activities are kosher, and I'm not going nutsoid with my ideas about weather modification. I sincerely don't believe there are too many like us, who spinned a hobby and it became bigger than who we are as individuals. It's all in the content. You showed me a lot about Bank Index, Rivero, Maynard, and other stuff. My stuff on Kimberlin can be verified. Linking Tinoire to him is iron-clad. The only thing these buggers have on us is that there are only the few of us. So they call us the same person and mentally deranged, even when things like The Iconoclast being buddies with Kimberlin and Brad, along with them interviewing some nimrod named Captain May spinning Joos did it illuminati nonsense. It's a fairly clear picture to me at this point. The tea has brewed, so to speak. Bush is over. Fuck Brett Kimberlin. Man, if you ever want to read a good true crime story, Singer's book is as good as any of them, well, maybe not as good as Truman Capote's In Cold Blood, but there are a lot of fascinating nuggets in there not available on the net because it was written in 1996. Like Kimberlin was some form of genius, a licensed pilot at 16. In prison he became a prolific jailhouse lawyer. He even became one of the best weightlifters in the country pound for pound. I think he only weighs about a buck 20, that's about 8 stone if my Euro math is working. He didn't even sell the pot to Dan Quayle. And yes, you read some of the fascinating crap he thought through the Boston Phoenix article. I think he probably did some serious drugs while his brain was still forming causing some serious damage, as in it turned him into some kind of pathological liar. What a waste. But yes, you take it easy too. I think we done good. You're not a hald bad bloke for a moron turd... just kidding. I was channeling Laura Sign of the nutjob Times channeling our good buddy Larry.