Monday, 3 August 2009

AmericanFreePress - Alexa's Related Links

Alexa lists related websites.

The websites related to (Willis Carto's) are

* 1.

* 2.
Mike Rivero's Whatreallyhappened

* 3.
The Jeff Rense Program

* 4.
Alex Jones’ Prison Planet

* 5.
Alex Jones' Infowars

* 10.
Willis Carto's The Barnes Review



Alexa Internet uses crawling, archiving, categorizing, and data mining techniques to build the Related Links lists for millions of Web URLs. One technique used is to analyze links on the crawled pages to find related sites. The day-to-day use of the Alexa service and Related Links by all Alexa users also helps build and refine the data. By looking at high-level trends within the millions of URL "paths" created by Alexa users, we can deduce relationships between Web sites.

Finally, once all of the relationships are established and the links are checked, the top Related Links for each URL are automatically chosen by looking at the strength of the relationship between the sites. Alexa Internet recrawls the Web on a regular basis and rebuilds the data to pull in new sites and to refine the relationships between the existing sites. New sites with strong relationships to a site will automatically appear in the Related Links list for that site by displacing any sites with weaker relationships.

Please note that.....relationships between sites are based on strength.....



Anonymous said...

is one of your aims to dissuade people from visiting riveros site ?

the_last_name_left said...

Good question. I'd never thought about it, tbh.

I'd like him to at least be honest about his sources. And his views.

I'd love it if he was actually providing his audience with good material, not the hateful far-right crap he's dishing out all the time.

I wish he'd publish reams of socialist

I wish people who did visit his place atm would regard it with the scorn it deserves. It doesn't look too different from the Völkischer_Beobachter to me.

the_last_name_left said...

So what's the connection between AFP and these places, Larry?

You must know - you link to AFP too. And you're published by Alex Jones' PrisonPlanet.

What's the connection?