Saturday, 22 August 2009

Bittersweet Symphony

Had to change the link - they'd stopped the embedding at the official Verve channel.


Slave to the money, then you die...........

I can change.........i am here in my mode........but i'm a million different people from one day to the next. I can't change my mode, no,no,no,no

I love this song, and the video too. The video reminds me of being young, and my own attitude to life - pushing aside convention without respect. And whilst I was so many different people in one moment to the next, I couldn't change - no, no, no, no.

I love the unexpected shouldering of old women - what could be a more profound but still gentle rejection of the most basic precepts? It isn't about throwing old women to the ground though. obviously? :D

It's the attitude of shrugging everything off that I like - whilst it's still done with only a gentle bump. It's outrageous behaviour, but it's still done with a relative gentleness, considering the depth of rejection.

Where was it filmed? It reminds me of walking through New York at 23 or so. A buzz. Nirvana were everywhere - everywhere.

Someone asked me if I was David Bowie - successful attempt at flattery.

I take the you down the only road I ever been down........

A bittersweet symphony................that's life.......

I like his conviction in the video - he just walks away. Bumps everyone off, and walks on. I like that. I'm not like that - I don't think.

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