Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Typical PrisonPlanet Crap....errrr...Accuracy

UK Government To Install Surveillance Cameras In Private Homes

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, August 3, 2009

The UK government is about to spend $700 million dollars installing surveillance cameras inside the private homes of citizens to ensure that children go to bed on time, attend school and eat proper meals.

No you aren’t reading a passage from George Orwell’s 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, this is Britain in 2009, a country which already has more surveillance cameras watching its population than the whole of Europe put together.

Now the government is embarking on a scheme called “Family Intervention Projects” which will literally create a nanny state on steroids, with social services goons and private security guards given the authority to make regular “home checks” to ensure parents are raising their children correctly.

Telescreens will also be installed so government spies can keep an eye on whether parents are mistreating kids and whether the kids are fulfilling their obligations under a pre-signed contract.

OOOOOO - scary!! Right? Shame it's total bullshit.
Asked on Twitter if this was true, cabinet minister Ed Balls said it was “complete and total nonsense”.

When prompted further, Kerry McCarthy MP replied on twitter saying: “We already have the Family Intervention Project in Bristol. No CCTV cameras in their homes! Have a look at this:”

In other words the government has launched a Family Intervention project which is currently being trialled in Bristol.

She added later: “Yes if you read Express report, that’s what it says. Scheme already exists, Bristol was one of earliest pilots.”

And then: “It’s the same project The first comment on Express site says it all – these are families from hell. No CCTV as Ed said.”

And finally: “If u write off such families, it continues thru generations, downwards spiral – only intensive intervention works.”

It’s unclear where the Sunday Express got the idea that families were to be put under 24 hours CCTV surveillance.

Paul Watson is a disgrace. Why believe anything he writes? If he makes such patently false and absurd claims about a simple thing, why believe him about 911 or anything else? And stealing rubbish from the Daily Express is hardly "writing".

I liked this comment from elsewhere: Ed Balls has also proposed legislation to take gullible out of the dictionary (at a cost of one billion pounds, obviously).

Ah - Journalism! Gotta love it, eh Watson?

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