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Odd Sponsor (?) of

What an odd website.

But what an especially odd website to be sponsoring other peoples' websites.

These people appear to be advertising at WRH. Maybe Rivero gives advertising space away? Or maybe conspiracycards just have more money than they know what to do with? Or maybe it's something else........

The website is

It's registered through every hokey site's favourite proxy registrar - godaddy. Never have guessed, would you? [For those that don't know, godaddy allows registration of domain names via a proxy - so unlike any other regular registrar, nobody can tell who actually registered the sire name. Good for keeping your anonymity.....but why would anyone really want that?]

Check out the website - it's just weird. The basic premise appears to be selling "information cards" - with information about various conspiracies. They claim these are useful aids to conversations.....or something.

Click on the CARDS link, and it says
We hope this page will showcase published Conspiracy Cards sometime in the near future.
So the cards are not even available yet. But it does say
Sign up now and we'll let you know when these cards become commercially available or buy the CD which has over 150 cards in both high quality ready to print yourself and optimized JPGs to email to friends. We all need to get the word a Truth Trooper now and help yourself by helping others and the people you care about wake up. Good Luck !

This is a limited time offer. Buy your cards on CD now while you still can. $22.50
The image admits they're "concept form" only:

Packaging Concepts for Conspiracy Cards (Work in Progress)

Soooooo, why would you even want these cards?

They say:
We realize after much research that in order to reach people with crucial information they need know it is essential to be armed with more than just your word. As you may have experienced it can be quite difficult to engage conversation within these topics. You can hand someone a DVD, but they may never watch it. You can recommend particular books, but they may never read them. What better way to illustrate your concerns than to hand them a card on whatever topic you need to introduce or would like to debate? We don't expect people to just suddenly believe simply by reading a few controversial facts on these cards. It is our intent that these powerful cliff notes will initiate their curiosity to look in to these facts even further for themselves. No doubt some people may refute these facts at first and will try to debunk them...this is good, and may just encourage them to actually research for themselves and consequently leading them on their own road to awakening.

If you're a Truther and are trying hard to wake people up... be prepared and arm yourself with ConspiracyCards.
Errr......right. Brilliant concept - lol - and not even up and running properly. Yet. But some time soon. They hope.

Until they get their card concepts fully worked up, what can you do in the meantime??
But What Can I Do?

This is probably the most common reply when people first wake up. Well you made the first step towards making a difference by educating yourself and arming yourself with the truth. If everyone knew what was really going on we wouldn't be in this predicament.

if you're visiting this site for the first time...learn !!! Then tell two friends and tell those friends to tell two friends and guess what? We'd all know this shit by now and *Their* New World Order agenda would crumble like a house of Cards. So please spend as much time as you'd like on this site and learn, but don't stop there...spread the word, It's our only hope.

Bookmark this site and send the link to 2 friends...let's start our own pyramid for truth!
Wow! Wake up - and.....bookmark the site. Hmm. Radical man. Not exactly a fully worked-out plan, is it?

They also say:
If you like what we do, please donate $1-$5-$10-$20. We try to survive from donations. Any amount helps and is appreciated.
Donate? What for? To help sustain their crappy website? Which sells "conspiracycards"? Which don't exist yet? Buy, or donate? Eh?

They say
"Click here to see the first prototype cards"
The prototype cards? So they don't exist? But you can buy a CD with them on........for $22.50........and it's a non-profit website? Eh?

they have a link to seemingly buy a Mike Rivero action figure:

Note it says "concept". And when you go to the page it says:
Mike Rivero is based in Hawaii and is a well know Truther who has been fighting the New World Order and revealing the truth on many crucial topics for more than fifteen years. Needless to say Mike most definitely deserves his own Action Figure as well as a Patriot Pack Card. These images below are Photoshop concepts I created to honor Mike Rivero as the Truth Trooper Hero he truly is. No they are not real, but maybe someday ... who knows? Enjoy !
EH? So they're just "concept artwork"? And the point of that is what? These people are having a love-in for Rivero, AND they sponsor his website? Is that for real? LOL

Clicking "about us" brings this message: is a small outfit dedicated to revealing the truth behind many conspiracies pertaining chiefly to the New Word Order. Our staff will Bend Over backwards to ensure the information presented in these cards is accurate and up to date as best we can. Should new evidence come forward...we will not hesitate to make the proper corrections. Our only goal is simply the pursuit of truth and to inform the public on how they can best prepare or avoid any possibilities that might endanger their lives.

We are not coerced, paid or bribed to bring you this crucial information. We have a genuine concern for the state of our world today and hope that the information we present can awaken the public to the secret agendas that intend to destroy our quality of life as we know it.

Our focus is to offer concise information concerning issues that may effect your immediate or long term health. It is not our intention to confuse the issues with topics for sheer entertainment value. Many of these topics are controversial and we strongly encourage everyone to research fully and from as many sources as possible.
Eh? If people pay for the cards then surely are being paid to bring people this information?

Don't you love the "accurate and up to best we can..."? LOL.

The usual guff is in there - global warming is a hoax, they're coming to get your guns, 911 - of course, etc etc etc.

Some of the adverts are perhaps more revealing - Gun Owners of America - Alex Jones' Prisonplanet - Midas Resources (Ted Anderson/Alex Jones gold selling shenanigan)

But remember, you can buy a CD, with the jpgs on! Woohoo. Amazing. Print them out yourself! Hmmm. WTF? For $22.50? Who in hell is gonna buy them? And yet they are sponsoring WRH?

This rubbish is generating funds sufficient to sponsor other peoples' websites?

How? It's just not credible?

It looks amateurish as hell. It has a page on getting off the grid. Go to the page and it says
"More tips on how you can survive off the Grid coming soon"
And just a load of hokey videos off of And some more adverts for various conspiracy site junk. Hmmm.

It says : is more than just cards for curious entertainment. It's an Awakening center with Conspiracy Cards of crucial information that can save your life. Open your mind and learn what the Illuminati don't want you to know concerning their Depopulation agenda using False Flag operations to herd you and your family to a FEMA camp to be executed or injected with a lethal Vaccine that will give you the Avian/Swine Flu rather than prevent it. Learn about the Bilderberg Group and how JFK warned people before he was assassinated for not going along with the New World Order.

These factual Conspiracy Cards are specifically designed to inform you of very important issues to which you may not be aware. But don't expect to see these topics discussed or debated in traditional media such as TV or newspapers. Most all media sources are owned by very powerful groups who have no intention of divulging the truth. Why?...well we hope to clarify their agenda and explain their motives with these factual cards... that may just save your life.

This site does not require a membership nor any fees to access the crucial information within. All we ask is that you learn and share the information. This is a non profit venture done out of urgent concern for the future of mankind. However donations are very much appreciated and would help fund the continuation of this project. Thank You !
Non-profit? Hmmm. I bet it is. So how can they sponsor WhatReallyHappened? They sell "conspiracycards - which aren't available yet, only on CD as jpegs - and yet they're "non-profit"? Do they know they aren't going to make a profit on the cards? What if the cards (heaven forbid) actually took off and they made a fortune? Eh? Doesn't make sense.

They have a pile of adverts, sorry I mean information, which lead to - frequent and prolific sponsors of Alex Jones' Prionplanet.

Cannabis cures cancer! Reich's Orgone! Quantum nonsense! Pages and pages of such rubbish......

Who We Are
links to a page with a picture of Ron Paul, Aaron Russo and Alex Jones. Eh?
If you have learned valuable information that served as a warning or that may have enhanced your life or health...what is that worth ?
$1 - $10...every donation counts and is appreciated to help sustain this website and our efforts. Thank You !
Sheesh.......what information?
For more information feel free to look into it for yourself.
Oh - thanks! Look into it yourself! What is this crap? Why are adverts for it at WhatReallyHappened?

What springs to my mind are the claims made my NewYorkTimes about fake grassroots websites which resurfaced recently in light of the anti-Obama campaign to prevent healthcare reform.

It seems to me to be a pretty obvious way to channel funds to "conspiracy" (read right-wing extremist) websites - take out advertising, for crap or non-existent products as a means to funnel money to politically sympathetic websites. How does anyone know who is behind the firms that sponsor all these far-right conspiracy websites? The websites are under no obligation to say.....and if the advertisers are registered through GoDaddy proxy registrar system, how could anyone find out who owns them or if they are legit?

Seems very odd.

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