Monday, 24 August 2009

Banned from Big Dan's Big Blog

LOL - what a surprise.

I'll post the "dialogue" that led to it later.

Brief synopsis - they suggested AFP et al were "good sources of information".

Denial of knowledge about Willis Carto, AND suggestion that because Carto is "an anti-semite" then my purpose was to defend Israel - I must be a zionist, mossad, etc etc.

Suggestion that I was Socrates - wrong. Suggestion I was the person banned from Bradblog earlier - correct. (I posted from my default IP, as I had done initialy at Bradblog.)

Then they flooded the thread with irrelevant stuff about Israel/zionism/jews.

I was asked if I was a zionist. My suggesting the question is totally irrelevant but very revealing about them is, of course, reason to confirm that I must be.

Then they banned me.

Progressives huh? Defending AFP as a "good source of information" whilst suggesting Chris Bollyn (formerly of AFP) was "anti-nazi", and whilst condemning the NewYorkPost for being "NAZI"

They really are badly deluded or dishonest nazi sympathisers. what other option is there?

And whilst I am supposedly part of some organised network of zionist shills, the thread was flooded with responses denouncing me. Where did they all come from so quickly? If there's any network it's working against what I was trying to say - my viewpoint was the solitary voice, I was the one whom was banned.


I have a few copies of the dialogue, need to sort the format before posting it. I'm interested to see if anything is deleted, and what it is (if anything).

ETA --- Agent99(?) seems to have posted this in that thread:

Danny, you got yerseff the Giant Haystacks, Auntie Semite, Socrates, and any other name he can dream up asshole who's made himself extremely unpopular all over the net. He comes in loaded for bear, armed with a bunch of different proxy servers and non-viable email addresses, and screen names. The instant you ban one set, he pops up with another.

I advise you to keep at it as long as he does or yer apt to find yourself wishing to stop blogging.

Interesting. That's quite a leap that they can put together usernames I have used - I did use Giant Haystacks at Bradblog - and I used "Auntie Semite" at Prisonplanet. (I have never used Socrates anywhere.)

They put that together within a few posts of mine at Big Dan's Big Blog. So Bradblog seems closer to Prisonplanet than they'd like be known, I imagine. Certainly some of the same people are visiting both, at least. Maybe they are sharing more - like IP addresses? Nevertheless - that shows at least some continuity between someone/some people at Bradblog, BigDans' and Prisonplanet. Kinda surprising on the face of it, but not if the accusations that they're all succouring fascism, and are essentially all the same group are true.

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