Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Economic Crisis - John Bellamy Foster

Real wages in USA in 2007 are the same as 1967.

The top 1% of the population owns over 2 times as much wealth as the bottom 80%.

In financial wealth alone, 1% of the population owns over 4 times the wealth of the bottom 80%.

Between 1950-1970, for every additional dollar made by those in the bottom 90% of income-earners, the top 0.01% earned an additional $162.

From 1980 - 2002, for each additional dollar made by the bottom 90% of income-earners, the top 0.01% made $18,000.


But Alex Jones insists "redistribution of wealth" is "communist trash". And his posse believe him. Morons.


Larry said...

I just found out that The Turd used to be a 9-11 TROOFER!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! What happened Turd? Someone do you wrong in the movement? Did PrisonPlanet BAN you? Did they refuse to make you a writer??? Awwww, what happened??


socrates said...

This guy is a troll. His post has nothing to do with inequality. He's just trying to ruin this blog. I'm sick of all the Sept. 11th conspiracy crap. I'm sick of this Larry guy. You can have your fun and post with him. I have better things to do. These guys are disinfo fockers. Why are you letting this fucking piece of shit loser post here? You think anyone with any values wants to be around somone this nasty? I'm done with this website as long as he is here and you engage with him.

the_last_name_left said...

S: Why are you letting this fucking piece of shit loser post here?

Giving him enough rope to hang himself.

Just ignore him?

S: You think anyone with any values wants to be around somone this nasty?

I'm sure they don't. I don't.


I think Bellamy-Foster raises a crucial point, and it's the one which Jones and his crones avoid - that capitalism has structural problems (which will persist however many jews they off). It isn't degenerate (ie jewish capitalism) that is to blame - it's capitalism itself.

On top of that, there's the massive inequality that's accelerated hugely over the last 30 years. Complaints about such inequality are dismissed by jones and his crones as "communist trash".

Like Rivero, Jones condemns "socialism" - and communist trash - but nevertheless persists with his attacks on "elitism".

So, if equality is communist trash......and Jones + Rivero support Ron Paul's free-market and capitalist fundamentalism......what of these "elites"?

The implication is clearly that the problem is "degenerate" capitalism? The problems of capitalism are because of "the elites" and their insufficiently "pure" brand of capitalism?

To me that reflects a Hitlerite position. It only takes a nudge to move from speaking about "degenerate capitalism" and "an elitist conspiracy" to speaking about "jewish capitalism" - and jewish elites forming "a world jewish conspiracy" (the basic Hitlerite fantasy.)

The convergence between the two things is right there.
As to what to do about Larry the psycho.......hmmm. I'll have to consider moderating comments, and moving all his rubbish. Obviously I don't want to do that, really - but Larry is proving he's incapable and undeserving of community. He certainly deserves reining in, having posted nothing of worth - just bullshit and insult.

So.....we'll see.

Larry said...

And yet ANOTHER blog I OWN! I RUN your blog, not you! I run Dave Willis' blog. I run several blogs now because they have resorted to comment moderation---but the thing that makes it SWEET with you is that you vehemently were deadset against censorship-----and you MONITOR comments now.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I OWN YOU!!!!!!!!

the_last_name_left said...

I rejected your 3 other comments, Larry - they all say the same thing.

Yes - you have forced me to enable comment moderation. What a success for you, eh, Larry?

Everything will get published - just not you. If you can post something relevant and devoid of the bile and insults you're so fond of, it'll get posted. Until such time, everyone must suffer moderation because of you, Larry Simons.