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Alex Jones' Blackshirting of Michelle Malkin

Jones blackshirts Malkin, or Jones 'confronts' Malkin?

Jones and his blackshirted 911 Troof posse turned up at a Recreate68 rally, and proceeded to blackshirt Michelle Malkin.

jones did this despite Recreate68 having already made it clear earlier that Alex Jones was not wanted - they thought he was a plonker - a capitalist stooge. And Alex had already claimed Recreate68 were a load of violence loving, dumbass provocateur anarchists..........trying to stir up trouble to discredit the "real" activists blah blah blah.

But still Alex turned up at their rally, and proceeded to blackshirt Malkin.

Before getting to the video of Alex Jones' blackshirting of Malkin, take a look at the earlier video of Alex's encounter with Recreate68 - and ask yourself WHY he turned up to their later rally (the one where he tried to derail the whole rally and turn it into a lynch-mob for (the gorgeous and diminutive) Michelle Malkin).

This is Alex Jones "confronting" Recreate 68. The dude on the megaphone you can hear is a dude from Recreate68 - who very smartly tells Alex "how it is".

Notice how the dude from Recreate68 speaks to Alex about Alex's WHITE POPULISM? Notice Alex's response, and his retreat into drivel......? "What are you talking about?" "THE WHITE POPULISM!"

Alex claims "The bankers want to open the borders, and flood all our countries......." [with immigrants?]

Recreate68 dude replies "No they're not! They're for closed borders - to keep workers separate....well-paid workers separate from poorly paid workers....." and in competition etc etc, presumably.

Good stuff.

Alex shouts "More lies from Foundation Socialists!"

"More lies from banker funded crap!"


"I don't support class warfare!"

here's the next part:

"Do you support class-war, or the system?"

Alex: "That's a simplistic question........."

Anyway - clearly Alex doesn't exactly "get along" with Recreate68.......he spent the weeks before the DNC accusing Recreate68 of being agents provocateurs - part of the "false opposition"........etc. He clearly fingered Recreate68 and anarchists as "false" movements.

But then Alex jones later turned up at a Recreat68 rally, and proceeded to blackshirt Michelle Malkin. That's having previously accused Recreate68 of being the provocateurs........ out to discredit "real" activists.

Here's the video.

This one is called "Alex Jones THREATENS Michelle Malkin"

So Alex having turned up at a rally he has seemingly nothing but antagonism towards - with a camera crew, and the obligatory blackshirted posse.....proceeds to hunt down "that monster" Michelle Malkin.

Another version of the outcome is here: this one is called "Alex Jones Loses it at Denver; Harasses Malkin, Attacks Man"

Tedious, and noisy isn't it? Where is that MONSTER, Alex shouts.

This how PrisonPlanet span the story:

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, August 28, 2008

Despite promises to remain impartial and tell the truth about what really happened, Inside Edition unsurprisingly characterized Alex Jones’ DNC confrontation of Michelle Malkin as a “hateful attack,” while the Dallas Morning News engaged in outright libel by claiming Jones had chanted “kill Michelle Malkin,” a brazen lie that is still doing the rounds on neo-con blogs.

Alex Jones and his crew filmed their meeting with the Inside Edition team and it was broadcast live on the Internet yesterday. The Inside Edition reporters were uninterested in footage which clearly shows provocateurs completely unaffiliated with Alex Jones chanting inflammatory statements, as well as Malkin’s own photographer making a false report to Denver police claiming Jones had made death threats toward Malkin and punched her bodyguard, when her bodyguard is on tape assaulting Jones and his crew.

Inside Edition characterized the incident as a “hateful attack” on Malkin, the poor little victim, while failing to explain any of the reasons behind why Jones confronted her in the first place – namely the fact that she is an advocate of torture, runs defense for puppy killers, and argues in her own book that dissidents and other undesirables, including Arab-Americans, should be rounded up and jailed in internment camps.

The Inside Edition blerb describes Malkin as a “conservative author and political commentator,” while it labels Jones as a “controversial radio personality” who “ranted and raved” and engaged in “virulent verbal bashing” while “on the attack”.

Sounds about as fair and balanced as Fox News.

Did Alex Jones shout at Michelle Malkin? During some parts of the incident yes, during others he attempted to talk to her rationally. The point is, Inside Edition, as well as every other establishment press outlet that has reported on the incident, has uniformly failed to highlight why Michelle Malkin deserved every earful she got.

An Associated Content article describes Malkin as, “A short, attractive, pleasant lady of Philippine descent.”

Pleasant? This is the same woman who went too far even for Bill O’Reilly’s liking when she infamously proclaimed “boo-hoo!” in response to news that Guantanamo Bay detainees (many of whom are innocent children) had killed themselves.

Just look at what even arch-neo-con Geraldo Rivera had to say about her.

“Michelle Malkin is the most vile, hateful commentator I’ve ever met in my life. She actually believes that neighbors should start snitching out neighbors, and we should be deporting people. It’s good she’s in D.C. and I’m in NY. I’d spit on her if I saw her.”

Malkin’s journalistic prowess has been off-target so many times that her website, Hot Air, is a laughing stock on the Internet.

In November 2006, Malkin embarked on a campaign to question the existence of an Iraqi policeman, Jamil Hussein, who has been used as a source by the Associated Press. Hussein turned out to be very real and Malkin was forced to retract her bizarre inference that he was imaginary.

Likewise, when footage emerged of Marines throwing a puppy off a cliff in Iraq, Malkin suggested that the puppy was in fact already dead or even a CGI-manipulated fake. The fact that the Marines who admitted killing the puppy were later disciplined and expelled by the Marine Corps was quietly ignored and no retraction appeared on her website.

In May 2008, Malkin claimed that a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial was terrorist propaganda because it featured a woman wearing a neck scarf.

The Associated Content piece again attempts to smear Jones by claiming a mob affiliated with him chanted “kill Michelle Malkin,” when the individuals involved were actually provocateurs which were then cited by Malkin’s stooge in a false report he made to Denver police claiming Alex Jones was threatening Malkin.

The Dallas Morning News went one further. In a blog that appears on the DMN website, radio host Mark Davis claims it was Jones himself who chanted “Kill Michelle Malkin!” – a completely false and libelous charge. Respondents to the blog are advising the Dallas Morning News to call their lawyers and prepare for a pretty expensive lawsuit. A full retraction and apology has not been issued at time of press.

Neo-Con news outlets continue to embarrass themselves by falsely claiming that Jones or people affiliated with him advocated the murder of Michelle Malkin. In doing so they are only shaming themselves and letting everyone know exactly what they are – lying hacks whose only agenda is to smear those that dare question their jack-booted propagandist Fox News idols like Michelle Malkin.




I found the article I'd been looking for on this story. It's another Prisonplanet one.

Phony anarchist group calls Alex Jones “agent provocateur” and a racist during confrontation

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, August 26, 2008
PHONY? What's phony about them?
Jones called out Malkin for her pro-torture stance and her refusal to retract a story concerning Marines in Iraq killing puppies, which Malkin maintained was a faked video.
Does "called-out" mean verbally assaulted now? Does it mean mobbed? Harassed? Screaming for 10 minutes?
What this aimless, arrogant and ineffective gaggle defined as “the love” was about as indefinable as the rest of the Communist trash they were spewing about redistribution of wealth.
So redistribution of wealth is "communist trash"? Well, thanks for making your views clear, for once, Prisonplanet.

It's quite astonishing how Prisonplanet can get away with all the stuff they say about "elites" and "bankers" whilst also saying wealth redistribution is "communist trash". How can those viewpoints be reconciled? How can you be against "elites" but also be against "wealth redistribution"? Alex Jones exposes himself as a vacuous, dissembling idiot.
[Recreate68's] support for Michelle Malkin, a neo-fascist poster child for the fake right-wing and an advocate of torture and internment camps for dissenters and other undesirables, speaks volumes about the meaningless and transitory nature of their immature and vacuous political outlook.
So Malkin is a neo-fascist poster child? Wow. Event though she seemingly agrees with Alex Jones on some things? And Recreate68 are immature? For defending a petite woman (whose views they totally oppose) from Jones' mobbing and shouting? Hmmm. Immature? No Alex - you are immature and vacuous. It was Recreate68 who were defending someone they totally disagreed with from an assault by Alex Jones - someone whom more closely agrees with her politics than Recreate68 do. See how Jones and his mob respond to Malkin's constitutional rights? By mobbing her, screaming at her, and almost provoking a riot. Real patriots, huh?
Re-Create 68’s attempt to smear Jones by playing the race card has only resulted in the exposure of themselves as ninnying Socialist twits, with no grasp whatsoever about the painful truth behind such issues, which run deeper than mindless empty platitudes and name-calling.
Wow. Empty platitudes and namecalling, huh?? What about wealth redistribution being "communist trash", Alex? What about "neo-fascist poster-child", Alex? What about "ninnying socialists"?

Watson's "journalism" is a disgrace. And PP have deleted the comments I left on this article at the time - though they've left all sorts of racial epithets, hopes malkin will die painfully, etc.

Another angle on this story is the interesting difference in the way PrisonPlanet responds to accusations against the threats posed by left/anarchist groups, as compared to that posed by the far-right, for example the DHS report into far-right "domestic terrorism" which Prisonplanet so objected to.

In the run-up to the Democratic Convention, and Alex's blackshirting of Malkin at Recreate68's demo, Prisonplanet and Jones carried a series of articles and claims about recreate68 being phony, provocateurs, threatening violence, etc.

From their article headlined

ReCreate 68 Starting to Look Like a Threat to Peaceful Activist Groups

On the website for the group, they identify with disobedience by claiming people should "join them in the streets of Denver as they resist a two-party system that allows imperialism and racism to continue unrestrained." On their website, they have called the police pigs and are educating people on the $50 million the city spent on security for the DNC. A link states "Weapons Used by the Pigs to Take Your Rights Away!" See the website here:
Notice the difference in tone to their outrage at the DHS report? How are Recreate68 "looking like a threat", exactly?
Denver area hospitals and law enforcement have been receiving emails and faxes to prepare for terrorism and mass riots in Denver for the DNC similar to the one below. In the memo, a security alert has been issued including, in some cases, the naming of one activist group, ReCreate 68, as a potential threat.
Hmmmm. Not quite the same outrage as when the DHS report on threat of far-right appeared, is it?
Mark and Barb Cohen, two of the coordinators of ReCreate 68 are planning massive, potentially violent protests around the DNC.....
Massive, potentially violent protests? Like where they even defended malkin from the unwanted harassment of some yelling fat-man and his posse of paranoid blackshirts? Sure.......
ReCreate 68 has a massive anti war protest planned for the DNC on the 24th, to which they were never issued a permit for. Sparking the press to cover the story, Glenn Spagnuolo, the organizer of the group, threatened the City of Denver and all who visit the Democratic National Convention with potential violence, making a direct threat regarding his un-permited plan to occupy the Civic Center, "If the cops try to stop us, we'll see what happens." The threat estimates there will be 50,000 anti-war demonstrators who will overwhelm law enforcement. Re-create 68 is now on a collision course with law enforcement to re-create the violence of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.
"We'll see what happens...." is a threat of violence? Hmmm. Interesting how all of a sudden the poor police will be "overwhelmed" by a bunch of ninnying socialists.

And Alex Jones decided to turn up at the rally and provoke the Malkin incident!? Having already warned people of the supposed "violence" ReCreate68 were intent upon causing? Yeah - nice one Alex.
One group in particular was handing out DVDs out one of their meetings.[sic] The group calls themselves, RAMID, or Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement - Denver. The DVDs have images of Native American genocide, slavery and preaches hatred for "White Americans." They spell America with 3 "K"s so it looks like "Amerikkka."
Hatred for white americans? Sure. I notice Alex, as with white racists, is very quick to notice and exaggerate the supposed "racism" of everyone but whites. Seems to be a marker for holding racist views one's self - and follows the usual Jones/Prisonplanet/far-right method of pointing excitedly at fascism or racism "over there" - so as to obscure the presence of the same thing in their own ranks. Like Rivero's claims about Israeli fascism, liberal fascism and eco-fascism whilst hosting articles by Curt Maynard, linking to Nazi marches supporting Ernst Zundel and "liberty", etc.
ReCreate 68 has massive organized effort and finances coming from donations across the country. Glenn Spagnuolo, the coordinator for the group, has ben traveling around the United States speaking with every activist group you can think of to coordinate them under his group. Code Pink, Food Not Bombs, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Green Peace, Scholars for Peace and Justice, and many famous immigration groups, unions, and anti-globalist activist networks are all working under ReCreate 68 with the thought that this group is just a peaceful festival of celebration. This is untrue.
Gosh, doesn't it sound terrifying? And PHONY? Hardly.
ReCreate 68 has organized the "Days of Resistance" gathering where they will be setting up a tent city for those who have no place to stay.
How awful?
They have a community feeding program to give out meals twice a day, which suggests their shear size and organization since they claim to be busing in over 10,000 immigrants, anti-war protesters and activists from around the country. They have setup a community clinic that will give people street medical attention, even though the hospitals are on call for the DNC and are prepared for massive riots.
Gosh - the ninnying socialists at recreate68 have a community feeding program? And are offering tent accommodation? And a clinic? Gosh - what violent good-for-nothing phony violent provocateurs they really are!
This community clinic will be giving shots to anyone who wants one.
Will they really? With some serum to make people violent before they keel over and die from the eugenic vaccine shot, I suppose? Sheesh - what complete tripe.
This day will be very disturbing for peaceful protesters because it is followed by a demonstration called "Shake Your Money Maker!" at 5:00pm that will attempt to organize all the protesters around the Denver Coin Mint and "levitate" the building.
That's the rally Jones attended and assaulted Malkin? Of course, one can see how violent it was in those videos, right? Ugliest thing about the demo was that fat angry man assaulting the beautiful little oriental woman.
On Tuesday, August 26th, the "Immigration Rights Rally" will take place that Glenn says he will be inviting all illegal immigrants down to the DNC to protest their "right" to be here. This day will be very dangerous to protesters ....
....because the activist group RAIMD has been handing out dvds and inciting physical violence towards "White Americans" for stealing land from Mexico and killing millions of natives and using slavery as their exploit to achieve dominance in the past. The RAIMD activist group has asked people to prepare for throwing bags of blood and urine on cops and they have discussed how to build molotov cocktails.
Hmmm. I wonder if that can be stood up. And I wonder how much "inciting of violence" against "White Americans" RAIMD engaged in.
.......angry, emotionally conflicted young people who had a need to do battle with authority figures (especially the police). The police often became the focus for a lot of rebellion and hatred. The issues seemed to take a back seat.
HAHA. That's laughable coming from Prisonplanet which whines about police-state ad nauseum. It's their whole ouevre. But actually protesting about it is putting "the issues on the backseat" and a threat? Bizarre.
By the way, this is completely different from the organizational attitude of the WTO protests in Seattle..... As members of the WTO tried to get into the meetings and citizens blocked them, it was a gentle blocking with respectful conversations with these people to educate them about the WTO. They were sometimes frustrated, sometimes interested, but they were not afraid of the blockers--and these blockers felt no hatred for them; in fact, many of them felt a compassion for them and sometimes had very good connections with them.
All of which is completely different to Jones' despicable threatening behaviour towards Malkin at Recreate68's rally.

None of the very obvious problems are ever addressed by PrisonPlanet. They just continue bad-mouthing and smearing anyone they like, whilst howling with fury if anyone questions their dubious motives and unethical methods. What a lot of trash.

Here's RAIMD's tribute to Alex Jones.


socrates said...

Alex Jones nodded or what when the dude said he's a white populist or something? This story is a bit murky. But if Jones has just admitted to being a white supremacist, that is major news. What is the difference between being a white populist and a white supremacist? I also think you're misspelling provocateur. I used to do that. I also used to get sycophant wrong.

Real Truth Online said...

This story is a freaking YEAR old! Good job. Next to you, the Pony Express was lickety-split with news! LOL. Whats your next story? The death of John Lennon? The sinking of the Titanic? LOL

Real Truth Online said...

Where's the Dewey Defeats Truman story? Where's the Abraham Lincoln wins 2nd term story at? LOL.

Oh by the way Turd----why not write your next story on why I get more hits in 3 days than you have received in 18 months? lol.

Real Truth Online said...

Socrates, you must be black. Only blacks think everyone is a white supremacist when they speak out against things their accuser supports. Youre black, right? Admit it.

the_last_name_left said...

Provocateur. :) Strange - several times mis-spelt, too. hmm.
No - it isn't that Alex admits to being White Nationalist, rather I'm just drawing attention to the fact Recreate68 know exactly what Alex Jones is up to......and I liked how Alex responded. Rather, how it stopped him in his tracks. I've never seen someone say it to his face before.

I thought the Recreate68 dude did excellently.

Alex had spent the entire week before smearing Recreate68, and imo seemed to be stirring up his followers (and Recreate68) by antagonising them about Recreate being provocateurs out to sully the name of "activism".

And after all the smears by Alex against Recreate (of their being provocateurs) - he turns up at their rally and hijacks it with his blackshirting of Malkin.

Yeah - nice one Alex! Dickhead.

Way to go tackling Malkin! not.

In Watson's disgusting article, he says:

Just look at what even arch-neo-con Geraldo Rivera had to say about her.

“Michelle Malkin is the most vile, hateful commentator I’ve ever met in my life. She actually believes that neighbors should start snitching out neighbors, and we should be deporting people. It’s good she’s in D.C. and I’m in NY. I’d spit on her if I saw her.”

I'd rather make love to her. And try to persuade her of the error of her ways. She's sooooo cute.

Watson defends Alex's blackshirting saying

Michelle Malkin deserved every earful she got.

Well, there ya go. That sort of behaviour is acceptable, if you write the stuff Malkin does - according to Watson and Prisonplanet.

What would have happened if that'd been some small town in the middle of nowhere on a dark night? Of course, it would never have happened because Alex only did it because he's an attention whore and the media were there to cover Recreate68's rally (which Alex completely derailed coverage of. Thanks Alex Jones - wanker.)

This is only a year old (911 is 8 years old, Larry) - but I think it's an important story - as it reveals Alex, and his blackshirted 911 Troofer posse to be .....errr real blackshirts. Spit in her face! Harass her! She's a MONSTER! Where is that MONSTER! It's like a dry-run for The March on Rome.

Absolutely disgusting.

Nevermind that Alex Jones thinks the Israeli separation wall is "beautiful", and he "wants one" in America.

Nevermind Malkin sings from much the same hymn sheet as Jones on immigration - on Holdren's old book discussing population control - on socialism - on "the left".....on pretty much everything. But at least Malkin is concerned about terrorists - Jones wants an israeli style wall because of mexican immigrants!

Notice Alex says he supports Native/Indigenous peoples' claims to 5 states? But denies Mexican claims to Texas and Cali? He says he has raised thousands of dollars for indigenous tribes - that's news to me. Is it true?

I wonder which ones, and which factions - because I know they aren't all speaking as one on the topic - they are riven by deep differences IIRC, fearful of selling out to white america and getting raped yet again.

RTO/Larry: Youre black, right? Admit it.

Confess! lol

the_last_name_left said...

Paul the moron Watson: ....lying hacks whose only agenda is to smear those that dare question their jack-booted propagandist Fox News idols like Michelle Malkin.

Malkin is "the jack-booted" one?

See how the accusations against Jones' behaviour are turned around? The act of writing suffices for Malkin to be called "jack-booted".....whereas Alex's actual mob-harassment is only giving Malkin "what she deserves".

Disgusting. And Jones' cronies weighed-in on his side all across the net. Amazing.

Watson, the scumbag writes: "[Malkin's] bodyguard is on tape assaulting Jones and his crew."

Ha! A bald-faced lie. In fact the tape shows Alex pushing what appears to be a ReCreate member. Hefty push, too. In a maelstrom he alone created. I'm amazed it didn't get more violent - no thanks to Jones. And Watson whitewashes the entire thing. Despicable.

That this is acceptable behaviour to Jones' supporters is a massive indictment - and shows the threat they pose, when stripped of their posturing about "liberty".

Malkin deserves combatting - but only on the page. Chrissakes - she's a tiny little woman! Jones should be deeply ashamed of himself, as should Watson for whitewashing and lying about the incident - as should Jones' audience for supporting him over this.

The incident was entirely contrived by Jones - it is his responsibility alone. No-one should doubt the threat that meek acceptance of such behaviour poses.

The incident also exposes the bankcruptcy of jones' claims that Recreate68 were determined upon violence - Recreate68 did remarkably well not to rise to Jones' bait. Jones is the provocateur.

Larry said...

I knew youd ignore my comments!!! LOL

the_last_name_left said...

You wrote a crock of irrelevant shit.

Now you're shouting it was ignored.

Actually it's you who is failing to address anything, Larry. But you know that......

Larry said...

Wondering why you posted a story from LAST YEAR as if its a NEW story is irrelevant????