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At least some racists are honest about it

This is from a discussion at Halfway Oceanfalls - the forum that formed out of the mess of people that opposed my efforts at anti-racism and anti-fascism at

[UPDATE - 11/8 : The thread has been deleted by Halfway. I guess they are too ashamed to have it on their boards.....or just ashamed there was criticism of their blatant anti-semitism there? Pity they aren't ashamed enough to change their views. Amazing - rather than address their support for anti-semitism, they just delete the criticism, and the entire discussion about it. It isn't the first-time Halfway have done this - they delete, censor and ban the least opposition. Over at Hraunfjord forum they used to complain because I wasn't polite to genuine Nazis! They felt it was censorship to ban was curtailing freedom of speech to pile-on Nazis! Subsequent to their evacuation from Hraunfjord to Halfway they have banned me a dozen times, deleted threads, removed comments, etc. All whilst claiming people like Arthur Topham and other friends of Nazis deserve freedom of speech for their anti-semitic drivel. The main thread at Halfway is called "The Jewish Question". How exciting.....?]

I'm HumptyDumpty in this exchange.

Any attempt to join nations together winds up politically unworkable ( Like the Tower of Babel )....the USA as is NOW was created and funded by Jews....and the Jews are Gods chosen people and can do no wrong!

Even the mighty Egyptians could not defeat them with God on their side!

They have been around for thousands of years and are in and control most countries....the US has existed a few hundred years and can't control itself!

There must be more to all this than meets the eye!
Way to go JOJO - a big fat dollop of anti-semitic bullshit.
Thank you dick head...I try to tell it the way it is!
You're the dickhead, jojo - you think someone's ethno-religious category is fundamental. You're anti-semitic.......big shock. And that's the basis of your "conservatism"......racism. Woohoo. Radical man. [quote on inequality followed by] But let's blame the jews, huh?
O shame, Hump. Now you're promoting hatred of Jews. As the Good Book says, I do not hate the sinner, just the sin. I hate apartheid, massacres, piracy, tossing families out of their homes to make room for "superior" citizens, blockades that cause the innocent to suffer, threatening war, and bagels.
What about anti-semitism? That isn't "a sin"? That's what you're suggesting.

You are conflating criticism of Israel with anti-semitism. Not I. You are claiming complaints about anti-semitism are defence of Israel, which is patent rubbish - I didn't mention Israel - you did - in defence of Jojo's anti-semitism.
You said "...let's blame the Jews." Pure anti-semitism! How awful!

But your definition of anti-semitism appears to consist of criticizing the blatant crimes of Jew-run Israel, such as apartheid, massacres, pushing Palestinians out of their homes so they can be occupied by Jews, piratical persecution of Gaza fishermen, and making bagels.

And I suppose Jojo imagined you might look like Richard the Lion Heart or Richard Nixon when he called you "dick head." Golly, what assumption did you make?
HumptyDumpty :
Sad that someone so bright reduces themselves to idiocy, Mugwort.

See if you and Jojo can understand this:

Skin colour doesn't make for ideology. Neither does ethnicity. But these children are too obsessed to get it.

Joooos, who rule their minds in most cases, have very little in common with each other.
There are Orthodox Joooos, Reform Joooos, Atheist Joooos, etc.

There are Joooos who vote Republican, and those who vote Democrat. There are those who don't vote.

There is no Jooooish ideology.
Don't forget orange jooos, grape jooos and lime jooos.

And, yes, your mental collapse is sad but certainly not unexpected. You have no ideology. And try to consider tenses when you post: "Someone" does not fit with "themselves." What would Pete say?
HumptyDumpty :
fair enough on the tense - you're right.

[love it how you spend your time on others like that - oh - it's just me that gets that treatment. shock]

no ideology? oh, ok - lol. Halfway thinks lacking ideology is a good thing - impossible as it is.

all irrelevant to jojo's anti-semitism and the acceptance of it at Halfway.

Arthur Topham? Supported by Paul Fromm, the Canadian nazi. Freespeech? Hilarious - if it weren't so sick. And jojo rides the jew-baiting wagon - to silence, if not support.

And this is the substance of self proclaimed CRITICS? Global warming is a hoax.........Obama = Bush......Topham stands for freespeech.....jews rule the is under threat from being publicly financed through taxation of the wealthy.....the aliens have landed....

Critics? Radicals? funny.
MUGWORT : oo getting picked on again? You can always pick up your dollies and toddle home to big daddy. Imperfect as we are, we'll survive without you.
I'm sure you can survive without me - I couldn't care less.

More importantly, and more relevantly, can you survive WITH jews? It would seem you can't.

Else what would be "the solution" to your problem with "jews running the world"?

You'd just debar jews from holding positions within government, business, media, etc? That's the import of what JOJO is saying, and which passes without comment......

You'll probably be needing this:

Thank you so much for posting that document HumptyDumpty!!! I can now get on with my plans of building the perfect race. I didn't have that one in my collection.
sure - go ahead and mock.

but it is the upshot of what jojo says. how else are you going to address what jojo complains about?

think about it? how would you address jojo's complaint without such a chart?

tell me how? accept the challenge - show how stupid I am - show how it can be done without implying the need for such a chart?
You, dear Dump, do a superb job of displaying your stupidity. You need no help in that area.
Well, why don't you answer the question, smarty-pants?

Because there is no way to answer the question.......other than through use of a chart like that, of course.

And that's why you won't answer such a simple, straightforward question. Easier to mock and avoid answering.

Gosh - I wish I was that clever.......
Let's see now...your question was "how would you address jojo's complaint without such a chart?"

(1) the question makes no sense. What has that chart got to do with the hideous war crimes, apartheid, piracy, saber-rattling and other deadly dangerous actions pursued under the Jewish administration of Israel?

(2) why should anyone respond to your annoying habit of tossing out silly questions and then demanding that they be anwered?

(3) as to addressing Jojo's "complaint," I would say: Good point, Jojo.

(4) I also wish you were clever.
HumptyDumpty :
M: (1) the question makes no sense. What has that chart got to do with...Israel?
It wasn't about Israel.

You know what it was about, but in case you forgot, here's what it was about: Jojo said

the USA as is NOW was created and funded by Jews....and the Jews are Gods chosen people and can do no wrong!

Even the mighty Egyptians could not defeat them with God on their side!

They have been around for thousands of years and are in and control most countries....the US has existed a few hundred years and can't control itself!
See anything about Israel in there? No. It says JEWS - not Israel. You can't read M?

(2) why should anyone respond to your annoying habit of tossing out silly questions and then demanding that they be anwered?
There was no demand - there was a challenge: to see if Dhbowt could address jojo's complaint, as quoted above, without implying the need for such a chart, as pictured above.

The challenge hasn't been met - at least not with anything other than (more) vitriol and scorn.

That vitriol and scorn serves to protect blatant anti-semitism - not against Israel - but JEWS - in general - regardless of any qualifiers. So don't even bring Israel into it - jojo didn't mention Israel, and neither did I - you did, M. Bringing Israel into it simply conflates the two issues - a charge you love to accuse others of, yet it's one you are proving yourself incapable of escaping.

(3) as to addressing Jojo's "complaint," I would say: Good point, Jojo.
Well, not surprising to see you defend such blatant anti-semitism.
You are just a bundle of laughs. Israel was in the original discussion which got your dog-eared goat. But you--as always, boringly, inevitably, continually--haul in the term that Israel and all its supporters, Jewish and not, hold up to ward off the disgust and horror at Israel's actions...anti-semitism.

I imagine you'd be squealing "anti-semitism" if a bus happened to run over a bagel.
HumptyDumpty :

so Israel was in the original discussion?

So what? For Jojo to go from a discussion about Israel to making a general point about JEWS IN GENERAL reveals Jojo's anti-semitism.

That you don't get the point - or rather, just pretend not to - reveals your own anti-semitism, which is no secret anyway.

You've just exposed how anti-zionism can be a cover for anti-semitism. I know you love to pretend that all claims of anti-semitism are made to protect zionism - but you've just proven the reverse aspect of that claim - that anti-semitism poses as anti-zionism - and covers itself by crying "we're only attacking zionism - not all jews". Pathetic.

I haven't mentioned Israel - and neither did jojo in the post I'd accused of being anti-semitic. Which it obviously was.

And you go off onto if it was connected to what jojo said. Sorry - it obviously wasn't. And you know it.

Stinking racist.
jojo: They have been around for thousands of years
Israel, right?


socrates said...

I gotta admit, I am tired of blogging. This link you provided is just one more example of the bullshit that seems to be everywhere. The key word is seems. I believe there is disinfo astroturfing. I do not believe all these posters are legit. I don't believe the WRH "Unofficial" was a spontaneous development. I don't even trust Trausti. Sorry. I wasn't talking about the spam he was getting for allowing guest posts. He has made his whole place inaccessible for guest viewing. That's bullshit. All your stuff is missing to the public. There's no justification for Trausti hiding his forum. None.

There is a lot of controlled opposition. We are looking at Convolution 101. By the way, some folks have started to question the Sibel Edmonds story. Problem is, they are unreliable. Then when I went to their link, a few bloggers were talking about Brett Kimberlin. I'm telling you dude, there is something called circumscribing, and the disinfo forces use it as their number 1 fallback plan when they are busted. Apparently also Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story, which has many anti-Israel posts in that goofy evil NWO way, is being stalked. Fancy that. She has called me a stalker simply for exposing her lying about the Speedway Bomber. She has accused myself of being certain posters and vice versa. Just how Tinoire outright posted that you and myself are the same bloke. It's a pattern. I think I made a huge dent into astroturfing. But to explain it would be reinventing the wheel. One person, even a few of us simply cannot do more than we have done. Time marches on, and the present eventually becomes archived, and findings become needles in haystacks or are scrubbed and pruned into a black hole. It's very frustrating.

The cards are stacked. Even when people like Larisa, Rivero, Jones, Kimberlin, Tinoire, Jeff Wells, Brad Friedman, et al get exposed by pockets of awareness, they march on as if nothing has changed.

socrates said...

Ok, I just went to BradBlog, and this crap never ends. This is the BradBlog link. They are discussing this entry at a place called Cannonfire. You have to then click on comments to view them. If you scroll down the BradBlog thread, here are the key posts. They are trying to make it seem that the truth about Brad Friedman, his moderator Agent 99, Brett Kimberlin, Larisa Alexandrovna, and others is all just a result of me. This is ridiculous.

{post 182} Floridiot: I already got my KAOS decoder ring Larissa. Without looking, is the stalkers handle Socrates by any chance?

{post 184} Agent 99: "Flo, that's not the handle he's using over there, but it's very clearly him."


{post 187} Larisa Alexandrovna: "Flo,

That is the guy. He has been banned from every single forum because he literally is claiming that I am part of a terrorism ring, that I am a double agent working for the CIA or some intel service, that I am trying to destroy the Dem party, and that terrorism funds Raw Story. Oh, and Brad is also part of this ring as are a whole bunch of people who seem to be randomly selected from a lefty whose who (me, Brad, Kos, Cindy Sheen, etc.)

If you read the comments, he is the same guy posting over and over pretending to agree with himself about me and how evil I am. The fact that the "thin air" guy is allowing those comments on his blog speaks volumes as to the level of insanity we are dealing with here.

Oh wait, I forgot the part where I am a shill for the Zionists as part of my secret terrorism ops.

I should note that he is not the "stalker" mentioned earlier in this thread by "thin air." I was able to discuss that situation a while back and I did so with a good many people as I was afraid for my life. But now that he has been arrested, I have been asked to not discuss the case. Suffice it to say the level of hate crimes and the politics of hate is frightening."

Well, at least I am not being accused of being that other stalker or something. Methinks they are protesting too much about yours truly. The next post Larisa wrote with a smilie on the end:


You are more than welcome into this club that Brad and I have found ourselves in. Just a caveat though, do you really want people calling you a terrorist, a Zionist shill, and worse? If yes, then you have earned not only a decoder ring, but a free toaster too."

It's clearly Convolution 101. Larisa Alexandrovna is supposed to be an internet journalist. She claimed that Kimberlin was exonerated for his crimes. He wasn't. She never retracted. I never stalked her. This is ludicrous. It never ends. If you ever look into her posting patterns, there is a lot of gibberish, bad spelling, totally wrong statements. Ugh. These people are tied to the hip of Tinoire and Michael Rivero. The way I look at it, I figured the whole enchilada out. Otherwise, why TLNL would this bullshit keep going on year after year.

the_last_name_left said...

I can't claim to understand that tbh.

i tried to read the whole long thread, and I can't make much sense of it.

I was interested in that dude saying "something fishy" about Sibel E's testimony....

I was also intrigued by how people were saying "woohoo" and "now we'll get the criminals" type stuff - when they can't possibly know what Sibel Edmonds was even saying.

How do they know what Edmonds says is legit/relevant or pure fantasy? or........well - how can they know? i don't get that.

i suspect it will all be a disappointment - but like I say - I don't know anything bout it all.

As you say(?) - she worked for 3 months? Hmm.

anyway - whatever happens - surely it must provide evidence for one thing or another? re - what you've been saying, I mean. In that sense, it's all good, isn't it? Keep ploughing your furrow straight and what can they do? Bullshit can't keep straight.....not forever....and you know yourself and what you do better than anyone. So....

Keep me posted? :)

socrates said...

Thanks for the response. I should have qualified it by saying you needn't read too much of it. I wanted to link and show how the cybersmear script against me persists. It never ends.

I don't even understand what is going on with their crap. I also see the rah rah woo woo bullshit for what it is.

The guy who says it's fishy is at the other link. I do not like that guy. It's fishy that a commenter would show up and sound off on my stuff. Maybe not fishy, in that Brett Kimberlin is some form of psycopath and is Brad Friedman's partner and someone who has claimed to be a driving force behind Raw Story. Larisa Alexandrovna basically said a few years back that Brett was exonerated for his heinous activities. She lied. She's supposed to be a journalist. She's eithedr a hack, on drugs, or paid to make up shit.

I exposed their scamming in a big way. That's why they still discuss me, even when I have nothing to do with what's now going on. I didn't say anything about three months, not sure about that. For your purposes, you needn't try to absorb it all. I take what I can from your stuff. I don't try to figure it all out. I know the connections are there.

Tinoire and Brett Kimberlin are affiliates. Brett is close with Larisa and Brad. He used to be a close friend of Andy Stephenson. There is a steady flow of Jew haters who post at BradBlog. That part is right up your alley. I mentioned it before, it's a place called Big Dan's Big Blog, and Agent 99, who may actually be Kimberlin, posts there regularly.

I don't actually feel the need to study any of this. It's too much for me. I'm done. I just noticed them making up shit about me again, and you're the only place I know of where you are aware of what I get dumped on me. I didn't write at Cannonfire. I think whoever did was trying to sound like me. These people are the world's biggest losers. I don't care what kind of money they have. They have zero integrity. You're right about bullshit not keeping straight. They've been going on about convoluted crap for years. It caught up to them, once folks realised who Brett Kimberlin truly is. Larisa outright lied about Kimberlin being an exonerated, ex-political prisoner. She's supposed to be a journalist. Brett Kimberlin set bombs that killed a man. The motive was because he was under investigation for the murder of Julia Scyphers. Mrs. Scyphers identified the gunman as being a Kimberlin associate. Brett had a fascination with Julia's granddaughter, often goin on trips alone with her. He thought she was a Cheryl Tiegs look-alike. She was only 11 years old. Brett was a millionaire as a teenager after becoming a major drug smuggler. Julia was getting in his drug induced and psychopathic way. Brett was the only suspect in her murder. The bombs were set weeks later in order to distract the small police force from investigating the murder. Brett Kimberlin is the world's ultimate douchebag. Now he and Brad Friedman are scamming for donations for their various hoaxes, the most recent one revolving around a Michael Connell and election fraud and how Karl Rove snuffed him out in a small plane crash. Larisa was in the middle of that. This Sibel Edmonds thing, it has thrown me for a loop. I don't know what she has or whether she is for real or not. But I can guarantee you that Brad Friedman, Larisa Alexandrovna, and Brett Kimberlin are some of the most evil people on the internet.

socrates said...

Oops, of course Julia Scyphers couldn't have fingered her murderer. Apologies to the family for the sloppy wording. After I had thoroughly let the blogosphere know about Kimberlin and Friedman, I emailed Mark Singer, the journalist who wrote Citizen K, the one who Larisa said wet his pants. He sent me a copy of his brilliant book. If one goes to the original thread by TroubleInWinter at DU where Larisa fully lied, they will see that she was writing some of the lamest shit ever. She couldn't even get the Mark Singer part of it right.

Mark had been under a deadline at the New Yorker for Tina Brown's opening issue. His basic story was correct, that Kimberlin had been put in solitary confinement for trying to contact the media about his now debunked allegations that Dan Quayle bought weed off of him. Kimberlin is clearly a genius. He filed around 200 jailhouse lawsuits, not sure the exact number, maybe I'm off a bit. He was a millionaire as a teen. He was an accomplished pilot who smuggled tons of marijuana. His granddad was a pioneer in aviation and had taught him how to aviate. Mark also found out that Brett had probably been dealing in LSD. Larisa tried to make Brett out to be a harmless pot dealer. No, he was a smuggler, and folks who look into the story by reading Mark's book will see how Brett could be argued to have a great responsibility for his brother's death, as the kid got into major drug addiction and died at a very early age. That makes three people potentially dead because of Brett Coleman Kimberlin. I can't remember the specifics. I'm kinda remembering Brett in a last ditch effort tried to pin the Scyphers' murder on the dead brother. I think his name was Scott. I'm too lazy to leaf through the book, though I'm gonna try to find some passages related to Julia's murder, the part where the Kimberlin associate was identified by Julia's husband. The problem was, I think his name was Fred, the husband died of a disease, so the only witness was gone. Otherwise, it looks like Kimberlin would probably have ended up in jail for life.

Singer and Kimberlin agreed to do a book together. Singer took four years to complete it. He poured through court documents, spoke with witnesses, etc.. Little by little, it unfolded before his eyes that Kimberlin is a serial fabulist or confidence man. I never expected BradBlog to turn out to be easily connected to a con artist. This story has been buried. Nonetheless, since it is the pure truth, and yours truly was shit on by BradBlog after deciding to vocalise the story, the cybersmear script persists. This is what happened. As an amateur cybersleuth, I ran across an election fraud huckster by the name of Steven Hertzberg who had whitewashed the 2004 Ohio election results. I went to BradBlog to publicise that story. You see, Hertzberg ended up at a website called BreakForNews. He was "Fintan Dunne's" major blogger. He came up with crap called Full Spectrum Dominance. He started Ron Paul websites. He was, in short, a fake lefty with ties to close Karl Rove associates.

socrates said...

Brad ignored the story, as if he was covering it up. Then Brad taunted me to dig up stuff on him. I was then shocked to learn of Brett Kimberlin being his sugar daddy. The rest is history, so to speak.

By the way, off-topic, but the Cannonfire guy is very adamant in debunking the truthers. So I can see how the disinfo fockers are trying some lame last ditch attempt to portray me as some disinfo troll. You are a debunker. We are claimed to be the same person. This is truly Convolution 101. Sorry for hijacking this thread. I am grateful that you are trying to understand this in its basics. I'm hopeful this post has made it easier for you and the good readers to understand what has been going on. By the way, evidently Brad Friedman gave my cyberstalker my personal information. He knew that guy was on my arse but went ahead anyway in some form of retaliation for busting up his incredibly close ties to Kimberlin. This is just another reason why I believe Brad Friedman is a douchebag. One person told me he might have a drug problem. I think he might be CIA or some form of spook. There's a gap in his employment history. I am going by memory, but I think he was working as a writer and director, actor type, then there was a gap, then he showed up out of nowhere with incredible, unexplainable success with the BradBlog. Well, explainable if one looks at the Clint Curtis hoax Kimberlin provided him. The assholes at BradBlog are now making cracks about decoder rings. How best to make one think you're not a disinfo focker than by ridiculing the idea? By the way, Hertzberg used to work for the Dept. of Defense. Wow. Anyway, let me get a passage or two explaining the motive behind Kimberlin setting bombs. With most of his latest stuff, people can investigate the various hoaxes and see them for what they are. Singer's book came out before the internet truly took off. So there really isn't as much info on Kimberlin on the net, in contrast to if the book had come out later. When I think of Larisa Alexandrovna, Brad Friedman, and Brett Kimberlin, I think of the phrase zero credibility. Since I outed them for their bullshit, they have become desperate to pin the truth as being merely myself making up shit and being a stalker. This is why I will always think of them as the ultimate douchebags. No one should ever have to go through what I have.

the_last_name_left said...


I went looking through their site......and I just can't see what the fuss about Sibel Edmonds is. They're making a big deal about it......and there's nothing there about what she actually said on Saturday. They also completely fail to put it all together cogently - it's a big mess about a load of blackmail, Armenian genocide votes, CIA, american pursuit of Asia, etc. I think they are deluded if they really think it's going to be groundbreaking and "bigger than Watergate". But what do I know? I don't understand it.

I checked that 911 debunker dude's site - though I forgot to look through his debunking stuff. i just read that story you linked to. So.....I'm trying to follow....but I am still struggling tbh - but only through ignorance on my part alone.

Interesting though - a strange crew of characters and relationships.

It's funny how no-one else put that stuff together except you? Everyone else, whilst doubtless insisting they're sceptics, failed to be?

And all that stuff about those "rings" = has a familiar sort of cackling sound to it. Maybe all mocking comes over like that on the internetski, but it seems very familiar to me, somehow.

FWIW - my advice would be chill a bit, rest.....and then get the shit together if you can be bothered and just put it up on a blog dedicated to just that topic.

Blogger, as part of google features high in google searches. People can't help but come across it.

socrates said...

From Citizen K The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin by Mark Singer, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1996.

p.78 on his strange relationship with the granddaughter: Eyebrows levitated. A drug-dealing colleague had conversations with Kimberlin that struck him as odd: "We'd see a girl who was pubescent or prepubescent, and Brett would get this smile and say, 'Hey, what do you think? Isn't she great?' It made me very uncomfortable." Another recalled Kimberlin introducing Jessica as "my girlfriend," and if irony was intended, it was too subtle to register. To a co-worker at IU-PUI, Sandi confided that Kimberlin was "grooming Jessica to be his wife." To another, Sandi explained that though Kimberlin's relationship with Jessica was chaste, he intended "to wait for her and would marry her."

p. 80-81 on Kimberlin's aversion to Julia Scyphers: The morning of June 26th, Judith Johnson continued in her statement to the police, she had another surprise visitor.

"Brett C. Kimberlin came to our office. He came into my office and closed the door, talked very low, was nervous, introduced himself as living with Sandra Barton, 68 POC #A, and stated he had lived there for a good many years. He told me that his girlfriend's mother was harassing them, that she hated him and their situation (living there with her daughter and grandchildren) ...he said that Mrs. Barton's mother was insane and that he wanted them to get away from her but that Mrs. Barton was afraid of her mother [Julia Scyphers] and would not stand up to her."

{p. 87} By the time Sandi reached Indianapolis, the police were eager to talk with her, and so was Kimberlin. When he arrived at the Scyphers residence that evening, however, she ran outside and warned him that he wasn't welcome. Her father was brandishing a gun and claiming that Brett was somehow responsible for the murder.

{p. 89} Four weeks following the murder, after a ten-day hiatus in newspaper coverage, the News revealed a fragmentary detail of Sandi's trip to Texas.... The story also noted that federal narcotics agents had previously investigated Kimberlin, identified not by name but as "a primary suspect." Mainly, the newspaper report reiterated the theory from which the police had not budged: Julia Scyphers was the target of a "revenge murder"; the investigation centered around a relationship between a female relative of the victim and a young Indianapolis businessman"; Julia Scyphers "had argued with the businessmanon several occasions."

Six days later, the bombs started going off....

socrates said...

{pp. 110-11} The day of the indictment, 28 February 1979, was, for Indianapolis, uncommonly eventful. Though an account of the grand jury's action occupied a prominent position in that evening's Indianapolis News, the lead story was actually the Scyphers murder-back on the front page after several months. Mug shots of Kimberlin and his companions in Texas had been forwarded to the Marion County prosecutor's office, where investigators "acting on a hunch" had compiled a photo lineup that was shown to Fred Scyphers. The result was immediate: Scyphers identified William Bowman as the man who seven months earlier had come to his front door and put a bullet into his wife's skull.

Back to me. This is some of the murkiest stuff ever imaginable. I don't have all the answers. I am 100% positive that Brett Kimberlin is a habitual liar. This was the last person the Election Integrity movement needed to become arguably its main leader.

Larisa Alexandrovna has outright lied not only about me but also Kimberlin. The irony is that when Kimberlin had first gotten out of prison on parole, never exonerated as Larisa lied, he went to work in the Ukraine. Guess where Larisa Alexandrovna comes from? Yeah, the Ukraine.

For those interested in more, the following is one of the best articles written on the net on this topic. It was written by Yvonne Abraham who now reports for the Boston Globe

Crime and Publishing
Mark Singer's inquiry into the denial of a prisoner's rights began as a relatively straightforward magazine story. But as he dug deeper, his project became a morass of deceptions and ethical dilemmas worthy of Dostoyevsky.

the_last_name_left said...

From that article:

Believing himself exceptionally talented, Kimberlin was certain he'd become an international recording star, and he thought he might just ask Sting or Paul McCartney to co-write some songs with him. He'd also tried to intervene in the Iraq crisis of 1990, in the hopes of averting the Gulf War, thereby making a hero of himself. "The plan was for Hussein to release these hostages -- the human shield -- to my mother," he told Singer. Naturally, his own subsequent release would have been a given had the Iraqi ambassador to the United States acted upon the letters Kimberlin had his mother hand-deliver.


socrates said...

Thanks for the response. Yeah, it's as murky as Brett Kimberlin's past. Now why would Sibel Edmonds go to BradBlog to present her story if she wanted to be taken seriously? That's like Alex Jones working with Rivero and Jim Tucker. Man, associations do matter. Now if we could only get a few more people to join in with us, who knows how much we could really accomplish as amateur cybersleuths.

I'd just like to repeat that these disinfo dorks should really take my advice and ignore folks like us. People know there always two sides to a story. Why keep antagonising me? Why did Tinoire think it was a good idea to say we are the same person? Why does Larisa keep saying I am all these various posters on the net? They can disbelieve that I am educated or think that the readers will think I lie about that. Yet, I am educated, and I do understand academic principles, and I've come up with tons of stuff. Why direct lurkers to look into my side of things?

You ever hear of Jason Leopold? He's another fabulist who they are deeply tied to. He came out with crap about 24 or 72 hours to go before GW Bush was going to be indicted. He made the progressive blogosphere look like unsubstantiated conspiracy theorists and liars. The major part of the problem has been that the major forums where these stories have been developed have been rigged. That has been proven. So why keep egging me on, actually give me publicity, when the truth is on my side? These aren't the smartest eggs in the disinfo basket.

Forget about Cannonfire. I don't want you or readers to get frustrated. I just thought it rather ironic that this new place where Agent 99 is so sure I showed up also is vehemently against truthers. Seeing that your place is one of the few I ever blog at and you are a truther debunker while I am agnostic on it {though I do believe in God}. I am blogging here and at my place. Maybe a bit at DFQ2 but not lately. I used to love venturing all over the place. Now I am done trying that. Screw that approach. It's backfired on me every time. These people are not going after thinkers. It's like with Prison Planet. Certain types of gullible people are being targeted. When all else fails, the noise to signal ration gets cranked up.

There have been others, a few who have tried. The last big hoax they came up with concerned the Michael Connell murdered by Karl Rove via small aircraft hoax. Larisa went nuts. She kept saying the few of us were the same person. I had a huge thread in the election integrity forum at DU. Threads there usually get a few posts and a couple hundred views. Mine was around 100 posts and 5,000 views, and growing. The whole thing was scrubbed and deleted. It's not even available in the caches. That's just one example of what I mean by that the major American forums are rigged.

the_last_name_left said...

[Kimberlin] says Singer also betrayed the nation's prison population: "Mark Singer's book could have been a great inspiration for people in jail, about how you can rise up against bad influences, beat Big Brother, corruption. But he puts a slant on it like I'm some kind of manipulator rather than how I rose above it."

HA. That reads like it comes from a fraudster to me.

socrates said...

And it's not just curious that I am next to the only person who has spoken out. It's that damn cybersmear script that never goes away. I spoke with a freelance reporter for a couple hours. The problem is, newspapers are only interested in if election fraud can be proven. They don't care if there is this blatant disinformation on the net provided by relatively big names. Do the papers report that Markos Moulitsas according to his own words worked for the CIA while running his place? No, they don't. No progressive would ever support the CIA, yet there is Kos doing that very thing, and no one in the media gives a shite.

The decoder ring thing sounds like any other tinfoil by association ridicule. I like you, because you don't ridicule me for my belief that there is covert weather modification taking place. And I don't think you're ridiculing sincere truthers who have nothing to do with the anti-semitism or crazy theories like holograms. The decoder thing to me is overdrive. BradBlog is nothing more than a noise chamber at this point.

I think I've put a lot together here on this thread. I have a blogger place and will probably copy and paste or at least link to this thread. So don't delete this!

Take care. If you're ever in the states, we'll have to hook up for tea and scones. We'll try to find some Troskyites and roll up a spliff. It's no longer illegal here in Massachusetts. Or I mean no longer criminal. But yeah, it's 90 degrees farenheit and muggy as all hell. I am happy to have figured out this new bullshit in relatively short order. It's like you said. It's murky and apparent that they are all over the place. I think that is their objective. They are kind of like a cult, imho. I blame any lack of cohesion from myself in that I am an amateur blogger. I don't get paid, so the good lurkers should be grateful for whatever I have provided. :)

socrates said...

They are the left's version of Rivero and Jones. Totally non-academic.

the_last_name_left said...

Ah - I'd love a spliff right now :D

Though not in muggy hot weather! It's bad enough here. I've been thinking about visiting N America, as I have family there. If I do perhaps can we share a drink or two, or three..... :D

It seems very strange they can attack you for posting about's not really deniable that he's the dude in that link you posted, for example, is it?

And he's certainly not the sort of dude you'd want leading a campaign for difficult election reform?

I always thought Bev Harris seemed sound - I did follow that whole blackbox thing at the start - but after a break from the net, I found it had all devolved into claim, and counter-claim of smears, and whatnot. Shouldn't have been surprised, I suppose.

At least it seems some headway was made on that front - the issues were at least raised, and it seems some ground is being made in making paper receipts obligatory? TBH I lost interest once it devolved into factions....which was the entire purpose, i suppose.

That whole thing bled over into efforts at discrediting Chavez in venezuela, because some of the elctions there used similar machines, and I think there were claims Ven. state had even bought into the company involved IIRC.

that's when I began to see it as a double-edged sword, I guess. I mean, I'd always seen the danger a lack of faith in the voting system posed to democracy....and seeing that used against Chavez was a warning about how it could be exploited to undermine what was obvioulsy an upcoming Democrat landslide....

That's when I became suspicious of the whole thing, I guess. Though I still feel the same about Bev Harris as I did early on - with the caveat that I haven't been following the story for years now.