Monday, 24 August 2009

Big Dan's Big Blog

Having looked over Big Dan's Big Blog - I noticed a few things, which are quite striking.

The site has an appearance of being liberal/progressive/left - judging by the tone, subject and perspective of the content. There are two main links section - one called "NEWS", the other called "Exposing Fascism".

Under the 'NEWS' links there's a link to AmericanFreePress! Also WhatReallyHappened, and Alex Jones.

Under the "Exposing Fascism" title there's a link to Christopher Bollyn! Judging by some of the other links in this list, Bollyn's appearance there is not to suggest Bollyn is himself fascist, but rather that he "exposes" it!

I posted the following comment..........
You have a pile of links under the title "Exposing Fascism".

Under your "NEWS" links, you have a link to AmericanFreePress (AFP).

How can you have a title "Exposing Fascism" and then link to Willis Carto's AFP under the title NEWS?

And you link to Christopher Bollyn under "exposing fascism"!? Presumably that's because you wish to suggest Bollyn somehow "exposes" fascism - not to elucidate the facts about Bollyn having worked for fascists - like AFP?

What on earth are you up to?

AFP is run by Willis Carto. Founder of The Spotlight, Liberty Lobby, numerous Holocaust denial publications etc etc. AFP's 2006 conference - jointly held with the holocaust-denying "The Barnes Review" was hosted by Joe Fields - a leader and organiser for American Nazism. AFP's conference included guests such as Paul Fromm (leading Canadian Nazi), a former SS officer and collaborator with Einsatzgruppen A, and John De Nugent. All racist, anti-semitic fascists - the real mccoy. And you link to them?

WRH publishes all the Willis Carto stuff they can - they even publish and promote Curt Maynard, IHR, Barnes Review etc. Mike Rivero is very close to N American organised fascism, and serves to promote and protect it.

Alex Jones publishes Willis Carto's stuff (AFP), he employs AFP's Jim Tucker, publishes Reverend Pike whom also writes for Willis Carto's AFP and David Duke's "White Rights Website".

I'm interested to hear what your justification is for promoting all these people whilst creating an image that you are "anti-fascist", liberal, left, progressive, etc.

You're promoting the leading and most active far-right propagandists in the business.

Either you know that, or you don't. If you don't, then perhaps you better do a little more checking on your sources?

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