Sunday, 23 August 2009

BradBlog Hypocrisy

Funny, BradBlog seems to pretend to be some "progressive" place, concentrating on election/vote fraud.

They have been irate this past week, accusing Obama of "betrayal" over health reform. I thought they were engaging in something akin to the right-wing conspiracy theories of NWO hoodoo, and forgetting about political realities, so I posted, suggesting that I thought "betrayal" was far too strong a term, as was their suggestion that Obama was always intent on betraying supporters of reform, because he's in the hands of his (NWO?) controllers, etc etc. I asked for evidence for this being purposeful "betrayal" rather than realism and political dealing to obtain some reform - none was provided.

Whilst responding to a ridiculous comment by "agent99" that I was posting at the behest of someone who was "paying me", I found my post disappeared. Using a proxy my post appeared - so I was being blocked by IP. My post was subsequently deleted and a note appeared by "agent99" saying I had previously been banned.

Never having posted there before, I found that somewhat disconcerting. Effectively that's lying - how can they know who anyone is - so how can they know if someone had been previously banned? Of course you can ban a single IP address, or a block, but I'd never posted there before, and barely ever even visited (place looks like ebay, and is slooooow)

I then posted from an article by the London/Manchester Guardian's Michael Tomasky, saying claims of "betrayal" and "sell-out" were wrong, because they assumed a level of presidential control over Congress which didn't exist. I also posted an article by a healthcare professional, arguing much the same thing in The American Prospect.

Here's the Guardian writer Tomasky's comments which Bradblog deleted, over and over -
The thing they do have to watch is the "If there's no public option, Obama is a total hack and sell-out" rhetoric, which emanates from a few quarters and is just wrong because it assumes a degree of presidential power over individual senators that doesn't exist.
And here's one of the quotes from the American Prospect article which BradBlog also repeatedly deleted:
So my advice to progressives is to chill, at least on this matter. To get health-care reform through the Senate, the public option is almost certainly going to have to be dropped. Perhaps, after House-Senate conference, some version will survive; for example, if the House bill includes a public plan and the Senate bill includes health co-ops, a logical compromise would be to give states a choice between them. But if no public option survives this year, it can be enacted separately later.

If health-care reform passes this year, a lot more will need to be done to make it work. But if it dies this year, it will be very dead indeed. The opponents of reform understand that, and the supporters must too.
Hardly the most outrageous comments? Yet these posts were repeatedly deleted - even though posted from different proxy addresses. Amazing! Bradblog deletes Guardian articles! Too dangerous, huh? Or is it that they just disagree with Bradblog? Or what?

Following deletion, "Agent99" posted the following explaining why he was deleting my comments:

forum, COMMENT #20 [Permalink]
... Agent 99 said on 8/21/2009 @ 11:52 am PT...



LINK Also here.
Nice! First they lie that I have been previously banned, they delete my posts, then claim I am "mentally deranged". They pass these lies and denunciations off to their readers whom seemingly accept it without comment. That seems very interesting. No-one at Bradblog minds Guardian Commentary being deleted!? Or that people genuinely enthusiastic for radical reform are accused of being "mentally deranged"?

Intrigued, I reposted the above comment from "Agent99" in a subsequent thread about "hatespeech"......again, it was repeatedly deleted. Also, the Guardian commentary was repeatedly deleted - even when it appeared on its own without any commentary by myself. Quite amazing for a self-proclaimed progressive blog - one that criticises the mainstream media for effective censorship and distortion.

It left me wondering what their purpose really was. There really isn't much difference in their critique of Obama from that of the "right-wing mobs" they criticise - the comments are littered with the same crude denunciations of fascism that litter Alex Jones' Prisonplanet - the same accusations of "NWO" stooges and puppetry appear, just as at prisonplanet - the same conspiracy theories appear. Although the cheap, undefended accusations of "betrayal" attack Obama from the position of pro-reform: apart from that, there doesn't seem much difference.

Does suggesting Obama is NWO puppet purposefully "betraying" reform actually help or hinder obtaining reform?

Seems to me it does nothing to support reform - so it functions as similar criticism as appears at Prisonplanet, and any other number of right and far-right venues.

Agent99's own website seems to pursue the usual far-right heresies about taxation being unconstituitonal and the Federal Reserve being 'the root of all evil' and even features a link to Mike Rivero's WhatReallyHappened. Hardly classic "leftwing" concerns. And this person - Agent99 - is running (wild?) as a moderator at "progressive" Bradblog?

Agent99 denounces myself - a supporter of socialised medicine (and socialism) - as "mentally deranged" and working for pay for some mysterious "controller".....
Agent99: I mean, hell, just ask the guy paying you to come here and spread all these talking points in the classic "concern troll" mode if you have any doubts about the veracity of my assertion here.
Agent99 seems to operate upon essentially the exact same conspiracy theories as the right-wing commentators at Prisonplanet - s/he shares the view of taxation being unconstitutional and has the perspective that "fascism" is present amongst both the (mainstream) American left and right. Agent99 likes to represent all shades of government, including Obama, as "fascism". Aaron Russo and Prisonplanet, all over.

Here's a quote from Agent99 at his/her website:
I'm no economist, but I know that ..... awareness of certain realities enable one to spot which economists.... should be... well... shot.
Nice. Dontcha love a progressive? Hey - sounds just like Prisonplanet.

And here's "Agent99" promoting Alex Jones' Obama Deception.
Alex Jones is a maniac. He has armies of maniacs maniacally following him. The guy tries very hard to tell the truth as best as he sees it. Just... well... he also goes wild with outrageous predictions that sometimes come true. ...... Obama isn't running diddly. He's the same as * already. The same. There is no possible other explanation. He's not the man running our country.
Hmmm. Now the President is supposed to be single-handedly "running the country"? And if he isn't, who is? Woooooo. Scary,huh? One minute it's a dictatorship, the next moment, Obama isn't running the country? Both are indicative of a malevolent "NewWorldOrder", apparently.

And Alex Jones "tries very hard" to tell "the truth", does he? For who - Willis Carto? And he makes predictions that "sometimes come true", does he? Oh yeah, sure. A broken clock does too, right?

This all seems a very peculiar slant for a moderator of a supposedly "progressive" blog, such as BradBlog. As familiar as I now am with the rhetoric and concerns of the (far)right-wing in America, I find this "progressive" moderator of Bradblog surprisingly similar.

Another video provided by "Agent99" is "Al Qa'eda Doesn't Exist".
the fraudulent ways the Al Qaeda myth is propagated in the controlled corporate media. The documentary also offers ways that citizens can become involved in helping to spread understanding about the true government-sponsored terror paradigm.
The video is produced by TheCorbettReport. Who they? Checking their website, we come across familiar (and frankly tired old) territory:
The Corbett Report provides podcasts, interviews, articles and videos about breaking news and important issues from 9/11 Truth and false flag terror to the Big Brother police state, eugenics, geopolitics, the central banking fraud and more.
The website has the now familiar look and feel of right-wing pseudo grass-roots propaganda.

Sure enough checking under the LINKS tab, we get four (!) LINKS to "REAL NEWS" including a link to Alex Jones' INFOWARS.COM Under the main page, The Corbett-Report links directly to a domain specifically about the film "Al qa'eda Doesn't Exist", "". The "film" so far only comprises of a trailer and a prologue.

A check run against the WHOIS entries for both sites produces the non-surprise of Go-Daddy's proxy registrar. Why do so many of these hokey websites return Go-Daddy's proxy registrar as the registrant? Rather, why do the registrars insist on using Go_Daddy's proxy registration service?

Checking the "bibliography" for the "Al Qa'eda Doesn't Exist" documentary shows it includes a link to a Prisonplanet article(!)

Another link at Agent99's website leads to Jason Bermas' "Fabled Enemies". Bermas is an Alex Jones crone, responsible for Loose Change, and the film is the usual hyperbole and distortion beloved of Prisonplanet: the film apparently provides
an overview of what is certainly the largest and most audacious false flag attack in American history.
Certainly? Based on......what?

Then there's links to Walt And Mearsheimer - authors of The Israeli Lobby, so beloved of the (far) right. There's also links to Norman Finkelstein - author of "The Holocaust Industry", another trope of the far-right. There's links to 911 conspiracy theories - soooper-de-doooper nano-thermite: "Yup there were bombs in the buildings and the Danish have the balls now to come out and say it."

There's links to Israel/Palestine, of course, and even a video here titled AIPAC - with a continual caption advertising Willis Carto's AmericanFreePress! It says "Welcome to the real world".....of Willis Carto? Oh yeah.

Then we have Alex Jones and Webster Tarpley, here.

There's conspiracy theory junk from Zeigeist Addendum here.

"Proof" bombs were planted in the towers on 911, here.

Dr. Jones tells of his discovery of unexploded nanothermite particles in the WTC dust, apparently - lol. Here.

A link to The Israeli Art link to "save".....and even a link to holocaust denial : "A Jew unveils the farse of the Gas Chamber in Auschwitz", which Agent99 links to under the heading, "a basis for the bishop" - presumably in defence of the Holocaust denying Bishop, central to the bruhaha with the Pope. Gee. Some real Holocaust denial to go along with Finkelstein, AFP criticism of AIPAC, Walt * Shearmeister, Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, Jason Bermas.......

Then a link to Mike Rivero's (holocaust denying, crypto-fascist) WhatReallyHappened: the link says "compare holocausts", directing to a WRH page which equates Israel and The Occupation with the Nazi Holocaust.

Another link, and we're brought right in touch with Aaron Russo - director of "From Freedom to Fascism" - which is nothing about fascism, and everything to do with escaping any obligation to pay income tax.

Another link from Agent99's website goes to - which I have only ever found linked to from Rivero's It's a site I have had suspicions about before. Their "subscriptions" page says it all - there's a load of options to subscribe, but no way to pay the subscription fee! The page says
Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you will be interested in our monthly magazine, which is available only to subscribers. Since 1978, the U.N. OBSERVER & International Report has earned a reputation within the Diplomatic Community for accuracy and unbiased analysis. We are now making this information publicly available.

Each monthly issue contains additional in-depth information on the United Nations and other international organisations, but is available only by subscription. The printed version costs $93 (€79) per year for institutions or $70 (€59) per year for individuals. The electronic version costs $35 (€29) for one year. Please indicate your choice in the form below.
It smacks of being a disinfo/propaganda website. No way to actually pay for a subscription? Must just be an oversight, huh? Sure........reminds me of coming across 911 Conspiracy Guru Karl B Schwarz's website, which was selling his book. But nowhere to buy the book.....which elsewhere was always claimed to be "forthcoming". I'm a great author too - you should read my forthcoming classics......

Anyway, UNObserver looks like a variation on BankIndex to me - a load of conspiracy stories masquerading as something "serious". Looks like propaganda outlet to me.

All good "progressive" stuff. Sure.

Something odd about BradBlog letting Agent99 moderate, especially in that fashion. And what of Agent99? Links to Rivero, Alex Jones, Holocaust denial, conspiracies, tons of anti-Israel stuff whilst indulging Ahmadinejad, various Islamic sources etc.......accusations of "fascism" everywhere - against Obama and other democratically elected leaders.....a video with Willis Carto's AFP captioned throughout......links to Jason Bermas' rubbish, Stephen Jones, Richard Gage, bombs in the towers, all the rest of that junk.

This is supposed to be the "progressive left"!? Really? Webster Tarpley! Jason Bermas! Alex Jones! Mike Rivero! Aaron Russo! Errr......hold on a minute?

ETA - TheCorbettReport, linked to by Agent99 certainly has the now--familiar hallmarks of (far-right) bullshit website. It is of course registered through GoDaddy's proxy registrar, thereby hiding its registration details (effecting anonymity and violating the spirit of the registration laws) but looking through its "content" it is obviously operating under the same agenda as Alex Jones' Prisonplanet, and the countless other crappy websites dishing up stuff such as joins us to discuss the growing opposition movement to implantable RFID and other biometric control grid technologies. We discuss the internet of things, emoting across the web, IBM and the holocaust, transhumanism and the crypto-eugenicist agenda.

James Corbett of The Corbett Report joins Captain Jack on Badlands Radio (99.9FM KVMP in central Texas) to discuss Bilderberg, the corporate media and how the people can really fight back against the agenda of a global government by and for the financial oligarchs.
HAHA. Yeah - issues concerning all Progressives. And Prisonpunnet, of course. LOL

There's Huxley's Brave New World too, with the usual tedious Alex Jones-type slant
-Brave New World - Film, Literature and the New World Order

Most frightening of all, Huxley's own family background and experience might show that Brave New World is not so completely fictional as we would like to believe...
How revealing! Then there's ponerology - SOTT's (Sign of The Times) ludicrous non-explanation of "how the world works:
ponerology and psychopathy are two significant concepts that best explain the sorry state of human affairs in this world which continue to negatively impact on our society, our lives, and our future. No, I don't think it has anything to do with "greed" or even "moral weakness" (however you define it). It has to do with psychopathology and its influence on the nature of evil in society.
See - it isn't capitalism to blame, it's psychopathology! Ah - we can safely put Marx and socialism to bed then........what a relief, eh?

This is all the same bullshit you can find oozing out of a million (far) right conspiracy websites.

Look at the interviews - the list includes Daniel Estulin, Alex Jones, Jim Tucker, Mike Rivero, Gerald Celente, Jermoe Corsi! ......a veritable who's who of the alumni of American crypto-fascism. The page on "Bilderberg" links to Willis Carto's AmericanFreePress.

They also have an interview with Paul Grignon, animator for a film about "money", which was linked to by Agent99 at Bradblog.

Amusingly at the Alex Jones interview it says:
Alex also mentions that he visits and approves of this website.
No shit! LOL What more proof of it being a great place for lefty progressive types to get some "real news" does one need, eh Agent99? HAHAHA


socrates said...

I think it's implying that we are the same person. I say it, since the gender is at question. I truly wanted to believe that these were disinfo fronts in pursuit of making money, that spreading disinfo is simply the methodology to asking for donations, but even though I have no paystubs as proof, I do believe these are professional propagandists.

I have already shown that BradBlog is a close affiliate of Tinoire's through the Velvet Revolution. You can also check out Big Dan's Big Blog. Agent99 is a regular. There is a guy named Plunger. I think but am not sure but they seem to be tied to the NoWarsForIsrael scam. This guy Dredd thinks Agent99 may be Kimberlin. She popped up out of nowhere to become the only moderator. I don't know what's up, if anything, but I can't find the haloscan comments from Perhaps they have been flushed down a memory hole. Maybe I'm just missing it. There was a lot of Jew hate to be found on those by various usernames.

Here is Brett Kimberlin talking about himself in the third person. If one scrolls down, one will see that he never denies being ThirdChoice when called out by someone named troubleinwinter.

BradBlog only allows dissent if it is from wingnuts. Dissent from lefties and progressives usually gets deleted.

I got a new post in at DailyKos. No one debunked my content questioning Markos Moulitsas. They all mocked me. Many said I must be one of those claiming Obama isn't a born American citizen. One even said I must be from Alex Jones' crowd. Funny how no one had a bad thing to say about the CIA which Kos calls a liberal institution he wouldn't have a problem working for. It looks like he did work for them based on his own words. But no one will deal with the content. Yeah, you said something about Larry not dealing with content. For any people out there who can't see that myself and TLNL are two different people, well, we're not. That's a ploy that disinfo "lefties" use to stifle dissent from true progressives. It's said there have been 276 comments. But I just counted 174 comments. 102 comments are now gone? I recounted. 173. So it's fair to say about 100 comments have been deleted. I only made the diary. One can only wonder what was in those 100 other posts.

socrates said...

I noticed something strange with google and Daily Kos. This was from a few hours ago, and I can't remember the exact differences in search terms I used to find my entry, but there are two separate urls for the same thing.

link #1

link #2

The only thing I have in common with rbguy from link #1 is the name guy in my username. If you check out that person's posts, they seem to be completely having to do with the Israel-Palestinian situation. Now considering that both of us have been called Mossad, what other explanation is there than that for this strange duplicate url? Please keep in mind that the entry I made was done a little over 24 hours ago. That person's most recent comment also was thanking a person named Karmafish from MyLeftWing who has admitted to having followed Francis Holland there to troll him. Holland is well-known for exposing the truth about Kos, the name of his blogspot.

the_last_name_left said...

That response at Kos is a joke. Very similar to the response at Bradblog - just total bullshit. What better way to turn people off though?

The DU one is better. It certainly reads like Brett "ego" Kimberlin to me.....though I hardly know his "voice".

I put that danbigsblog or whatever into a few searches and came across a list of places that link there. One jumped out at me because I'd been there before - the existentialist cowboy - Len Hart

In that thread - the only evidence of me ever having visited is the proliferation of references to non-existing posts by TLNL. Funny.

I got there from Rivero's WRH. I know because I found the thread over at Trausti's where I mentioned it.

I said there that the language they use to each other sounds "military". Hmm.

Don't know how close these people are.....but....

Maybe they're all just morons - and all have linked up - and are all republishing each others sites and all the same old crap? :D

I gotta go sleep.

socrates said...

I wonder why they deleted your posts. I hate it when that happens. They didn't delete the dude who used the term holohoax. Someone even denounced him for holocaust denial. This reminds me of C. Wright Mill's definition of circumscribing. They take the solid ideas that someone like yourself brought into play and take ownership. Like your post on Bradford Smith or someone, forget the name, didn't he come out and attack others for anti-semitism when he has been one himself? And then there's your saying you have to get some sleep. How much can a few people do to fight back against such cheating forums?

I am interested in how you say they they sound like military and how they all seem to randomly come up with the same insular name-droppings, etc.. Ed Encho is another one. He can be tied to MyLeftWing and a place called wild wild blog or something. Ugh. It's tough to put everything together without sounding like one is bringing up all these different tangents. But yes, Cannonfire is mentioned. So is Sibel Edmonds. A lot of these people seem to have military connections. Tinoire. Markos Moulitsas Zuniga. There's something extremely fishy about the internet. To the point where I don't think it's off the wall to think this is all coordinated noise. I think such people have been trying to drive me insane or into depression. I know it's tough to prove any of this. I guess that's why the meanies come up with crap about decoder rings and cuckoo bananas. But when they start saying I am a birther or whatever. And think again how Agent99 had that one post with the bold print saying you are previously banned and mentally deranged. That's the same thing Aubuchont did at Chemtrail Central with his posts. He took the time to not only delete all of them, he replaced them with the same kind of generic bold post saying I am may41970 and that I'm a denunker troll and whatnot. Geez, now at DKos they are saying I am pro-Alex Jones and am a wingnut. I'm not the one running interference for the CIA. Of course she is trying to pin us as being one and the same. I've been on about internet fakes for years. I couldn't be bothered to look into army psychological warfare techniques. Yet, I wouldn't be surprised if these people were working out of such manuals. Now why does my DKos diary have a url with rbguy in it? I don't see any explanation for any of this other than that a propagandist network has been identified. I see no other explanation for why we are beat on so much. I AM A NOBODY FROM MASSACHUSETTS WHOSE CONTENT IS NEVER DEBATED. THIS DUMBASS SOPHISTICATED CYBERSMEAR SCRIPT CONTINUES TO ROLL ON. I HAVE HAD SO MANY GOOD POSTS AND THREADS DELETED FROM DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND. SORRY FOR THE CAPITAL LETTERS, BUT YEAH, I TRULY HATE THESE PEOPLE AND WHAT THEY FOOLISHLY THINK THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH.

the_last_name_left said...

Now why does my DKos diary have a url with rbguy in it?

lol - god knows.

I found my few posts from SOTT (before I got banned) at some totally different website which I'd never visited and seemed to have nothing to do with SOTT.

I don't know what all this stuff is about - just keep going...? :)

What's that quote about liars needing a really good memory? They have the harder job? :D

socrates said...

That Sign of the Times is another one. The persons in charge seem to be running a cult. Doesn't the dude allege to be some form of ex-military? One of the biggest astroturfing catches I made was Steven Hertzberg of the Election Science Institute. That was the cybersleuthing find that compelled me to go to BradBlog in the first place. That guy Hertzberg ended up making Ron Paul websites. One of the creeps, I think Henry See is the name, was posting at his RonPaulOnLine domain. Yet another of those strange small world coincidences. Hertzberg was into that penerology or whatever it's called crap. SOTT is one of those places like WRH that has circumscribed the concept of internet cointelpro into their rants. Hertzberg was in the military. I also found evidence of him running a software company seemingly devoted to how to astroturf. He also used to be tied in with Bev Harris way back when. He was Fintan Dunne's main blogger. His brother ran for Mayor of Los Angeles. Or else it was a look-a-like. I think they are brothers. Robert Hertzberg was one of the first to sponsor a bill for electronic voting technology. Hertzberg is well-known in election integrity circles for having white-washed the Ohio 2004 results. The bullshit certainly does roll on. I see how Big Dan is playing stupid with Carto and Bollyn type sources. These fockers are in love with Alex Jones and Rivero. Yet they can't see how anti-semitic Rivero is or AFP? To me most of the disinfo racket is beholdened to the Joos did it bullshit. You know Agent 99 is lying out of her arse with claiming we are the same person. It knows we are coming from totally different geographic locations. But that's nothing new with the script coming out of BradBlog, Larisa Alexandrovna, Tinoire, and the rest of the paid disinfo. If I am so deranged, you'd think they'd be more careful in how they try to stoke my emotions. Brad Friedman is lucky I am not deranged, because otherwise he would be near the top of any revenge list.

socrates said...

Of course Israel is a client state of the US and not the other way around as you pointed out on one thread at SOTT. And I don't think these people truly believe what they post. They write well enough. It's simply too over the top. The stuff about us being the same person is too over the top. I smell fear on the disinfo side, not ours. Otherwise the cybersmear script wouldn't still be plugged. Perhaps they think it's working. I think what they are ending up with is merely themselves, their sock puppets, and a few stragglers who are so enamoured with being in contact with a Brad Friedman or Rivero, that they refuse to see the contradictions. Or like with my DKos entry, the scrub brush has been applied that the thread became an echo chamber. 100 posts are now missing. And unless someone shows up here and says they were deleted, there is no shred of evidence that the dialogue is rigged. Unless folks delve into Kos' background, they will not see that he is a homophobe with actual ties to the CIA. No lefty would ever support that group. But the owner of arguably the largest liberal blog of the last decade in 2006 revealed his admiration for one of the most disgusting institutions ever created. That was in 2006, a mere few years ago. He can't say his pride in the CIA was back in his youth, like he does with his homophobia or support of Republican politicians. Yeah, we are on the same side despite our differences. Unlike those jackasses, we can have fights yet we don't delete each other or never leave an opening for possible reconciliation. That Laura biatchka has written a lot of crazy stuff pertaining to channeling abilities. I tried to find info on her husband's background, but all I see are claims that "Ark" was a cold war nuclear physicist. I think part of the disinfo strategy is to produce sheer volumes of convolution. That way it becomes very difficult for newbies and fence-sitters to see our side of things.