Thursday, 10 September 2009

Concerns Grow For Charlie Sheen's Mental Health

Sheen is suffering from delusions of grandeur?

Or maybe that's just Prisonplanet's spin. Poor guy. The way Prisonplanet report it, Sheen seems to imagine he is some super-powerful alien force, having descended from the stars:
Actor Charlie Sheen has followed up on his “20 Minutes With The President” letter by directly addressing President Obama in a You Tube clip to request he use his executive power to reopen the investigation into 9/11 and its aftermath.
Sorry, but who put Charlie Sheen in charge?

It's amusing how Prisonplanet (and Sheen) seem to have imagined it makes so much more difference that a Hollywood actor should say something. Everyone has to sit up and listen now Martin Sheen says something? I find that hilarious.

Seemingly Prisonplanet made out beforehand that there was some major event happening - it turned out to be Martin Sheen's YouTube plea to Obama? LOL

The whole notion that this malarkey was some massive event is laughable. I'm sure I don't find it so especially ridiculous simply because I have such disdain for Hollywood. Though that's part of it. Feed your dog Charlie Sheen's Chunks. Get active - start posting links to Sheen's YouTube plea to the President.

YouTube plea to the President? That should do it? It normally does, right? haha

Mr President, Charlie Sheen's been on YouTube!!!

Comments are open at Prion-central again although all comments are being moderated. Well, all mine are. :)

ETA several posts by Bandwidth Issues deleted. But they seem to be allowing me to post atm. They'll perhaps be deleted in a few hours. Sometimes they let posts stand, other times they delete the oddest things.

I post silliness at Prisonplanet sometimes, just to see what they allow and what they delete. It's confounding. :D


socrates said...

I don't usually check out prison planet and infowars. But I saw how Alex said some big thing was going to be revealed, the biggest thing ever or something dramatic like that. They've made a major mistake here. It's one thing to flail your arms around and act like a lunatic. It's quite another to come up with a fake story and promote it as real. I have seen enough from Larry to believe they put in the disclaimer about it being a fictitious meeting well after the initial entry was posted. The bandwidth thing also cannot be taken seriously. By forcing people to sign up to wordpress, for them to be deleting the type of critique I have just made, yet as you two have said, they allow other nonsense to stay, shows that this was indeed an act of censorship. I'm sure the damage control right now is about trying to bury what has happened away from the sight of the semi-normal who have supported Alex in the past. Expect some type of fake hack job next. I've seen this happen to quite a number of websites and net personalities. They mess up in a big way and then there is no way for them to correct it, so instead of just coming clean as soon as possible, they make it worse for themselves. They need to learn that there is a big chunk of people witnessing things like this, and we can post at blogspots and elsewhere, and places like blogspot do well for search engines. They can scrub their own places clean, but that's about it. There are only three possibilities for people like Jones, Friedman, and others. They are either charlatans targeting specific leaning people for revenue through donations or by perusing their advertisers or they are clear cut disinfo propaganda or both.

Larry said...

Hey dude--stop abbreviating. Its annoying as hell. Whats ETA? It might be simple to you but its not to me. Just a correction: you said Martin Sheen in the story when it should have been Charlie. Also, I dont hold it against Sheen that he's an actor---he's an American citizen first and that alone gives him the right to ask questions---so dont hold someone's occupation against them. But I did find the story amusing in light of the Nazism at PP. Guess what they did to me? I had 21 articles posted at PP----they erased all of them from their database---Im assuming because they dont want people reading old stories of mine and coming to my site and seeing these newer stories on Alex Jones' censorship. Im thinking of making a YouTube video that actually shows me post a comment and it not show up so it PROVES their censorship.

socrates said...

TLNL, you might want to check out my new post at Aircraft Wings {inside joke}.

The Foil Beneath My Hat: Dangerously Close To The Truth

It's got your username involved, as the thread I started on you sounding like carmenjonze is linked to by someone claiming we are disinfo agents. It includes info on Jeff Wells being close friends with Delmart Vreeland's attorney. Heck, one can even go to this thread from DU and see that Andy Stephenson claimed to have spoken with Delmart Vreeland.

No he called me from jail after the arrest. Wanted me to contact some others he trusts.

Hmmm. Stephenson was buddies with Jeff Wells, Ben Burch, Brad Friedman, Larisa Alexandrovna, Brett Kimberlin, and Jeff Wells. Because I have been able to prove such connections amongst themselves and others and disinformation, I continue to get my arse cybersmeared, as seen recently in BradBlog threads. TLNL, you must have a good understanding at this point what has been going on, and why we are continually astroturfed as being the same person. You might also want to check out that whole phone call thread. It explains a lot about what I've been through. Take care.

the_last_name_left said...


Agents? Woo-hoo - I'm an Agent!

of what?

I spent some time at Big Dan's Big Blog today.


I ended up on about how Alex Jones et al support Ron Paul and the opposition to healthcare reform.

Bizarre that such a crowd can easily populate Brad's Blog.

Well, bizarre on the surface at least.

@Larry: ETA in that context means "edited to add")

socrates said...

Wow, he changed your username a couple times. I'm surprised he hasn't deleted your posts. I think these people are manufactured strawmen. It is their role to discredit progressives, election reform, and the blogosphere in general. I'd really like to see where Agent99 was made moderator at BradBlog. I tried to find it with no luck. My concerns haven't been with just one or two hoaxes put out by BradBlog. My main concern isn't even that Brett Kimberlin's greedy paws are all over BradBlog. I am mostly concerned with how so many other connections have been made, from Tinoire and Jeff Wells to Prison Planet and Carto as you have shown to many others and a ton of other hoaxes not even having to do with election fraud. BradBlog blew it. He should have dumped Agent99 a year or two ago and made it seem that he has a sincere blog. But no, it just marches on with the same old group of screaming bloggers claiming to be patriots. If his website wasn't such a drag and took forever to load, I might actually check it out more often. Thanks for listening to me a while back concerning Kimberlin and then with this Agent99-Big Dan's Big Blog stuff.

the_last_name_left said...

S: Thanks for listening to me a while back concerning Kimberlin and then with this Agent99-Big Dan's Big Blog stuff.

That's ok. But I just checked it out and wrote what I found.

You'd been on about it, and I was essentially wholly unfamiliar with it. Not now though. It's a weird place.

More than anything atm i find it weird such a place as BradBlog is populated (and moderated!) by people who frequent Big Dan's Blog. That's just bizarre. YOu can forgive Big Dan's Blog for its political naivete, perhaps - but one expects more from Brad's Blog, judging by their own self-characterisation and seriousness.

That Agent 99 - one of big dan's blogs serial posters - should be moderator at Brad's Blog is weird - it creates a real dissonance.

You can write off Big Dan's Blog as some silly confused place, but if so, what is Agent99 doing there in such a positive fashion if BradBlog is such a genuine progressive place?

Why would BradBlog's moderator contribute to the sorry, confused political landscape Big Dan operates within if Bradblog didn't somehow share the same confused, sorry political landscape?

All of Big Dan Big Blog's regular contributors are contributors to BradBlog - one of them being the moderator at Brad Blog.

The Chorus.


the_last_name_left said...

big dan just deleted a comment from that thread. he's got tired of it?

socrates said...

You are 100% correct. Big Dan's Big Blog on its own is just pure silly and more predictable "alternative" Jew-hating nonsense. The big point is that the few who post there are regulars at BradBlog, and that one of them is the only moderator for Brad Friedman. Brad tries to represent citizen journalism. But a peek behind the curtain reveals disturbing ties to Kimberlin, Alexandrovna, Wells, Tinoire, Larry Johnson, and many more disreputable internet personalities like Jason Leopold.

It is quite amazing also how Brad never used to mention Brett Kimberlin until his co-founder was identified clearly by troubleinwinter at Democratic Underground. He still doesn't really mention him in regards to Velvet Revolution which is affiliated with Tinoire's dive. Brad merely refers to himself as a co-founder of VR. He still neglects to highlight the fact that VR was started by himself and the Speedway Bomber two days after they allegedly met, hence the two day question. Everything to me adds up to a massive yet finite disinformation network spanning the net. It now makes complete sense why a sophisticated cybersmear script was put in place against me.

Back then, I was the only one on the scent of the trail. They figured they could attack me, and the smoke would be put out. Yet, it backfired, as I took screenshots, saved web pages, continued to cybersleuth through archives, etc. I think the final catharsis has arrived for myself with how we got beyond our past animosity and how you were able with relative ease to understand what I came up with. Progressive Independent is affiliated with VR and Jeff Wells. This whole stinkfest is tied in with election integrity fakes, Joo haters, and various other forms of tinfoil. Now that we have shown Big Dan's and Agent99's ties to Rivero and Jones types, your side of the sleuthing has been added to mine or vice-versa. They perhaps thought we would never reach common ground. Good thing we did.

the_last_name_left said...

y - so fuck em?

do what you're doing - say what you're saying.........

that's why i say it isn't important/possible to out people as "cointelpro" - you can only call out the shit they say.

take what people say........

What Willis Carto and Alex Jones SAY has to be taken on the terms they say it. We can argue about what they really mean - but that's all bullshit until people see for themselves what they mean. Who knows who they are working for? It doesn't even take knowing who or what they work for - even if you take them at face value. You can work it out. Their whole point is to shift the idea of "where they are at" - "where they're coming from". They are trying to pretend they are hanging with the cats.

I don't believe it really matters who or what they are working for. We know the "what", roughly, by default.

My own perspective paints it as social vs asocial. I don't care what their names or nationality are. People respond to a social system - if I was well off and hyper-privileged I would doubtless be seeking to protect the system myself. For myself - and whatever I believed in.

I'd like to think I'd be a socialist anyway - even if i was wealthy and powerful. But it's highly unlikely I would. Fact - right?

So, from what people say, what they desire - I take their purpose from that. I don't care who anyone works for - if they say good things we can take it as that. If people aren't serving "good" it will become clear - because they'll end up exposing themselves. Even people trying to serve "good" will end up exposing themselves.

"Every man's life is a failure to the man who lives it."

The genuinely good will likely last longer, and have greater impact in that direction, I reckon.

I guess that's my own mysticism. For today, at the moment, at least.

socrates said...

There's a natural mystic flowing in the air.... You are sounding like the great one, Robert Horatio Marley. Though maybe his middle name wasn't Horatio.

This is how I see it. I have bent over backwards to not sound like a tin foiler. I've couched things in terms of they sound like disinfo or they act cointelpro-like. I have always said things like we have no paystubs as evidence.

But the bad guys are gonna unfairly label us as freaks no matter how fair we play the game. You must know the old phrase, well, if I'm gonna be blamed for something, I might as well get earn it.

Something changed with me after certain things took place. Markos Moulitsas Zuniga of Daily Kos having provable ties to the CIA was one thing. Hearing about Netvocates, the Rendon Group, and other provable astroturfing companies also impacted me. Hearing that Hal Turner was working with the FBI as an informant..... Well, it no longer became difficult or outrageous to think about internet cointelpro. Then to see after a few years all these verifiable connections within this corner of the blogosphere, and to have experienced what I have, my intuition is saying I have hit the motherlode of internet disinfo. Okay, I probably sound like I am having delusions of grandeur, but fock it, I did get dangerously close to the truth and lived to explain it. To quote Bob again, we're gonna chase them crazy baldheads out of town.

I recommend you check out the phone call thread at my forum. I mean, I didn't make up any of that, and I have heard much more of that phone call than my ex-moderator provides at one of his websites. I have already secured the evidence and documented what happened at Rivero's WRH Unofficial forum. It's easy to say do as you do, keep on keeping on, be yourself, etc., but bad people have gotten right up in my internet face. Brad Friedman gave my cyberstalker my personal information. Now seeing that they are saying I am a violently, mentally deranged person, that doesn't add up..... Or maybe Brad Friedman knows martial arts? I do expect to meet him someday. Revenge is a dish best served cold.{evil laugh}

the_last_name_left said...

oh yeah - martin, charlie - whatever. Same thing - different episode.

If people try scaring you off, Socrates, ask them for some money, I reckon. :D

Say - $30,000? See if they go for it?

"Are you trying to bribe a police officer?"

socrates said...

You lost me, but perhaps you have a good idea, that these buggers should try to hire us. I'd need a lot of good cash though to compensate for throwing away my dignity. By the way, good job with the new masthead making fun of prison planet. Now in regards to your new avatar with the dude dressed like a woman, you're scaring me.

socrates said...

Larry also has a good point about your overuse of abbreviations. ETA is estimated time of arrival not whatever you think it means. Or just fricken put your whole blog in code. GRTSOTS-- gotta run, there's shit on the stove.