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I love Tanya

It's not the way you walk............

It's all about the sex.

Me love ya boom wuk.


Nobody seems to like this as much as I do. I can't hear it enough.


socrates said...

If you look into Brad Friedman's past, there are a lot of tinfoil hoaxes to be seen. My opinion is that Brad is a disinfo spook who receives a paycheck to spread bullshite. I see no other explanation since figuring out his deep ties to the Speedway Bomber and after taking a real look at his website, its history, and Brad's close ties to other dubious bullshiters, many of whom have been posting on so-called progressive outlets.

He's closely tied to Larisa Alexandrovna. She is in love with Larry Johnson, a "former" CIA shitehead. Brad is also tied to Tinoire of Progressive Independent, a domain affiliated with Brad's and Brett Kimberlin's Velvet Revolution. Tinoire has been supported by Wayne Madsen, an alleged former NSA employee. Tinoire herself once claimed that she was in military intelligence. She proclaims herself as being a lefty, but she has supported Ron Paul. She has supported Michael Rivero and anti-semitism. Rivero used to work for McDonnell Douglas, the largest military contractor at that time. Many of Brad's regulars like to link to tinfoil extraordinaire Alex Jones. This whole enterprise has often been described as being right wooing left.

Now Brad is pimping out more Sibel Edmonds bullcrapola. He's saying look at how a conservative paper is churning out info concerning her truthiness. And fancy how this new article is written by yet another former intelligence officer.

I admit I'm somewhat burnt out from trying to expose disinfo shenanigans on the internet. I also no longer think Sibel Edmonds is pretty. The word frumpy now comes to mind.

Hmmm. Check this out. Larisa Alexandrovna made a post at Daily Kos and someone named Guy Caballero took her to task for her nonsense. That guy Guy is one clever focker. I wonder who he is. [/Dr. Evil pinkie to the side of mouth]

socrates said...

Oops, I forgot to mention that Brad recently did a radio interview with another former CIA arse, Ray McGovern, who claims that Obama and Panetta may be afraid of being assassinated by the CIA. Oh yeah, let's believe everything that former intelligence officers say. Not. And I think this is tied in somehow with Moulitsas' claims of how wonderful the CIA is. It goes back to the illegal war in Iraq. It goes to plausible deniability. Was it the CIA's fault? Was it the Bush Administrations' fault? How 'bout those fockers are all on the same team, just like Buckner, Stanley, and Schiraldi gift wrapped the 1986 World Series for the New York Mets.

socrates said...

Sibel's story has turned into a laughingstock, and it's just one more notch to add to Brad's and the Speedway Bomber's devastated credibility. Yeah, I know, when did Kimberlin ever have credibility to begin with. Probably back in third grade, he was a good, little kid. Anyway, I wrote up a bit at my place on this in the astroturfing section but am too tired to write much here. Brad's taking a bit of heat at Democratic Underground, but we both know that his own blog is compromised for freedom of speech. You can see the typical wingnuts, but no voice of reason just the facts types being published. Maybe it's time for them to make up a fake post attacking them and then say it's me again. There is one guy, actually with the name Guy Incognito, who has written that Larisa wrote the same hogwash a while back about some alleged congresswoman being a corrupt lesbian. Yeah, that stuff is where Sibel has brought about her undoing. I wrote as Guy Caballero at DKos recently confronting Alexandrovna. I'm not sure, but this seems like more psy-ops where everyone who ever says anything which questions Brad or any people he is affiliated with is someone from Diebold, the DoD, or some schizophrenic troll in the basement. I don't even have a basement, and I despise cheetohs. So there!

socrates said...

{cross-posted from all aircraft have wings} So I'm checking out BradBlog to see what is up with the Sibel Edmonds disinfo, and yes, it appears that crazy errors came out of her latest interview with a conservative magazine, and the following pdf's popped up. I've been on the net a few hours today. This happened twice. The first one happened on a Sibel Edmonds thread, the other on an old BradBlog thread I was checking out concerning some bull about Dieb-Throat. Nowhere else on my web surfing did this occur. I checked out the whois for this domain, and the thing is registered by GoDaddy and was created yesterday. I'm not paranoid enough to think this was created for myself, but I'm unsure how I'd ever be able to figure out if it is happening to others. It could be a prank by BradBlog to make it seem like they were hacked because of their oh so important content.

By the way, I also noticed someone in a Cannonfire blogspot archive sounding somewhat like me going on about Kimberlin, but it was not me. I always let it be known who I am and where I have posted. I would never post at that forum. And no, I didn't open up either of these. I may not have been born yesterday, but I wasn't born the week before then either.

screenshot 1

screenshot 2

socrates said...

I love Sinead O'Connor

socrates said...

We'll see if this post will stand. I doubt it. By the way, Julia Scyphers was the Grandmom that police in Speedway, Indiana suspected Brett Kimberlin of murdering. They thought that explained his motive for the bombings he was rightfully convicted of and never exonerated. I didn't get any funny pop-up pdf's this time.

socrates said...

That post was deleted. But before anyone thinks Agent99 is a genius, keep in mind that I have had specific questions like this. I have also been next to the only person to wonder about who killed Julia Scyphers. Plus, she has referred to the_last_name_left as being me, and we have completely different writing styles. My problem is it's near impossible for me to ask my questions without them getting deleted. A true troll changes their style and goes another route, simply because they like to fock with a specific website. I don't hide who I am. Now the fact that my specific questions aren't even allowed at BradBlog, as if they don't exist, tells me they are very important ones which go to the heart of the questioning of Velvet Revolution's credibility issues. Finally, I'd like to point out that Democratic Underground has a history of protecting this disinfo racket, and that Brad Friedman used to be published by them, before anyone had a clue about his existence. That Michael Fingerit, MajorFlaw at DKos, used to be a moderator at DU, to me, speaks volumes. The dark side has perhaps had no choice but to smear me as being some Mossad, Diebold, troll in the basement with cheetoh juice running down my shirt. That's because I have been sort of prolific and definitely persistent with being a gadfly. I have come up with facts to support my points. Ok, one last thought. Friedman has some acting experience. He also has the ability to speak with many accents. Maybe Brad Friedman is Agent99. I wish it was easier to run through the BradBlog archives. I tried and never found any organic progression from which to explain how she became the moderator. It just seems to have happened. There is no history of her blogging elsewhere. She even said when I asked her about this, that she took an interest in BradBlog after never being a blogger, and that when his place picked up, she offered to help out. I don't understand why there is no post where Brad said thanks to her and she has been offered the moderator position. I also question how Brad, a nobody with hack writing skills and no credentials, used to be promoted by DU. Back in the day, DU used to publish articles in contrast to how it is now a traditional forum. And no way can Brad be unaware of Agent99's association to tinfoil neonazis like Plunger and Big Dan. No way can he be unaware of Kimberlin's true past. No way can Alexandrovna have been unaware of Kimberlin's true past when she lied and said he had been an ex-political prisoner, exonerated, and won a huge settlement from the US government. Brad told me to dig on him. I did and succeeded, to the point where the convoluted cybersmear script against me continues on. BradBlog is a rag. It is also boring and predictable.

the_last_name_left said...

I am listening.

I've been continuing to probe away at Big Dan's Big Blog.

Dredd showed up. They thought I was Dredd.

I don't see how plunger can realistically hold the position s/he is not anti-semitic and not indulging Hitlerite jewish world conspiracy.

Plunger, 99, Z, Dan (all from Bradblog?) all seem totally lacking in any sort of contrition........they can never get anything wrong......never misjudge something.....never offer anything by way of conciliation......never take a neutral position.......

It's rabid. Totalitarian - fanatical? Something really horrible about it that is very similar to the real far-right nasty goons. Very similar sort of "feel" - though it seems there's an effort going on to carefully hold it in check so as to obscure it.

Dan changed the wording on his blog - it used to say "nazi news " whatever and listed NewYorkPost, Washington Post, Michelle Malkin, some 911 Survivors Group etc. It now no longer says "nazi".......small victory? lol. He never mentioned the change.....

I wanted to ask you about RawStory. I came across it hosting a link to Tom Flocco I think.

Also Flocco wrote about Libel Edmonds....Sibel, I mean.

It's at the reeeeeevolting birdman website

She sounds like she's talking to Brad? :D

socrates said...

Thanks for listening, or as it's written in good cover letters, thanks for your time and consideration.

I was going to ask you a favour. I returned to Democratic Underground and predictably all my posts were yet again deleted. I took screenshots of the posts and of those made by Brad and Larisa which were also scrubbed. Maybe you could try to post there in the future. The stuff I have come up with concerning those two dingleberries transcends who I am as an individual. The only saving grace is that there are always a few people with DU gravitas who confront them. But they never get into my stuff in regards to the Speedway Bomber. I'm gonna put the screenshots up at my aircraft wing place in the astroturfing section when I get the chance. I sincerely believe I have hit the bullseye. Otherwise there wouldn't be this information clampdown on those things, that to repeat, transcend whoever the heck I am in "real" life. I think I have made a serious dent in Brad Bomber Inc.'s ability to generate donations. Yesterday he wrote a whining post about people not making substantial enough donations for him to be able to upgrade his clunky website. Well, maybe if these people weren't so over the top selling unsubstantiated tabloid junk to their potential donors, perhaps they could have kept milking their business model. You should have seen what Larisa wrote about me. She said I was likely to strap bombs on myself. The irony is she has been peddling the myth that Brett Kimberlin has been some kind of political prisoner who was exonerated for setting bombs. Then she rubbed it in my face how my cyberstalker revealed my personal information. Yet another irony is that according to the real stalker, he was given that info from Brad. I'll get those screenshots up, so people can read them.

Now I'll try to respond to your post. I think Z is also Old Turk at BradBlog, if you wish to look into that.

Yes, it's the same finite group of posters at Big Dan's who gobble up a lot of space at BradBlog. They accuse people like us of being sock puppets, but I sense that they are the ones into sock puppetry, not us. Their buddy Jason Leopold is reknowned for using that strategy. I now truly believe that Brad is Agent99. It makes no sense that she became the moderator out of nowhere. There is no post that I can see where Brad gave her the position. I don't see that many posts of hers at BradBlog before she was made the moderator to explain why she was given that job. It's like my two day question of how Brad contacted Brett about his reward offer for whistleblowers and then just a few days later Velvet Revolution formed. It simply doesn't add up. I hope to God some reporter out there finds out how much VR has raked in over the years from gullible New Agers. It may be impossible to prove BradBlog and Co. are black ops, but I do think it can be proven that he and his lackeys are top-notch grifters.


socrates said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Raw Story used to link to Tom Flocco. I remember seeing them link to Wayne Madsen a few years back. And think about how Madsen was a supporter of Tinoire. In the meantime, Tinoire's dive has been ratcheting up the fake commie approach. They have transformed themselves into those brainwashed communists one finds who peddle their pamphlets ala the Hare Krishna style. You know, in a cult-like manner. Tinoire simply tries too hard to portray herself as a lefty. Same with Brad.

And it's remarkable how they do have the birther-right wing feel to themselves. People have made that point at DU concerning this recent Libel Edmonds nonsense {Libel- good one TLNL}. The reason many might think of this gang as possibly being a black operation is precisely because they are so over the top and have direct ties to neonazi propaganda. That the few of us who confront this beast continue to get censored tells my gut that this all reeks of year old fish found in a dumpster.

I'm not sure of Dredd. He could be a sincere guy, or he could be a concern troll. He is heavy into censorship at his own blog, which I have proven elsewhere. I was beating on him in a debate, and then I noticed my posts were being deleted. They weren't hate posts. Now I see next to no one is posting at his place. In the short term, heavy handed censorship might keep the genie in the bottle. But eventually word gets out that there is a bad smell. I used to post side by side with Dredd at BradBlog. We were both shit-canned around the same time.

Tom Flocco, that dude hasn't been shown any love in years. Eventually these people outlive their zeitgeist. Some seem to be built for a quicker downfall than others. Madsen, Flocco, and Rense are those kinds. Then there are others such as Brad and Larisa who seem to be built for the long haul. I think this is why I get attacked so much, because those are the types I want exposed. Rivero and Jones are similar hacks from the right, built for the long haul. But Rivero has been toast now for a couple years. It now seems that Jones has finally hit that point. When a dude like Larry abandons that ship, you know it's over for him. By the way, I assume you know this, but Larisa is the managing editor of Raw Story. In addition, a while back I came across astroturf that said Brett was a driving force behind not only BradBlog but also RawStory. I think that was another bullseye I nailed. To wrap up this longwinded post, I think what got me attacked to begin with was my ability to link all these groups together. It's one thing to talk about right woos left. But I was able to prove that BradBlog was in some affiliation with Mike Rivero through Tinoire. It was fate. We ended up in the same zone of the blogosphere. The Jeff Wells, the Tinoires, the Riveros, the BradBombers.... When nobodies like us get attacked more than people like Rense and Rivero, you know something fishy is going on. I'm shocked that the Sibel Edmonds story has become totally discredited in a self-inflicted manner. Though, that possibility definitely started to bleep on my troll radar system when she became a regular at BradBlog. At first, I was shocked. I didn't understand why Sibel would go there. Until then, she has herself some decent credibility. She did an interview with 60 Minutes for example. And I definitely don't understand what is up with her having given out complete factual errors in her interview with the ex-CIA dude Giraldi. It's like how you point out that these folks never take a neutral position. It is either all or nothing. It's as if they are deliberate strawmen, and their ace in the hole is that people like us aren't allowed to post on their major forums. We can only continue on with the pockets of awareness approach until some intrepid reporter finally gets off of his or her arse and publishes our findings.

socrates said...

I used to post like this at Dredd's blog, but after he threw me under the bus, I only went back there a few more times. One good thing I noticed with these blogspots is that they never seem to be deleted unless the owner does so. A big problem with the net is how so much often gets scrubbed and pruned or outright deleted.

socrates said...

My new thread is up at aircraft wings in the astroturfing section. It's titled Censorship at Democratic Underground and Daily Kos or vice-versa, short term memory loss. I cross-posted it at davefromqueens2.blogspot. If by chance you can make some posts once in a while at my forum, it'd be appreciated. But no pressures. I know you are not a big fan of the chemtrail topic. But take away the two sections on that, and the rest should be up your alley. Nonetheless, I don't mind my forum being slow. I've always thought of it as a blog in the form of a forum anyway.

socrates said...
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socrates said...

I do think you're onto something bringing Tom Flocco's name into this. There were connections between him and Black Box voting administrators Bev Harris and Andy Stephenson. Andy was close with Jeff Wells, Brett Kimberlin, Brad, and Larisa. Now I have found even more stuff that is curiouser and curiouser.

We know that Wayne Madsen has been close to Tinoire. We also know that he was the first to name Schakowsky as being the unnamed congresswoman spoken of by Edmonds. Now where in the heck did Madsen get delivered that tabloid tidbit?

I sincerely believe we are at the forefront of figuring out a disinformation racket. Let me provide you with a few links. This first one references the Madsen connection to the Edmonds thingie. I cite it because it gives some important dates. On August 8th, Edmonds spoke of an unnamed congresswoman being blackmailed. The article states that within a few days, Madsen revealed Schakowsky's name.

Now this is where I smell another rat. There is a youtube video put out by WeAreChange Chicago. It was posted on youtube on Sept. 8th. It's only a few minutes and one can see how she was asked for a comment on Wayne Madsen's take on a flu virus conspiracy theory along with September 11th.

What I find remarkable is how Madsen is being connected to this woman for a completely new topic. Then at the end of the video, credit is given to not only WeAreChange but to Alex Jones' InfoWars. It gets me to thinking of right woos left and how BradBlog is now attacking one of the most liberal politicians in America. It gets me to thinking about Tinoire and her over the top claims of being a communist or whatever despite having supported both Ron Paul and Michael Rivero. This is kind of about what I've said about how beyond whatever the heck truly happened on September 11th, there is a disinformation dynamic to it. And now we can see that major players we have been on about yet again are to be found with direct ties to current streams of convolution. Perhaps the congresswoman was selected to be libeled because she is a lefty who has shown support for the state of Israel. You know I have trouble with Israeli Govt. policy toward Palestine, but as I stumble across things like this, they do appear to represent a succint pattern of gobbledygook with the same internet personalities recurring time and time again as players.

socrates said...

The post deleted was the same one as the above but had an awkward typo. Sorry for any inconvenience.

socrates said...

If you look into the specific disinfo racket I have been on about, there is a definite pattern. Every six months or a year, they come out with a new easily debunked tabloid scoop. A few people like ourselves outright confront them. We are ridiculed and deleted. Then the few level-headed people who have the nerve to confront them usually do so as if they are walking on eggshells. They do their best not to say what is readily obvious, that the claims are so bizarre, that it makes one wonder if this is willing disinfo. They never ask about the revenue stream this grouping is generating through their fabrications. At BradBlog, it is even worse for the level-headed walking on eggshells folks. Even they eventually get ridiculed and accused of being disinfo. The new hysterical cry from the BradBlog crew is that anyone questioning the Sibel Edmonds mythology must work for a Turkish newspaper. I think the most telling part of all this are the glaring inconsistencies in Edmond's account. There was no townhouse. The timing doesn't add up in regards to the mother-in-law or mother's death. There is a pattern to their madness. They milk their made up scenarios as far as they can take them. When confronted with the inconsistencies, they then proclaim that perhaps the messengers were supplied with disinfo. It happened with the Leopold fiasco. Now it is happening with Sibel. Now the hysterical actors are suggesting what she heard was disinfo. Well, once their stories become the apparent hoaxes or whatnot they are, the stories are dropped. They are alluded to months and years later. This crew controls the moderating at both DKos and Democratic Underground. Bland debunking is allowed. It is as if BradBlog and this group are set on making progressives and internet bloggers look like idiots. But when it comes to asking why year after year, this recurring pattern keeps happening, and thus about what the money stream is concerning their organisations, those questions are deleted. I do find a bit of satisfaction in that Brad showed his frustration at the lack of substantial donations coming in. I actually believe him on that. He has clearly jumped the shark in regards to having the illusion of credibility. But they are hanging on. They are hopeful that this story too will go out to pasture. Then they'll lie low for a while and come up with a new one.

socrates said...

There's this semi-famous freelance journalist named Joseph Lauria. When I wrote as Prepostericity at DU in order to expose Brett Kimberlin, BradBlog, and a whole assortment of internet fakes, many of them involved with the so-called election integrity movement, I got in touch with Mark Singer. He's the one who wrote the astonishing book Citizen K concerning the Speedway Bomber, the one I excerpted a bit for you. Mark told me Joe Lauria wanted to contact me. He said Joe referred to my stuff as Prepostericity having made me a player.

I did get in contact with him, and we spoke for a few hours. Alas, he told me that no newspapers would pick up a story on internet convolution. He said that if there was proof about election fraud, especially that concerning the Michael Connell story, then they'd run it. He said as a freelancer, he couldn't afford to write the article for free.

I thought oh well, that's the way it goes. I was honoured to have had the opportunity to spill some guts to him. One thing, however, that he said never set well. I dropped a lot of internet names on him. He seemed to not have a clue. He seemed worldly, not blogospheric. When I mentioned Wayne Madsen and his assorted nonsense and how I suspected the ex-NSA dork seemed to be some form of disinfo agent, Joe said no. He said he'd been at Wayne's apartment, that while he wasn't poverty stricken, it was a very modest place. He made it seem that the reason Wayne runs rubbish is that he probably needs to make a paycheck, that beggars can't be choosers so to speak.

Now I'm starting to have serious doubts about Joe Lauria's true intentions. He has become a player in his own right concerning the Sibel Edmond's story. He is the one involved with this who has some gravitas. No one takes Larisa Alexandrovna seriously, nor Brad Friedman or anything that can be associated with Leopold, Madsen, Larry Johnson, you know, all those names that you may or may not now be figuring out the backstory and connections.

To make a long post short, I did some googling. Joe Lauria made a positive review of a book written by Madsen. Clearly a wtf is going on here. Like how one can question why Sibel would go to a discredited website if she wants to be taken at her word. So I simply wonder why Lauria would ever have praised Madsen in that way.

And like with my two day question of how Brad heard of Kimberlin's reward for whistleblowers and how Velvet Revolution formed mere hours later, I now have doubts about Lauria's chronology of becoming involved with the Leopold-Rove indicted myth, a somewhat similar story to Edmonds, especially in that it also had caused a big stink across the progressive blogosphere.

Lauria says he spoke with Leopold about his News Junkie book, and then a few days later Leopold came out with the scoop that wasn't. Then Lauria found out that his identity was stolen by Leopold around that same time.

It could have been the age old ploy of setting oneself up as an adversary in order to have others never suspect that they are on the same team. Perhaps this is why Lauria hasn't written one word on internet disinformation even though he is well aware of the topic. Perhaps he had Mark ask me to get in contact with him, so he could pick my brain. It is simply beyond the beyond that Lauria vouches for Wayne Madsen, even going as far as giving him kudos in published form.

socrates said...

Ok, I'll make one more post. If you go to the current BradBlog thread, you're gonna see one person named Cheeky getting harangued by all directions. He has apparently been accused of being a Turkish journalist. Then Brad and some new pitbull named Ernest Canning keep pestering him about being anonymous. Another guy named Pissed Off American, yeah, I know, a predictable username for BradBlog- he's alleging that Cheeky is a sock puppet of someone from another web page. Cheeky retorted how God forbid more than one person can come to the same conclusions through the use of logic. I checked into Canning. If he's the same attorney I found through the search engine, he is a worker's compensation litigator. That to me is like an attorney who does mortgages or one who does personal injury. Those are the teachers who teach Gym. Last point. Agent99 had the gall to edit Cheeky's posts. She started to respond to his posts within them. Who the heck is she and why should anyone care what she thinks? Now why if Brad is giving out to Cheeky for not revealing his real name, why doesn't Agent99 reveal hers? Can Brad really expect people to believe he isn't aware that she is affiliated with neonazi and right woos left propaganda? One would think based on the astroturf that there are a lot of people who buy into the Joos did it or that the Joos own the media and Government and crap like that. There aren't. There are many more racists than Jew haters here, imho. The stereotype of Jewish people is that they are industrious not some new world order caricature like these disinfo fools want people to believe. I think Agent99 is Brad. I used to think maybe she was Brett after I think Dredd made the suggestion. But I'm leaning towards thinking Brad is Agent99. I'm also thinking Brad is steaming mad that his credibility cover has been completely blown. I doubt too many donations are coming in anymore. That's how it should be with a grifter like that. That's what he is. You can't have Brad Friedman without Brett Kimberlin. And it's a fact that the Speedway Bomber is a confidence man.

the_last_name_left said...

I just spent the last hour reading that thread with Cheeky's posts.

He's "anonymous"? So f-ing what! As you point out - so is the moderator, Agent99! LOL

I was waiting for them to accuse him of being you, and me. :)

Cheeky, whilst earning the criticism of BradBlog, came across very well to me.

Strange though, that my comments were immediately deleted and I was banned, whilst Cheeky seems to be getting tolerated, even though his leash is being yanked by Agent99. Likewise - you are banned? Odd difference?

Cheeky made a goodpoint in passing, that people at BradBlog don't tolerate "discussion".....and that they seem determined Sibel is correct, and that she is naming a bunch of "crooks".

That's the same characteristic of all these places -- they take accusations as proof of guilt and suggesting otherwise makes you a traitor, an agent, Turkish intel, Mossad, whatever. Paranoia and binary thinking.

the_last_name_left said...

Socrates - what about the idea that BradBlog and co are interested in the Sibel Edmonds story because of the Israeli angle? They always took Sibel's claims as being about Israel - even though it was Turkey and Saudia that she actually seemed to target?

That's certainly Z, Dan, plunger and Agent99's view as it seems to me.

They keep deleting my comments.....but they've taken to not mentioning it (counter to their own stated terms about comment deletion)

I wanted Chucky to see the he won't because they refuse to even say they are deleting stuff.

the_last_name_left said...

cheeky - not chucky - ooops

socrates said...


Thanks for the responses.

I too wonder how Cheeky is able to continue on. But then again, Brad just gave him a final warning for "posting willing disinformation." Now there's some irony for you.

There is a big difference between people like Cheeky and ourselves. We are the types who get into the more esoteric when worlds collide kind of stuff. A great example of this is how we are willing to get in Brad's face about Agent99's friends. I have been asking where is the organic flow by which she became the moderator. That shouldn't be too difficult to link to. You are asking about Big Dan's and Plunger and the rest with their ties to right woos left the evil Joos conspiracy chatter. I did see one post deleted by someone named silenced. I thought that was a fake one to look like it came from me. I'll wait for things to come out in the wash. Same with Joe Lauria. Same with a lot of stuff. I am starting to truly believe that over time all becomes revealed.

I was banned for being persistent about Kimberlin. Certain topics are copmpletely off-limits. You are quite correct that the moderating is inconsistent. My first inkling that Agent99 was a plant or something of the sort was when I got attacked by the same people who went after us through the WRH Unofficial forum. BradBlog is clearly into censorship, but one that is inconsistently applied.

Yes, Cheeky is a clever gadfly, very socratic. He flipped the table on them by coming up with his own unsubstantiated version of the story. But the big difference is none of us started this mess. The Congresswoman didn't either yet is being asked to take a lie detector test, and for what, to see if she really is a lesbian? So for using logic and not breaking the rules, Brad has started to call the dude Cheeks and has given him a final warning. Brad needs to give himself the warning. But like I've tried to get the word out on, this is nothing new with BradBlog and Brett Kimberlin Productions. This crap has been consistently being pumped out in different versions since the 2004 election.


socrates said...

You are quite correct about this having the evil Joos angle as a part of it. I think the plausible deniability is turning into Sibel was given false info, call it a limited hangout, concerning the Congresswoman {I call her Congresswoman because I am not gonna even attempt to spell her name without copying and pasting it}. So Sibel is left off the hook. Then the Big Dan type explanation is that the lesbian thingamajig is about keeping the focus off the evil Joos. Now one thing I saw Cheeky say is that the Congresswoman has actually co-sponsored the bill making a stand against the Turkish genocide. He didn't provide a link, but if that's true, then there is yet another glaring discrepancy. So you have a logical, more traditional blogger than us in Cheeky, so they let him do his thing, but then when he makes too much sense, one can see how they start to unfairly treat him. The workman's compensation lawyer gets on him. The Pissed Off American comes up with his sock puppet theory. Agent99 starts showing up within his posts. Brad starts to call him Cheeks and gives him a final warning. To your point about trying to get some info to Cheeky, I totally can relate. This is all about a lack of freedom of speech and association. I have been trying to get through to the more traditional bloggers the last few years. I have tried to show them that what I have found out transcends who I am in "real" life.

Thanks for checking into this. Especially thanks for checking into this stuff before the latest crap hit the fan, i.e. The Sibel lesbian stuff. I'll check out and respond to your new entry. For the most part, I enjoy your entries. The Sept. 11th stuff not so much. But it's your place. Anyway, I think a lot of the heavy lifting has already been done, I mean, a lot has been figured out, and so when new antics are revealed, they are fairly transparent. It looks like we were well ahead of the curve with this Sibel Edmonds story. Thank God for the traditional level-headed bloggers who confront them seeing that we aren't allowed to. Maybe some of them will find this place and the level-headed can be mixed with the more esoteric observations. Not having freedom of speech and association flies against the US Constitution. And these buggers have the nerve to portray themselves as patriots and supporters of free speech. Yipers indeed as Chucky Cheekenstein would put it.

the_last_name_left said...

S: The Congresswoman .... is being asked to take a lie detector test, and for what, to see if she really is a lesbian?

That's what I see. Or something like it. It's pretty ridiculous.

S: Brad has started to call the dude Cheeks and has given him a final warning. Brad needs to give himself the warning.


Yeah - well it's impossible for me to get a message through to him - haha. Agent99 provides some good cover.

S: Now one thing I saw Cheeky say is that the Congresswoman has actually co-sponsored the bill making a stand against the Turkish genocide. He didn't provide a link, but if that's true, then there is yet another glaring discrepancy.

Yes - indeed. I don't know if that is true or not - but.....why did nobody rebut it? Or have they?

If they really cared, why didn't they already know that? More important than proving she's bisexual?

S: Thanks for checking into this.

that's ok. I'm just saying what i found. You said it was odd - it is odd. :)

S: But wait....we are the same person.

Generic Trolls. :D

But investigative "trolling" has its merits. Seems you can tell a lot about people by what they won't allow to be said.

It all just doesn't make sense to me........based on my sense of how ideas connect together. I just don't get the sense that these peoples' political views hang together properly. Maybe that's my own ignorance, and my eurocentricity. But looking at their views leaves me with a really deep dissonance. Something doesn't add up, properly.

socrates said...

Yes, precisely their politics and affiliations do not mesh, just as Sibel Edmonds' story doesn't. And you're correct that if these people were really devoted to getting to the bottom of things, it wouldn't take "constructive trolling" to get them to even acknowledge that things are off kilter. I've come up with my own phrase for what we do when entering hostile blog territory. I call it reverse trolling. I agree that there is much to be learned from seeing what they respond to and what is deleted on sight. I think I'm onto something concerning the Joe Lauria connection and the thing about an FBI source being alleged to give credibility to Sibel's claims. Brad keeps referencing the London Times piece that Lauria was involved with, as if hey, here is a mainstream paper covering this proving it has validity. But I've seen the same thing happen concerning other topics, and such stories turned out to be hogwash. It happened with a chemtrail story concerning an airport manager out of British Columbia. Jeff Ferrell found out that the story was a fabrication. Then there is the Judith Miller thing and her shite planted into the New York Times. In regards to this FBI agent vouching for Sibel, that kind of brings this whole thing into the realm of wondering about internet cointelpro. That was an FBI program and is not a tinfoil theory. I think it's naive for anyone to think that isn't going on with the internet. We know Hal Turner was in contact with the FBI as an informant. Now we see Sibel has some of those ties. I see your point how it is near impossible to prove. But like with my finding out for example about Rivero working for the largest military contractor or let's say Tinoire claiming to have been military intelligence or we even now know that Markos Moulitsas is a big fan of the CIA and at a minimum even applied for a position with them and to ramble on some more, there is Madsen, Larry Johnson, this Giraldi dude, and plenty of others.... Oh well, just saying. Take it easy.

the_last_name_left said...

Oh, I have no problem acknowledging existence of cointelpro: I've seen Chomsky use it as illustration of his propaganda model. It came to light about the same time as Watergate, right? But cointelpro disappeared as news - as opposed to Watergate, which has a (largely false) back-story of "fearless journalists holding the state to account"? But that's why watergate was reported and not cointelpro - according to Chomsky: watergate suggested the media were doing a good job, cointelpro proved much of it was subverted by the secret state and served their own, and other elite, interests.

I have no problem accepting it must exist all over the internet. This network of seeming disinfo kooks you adumbrate certainly could be cointelpro. I don't see any reason to assert it.....but likewise none to rule it out.

It isn't only state-actors which could accomplish such a thing.....right? But, yes - when you list the people, their FBI associations, NSA, military's certainly plausible, I must say!

I had totally missed (the now obvious) point about BradBlog and co standing up Edmonds' story with the reports from Sunday Times etc. Suddenly the mainstream (Murdoch) is totally trustworthy, eh? Weren't they supposed to be agents of disinfo, compromised, blah blah blah? Oh - that's right - only when they say something the kooks disagree with......

That's Alex Jones' gambit, isn't it? Ridicule the mainstream corporate media, but then claim all his own stuff is backed up by reports in the same mainstream corporate media - as if it provides authority all a sudden.

And funny coincidence that Lauria was involved with the Sunday Times piece?

socrates said...

That was a very well written post by you. Yes with Joe Lauria. Fancy him contacting Jason Leopold about his book then a few days later becoming part of the Karl Rove was indicted nonsense. And now he is Brad Friedman's most credible source backing Sibel Edmonds. Now why does that sound familiar? Oh yeah, Brett Kimberlin said in an affidavit that Michael Connell had been threatened by Karl Rove.

Then Lauria sought me out? He said I became a player as Prepostericity after exposing Kimberlin, Friedman, and other "election integrity" icons. He said if election fraud could be proven then the media would cover it. He said no one was going to cover a story about internet convolution. Oops, but didn't he do so with the Leopold story years back? He also went out of his way to vouch for Wayne Madsen. Hmmm, why does that sound familiar? Oh yeah, Larisa Alexandrovna did a similar vouching for the Speedway Bomber. Now who in their right mind would vouch for Madsen and write glowing reviews for him? I sincerely believe that Joe Lauria cannot be trusted.

Now we see Lauria is buddies with Wayne Madsen, who is buddies with Tinoire, who is buddies with Rivero, Kimberlin, and Wells. I smell rats. Now we see Lauria writes for a Murdoch owned newspaper.

Yes, the media is good and respectable when it serves their purposes. The alternative media is never attacked. The mainstream blogosphere is, however, and quite often whenever they ignore or ridicule their unsubstantiated, tabloid junk.

Now we see BradBlog showing support for a conservative magazine, I think run by Pat Buchanan. They are ripping into a progressive Congresswoman. They are propping up "intelligence" sources as legitimate.

I want you to check this out. I went to the Washington Note place as mentioned by PissedOffAmerican. I then found a post talking up the Wikipedia entry on Brad Friedman. The person mentioning it thought maybe it wasn't a good page because it was being written up by a sycophant and a disgruntled poster. The latter was about you or even me too since they are saying we are the same person! I've screenshot it, just in case it gets deleted. This is pretty strange stuff. We're talking major league head games coming out of this crowd. They are sadistic in addition to being full of shit. They are clearly not ignoring people like us anymore. They are saying we are all one deranged person or group like Mossad or Diebold {which changed its name}. Very transparent bullshit. There are also no links on the wikipedia page from what I saw to I believe that stuff you wrote as Haystacks. Please correct me if I'm wrong on anything. To me it looks like someone wishes it to appear that you wrote this entry.


However, issues arise from BradBlog's propensity to censor contributors' comments left at the site and the indulgence of conspiracy theories. Notably BradBlog has been accused of lying about people whom have posted at BradBlog, deleting comments and indulging malicious accusations against posters, even maliciously accusing posters of being "mentally deranged". During the debate about President Obama's healthcare reform, Bradblog have consistently deleted comments defending the reforms, including articles by the left-of-centre UK newspaper The Guardian and The American Prospect.

socrates said...

Just quickly checking out some new BradBlog comments. One is wondering where Cheeky is. Another named Floridiot is saying the US is israel's "beeatch." Not sure if it means anything, but at DKos, I had referred to Larisa as a byatchka. Maybe there are simply coincidences. But then I think of the wikipedia entry and how it's obviously referring to your attempts at posting at BradBlog on the health care issue. I think that username of Floridiot is a sock puppet. He's talking up the Joos did it angle.

I guess better late than never that hacks like Friedman and Alex Jones expose themselves. People like us can be ahead of the curve, but with a bit of patience, we see that such chumps eventually do themselves in by going to the disinfo well one time too many.

socrates said...

posted by Vinnie From Indy

The fact is that Edmonds went from an unknown translator to a media darling for all the unquestioning folks like yourself. She has founded a non-profit group devoted to "whistleblowers" and she has indicated that a book is in the works. Simply because you want to overlook these things does not mean that the rest of us need to be willfully ignorant as well. The fact is that Edmonds has turned a six month stint as a CONTRACT employee at the FBI into a full time occupation as an abused "whistleblower". I am simply astonished at your willfull refusal to acknowledge the reality in regard to Edmonds new career as a accusation spewing, non-evidence producing industry.

The word is getting out about Brett Kimberlin-Brad Friedman Productions.

the_last_name_left said...

Just a quickie - I'm pretty certain I did write that wiki paragraph. As Haystacks? Y - I have used that name.

the_last_name_left said...

Lauria seems like "a good bloke"?
I'm judging only by quickly looking at his choice of articles and content.

As for the anti-Israeli angle, that could be the result of some far-right influence, and/or a genuine effort by some elements within the state to expose Israeli infiltration of USA etc? Or maybe the far-right elements are just making much of it, as they'd be want to do.....

Maybe there's some crossover happening - between two groups' interests.

I dunno - makes my head spin thinking about possibilities. ;)

socrates said...

You're pretty certain you wrote the wiki article? That should be something you're positive about. Yes, Lauria comes across as a good progressive, but when I spoke with him on the phone, he tried his best to tell me that Madsen isn't willing disinformation. Now I see he has written glowing reviews for Madsen. Now I see he is running interference for Sibel and BradBlog. I had told him about Lori Grace. He mentioned Kimberlin's aunt to me as a respective donor. He made it seem like he was interested in the Kimberlin story. But now I see nothing coming out from him but stuff that supports BradBlog. Joe Lauria, to me, represents the mainstream media covering up the insanity and grifting coming out of the alternative internet one. Someone can look good on certain things and still end up being a rat. There is also probably all sorts of spying going on, but that doesn't equate into some Joos global conspiracy. I think for our purposes, when looking at Tinoire and BradBlog people, there is a transparent effort to bring right wing ideas into the leftosphere. So you have Tinoire praising Ron Paul, Rivero, and making lefties look like anti-semites. The connection between the pigs who post at Big Dan's, who may be one person, who knows, and Brad Friedman is one that can't be explained as a business model. Or maybe it is a business model that has failed. Now we see the BradBlog ripping apart at one of the most progressive Democrats. You got initially attacked or deleted didn't you say for bringing in pro-socialist ideas for health care. Maybe BradBlog is about right wing plants representing themselves as lefties. Agent99 did throw Cindy Sheehan under the bus along the same time right wingers were calling her a media whore. Brad and his sycophants are constantly bitching about how there is not much difference between right and left.