Monday, 28 September 2009

Just posted this at BradBlog - will they delete it?

I posted the following over at BradBlog. I want to see the reaction. I suspect they will simply delete it.
Well, the reasons for the media acting as they do are obvious - according to a friend of this blog - Z. It's because of Jews.

Z is a good friend of Big Dan, and this blog's moderator, Agent99.

According to these people - participants at Bradblog - the reasons the media is how it is, is Jewish control:

Z wrote: They [Jews] only control 96 % of the world media - propaganda machine.

Only when they own 100%,.. then should we begin to worry.


The power of lies, deceptions and disinformation as Americans pay the price of collective stupidity.

Should any minority be allowed to wield such awesome power?

Facts of Jewish Media Control

...Eisner a Jew....Joe Roth (also a Jew).... Steven Bornstein, a Jew.....Gerald Levin, is a Jew. Goldberg and Hersch are Jews. ....Norman Pearlstine, a Jew....a number of Jews....Palinsky, a Jew.....the other Jews at CBS......Jewish newsman Daniel Schorr.....Jewish Laurence Tisch.....Murray Rothstein, a Jew......Jewess Sherry Lansing.....

the facts of Jewish media control in America.
Seeing as these people are friends of Bradblog - one of them the moderator - I'd like to ask if Brad Friedman repudiates such nonesense......or whether he accepts it as "true".

What's the answer, Brad? What do you think of your own moderator endorsing such beliefs?

Second post:
plunger - another friend of Bradblog, Z, BigDan and the moderator of BradBlog Agent99 keeps claiming the same thing:
On October 3, 2001, I.A.P. News reported that according to Israel Radio (in Hebrew) Kol Yisrael an acrimonious argument erupted during the Israeli cabinet weekly session last week between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his foreign Minister Shimon Peres. Peres warned Sharon that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians would endanger Israeli interests and “turn the US against us. “Sharon reportedly yelled at Peres, saying “don’t worry about American pressure, we the Jewish people control America.”
That's a well known manufactured quote......from a palestinian islamic faction.

But it's more evidence that the people around BradBlog actually think being Jewish is the major determining factor in all the things Brad writes about - media bias, election fraud, etc.

Does Brad know of, and approve of such anti-semitism amomgst his colleagues (and his own moderator)?
Let's see what they say? My bet is they will delete it.

I'm finding the Sibel Edmonds thing interesting at the moment. Interesting to see it hit the rails at the first effort at trying to verify it - Shakowsky claims her mother died a decade earlier than Sibel claimed, that she'd never owned a townhouse as Sibel claimed, that she'd never had a tryst with any woman as Sibel claimed she had.

Shakowsky's responses accuse the purveyors of the allegations as being cut from the same cloth as the Birthers - part of a right-wing smear campaign to oppose a liberal congresswoman. Hmmm. Well, that much might be true.


Update: Comments have been deleted.

[ed note: Comment from banned commenter deleted. --99]

How did they know I was a "banned commenter"? It is now more difficult to post the same issue, because BradBlog will put the post into their comment analyser, and automatically refuse it.

Gotta love the accountability of the "alternative news" crew.......and their refusal to stoop to censorship, of course. That's what makes them so different from the (Jooo-ish) mainstream, of course.

Good for you Bradblog - deleting comments accusing your moderator and audience of anti-semitism. Way to go.


I reposted them with slight differences to escape the auto-comment analyser.

I added:
What is Bradblog doing with people like this? Why is someone with such anti-semitic views as these moderating Bradblog?

ETA - I didn't put a timeframe. My comments were deleted within hours.


socrates said...

Yes, this is how they are getting away with censoring specific questions. If someone asks about Kimberlin, it must be me. Now if someone asks about BradBlog's direct ties to anti-semites, it must be you.

But wait, according to Tinoire, we are the same person. According to Agent99, we are the same person. Now fancy this, an affiliation between Progressive Independent and Velvet Revolution has been proven to exist {not to mention the commie Tinoire's praising of Ron Paul, Michael Rivero, and Jeff Wells}. Maybe Agent99 is Tinoire? At least when I make such suggestions, I admit I have no proof and it is just conjecture. Yet, affiliated websmasters from across the net with specific affiliations keep claiming we are the same despite them having the inside info that I am in Massachusetts and you are in Europe.

You were truly in rare form with these comments. They hit a raw nerve such as mine about Brad's close association to Kimberlin do. Such questions cannot be allowed to see the light of day at BradBlog. Thus, their strategy is that certain questions will always come from me, and others concerning the "evil Joos theory" must be from you. I totally relate to what you now can see, that there is no way to ask specific questions on that website. Good job, laddie.

socrates said...

I read through some comment pages at Big Dan's. I'll assume you are August Spies. I see they keep saying we are the same person.I see they are lumping us in with Dredd. I wouldn't waste any more time at that dive, but it's your life. There is also the possiblity that a username will be produced appearing as yourself to make you look bad. They are simply turning solid questions about their obvious anti-semitism into some sort of sadistic script. I think you are correct to see the big questions are why Agent99 is BradBlog's moderator and why Brad Friedman allows a raving anti-semite to have so much power at his website. I see nothing in his archives indicating that Agent99 was a solid contributor who was organically given the position. Brad will never allow you to ask him these questions. Such oddities are astroturfed as being insignificant. I think Brad has been going on about an FBI source claiming Edmonds is credible. That to me is just one more indication that internet cointelpro could be exactly what we are looking at here.

socrates said...

They went after Schakowsky because she is pro-Israel. But the problem with that is she is very progressive on mostly everything else. She voted against the Iraq War. The BradBlog crowd is putting all their eggs into the Rivero type basket of the Joos Did It. This is where I start to think of cointelpro possibilities rather than simply grifting. I don't understand how bringing in the anti-semite angle would be a good business model. I don't think that's too big a demographic. And I don't see where Tinoire is getting any donations. I don't buy her over the top transformation into being a commie, after supporting Rivero and Ron Paul. Ok, I'm done, there are just these basic ideas that are swirling around in my head, and I can't see how the stuff we have been on about isn't obvious to regular Joes and Janes. Sibel Edmonds is at a minimum clearly some kind of grifter who picked the wrong person to slander. She picked the wrong person in Brad Friedman to use as a face man, just as Brad made a huge mistake in hooking up with the Speedway Bomber. But, oh wait, without Brett Kimberlin, no one would even know who Brad Friedman is.

socrates said...

There appears to be a total information clampdown underway at BradBlog. No Cheeky. No Vinny from Indy. No one at all like there is at Democratic Underground speaking fact to tabloid. DU is clearly a heavily censored centrist spamfest in its own right. However, there are a number of folks there including a moderator named Magistrate who are speaking the truth on this specific topic. Nonetheless, I was checking out some archives at DKos. One post said that Skinner of DU has done work with the DLC. That is the organisation which has been controlled by someone named Al From who has been attempting to purge the Democratic Party of pure lefties. Here's the link to that comment.

Skinner's business stated it had done web design for the DLC and showed a sample page on it's web page.

Basically DU is neither democratic nor underground.

And here's what Sibel just dumped over at BradBlog.

Brad has done a great job covering this and many other stories no one dares to touch, and has done so with limited resources which makes it even more 'credit' worthy.

Limited resources? I doubt it, not with the Speedway Bomber's capacity to generate money. Someone needs to find out how much Velvet Revolution has raked in with their hoaxes.

It appears to me that Cheeky and others have been banned from BradBlog. New posts are being put up by Brad moaning about how credible this story is. He wants us to trust ex-CIA officials. He wants us to believe in Plunger, PissedOffAmerican, Agent99, the Big Dan's, and a slew of others who are astroturfing that the US government is controlled by Israel. BradBlog knows his credibility is toast. He is in total damage control. But he made his disinfo bed, and he has to sleep in it.

the_last_name_left said...

But even the New York Times has "limited" resources? She means "meagre" resources?

It's amazing how Brad and the rest spend so mucg effort attacking "mainstream media".....and then ban people like Cheeky. Banned - for what? Disinfo according to Brad?

LOL. That's an excuse in place of the wholly arbitrary "we'll ban whoever we wish".

Any of us could decide someone who disagrees with us is "spreading disinfo"?

S: DU is clearly a heavily censored centrist spamfest in its own right.

LOL. I hate the way their forums work. Ugly....and I can't really follow it. That, and seeming so centrist (and american) put me off.

How big is DU? Where did it come from? What IS it?

I wonder if there's a list somewhere of the biggest, busiest, forums (fora?)? It might be interesting to see where people have gravitated to. I am a member of a football (soccer) is massive. It's astonishing compared to the size of political forums I see. It's a little disheartening really - so many people arguing about what is essentially a trivial distraction. Then there's so many of us out here acting almost in solitude - all thinking we can change the world. LOL. Maybe that's a good thing though......that people aren't much interested in changing the world, I mean. I have a lot of faith in democracy and the general public - but....most people have had no political education at social science training...

It's long intrigued me how most everyone thinks their own opinions about politics and society are valid. Of course we're all entitled to opinion, but there's no other serious field of life where people just assume qualification for possessing an opinion??

People are against "socialism" without any real understanding of what it means. Even "liberal" sounds like a dirty word now. I see claims Obama is a "nazi-commie", for instance. I mean - what the hell is that?

Sorry - I digress. How did I get here? lol

socrates said...

The title of BradBlog's new entry is "CIA Vet: FBI Whistleblower Edmonds 'Very Credible'"

This isn't no planes hit the WTC's, this ain't no hologram hogwash. This is the real deal because we say so, and anyone who begs to differ will be ridiculed and then banned!!!!

Then the workman compensation lawyer shows up disgruntled that some alternative radio dude is saying the conservative rag is the only media covering this. He's saying, take a look at our Speedway Bomber buddy Brad Fricken Friedman, he's on this like flies on rice!!!

And here are a tale of two threads. This first one has plenty of folks calling Brad and Libel Edmonds to the woodshed for their tabloid rubbish. This second one the DU sock puppets and useful idiots show up to astroturf the line that this is soooo credible. This ain't no snake oil. The first thread is titled "Is Sibel Edmonds credible?." The second is titled "FBI VET CONFIRMS KEY EDMONDS ALLEGATION." Can anyone say damage control? [/Dr. Evil pinkie to side of mouth]

The new one which screams believe this, for the love of God believe this is on page one of general discussion, while the one articulating pretty much most of the problems with this story has slipped to page seven. And of course, the background research I have done on Kimberlin, Friedman, and Alexandrovna is nowhere to be found. The anti-semite angle TLNL has come up with lately concerning Biggie Big Dan types- Nada, nil, zippo, sqadooshie. And of course Brad yet again has added his poverty stricken message yet again to his new one.

The BRAD BLOG receives no corporate or foundational funding. Please consider donating to The BRAD BLOG in support of our years-long continuing coverage of the Sibel Edmonds case.

It's a friggen shell game. It's a carnival act. Hopefully after years and years of Brett Kimberlin Productions, masses of people have woken up and have stopped donating even a shilling to their crapola scheme. I say shilling in deference to the European webmaster who runs this Prion Prison Hollapalooza. Hey TLNL, I hope you appreciate my humour. You can tell I am feeling confident about the presentation when my good natured soul starts to flow more than some underlying bitterness. Thank you, sincerely, for looking into this stuff. It's appreciated. Hopefully some of these threads will show up in the search engines and the pockets of awareness strategy will thrive.

socrates said...

Whoa Nellie, I just noticed your post. DU started I think right after the first stolen GW Bush election. Its business model was run on garnering up the energy from those who would naturally be upset with Shrub. I think DU and DKos have been the biggest, and then there are the offshoots, many of which are affiliated or are breakaway forums. There are others. But you know how it is, we find the places we like and pretty much read there. But now it is years later. And anyone who has been following the blogosphere for any period of time should have a good idea that the internet is not as open a shop as it is astroturfed as.

So for a few examples, Brad, Tinoire, Jeff Wells, even people like Madsen and Larry Johnson got their start or the word is mojo from DU and DKos. With all the spiders and robots, it is hard to gauge how popular these places really are. I am under the impression that their popularities have taken a drastic tumble over time. Word gets out about the moderating. Word gets out how centrist they truly are. Like I said DU is neither democratic nor underground. It is tied to the DLC and Al From.

The big shift probably took place in 2005-2006. Kos censored conspiracy theories including the idea of stolen elections, while DU started putting ct's into the Dungeon.

I've never really understood the fanatical mob mentality around Europe concerning your football. It is a great sport. But there was the Sheffield tragedy. There are those crazy riots. Now there's something you Europeans should be embarrassed by.

It's a funny two way street concerning internet anonymity versus folks with credentials. Ironically, Brad is calling himself a journalist, yet he has had zero training from what I can see. It should actually be the content that matters. But a guy like Cheeky made solid points, then it's his fault for not revealing his name and the newspaper he works for. I actually believe Cheeky is who he says he is. But even if he isn't, or even if any of us weren't who we claim to be, the content should be the focus of all discussions. So I do see your point about how it can be futile or unnecessary to call anyone out as being the proverbial intel troll. My background is Sociology. I haven't been in that area for a long time, and I could care less if some think I am making that up. I have a couple master's degrees. I've told my story a few times here and there. It is what it is.

the_last_name_left said...

S: He wants us to believe in Plunger, PissedOffAmerican, Agent99, the Big Dan's, and a slew of others who are astroturfing that the US government is controlled by Israel.

yeah. That's why I found Big Dan's so interesting - and such an indictment of Bradblog.

They obviously felt "freer" to more fully express themselves at Big Dan's? And there's a bit of a dissonance between the two facets of them.

So there's a degree of duplicity.....even though one can see the same threads of 'jewish world conspiracy' running in the background at Bradblog.

My comments there which led to my banning were in response to lawyer Canning's aticle on Obama "betraying" healthcare reform.

Canning clearly suggested that Obama was deliberately "betraying" the glorious american people. Hopes for single-payer were merely to exploit the public....he apparently never intended single payer...lies...betrayal....

All part of the great conspiracy - that seemed to be Canning's subtext.

I tried to get across that there IS (obviously) genuine and very powerful opposition to Obama - especially for something so "communist" as a national health care service.

Hey - why not get Obama to sign it in by fiat......errr presidential decree or whatever?

Nevermind that people have been complaining about Bush's use of such bully power?

Regardless - the back story for Canning seems to be the explicit "betrayal" - and of conspiracy to do so.

At Big Dan's they are spending much time attacking the false opposition.

It's not ALL false though, is it?

I think Pilger misses that point in his attack of Obama. Sure - he's right that the USA isn't changing's much the same USA as appears in all Chomsky's book, for example.'s stupid to imagine the american populace is some incredibly liberal/socialist mass frustrated by an evil empire of capitalist tyranny?

Opposition is real.

Amusingly Brad has been touting his appearance in the UK Guardian........

A few weeks back BradBlog kept deleting a Guardian staff article I kept posting there!

It was by their USA correspondent - Michael Tomasky - and it said that supporters of single payer should lay off accusations of betrayal against Obama - because it presupposed a level of power that a President does not possess.

They kept deleting it - but now Brad is touting the Guardian, because he's in it. And it has a considerable degree of authority, gravitas, left tradition. lol

So......grand conspiracy seems a persistent thread through it all (bradblog etc) election fraud, healthcare, Sibel Edmonds....911

If you mix anti-semitism into that then it is pretty much classic "jewish world conspiracy". Isn't it?

Just so happens that it was one of the prime motivating myths of nazism?

And it just so happens that Plunger's list of sources included Hitler, William Pierce, Willis Carto, Eustace Mullins, Lindbergh......

I mean - what do they think such sources are providing?

It's astonishing to think people can use such sources as vindication and support for their beliefs, yet somehow imagine they can distance themselves from the fact that their sources are reviled because of their beliefs......and what those beliefs led them to do.

Those beliefs were present (and pronounced) in nazism.....they were the motivating myths.

How much of nazism must one believe before one becomes "a nazi"?

As for Shakowsky (?) - I don't understand why the spotlight has fallen there. Edmonds didn't claim that she knew Shakowsky had been successfully blackmailed. As someone pointed out at Bradblog - what is Shakowsky supposed to do? Even if she had an affair - it wouldn't mean the rest of the content of the allegations involving Shakowsky were true.

socrates said...

This is all good stuff you've written. It's what I can intuit but sometimes have difficulty putting into words. My imagination takes over. I start thinking Brad is some intel disinfo dude, because I just can't find the backstory to Agent99 becoming the moderator the way she described it. To me it looks like it just happened. Then when I read the Big Dan's type shite, then I see it at places like Tinoire's. I see Tinoire is praising Rivero and Ron Paul yet claims to be a communist. Yet then I see her claim to have been in military intelligence. I think you get where I'm coming from. I'm not saying for sure these are black ops or whatever, but that I feel I have the right to think it is a very good possibility. But then the irony is I get plastered as being the conspiracy theorist by conspiracy theorists. I guess it's the nature of the beast for getting involved with the weather mitigation topic.

I'm no expert on the health care topic nor the Schakowsky one. But I'll try my best. In America, you can get socialist ideas put into policy, but you have to couch it a certain way. Call them labor unions. Call benefits part of a safety net within a capitalist system of fair play. But as soon as the propaganda comes out that universal health care is socialist, it goes nowhere. Look at schools. They are obviously unequal. For them to be fair, and not based on property taxes or whatnot, that would be a form of socialism. But don't call it that here. Just say, we are all born equal and we each have the right to health care, education, housing, etc.. Yes, there is opposition in America. Yes, we are somewhat more conservative than many may think. But when Americans are aware of problems, they tend to do the right thing. Everyone deserves health care. It shouldn't depend on what one has in their savings account. It's not really a topic I have figured out, but I would vote for it. Maybe change needs to be incremental. I'm not sure why alleged progressives would be against universal health care. I could really use someone to explain the basics of the debate for me to even start knowing what to say. It does appear to be a red flag that BradBloggers are against Obama's health care initiatives. Does that mean they are for the way it is, or what are they providing as an alternative? Are they just bashing Obama for the sake of doing that? This topic is somewhat beyond my knowledge base, to be honest.


socrates said...

I doubt Brad actually writes for The Guardian. I posted about that a while back. I think he is merely in their Comments are Free section, kind of like a HuffingtonPost addition to the News website. I may be wrong. But I think Brad is trying to make it seem that he is an actual journalist being published by that fantastic paper. I doubt he truly is. One can look at HuffPo and see that all sorts are getting published, regardless of any journalistic credentials.

As for the Schakowsky thing, it just doesn't add up on many levels. She has been supportive of the genocide legislation. Here you have what is supposed to be a progressive website, and they are touting a Pat Buchanan magazine and spreading outrageous gossip about one of the most progressive politicians in America. She does appear to be hawkish in regards to Israeli policy towards Palestine. In my opinion, that isn't progressive. But that is the only explanation I can think of for why she was selected to be smeared. I wrote an email to her, but I got one back saying unless I am a constituent, she won't be able to respond due to time restraints. I wanted to let her know more info about Brad and Brett. I advised her to sue people for libel.

I don't think Canning is a real lawyer. I mean I think he is, but for Mickey Mouse type things, like a real estate attorney, if you get my drift. I think his specialty is workman's compensation. What I see from him are transparent attempts at evoking authority. Like listen to me, I know the law, and Cheeky has just been ripped apart in cross-examination by a true patriot. I think BradBlog is too over the top. I think their donations are drying up.

I tried to ask about Kimberlin. You have tried to ask about Big Dan and Plunger losers linking to Carto. We have tried our best. What we need is for a real journalist to get on the same page and add some credibility to our perspective. So we are now at a standoff. But I do think the shine is complately off of Brad Friedman, and I can't imagine there being that many chumps out there who will buy into his act regardless of our serious questions being swept under the rug. Gotta get some shut-eye. It's almost 4 am here.

socrates said...

I just googled Canning. Mr. Progressive Democrat was working for the Hilton Hotels Corporation Law Office. Ha! Take care.

socrates said...

On one of the BradBlog threads Big Dan has linked to an interview with James Bamford. Big Dan says it is about Israeli's wiretapping Americans. But if one goes to the actual video, they will hear Bamford explain how the NSA was outsourcing to an Israeli company to do that spying. At BradBlog, the sycophants don't let the full facts get in the way of a good Joos global conspiracy.

Then further down Karen from Illinois says that was too good a post not to be repeated. Then she adds a broken link. Now I have just seen her elsewhere leave an intact link, so it is obvious she knows how to use the html. It reminds me of another poster from BradBlog who has disappeared after confronting the beast blog of disinfo. His name is Gos, and the curious thing about him was that he too left a link that went nowhere. I figured out that it was to the Troubleinwinter thread at DU in which Brett Kimberlin's ties to "election integrity" and his seedy past were exposed. It was where Larisa Alexandrovna vouched for Kimberlin and claimed that he was an exonerated, ex-political prisoner. The strange part with Gos' link was that instead of the link reading it had .org as the address. Now those are fairly long links. I doubt anyone would type it in but would rather copy and paste it. So how would .com get changed to .org? And that's a fairly strange mistake to make anyway if it was human error. Dot Org is not exactly the most common of destinations. Dot Com is the one most places go to. Thus, I think Gos was either a sock puppet or Agent99-Brad edited his link to make it not work.

Anyway, and yeah, I am kind of in my old Socrates mode of late, for example finding out that Ernest Canning was a corporate lawyer for Hilton Hotels concerning worker's compensation, not exactly the kind of gig a people's person would undertake.... Oops, run on sentence. {/embarrassed smilie} I see the word students in the Karen link. I am assuming that the story was the one about the Israeli Art student scammers portrayed as spies by the "alternative" media.

Here's a link to letters to on the story which may shed light on what truly happened. Those could have actually been scammers trying to make a buck. We have these fools here who will drive up to people in parking lots and offer people wonderful stereo speaker systems at rock bottom prices. They will come up with a story of why they are able to sell them so cheaply. I'll try to google for a link on that scam too.

That Karen from Illinois poster is quite annoying. She refuses to write in upper case, so it reads like this is me karen and i find it easier to type without using uppercase....

By the way, I have had my moments of being a sycophant. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. I used to pimp big time for Brad Friedman. But once he started to blip on my bullshite radar system, once he dared me to dig up for dirt on himself, I did.

"The Israeli 'Art Student' Mystery" Letters

White Van Speaker Scams Fraud Involving Scam Speakers Sold From White Vans by Speakermen Fraudsters

Folks should at least check out the letter from the media group which explains that they were the original source for finding the Israeli art student scoop. It kind of puts the big stink up made over this in greater perspective.

Maybe those art students really were spies, but I tend to doubt it after taking this quick look into the story. It was just too bumbling and stumbling, too over the top, like a BradBlog expose.

socrates said...

{Cross-posted from my forum. There's also plenty of stuff at my place that won't be found here at TLNL's.} I've been writing quite a bit at in the comment sections. I really don't feel like copying and pasting it here. But it's good relevant stuff I've come up with, so feel free to check it out.

I've noticed more backlash against Brad Friedman's bullshite reporting at Democratic Underground.

Cessna Invesco Palin: Do you plan to ask [Giraldi] about his pedophilia?
BradBlog: Uh, what?! (ATTENTION MOD, I THINK THE COMMENT ABOVE SHOULD BE DELETED!) No idea what you're talking about, but it seems this comment should be removed unless you're able to offer a cite to what the hell your reference is to.
Cessna Invesco Palin: Your newfound concern about people making allegations without corroborating evidence is duly noted.

Notice how Brad likes to go whining to moderators? Here's a funny tidbit about Brad's association to DU. On his journal page it says he joined DU in November, 2005. Yet, for some odd reason DU used to publish his stuff many months before that, as if he had some sort of gravitas for being a no-name blogger. What this implies is that Brad has had some sort of inside connection to DU from well before Brett Kimberlin put him on the map by providing him with various whistleblower hoaxes.

Vinnie From Indy: Was Edmonds the FIRST to offer that Grossman was under investigation? Or, is her claim against Grossman simply adding his name to her very long list of Americans that have committed treason and all the rest? Did she take this information, which might have been publicly available elsewhere prior to her first claim, and graft it onto her story in an attempt to add to her credibility?

socrates said...

Correction, Brad joined DU in November, 2004. Yet for example he was published by them in September of that year. Who the hell is this guy and take away the Brett Kimberlin supplied hoaxes, would anyone know who the fock he is? I doubt it.

socrates said...

{crossposted from my blog in the form of a forum} I just posted for the first time on one of those BradBlog chats that are held during when Brad is on the radio. It's funny what they allowed to be posted and then what caused me to be censored. I posted as BradRules.


Agent99 didn't have any trouble with my Joos spy comment. I guess the key to a good reverse-troll is to talk like them at first.

Some of her best friends may not be Jewish, but she knows a lot of them.


Then came my last post to survive the draconian censorship policies of BradBlog.


That got no response. Then someone started to rip into the Republicans, and I decided to go back to telling them what they wanted to hear, that Republicans and Democrats are the same and make up an evil, global conspiracy. That didn't show up, so I wrote it again just to make sure. Here is the screenshot of what I had in the posting box. This was disallowed, and I am no longer allowed to comment on their cultish chat page.


the_last_name_left said...

yeah - that's good. lol

sure......insult joooos, that's fine.

Wanna ask us about "where we really stand" thanks. DISINFO. THAT MEANS BYE BYE.

Who are they kidding?

I think the same about desertpeace bolg and all the rest..........."WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE KIDDING!?"

I love that Umberto Eco thing about fascists being so irrational they're incapable of judging their enemies' strength.

And they have a lot of enemies. :D

socrates said...

I couldn't believe it. I thought Agent99 or someone would at least come out with the meme that there is a big difference between zionist and Jewish people. When I asked for her opinion on, that was it for me. How can Brad not know what Agent99, Big Dan, Plunger, and the rest represent?

And mentioning DesertPeace is quite appropriate. Tinoire is buddies with that dude. They both adore Michael Rivero. Tinoire's Progressive Independent is part of Velvet Revolution's affiliations. Big Dan even links to Rigorous Intuition. Tinoire is close to Jeff Wells. They all emerged out of Democratic Underground.

I'm gonna take a screenshot of your new banner. That is a good one. Other nicknames given to BradBlog have been I think FlogBlog or something similar and Dredd has called them BardBlog. One more strange thing I googled "Hitler my political testament bradblog" and the first hit was to a Winter Patriot post from 2006 concerning September 11th conspiracy theory. And maybe you have an opinion, for I haven't much of a clue about search engines, but this is the first google result for me: "The BRAD BLOG : 9/11 Op/Eds: One Great Big Stupid Lie After Another
... last Will and Political Testament. Google users enter: Hitler my political testament ... Check out the trailer bradbloggers and purchase the DVD! ... - Cached - Similar" Any ideas why this is so? Why does your banner say google Hitler my political Testament. I'm sincerely confused with this one. I see how you are trying to show how BradBlog's minions are directly tied to promoting anti-semitic sources, but what is going on here?

the_last_name_left said...


I googled "Hitler my political testament bradblog" and my blog comes up first.

I guess it must be the BradBlog bit that sends me to the top of the list.

HAHA - I think that's funny.

Larry's "hitpiece" on Prisonplanet attracted the attention of PP's webmaster and resident analyst Paul Joseph Watson... according to Larry. He'd searched for "Joe Fields Nazi", and been referred to Larry's blog comments by me.


So, according to Larry, PP's webmaster was searching google for "joe fields nazi".........and ended up at Larry's. haha


Larry took down his link to Willis Carto's AFP.

That was good of Larry.

socrates said...

What's the origin of that phrase? Why did you put it in your banner? And why is it ending up in a google description of an old BradBlog thread that has nothing to do with you? Maybe I am simply search engine illiterate. I do know that often the link's descriptions will merely point to the search words or vice versa. I have been good at using search engines, but as far as how the insides of them work, I am unsure. I think I did hear once that google results can be different for individuals based on our previous search habits. One strange tidbit, not sure if it matters, but one of the first apparent disinfo astroturfers I went after, A Steven Hertzberg involved with "election integrity," I found that he had written a question asking about tax information for Google employees. There is also a company out in California that deals with mining the internet. It was started by a guy involved with Yahoo.

the_last_name_left said...

I got the phrase from a post by plunger over at Big Dan's Big was part of a long post by him/her attempting to describe the errrr......"jewish problem."

I'd been quoting it back at Big Dan........and plunger......and BradBlog.....because plunger claims to "never indulge in anti-semitism".

My point was that these lengthy posts by plunger, amongst others, proved otherwise.

One cannot use sources such as Hitler, William Pierce, Henry Ford and Lindbergh etc in an attempt to establish "the facts" of "the jewish problem" and escape the charge of anti-semitism.

I characterised plunger's claim as being "I am not anti-semitic......but my sources are - and I believe what they say!"

Patently ridiculous to imagine one is entitled to escape charges of anti-semitism on such grounds.

WTF does plunger expect the reader to learn from Googling "Hitler's last will and testament"? That Hitler til the end remained of the opinion that "the joooo" was public enemy number one.......big shock! Right? You'd never have guessed?

plunger also claimed never to have promoted Hitler or his writing.

I proved that s/he had. Not difficult - it only took a link - which I'd culled 6 weeks ago from their own back pages.

I don't know why that phrase shows up at BradBlog though - unless it is on a thread that I posted plunger's comments upon.........asking Brad to comment about. (And was deleted)

I also posted about Z's use of an article that appears at Stromfront......and is a rip of part of William Nazi Pierce's anti-semitic screed "Who controls America?"

Again, the same tactic -- Z doesn't consider him/herself anti-semitic.......but his/her sources are.

What else is an article by William Pierce about jewish media ownership if not anti-semitic?

I mean - what has being jewish got to do with it? Big Dan keeps deleting the question. As does Bradblog.

That's why I put the quote in looks very incongruous.......and's as much part of their outlook as "election reform".

Bizarre, really.

I'd like to have seen Z, plunger, Dan, 99 or Brad address the issues raised about such anti-semitism and indulgence of Nazi world jewish conspiracy.

But they just delete the question......and thereby (more than) avoid it.

socrates said...

This crowd is clearly into censorship. I haven't seen you write much if anything on, but that is another domain affiliated to Michael Rivero which is clearly anti-semitic. You make a great point about how hypocritical these people are. They claim to not be Jew haters, but the sheer fact that they link to such forces proves that they are. Now the biggest example of guilt by association has to be Brad. I have yet to see anything written by him having to do with Israel or Jews or you know, the way these others spin it as some kind of USIsrael global illuminati. By Brad's silence, he is part and parcel of the Jew hate. That Progressive Independent is affiliated with Velvet Revolution makes him part and parcel of it. That Agent99, Big Dan, Plunger, Z, and others are his main cadre of followers maked Brad Friedman part and parcel of the Jew Hating Network.

Here is more proof that Brad censors. I found this in my files of screenshots. I think these pages had to do with the Clint Curtis hoax. I think I wanted to check out comments made by someone named Anonymous Army who used to lead the way in debunking his arse. Now who puts robots.txt blocks on archives unless they want to censor?



socrates said...

I've got tons of other stuff I can upload to the net at some point. There's a whole story you don't know much about, censorship at Daily Kos. I wrote quite a bit about it at as Prepostericity, but that domain has been deleted. But I have the stuff saved. It's just a matter of finding it on my computer. But this is a lot of work. We are only two people. I don't know if there are any others who have done the stuff we have. There was the mysterious S. Boyle, but where did she or he go to.

There are a few confronting Brad at DU, but I don't see too many who have gone deep into the rabbit hole like we have to put the whole friggen thing into perspective. This is a post I made at BradBlog a long time back. If you notice, it says awaiting moderation. I don't remember if it ever got published. I doubt it but don't remember for sure. If you look at the screenshot I put up yesterday as there is no waiting for moderation statement. That post was up at BradBlog for about a half hour then was erased. Sometimes they leave the stuff up blank and 99 puts up a sadistic comment. Other times they erase all evidence that any contrary quesxtions were ever asked. There's a missing link to the election integrity hoax crowd and the Jew hater propagandists.

I believe that link is or was Andy Stephenson. I figured it out. I understand that it can get to be a bit too much to hear all these various names. But think about this. Big Dan also links to Rigorus Intuition. Stephenson was friends with Wells, Friedman, Ben Burch, and even the domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin. I can try to spell it out for people and keep piling on the data that I have found. But folks truly need to see that this is a finite group of people and their ties to each other have been proven as fact.

That I have tied them all together is why I have been viciously attacked and the content has been scrubbed. I figured it out, just as you have figured out the Big Dan, Agent99, Bad Bog, Jew Hating, fake election integrity crowd. It's actually pretty cool what a few nobodies can accomplish when they put their minds to it. I think one of the things we have in common is we don't like hypocrites who scrub and prune legitimate questions concerning their integrity. We have refused to simply go away. A nice phrase is that revenge is a dish best served cold. This crowd has been neutralised. I truly believe that. And we are the ones who did it. Thanks for taking an interest in this a few months back when I first started explaining to you about Agent99, Big Dan, Brad Friedman, Brett Kimberlin, and Larisa Alexandrovna. Oh yeah, I just one other thought, then I'm done. With how Brad hides past threads from view via putting a block on the wayback machine, I wouldn't be surprised if those guys periodically go through their archives and wholesale delete or even change people's posts.

I think nonetheless that enough proof has been accumulated to say without fear of being mistaken that BradBlog is a disinformation warehouse. Whether it's that way for grifting or for disinfo or for both, that is the only question that remains for myself. I tend to believe that it is for both.



socrates said...

A couple days ago, there were 96 people or whatever at my forum, clearly shattering the previous record. I wasn't around at the time to check out who or what they were. That's the only way I can know. I have no program or anything keeping track of the visitors. That number was for a 2 hour period. When the forum was using the previous software, it used to give the totals for the day. I think the place hit around 220 for the record. My place used to have a lot of potential. It will take a miracle for it to ever get back to that kind of interest. But all I care about is if the right reporter or whoever comes across the best stuff at my place then tries to help give it the exposure it deserves. Take care.