Friday, 2 October 2009

This is what Big Dan's Big Blog deletes

Please forward widely

Anti-Racist Action-LA/People Against Racist Terror recently called for a counter-demonstration and picket against a rally by the Institute for Historical Review (IHR). The IHR, founded by the racist anti-Jewish Willis Carto, a Hitler sympathizer, and now run by Mark Weber, a "former" member of the neo-nazi National Alliance, has called a demonstration for Friday July 29 at noon ..........

We cannot allow these forces to take the streets in Los Angeles without opposition.

Their true nature must be exposed and denounced.
That message was deleted from Big Dan's Big Blog.

Wasn't it, Dan?

Dan likes to call himself an anti-racist, and an anti-fascist.

But the self-acclaimed anti-racist Big Dan deletes the message above - and continues linking to Willis Carto......"a good source of information".

Enough said?


socrates said...

Even worse than the Sibel Edmonds story and the various hoaxes delivered to Brad by Brett Kimberlin, I believe it is his ties to Agent99, Big Dan, and Plunger which make it very easy to laugh at anyone who thinks Brad has any credibility. I swear I went through his archives a while back, and I couldn't find any natural progression towards or an announcement about Agent99 becoming the moderator. It was as inorganic a development as if a lefty would shower support for Ron Paul and Michael Rivero. Oh yeah, that would apply to Tinoire, whose forum is affiliated with Velvet Revolution and who has claimed to have worked for military intelligence. Yeah, most military intelligence employees usually end up as lefties. That's the ticket.[sarcasm]

socrates said...

You and me are on the same exact page concerning Big Dan, Plunger, Agent99, and that type of transparent caricature of a Jew hating lefty Stalinist fakety fakenstein. Anyway, I've got two screenshots for you I just uploaded. I'm kinda continuing from what we were talking about with your new banner, and how you say to google something. I am interested in hearing the backstory to that. Here is a screenshot from google with the exact same line as a description for a link to an old BradBlog thread that has nothing to do with this. I am unsure how that ends up there. Here, you'll see what I mean.


And back to Big Dan and how we both can see him and Agent99 for the pure dingleberries that they are. I left this post at BradBlog tonight, and it was deleted fairly quickly. But unlike usual where Agent99 puts in some lame comment in place of the censorship, all of the post was scrubbed. There is no sign of it ever being there. This is what I mean by that certain truths are never allowed to see the light of day at Bad Bog. Nice one by the way, Bad Bog, that's funny. Check out my username.


I'm definitely going to bed now. I'm not staying up late like last night googling Ernest Corporate Canning at 4 am. These people stink something nasty, and we figured it out.

socrates said...

{cross-posted from my blog in the form of a forum} I ventured into some enemy turf to put the last fork into any appearance of Tinoire having credibility.

Original PI owner gives up, gives to whack jobs

This dude Jack Riddler showed up to run interference for Tinoire in regards to her claiming to be military intelligence. His username may sound familiar as he has been running interference lately for nonsense being generated by Sibel Edmonds and Brad Friedman. Now that I have posted this info here, and I will do so also at TLNL's and DFQ2, I will probably soon be deleted and banned from RI. I'm not paranoid. I sincerely believe the disinfo buggers monitor my posts just in case I come up with something good. It's also a quick way to get me deleted at any place I decide to do a reverse troll operation. I always reveal who I post as. I do not use sock puppets and am not paid to post. Here are the screenshots in case they are deleted. Revenge is truly a dish best served cold.




socrates said...

Ha, Jeff Wells has banned me after making himself look like a fool running interference for Tinoire, Mike Rivero, and now BradBlog and Sibel Edmonds. Before that, I posted the proof that Rivero worked for McDonnell Douglas. I also pointed out that Jack Riddler has been running interference for Sibel and BradBlog. Wells had nothing to say about the content. He was trying to bully me by saying I was breaking a forum rule by calling Tinoire an intelligence agent. She's the one who admitted to it at the Ronald Reagan forum. There is no sign of Tinoire. One person called Do You Ever Wonder tried to make the Tinoire as spy proof seem inconsequential. It makes me wonder about that person. Talk about concern trolling. That person is on the opposite divide of Tinoire in the currently scripted commie versus progressive flame festival, yet there she or he was saying Tinoire being a military spy doesn't mean much. And there is Jack Riddler and or someone else claiming it's Schakowsky who has attacked Sibel Edmonds. Wow. Yeah, I guess being outed as a blackmailed lesbian adulterer in unsubstantiated tabloid fashion is something someone should just take on the chin. Darn that Schakowsky for pointing out that Edmonds couldn't even get basic facts correct. I guess it's no coincidence that Schakowsky is one of the most progressive Democrats in Congress and Tinoire has voted for Ron Paul and supported the neo-nazi disinfo punk Mike Rivero. I would call what I have just done a productive reverse trolling operation. Jeff Wells, Tinoire, Rivero, BradBlog, and Edmonds are pulling internet scams while each of them has been shown to be directly tied to one another. Friggen sassafrassa. [/evil smile]

Anonymous said...

I suspect Rigorous Intuition is a front for the RCMP or some gov tied shady organization. The place is full of sanctioned hoaxers, fakers, sock puppets(Etc en Arcadia), disinfo artists(like Hugh Manahtee). They will not allow their posters to rationally discuss controlled demolition. And for a place that is open minded to the bizarre, they have a strange habit of denying conspiracies that debunk "official theories" such as controlled demolition. And there are a round table of "agents" who do nothing on that site but spread obvious disinformation. The old timers simply laugh the disinfo agents off. There is no interest there in finding truths. They are playing mind fuck games with people and that has been acknowledge by some of these pranksters in some of their threads. The RCMP like the American FBI have been involved with framing up Muslims using provocateurs to amp the terror threat in the USA and Canada more so than what is real. Rigorous Intuition rarely discusses this, does not look inward to corruption within the Canadian government. Only outward to corrupt in the American government. I suspect at least of a third of them are intelligence, freepers and stormfront disguised as lefties.

Anonymous said...

As for Sibel Edmonds, she is an Iranian who has inserted herself into the American left and then has an odd habit of attacking American left politicians like Schakowsky but not so much right wing pols. She is a big time whistleblower that is coddled by the left AND the right, she worked for the FBI, she's not locked up, not harassed by the right, and she's not dead. And she's Iranian. Do the math. She works for the Iran Contra entangled American right wing.

the_last_name_left said...

Hi Anon. Thanks for the post.

I don't have a lot of respect for RigInt - hey, it even sounds like HUMINT?

I have no idea if it is connected to RCMP - but there's something odd going there.

I got banned from there - without any warning, or official explanation. It was just said (publicly) that I was a troll with a previous record there, or something. All lies - I'd never posted there before, and I had only posted under the one name - "the_last_name_left".

I had no opportunity to rebut the charges.

IMO, it means they are either sharing IP addresses (or at least some info on posters) with some wider network of places (which might have been aware of me), or they are idiots who will ban people based on mere suspicion of.......something. Who knows what? OR they just didn't like my style and content, and just fabricated reasons to exclude me.

Nobody protested at my summary dismissal. That says something about the membership and its culture imo.

I always thought they were pretty indulgent of 911 conspiracy. Indeed, my biggest gripe with them is perhaps that whilst they claim to be "anti-fascist", there's no anti-fascism there - and when I brought up the fact that the 911 Truth movement is riddled with organised fascism, my (totally factual claims) were derided.

And shortly after I was perm-banned. Hmmm.

My marxism was derided too - as superficial or something. And yet there's no marxist analysis at "superficial" as mine, or otherwise. So......why my Marxism was derided as such, I have no idea.

RigInt has been closely tied to Progressive Independent (PI)- and PI's recent supposed lurch leftwards and whatever else seems to have upset some at RigInt.

All one need know imo is that PI claims to be some leftwing refuge - but they used to sponsor Rivero's right-wing, anti-semitic

They're either confused and incapable of rational analysis (supposed lefties supporting Rivero??) OR there's something dodgy going on there.

I got banned at PI after asking one question - "Who owns PI?"

Again I was banned before having a chance to explain myself - and again the reason was given that I was previously known to them (as a troll, or something).

The implication is, of course, that PI and RigInt are a lot closer than they pretend. And that they're sharing user info in some fashion - a data-protection crime - right?

Disinfo places or simply vanity vehicles? ......a realm wherein the owners can exercise their own petty and arbitrary dictatorship. They can't tolerate criticism, that's clear.

the_last_name_left said...

And Sibel is Iranian? She was wanted for her Farsi ability, but is she IRanian? I thought she was Turkish....that's what is said, isn't it?

I don't understand why she's a hero of the 911 Truth movement - nor do I understand why people trust her so much and accept her claims at face value.

I agree - why should we trust her?