Thursday, 22 October 2009

The BNP at the BBC


socrates said...

If I may also add, it appears that annoying buggers like ourselves have had an impact. Why else would wankers like Agent99 refer to all these various people posting at BradBlog as the same and mentally deranged too? All the while none of the facts presented are ever addressed or allowed to even be published. Wikipedia erased you. It looks like public image means everything to these folks. Brad apparently has a wikipedia account. Now what I suggest people do is make sure the Brett Kimberlin story and their hoaxes make it onto that page. There are credible sources to prove it. I'm not sure what happens when there are wikipedia wars, but I am positive that if there is any justice at all, the truth about Brad Friedman could be posted at Wikipedia. He said he said about your Haystacks and health care, I can see how that didn't last. You didn't really prove you were deleted for simply mentioning a Guardian article on health care. I saw what you meant in real time....

One other thing I wanted to add, over at Rigorous Intuition, the fake anti-fascism place which is buddies with Tinoire and has plenty of posts about strange nonsense about mind control and mostly a background and threads that seek to fock someone up, there is a JackRiddler username who is kind of always around there and at Democratic Underground. One of the main things he does is pimp for Sibel Edmonds. Now he is coming out against anti-semitic posters. I don't ever remember seeing him do this before. Could it be because the few like us have called the milieu's bluff? Sometimes I think somehow disinfo elements believe if they can shed doubt on the few like us, it somehow keeps solid critism of themselves at bay. One of the big reasons I personally ended up being attacked with an outrageous cybersmear script a few years ago was because I had been able to connect all these various dumbasses together. I mean all of them! There's a chance I am correct that there is an insidious paid to post network whose goals may not only pertain to grifting but also to the perverting of democratic processes on the net. Fintan Dunne is calling Obama a communist. I see at other places how Obama is attacked. It's never done intellectually except by some mainstream liberal bloggers. There's something very fishy about the internet. That's all I'm saying.The proverbial them know we can't keep reinventing the wheel, thus they hope with all the facts people like us uncover, that it drifts into being distant memories.

socrates said...

Jeff Wells recently posted at Rigorous Intuition that I am an "infamous troll." Ha! His whole website is the personification of a troll.

He's got the most whacked out stuff on his forum, truly incredible blatherings. There have been plenty o'nutjobs with thousands of posts at his place, yet he allowed them to post away. I was banned from his forum before I even made one post. His moderator had my ip, and Wells even admitted to banning me in such a manner at his freaky blog adjunct.

Then over at his buddy Tinoire's dive, I was banned for telling the truth about Jewish epitaths being used. Another forum called Prosemite Undercover watched my back and proved that I was telling the truth. Of course, Tinoire then deleted the threads proving she is a lying whench.

Then when you showed up, she banned you and clearly implied that we are the same person. Hmmm. Where did that first get astroturfed that we are the same person? Aahhh, over at Rivero's Unofficial forum. Rivero and Tinoire are close affiliates proven by their mutual sponsorship of each other.

Then when you went to BradBlog, it was deja vu. Agent99 said we are the same person, correct? And then we see how all these forums are incestuous personifications of a gargantuan network of trolls. Progressive Independent is affiliated with Velvet Revolution. Brett Kimberlin created the Brad Friedman trademark. Does Brad or Brett ever discuss his hideous past or the facts which expose their various "stories" as hoaxes? No, they are awfully quiet. Then we see how Larisa lied for Brett Kimberlin. We see how Democratic Underground is another closed shop not allowing for the free flow of information surrounding these zeitgeist makers. Whatever. None of these buggers and wankers have gotten away with it. Anyone who traces things back and looks at the screenshots and saved web pages can see that a convoluted cybersmear script had been put in place against us few whistleblowers who emerged out of their idiotic milieus. Tinoire is as much a communist as Obama is. Brad Friedman is as much a journalist as Sean Hannity. Jeff Wells is as much a serious blogger as Fintan Dunne.