Thursday, 22 October 2009

Good Marketing - The Paranoid Style

Maybe it was this that "the hackers" didn't want anyone to read?
Mike Rivero: "...the US Government was hoping to ignite a new major war [with Iran], one which would distract Americans from the already failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the economy destroyed by failed US Government policy."
How ridiculous is that? War with Iran to distract from the war in Iraq, the economy, etc? Serious international crises explained by a desire to divert attention? Ridiculous.
Mike Rivero: "....the United States and Israel are in serious trouble. They had wanted war with Iran to distract the world from their various domestic problems, and now that is not likely to happen." distract the world from American and Israeli domestic problems! The USA and Israel want war with Iran to distract myself and others from American and Israeli domestic problems? Yeah - I can see them really caring about distracting me from their domestic issues. But that must be how the world works - Mike Rivero says so. Amazing. Who'd have known I had such an influence?

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socrates said...

Rivero is about adding lie upon lie upon lie in the hope that every idiotic thing he has posted over the years is forgotten. The Special Forces Underground and his support for it for example. Or with Brad Friedman. He rolls on to new scams and hopes that no one says wait a second, what about the affiliation to the Speedway Bomber, what about Agent99 and BigDan and Plunger being Jew haters and propagandists, what about the craziness concerning all the hoaxes that have come out since 2004. By the way, that right wing preacher I told you about a few posts back is now guest blogging for Brad. He is somwhat famous and is in on VR's fundraising drive to "stop domestic terrorism." I've told you before a bit about Steven Hertzberg, an "election integrity" character who ended up blogging for conman Fintan Dunne and Ron Paul. He's the one BradBlog didn't want to hear about. Dunne, if that is his real name, doubtful, he has a big post up at his disinfo dive where he claims that Obama is a communist. Right woos left is what a lot of the internet represents. You have dumbasses like Tinoire supporting Ron Paul and then ending up proclaiming herself as a communist against Jew hate. You had a guy like Hertzberg with a fairly big role in studying the 2004 Ohio results ending up at a place calling Bev Harris and Brad Friedman CIA internet rats. Then Brad didn't even care. Hertzberg actually used to work with Bev Harris way back when. You can't make this stuff up. You also can't get any of this into the mainstream left-o-sphere consciousness since the moderators are in the back pockets of people like Friedman. It's all one big fat joke.