Tuesday, 8 February 2011


"Zionism is a Jewish political movement that, in its broadest sense, has supported the self-determination of the Jewish people in a sovereign Jewish national homeland".
Anti-zionism is therefore opposition to 'the self-determination of the Jewish people'.


The charge is sometimes made that Zionism is inherently "racist" because its concern is specifically Jewish. However, Judaism can be practiced by anyone from any race, so it simply cannot be a matter of race and cannot rightly be called "racist".

Moreover, those claiming to be 'anti-Zionist' don't appear to consider the constitutions of specifically Islamic nations to be offensive. However they do find Israel's foundation as a Jewish nation objectionable. Clearly the distinction that causes them such offence is not the fact it is a religion, because they accept Islamic state constitutions as legitimate and offer no protest about it.

Instead, this sort of supposed 'anti-racist anti-zionism' is against the ethnic part of jewish identity: the offence must be being taken at the ethnic (Jewish) part of the distinction of "Jew/Jewish nation", rather than the religious aspect because Judaism can of course be adopted and practiced by anyone from any ethnic group).

Here's Ryan Dawson's claim about his website, anti-neocons.com:

Ryan bluntly equates zionism as racism (thereby suggesting his grounds for opposition is anti-racism. Who would complain about that, eh?).

But clearly, absolutely anybody whom supports Israel or Jewish self-determination can be called a Zionist, and anybody from any ethnicity can adopt Judaism. If Zionism is support for Jewish self-determination and any ethnicity can adopt Judaism, it can't be 'racist'.

Are we to understand then that when Ryan says 'Zionist' he really means ethnic Jew? What else can it mean? The only possible 'racial' aspect of "Zionism" would be if one considered Zionism a description to be applied only to ethnic jews. This conclusion is given additional weight by the loose and interchangeable use of "Jewish" and "Zionist" right across Ryan Dawson't website, including his own work.

Here's a Rabbi. Presumably he's a 'racist zionist', according to Ryan Dawson:

Maybe he is a racist? But about which 'race'?

And aren't these 'racist Zionists' just awful? Here's a picture from 'the racist fascist state of Israel'.....yawn.

'Zionism as racism' is an untenable position, and what we're really seeing is an attack on ethnic jews. It isn't Zionism that is being attacked here but rather the Zionism of ethnic jews. If it isn't that, what is it? There is no other answer available?

Also, is it not an act of racial prejudice to discount the Zionism of non-ethnic jews, whilst opposing the Zionism of ethnic jews?

So, what is the substance of the objection to Zionism as racism? Nothing, it's a hollow claim, and so it seems the whole notion is a mental contortion undertaken by anti-semites to escape the fact of their prejudice. Whether undertaken consciously (and cynically for propaganda purposes) or not, the result is the same.

Here's Ryan Dawson(Rys2Sense)'s view of the press: "the press is Zionist"

So what on earth does that mean? That the press supports 'a right for Jewish peoples' self determination'? What's wrong with that? Of course, when asked for the basis of this assertion that 'the media is Zionist' we're demeaned by Jew-spotters saying "He's a jew!" As if being Jewish is automatically the same as being a Zionist.

And look, here's Ryan claiming elsewhere that Israel and Zionism don't serve any particular ethnicity: Ryan says: "Understand that Israel is not Jewish people OK please get that through your warped heads. Israel is a violent nation that engages in false flag operations routinely and serves the interests of the MIC not any particular ethnicity.

If Israel 'does not serve any particular ethnicity' how can Ryan Dawson claim it is racist-zionist?

Clearly Ryan is a bit confused and his use of terms inaccurate at best.

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