Monday, 14 February 2011

Rivero: "regaining the country"

Regain their country? From Jews, or from Zionism or from Israel? Rivero provides some historical 'context' by which to adduce his position:

Well, that seems obvious enough.

The "taking back of the country" is one of the central appeals of fascism. In Nazism it was a mobilising force, taking the form of extreme anti-semitism. But essentially the argument was the same then as Rivero's is today - that the country's problems are tied to the presence and influence of Jews and that a now-decadent society is in need of being 'taken back' by 'the real Americans'.

Such ideas are rejected by the vast majority, but Rivero and his ilk rationalise this political failure as simply more evidence of the grand conspiracy and its manipulation: "the Jews own the media!" of course, of course....and everyday people are derided as 'sheeple'. How else to explain the near-total rejection of ideas like the paranoid, Nazi-notion of a Jewish world-conspiracy?

Even history must conform, whereby the Jews must be blamed for 'launching war on Germany', rather than the other way around. This inversion of reality is an acceptance of the Nazi position - it is a (false) Nazi narrative, repeating it is repeating falsified Nazi history.

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Martin Firestein said...

Thanks for publishing that. He changed the top quote on his site a few hours later, so I didn't want it to get lost. :)