Thursday, 17 February 2011 - blatant anti-semitic lying


These are the most contentious claims:

1) Israeli FM Threatens War With Iran Over Suez Warship Claim

2) Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman .... suggested this could provoke an Israeli attack on the nation.

If one follows the links give which are presumably supposed to flesh out their claims, there is not the least indication that their claims are merited. It's a complete fabrication.

The link provide leads to CNN saying:
Liberman urged Israel's allies to pay attention.

"We expect the international community to act speedily with determination against the Iranian provocations, designed to deteriorate the situation in the area, and put the Iranians in their place," he said.

Liberman's comments were not so much a threat but a wake-up call about a "worrying development," said a senior government official who was not identified because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

The official said Liberman was "painting it as a challenge to the West."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamim Netanyahu's office offered no immediate comment.
Of course, the story is iterated at poorrichard's blog, and promoted by WhatReallyHappened / Mike Rivero. Big shock.

This is just anti-semitism. Israel threatens war...... Do these people really see Israel threatening war based on the quotes in that CNN article? If they do, they are deeply anti-semitic and their judgement is way-beyond skewed. Crazy.

I tried posting some comments to the antiwar article, but they are in moderation. I asked them to backup their claims, and said if they couldn't then their claims shouldn't appear at all. Obviously.

My comments haven't appeared yet, but I notice that they did publish this one:
In light of the ethnic cleansing conducted by the "chosen" ones and supported by the Anglo Alliance of Terror ,Mr. Adolf begins to look like a Boy Scout.
Hitler as boy-scout, as compared to Israel. Well, if that gets published why even have moderation?

It's instructive, and not a little frightening to read the comments generated by this "antiwar" article. Here's the flavour so far:
-Are we to believe the same clowns who planted false information on Iraqi WMD's and murdered people on the high seas?

-They have some fucking nerve pointing their finger at IRAN, when what they did is 1000 X worse.

-The CIA could shut him up with a 9mm

-the Israeli FM doesn´t care. It´s not his business. He´s an insane religious war monger nut

-someone should put a muzzle on him.

-Its time the American Dog put a stop to the wagging of its Isreali Tail.

-Can ANYONE in our government get on the phone and shut up this jackass?

-Why do loud mouths like Lieberman push for wars when he is basically a man who never would put his rear end in harms way? I am shocked that he did not cry holocaust also.

-Expecting Lieberman to "grow up" is like expecting a brownshirt to go into a hippie commune.

-let them start a war over it and see what happens.
All that from an entirely fabricated headline. Nevermind the clear cause is manouevering of Iranian warships near Israeli waters - at Suez! - eh,


There's another article at that claims,
"The two ships have been confirmed as a supply ship and a frigate, and are said to be heading to Syria, which prompted Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to threaten war yesterday."
It links directly back to the original article I mentioned. So already it has been taken as "fact" and reiterated as such.

The author of BOTH articles is Jason Ditz -'s managing news editor!

And look at this - an audio piece about how
Jason Ditz, managing news editor at, discusses Radio Free Europe’s strange accusation that Ditz is an Iranian agent
Well, how could that possibly make any sense!? LOL

Checking's Wiki page we find this gem:
According to Eric Margolis, “Americans would have been totally misled had it not been for the Internet sites like ‘;’ ‘CommonDreams;’ LewRockwell; and Bigeye; and magazines like ‘American Conservative’ and ‘Harpers.
Nevermind that Eric Margolis is a featured writer at LewRockwell's website? Don't mention it, eh? Best not to. Incestuous lot, aren't they, these independent types?

Ironically, defending himself from accusations of being an Iranian agent, Ditz writes,
In the era of the Internet wild accusations gain a remarkable level of currency across broad swathes of society, and certainly people making up stories is nothing new.
Indeed, Mr Ditz.

Here's Ditz on Iranian elections:
the enormous majority apparently won by President Ahmadinejad seems to have left little doubt that the polls predicting his victory have proven accurate. The ability to maintain that majority even amid a high turnout seen to favor the challenger underscores his popularity
Very trusting, all of a sudden, isn't he?


UPDATE: have not published my comments questioning their claims, but they have just published this comment:
Avigdor nut should begin digging his own grave when he pushes the button for the 600 nuclear heads which Israel claim to have. Look at this nut-case's eyes. You can see the foolish satan in them. Even the King of Satans chose deformed satan to posses this idiot. If this Zionist idiot and his religious halfbred bastard start war with Iran then this will ignite WW3 then it will be the end of the Great Satanic Israel. WE should bring Senator Joe Doberman to Israel to be in the front lines.
They will publish that, but not me saying,
Please, back this up? Where - and how exactly - does Lieberman "suggest this could provoke an Israeli attack on Iran"?

If you can't justify such a claim, what was it ever doing there?
Why would a serious place publish the one comment and not the other? That's about all one need know, imo - that they publish a pile of vicious anti-semitic bullshit but refuse to publish the most pertinent (and polite) question.

From's own self-eulogy:
the editors take seriously our purely journalistic mission, which is to get past the media filters and reveal the truth about America's foreign policy.
Sorry, but what a load of codswallop. Get past the media filters? By publishing anti-semitic bullshit comments and fabricated headlines whilst refusing to print comments asking them to stand-up their own claims? Despicable. Antiwar?


Update2 - They finally have published my comments! God, they're slow. The response unsurprisingly has the following tone:
ahh nice another aipac schill on spreading more disinfo. any one with a clue knows lieberman is a racist lunatic nut job. and seriously, what isn't an existential threat to israel?? the only state in the reigon with nukes and submarines to deliver them...and why is it that 2, TWO boats from iran on manuevers is an act of war. i guess having america having an entire carrier battle group cruising the straits of hormuz is a peaceful stance?? the hypocrisy is astounding.

what's rubbish is a bunch of pathetic zionists on this site trying to counter the facts that their nation state is an apartheid theocracy ruled by racist lunatics. islam is extreme and the land you stole belongs to you because god promised it?? it'd be funny if it wasn't such insane hypocrisy.
That's such a typical sort of response in such circumstance - it isn't just disagreement with my opinion, it's an entire worldview automatically placing me into (a vile little) box. Bizarre and quite disturbing. is clearly succeeding in doing its job - creating Brownshirts.


Martin Firestein said...

To be fair, if all you read is the first paragraph of the CNN report, it's just vague enough to get away with that kinda statement.

I must not know the history of my own people well enough cuz I have no idea what he means by half breeds and deformed satans?

Real Truth Online said...
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Real Truth Online said...
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Real Truth Online said...
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the_last_name_left said...

If it was a gossip column one might expect the leap from that CNN article to the headline.

Ditz writes

"Lieberman, whose threats came in an email statement, insisted that the plan to send the ships proved that the Iranian government’s “insolence” is growing."

They use the words "whose threats came in an email statement" to hypperlink to the FoxNews story where it says "Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in an e-mailed statement that "Israel is closely following the movements of the Iranian ships and has updated friendly states on the issue. Israel will continue to follow the ships movements.""

It doesn't anywhere mention Lieberman and an email. It certainly doesn't mention Lieberman making threats - not via email, not anywhere not anyhow. Crazy. How sloppy can they be?

But they're not sloppy - they're malicious twisters.

They take themselves pretty seriously over at yet look at the comments they post? It's like Prisonplanet. Same crowd - Rivero posted the story (republished at poorrichard's blog)