Monday, 7 February 2011

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Here's a few more pearls thrown from high table at - a supposed "anti-fascist" website:
Why shouldn't he attack Linton's house if Linton is an infiltrator and possible a Jew puppet? As the video says, you need to counter infiltrate to bring these people down.

Interestingly that thread features a direct link to Stromfront as a source. Shock! The author of the comment is "Drew J" - Joined: Jan 9th, 2007, Posts: 1629 The poster can't be dismissed as a short-term member.

The content of "Drew J's" posts are identical to those at Stronfront and National Alliance type places - they're far-right, anti-semitic, fascist, neo-nazi. Same content, same sources, same agenda, same distortions and sytle of fear-mongering. It's fascist propaganda. And Drew J spends pages posting typical Stormfront crap, and yet nobody at the supposed "anti-fascist" forum bats an eye. Or rather, those that do protest get banned - for being agents of the Jews....err...Zionists.

Here's Drew J responding in the same comment again - look at what he's actually condoning?
Tell me what Brendon meant by it. Because I heard him say he wanted them put in camps only to be asked where their loyalties were. If they said Israel, out of the camps they go and off to Israel. If they said their host nation and say passed a lie detector test, boom out of the camp and back into society. If I'm wrong, correct me and prove it. Don't just make insinuations that he wants them holocausted.

Camps, lie detectors, deportation. All fine. But how dare one suggest this smacks of the Nazis! Sheesh. That comment was in response to somebody saying that the person facing criminal charges for racism - Brendon - had in fact called "Jews to be dealt with like the good old days....."

Rather than report some anti-semitic nut getting done for racism, Drew J and the antineocons forum allowed the far-right narrative to be told - until one person stepped in to point out the guy was in fact a (racist) nut. Drew J sold the story as he often appears to - as one of Jewish malignancy:
The Jews in Australia have been leaning on Brendon charging him with racial vilification.
Anti-Zionism? Oh yeah, sure. Drew J has no inclination to make a distinction here whatsoever and nobody else at "" notices, despite their lame claims to not "hate jews".

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