Monday, 7 February 2011

Ryan Dawson, endorsed at Stormfront

The largest Nazi website in the world, Stormfront, digs "anti-fascist" Ryan Dawson.
Ryan Dawson wrote an excellent book about the entire Jew World Order. He's had to hide in exile in Japan for a few years.
"However, just how the Hell do they get away with it? Well they are free from any and all criticism because they play the two cards which an over-socialized liberal can not see through. They play the race card and the religion card, a double whammy. If you say the J word it is over, even if Israel has an illegal military occupation and sets up racially segregated colonies into Palestine, kills kids, knocks down homes of civilians and attacks them with a military and runs a brutal police state which is causing a backlash of terrorism on Israeli people (racist or not that is not a reason to kill someone). The Zionists are the real racist, engaging in ethnic cleansing in the name of defense and calling any opposition terrorists. They are creating terrorism by engaging in it themselves. Israel can do ANYTHING and the press will not mention. But then again just who owns our press and our banks?...
Here's another example, which even includes a plug for his book and a link to buy it. Free adverts at Stormfront now? Everyone's happy.

One might imagine the Nazis over at Stormfront could spot a committed anti-fascist, such as Ryan Dawson, especially once familiar with a whole book of his political "work" and "research". ****smirk**** Let's just say it wouldn't be on any Nazi "to burn" list?

Perhaps the 2nd Edition of the book will have an endorsement by Duke on the cover, perhaps it'll be available on the Stormfront bookclub. $$$. Sorted.

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