Tuesday, 8 February 2011

So who is to blame, Ryan Dawson?

Oh wow. The movers and shakers are.....Christians and Jews! It's not really saying anything much is it? And hold on - doesn't Ryan Dawson's signature say "This is not a site to flail on about space aliens-illuminati-masonic-deathcult-jewish-catholic-lizard-lucifarian-jesuit-queen-barvarian-etc bull hockey."

Indeed it does. It even says "Take that junk somewhere else."

So one can't say it is Catholics, but one can say "Die-hard Christians!"? One can't say "Jesuits" but one can say 'Die-hard Jews'?

But hold on....Ryan says he's against claims about Jews, he's opposed to Zionism not religious Jews? Or....well, who knows? One moment it's one thing, the next another.

Ryan explains, kinda (lol):
... the faction that has nothing to fear from the US media and who could cover up something as huge as 911 or larger are the Zionists of Israel and their allies in the US government and press who all profit through the MIC and investments from fringe element religious organizations who are rewarded with air-time.
So now it's 'the Zionists of Israel' and the military industrial complex(MIC) to blame? How does all that fit together? Ryan again:
"Multi-national corporations run our press and government. They tie back to the privately owned central banks."
So, 'christians and jews' must run multi-national corporations? Amazing.
The Central banks as you know are rooted back to the same Zionists who wrote the plans for foreign policy
Where did the die-hard Christians go?

So, the MIC controls corporations, press and banks.....all tied back to the private central banks....which are 'rooted' with those same 'Zionists of Israel' etc profiting from the MIC?
The US and Israeli agencies and their Neocon governments work for their own interests and those interests are guided by a racist, political ideology mixed up with a fascist version of a religion and Straussian philosophy.
Their own interests? The 'racist political ideology' of Zionism, apparently. So the MIC is 'guided' by this supposed racist Israeli Zionism then?

Ryan once again:
Israel is a violent nation that engages in false flag operations routinely and serves the interests of the MIC not any particular ethnicity.
Eh? Now Israel serves the interests of the MIC not 'any particular ethnicity', and yet the MIC is guided by 'the racist Zionism' of Israel. Glad that's clear! [Pssst! Noticed the circularity there yet?]

Ryan again:
US foreign policy works for Likud Israeli interests first second and third. This is because the Zionists and MIC have overlapping financial interests. But most of all the press is Zionist.
Ah - overlapping interests now? Separate and distinct, but 'overlapping'? That doesn't explain why America would work to Israel's agenda and not the other way around.

Ryan really does think all roads lead to Israel. Apparently Zionism is racist, provides a philosophy for the MIC and controls America's press politics and policy to serve its own interests - even though Israel apparently 'serves the MIC and not any particular ethnicity'.

Yet if Israel doesn't 'serve a particular ethnicity' how is it racist? And how come America apparently serves Israeli Likud interests rather than the other way around if Israel's Zionists don't serve any particular ethnicity only the interests of the MIC?

How can MIC serve the interests of 'the racist Israeli Zionists' whilst Israel serves the MIC interests and not 'any particular ethnicity'?

This is just a run-around - batshit crazy bamboozled. It's a load of half-arsed tautology playing kiss-chase with anti-semitism.


socrates said...

Hey TLNL, check out who promoted this guy.

Scott Horton Interviews Ryan Dawson

There sure are a lot of fake lefties on the internet.

socrates said...

That was the first result at yahoo when I plugged in "Ryan Dawson nazi."

socrates said...

From Wikipedia, "The site [antiwar.com] was founded in December 1995, as a response to the Bosnian war. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation, operating under the auspices of the Randolph Bourne Institute, based in Atherton, California. It was previously affiliated with the Center for Libertarian Studies and functioned before that as an independent, ad-supported endeavor.[3]"

the_last_name_left said...

I don't know about the Randolph Bourne Institute but the guy himself sounds pretty neat.

I'd seen antiwar.com alongside Ryan Dawson, but who is Scott Horton? I'm thinking doughnuts, but that can't be right?

I rejoined his forum and posted a couple more times - result was a few insults and deletion.

I wonder how he'd feel if he came across people saying there was no genocide of american indigenous people.....no smallpox blankets perhaps? I've never seen one! I could ask for evidence and just ignore it endlessly?

Why would anyone do that?

S'funny too - he thinks I have never heard of other instances of genocide, and earlier I was listening to a marxist lecture I like about 'racism' which goes through various genocides, the relationship of class etc. I heard it a few years ago and really like it. As if I never heard of those things ever before? Why just assume that?

Anyway, Al Szymanski, Polish-American, saying genocide occurs against groups whom are economically irrelevant - people who you just want out of the way. Indians or Jews, or Armenians, whatever. He says "you could see the Holocaust coming" because late 19th century Jews were progressively barred from their traditional roles and faced increasing exclusion (in russia and europe). Once excluded from the economy, they're "useless eaters", I guess.

I can see why perhaps Ryan's indigenous american heritage makes him reluctant to engage in any 'special' respect for the Jewish Holocaust. I can see why the whole thing about the Holocaust might generate some hostility in one from such a background. Why should it hold such an apparently 'special' place?

Thing is, I don't think he understands how much ground he is conceding to the forces which drive genocide - especially the Nazi Holocaust.

How come he is standing alongside racists and Nazis? How come there's so many nuggets of the far-right around his site and work? Why is he so aggressive - and especially towards "stupid" people? What's the obsession with Jews? Odd. His older essays are much less 'far-right'.

That site is a very good example of Nazism percolating through the internet's political culture, or whatever, don't you think?

All too familiar? :D

I got a post in at Lies Visible place too - sheesh. More holocaust denial - "how did the numbers at Auschwitz change but not change?" Yawn. It isn't difficult to find the answer to that - so people raising it are either fabulously lazy as well as ignorant, or are deliberately lying about it "never having been explained".

That's despicable behaviour - whatever one was speaking about.

And that's Mr Lies Visible's wisdom on a sensitive topic. Sheesh.

the_last_name_left said...

Randolph Bourne Institute (RBI)

Randolph Bourne, a notable American critic and social activist, courageously opposed World War I.

The Randolph Bourne Institute (RBI) seeks to honor his memory by promoting a non-interventionist foreign policy for the United States as the best way of fostering a peaceful, more prosperous world.

hehe - certainly a somewhat less-interventionist might be nice. But would Bourne have opposed WW2? Quite possibly not. He might have been amongst the hawks in that case? Bertrand Russell was jailed for pacifism in WW1, but supported war against Nazism.

antiwar.com says -

"All RBI projects attempt to provide a forum where the entire political spectrum – libertarian, left, right, centrist – can join together on the vital issue of opposing war. "

Hmmmm. I don't see much evidence of that!

the_last_name_left said...

The Zionists in Australia Are Going After Brendon O Connell

That thread at antineocons....there's 2 people arguing over some intrigue amongst the far-right: they're arguing away and all the references to people and sources are far-right. lol.

anti-fascist? crazy.

Someone called Poseidon says - "Meanwhile, a real truth teller - Edgar Steele - languishes in jail on a frame-up for conspiracy to murder.....because the Jews don't like him exposing their crimes and deceptions."


The other dude says

"Still not a word from you about Steve Johnson being exposed as a Jew"

Exposed as a Jew? Why would it matter to them unless it mattered to them? lol. No, no - they're anti-zionists, not joooo-haters!! Sure.

Same dude, Drew J adds -

"Now I don't know about this WN guy because he thinks Jews are at the top of the world conspiracy and I think a lot of WN groups are controlled since some have been in the past."

WN = White Nationalist

WTF is he on about that for in such a familiar fashion? Only WNs and people familiar with them will get what WN means.

And it's in context! WN is easily understood as White Nationalism in such a context as all the references, sources and subject matter are from WN, but only if you know it.

And not just white nationalism but the extreme end of it.

Jokers - they think we're all fucking idiots?

the_last_name_left said...

Another comment says

“Poseidon” has also made against myself, Brendon O’Connell, Michael Stewart, our American friend Andy a.k.a “Quasimodo” and several high-profile figures in the anti-Zionist movement including Christopher Bollyn, Eric Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith."

Oh woah - what an anti-zionist movement that is!

And people say there's a difference between anti-zionism and anti-semitism? Hmmm. Not always, that's at least certain.

Kind of astonishing people can stand amongst all that and say they're anti-fascist?

They're liars, not self-deluded, surely?

Maybe Ryan Dawson is ignorant and/or deluded - but there's no doubt there's some real fascist elements at antineocons.com

It's the place that Rivero used to brag about, remember? Voted top anti-neocon of the year by....anti-neocons.com

Oh wow! :D

socrates said...

Horton didn't just interview him. At that link Dawson gets his website plugged.

I'm checking out a bit of Ryan's schtick. Apparently he is saying 9/11 was caused by the Mossad.

There are all these other things you are documenting. This sounds like nothing different from Alex Jones plugging Eustace Mullins and for a long time Michael Rivero.

I see Horton's a member of the Council for Foreign Relations. I thought the conspiracy people were as averse to the CFR as flouride.

Horton also does some teaching at Columbia. I first heard of him because he has been buddies with fake journalist Larisa Alexandrovna, the lady who claims Brett Kimberlin was exonerated for his crimes and received a substantial settlement. She's been all caught up with that Michael Connell hoax too.

Hey, maybe it was a coincidence, but after we exposed Agent 99 and Big Dan and their connection to Brad Blog, Agent 99 stopped being the moderator. Now it's that corporate attorney Canning.

I think there are plenty of people who agree with most of what we came up with. Just because they haven't joined in doesn't mean they don't exist.

socrates said...

Ha, he also thinks global warming is a hoax. I see a big flag for the Republic Broadcasting Network. Ron Paul and Sibel Edmonds are plugged. Same old, same old.

socrates said...

Is he deluded? There's definitely something wrong with him. Just look at his avatar. Who would present themselves as that ugly giving out his middle fingers? I'm glad he's not in America. There's one less angry, possibly violent conspiracy theorist to worry about.

socrates said...

I reread your posts more closely. Well done.

Maybe with that Bourne dude you had once seen his name alongside doughboys. Otherwise, I haven't a clue why you were thinking doughnuts. Maybe you were hungry at the time.

I hear you on how tough it can be to deduce whether some are pathetically deluded or are liars with hidden agendas.

the_last_name_left said...

Ta :)

Horton and doughnuts, not Randolph Bourne.

Don't they sell doughnuts or something? Horton's? hehe

Today Ryan D has been sounding off on vegetarians, and coming over all "I am a superior being". He said he needs some violence or something - missing his martial arts training. No empathy with animals whatsoever, domineering, angsty, freak. Completely obnoxious.

Stromfront post suggested he was "on the run" - from the Jooos I suppose? Errr i mean zionists....

He claims to have had an invite to speak in Iran...."not on the Holohoax" he says. Not on sensitivity either, I suspect.

He had a thread titled "David Duke watching my back" or something - saying Duke had published his article. When I mentioned it at the forum he said that it wasn't up to him what Duke put on his site.

Completely disingenuous when as a copyright holder you could insist they remove it and restrict themselves to "fair use" at worst.

He also said Duke was a former racist. He's not any more. Ahhh....right. lol

socrates said...

I did your homework for you. I googled, and there is a Horton's doughnut chain. I've never had any issues with doughnuts. Ok, check that. I think it's ethically challenged to have jelly doughnuts. It's not as bad as there being anchovies, but it's close.

I've been a vegetarian for over twenty years. In my opinion, there are as many if not more people who eat meat who feel disdain for my crowd than the other way around.

Maybe his saying he isn't a vegetarian is his way of saying he isn't a neo-nazi. For if Hitler was a veggie, and he isn't, or I don't know what I'm talking about.

They say it's a bad sign when children are cruel to animals and insects. It's not surprising that guy would sound so violent, what with his strange avatar and all.

I don't know how you stomach researching all those grotesque websites, but like with that Canadian lady who writes on Alex Jones, it seems to me to be a very good service you've provided.