Monday, 7 February 2011

Ryan Dawson "anti-fascist" - Published by David Duke. Racist traffic is "something I need", Dawson admits.

Must make ya prouder than shit. The full article is here, at Duke's website. [Duke is former Klan, racist, propagandist. Obviously.] Must be real nice making money out of that crowd. Reeeeaaaaal ethical, like.

Rys2Sense (Ryan Dawson) posted his publication at Duke's site to his own forum, HE was quickly supported by this comment:
[Duke's] not as bad as people make him out to be, although he supports white sepratism (which is irritating), he's never actually claimed whites are superior or supported violence against non-whites.

the kkk was not some homogeneous organisation, there were many organisations classed as the kkk, he condemned the violent kkk organisations, and supported the peaceful but stupid white sepratist one. [SIC]

Ahhh......he's not so baaaad! White "sepratism" is just an irritance? I see. That quote comes from a member with over 2000 posts.

These people congratulate themselves as being anti-fascist! Whilst in reality, just as I claimed, they are surrounded by the far-right, including genuine fascism and neo-nazism.

And look at this next post, clearly betraying a radical anti-fascism, no?
Ry just the fact that David Dukes and David Icke and the like have found and read and support your work is impressive. It means people are paying attention.

Impressive? David's Duke and Icke? HAHA. Again, this is from a poster with 1500+ posts and whom imagines themselves to be "anti-fascist".

Talk about Doublethink.

When someone objects to how it might look to be endorsed by ex-Klan racists, Ryan justifies it thus:
I think the negative attention will actually work in my favor I can easily wipe it away, I'm not racist or crazy period. Their traffic however is something I need. I have a much better message. People hearing my take on 911 may actually prevent future racism and or crazies. I would infect their crowd they couldn't touch mine. People don't go backwards.

I need racist traffic! What an admission.

Funny that he sees the consumers of his output as separate types of people.....the anti-zionists and the...errrr...racists, I suppose. It doesn't seem to occur to him that there might be a darker implication about one's politics when finding one's "work" promoted by the Klan and Nazis.

Does Ryan imagine they like it because of its "anti-fascism", or because of its use to their racism and ultranationalism? Does Ryan care? No, he's happy to get the traffic. Ugh. Gotta love a guy with principles?

Ryan's signature says "This site is against war, Zionism, (or any other form of racism), profiteering......"

Well, isn't embracing much 'needed racist traffic' both racism and profiteering? [I doubt Ryan makes much money out of it, but that's hardly the point.]

And this is what an anti-fascist looks like, is it, Ryan? Do us a favour?


Voyager1 said...

"Does Ryan care? No, he's happy to get the traffic. Ugh. Gotta love a guy with principles?"

Ryan is right. He's banking that his readers (I am one) will not move backward into racism, but the other guy's readers, when they see his work, might see an excellent non-racist clear example, and change readership. It's a worthwhile hope, especially since not everyone reading the racist stuff is necessarily pigeonholed by what he or she is reading. More traffic = more readers, and the readers can sort themselves out.

If you can't see the upside in being more visible and giving every reader the respect to allow them to make their own choice, then you've missed it. He just might pull a few people up by the hand out of some racist hole.

the_last_name_left said...

Thanks for post, Voyager.

I hear what you're saying, and it has some worth. Usually.

However, as Dawson's blog, youtube pages and other venues **attract** and legitimise racism, your point is hollow.

Tom Fontaine said...

I appreciate all of your hard work
Thanks again..