Sunday, 6 February 2011 : Anti-fascist? Hardly. Part One.

The following are all examples of the "culture" over at Rys2Sense's self-proclaimed "anti-fascist website" -

See how anti-fascist these array of comments appear to you? Hint - it reads like Stormfront to me.

The quotes appear first, followed by a snapshot of the page. [I'm IP banned by the "freedomfighters" over at, so can't simply link direct to the posts]. Here's the view from
Far as I'm concerned we need to finish off all the zionists while we got the countermeasures to do so.......take them all to the courts, break out the tazer rifles...
"By the way, in March 24 of 1933 the "Jews" declared an economical war on Germany......and you wonder as to why Herr Hitler was pissed off at them?"
...maybe I should go there and slaughter a few jewish kids and babies myself, i wouldn't even think twice just give me a saw or a knife. must kill [Israel's] seeds (babies and children)....
Why do people hate the Jews?
They hate Arabs as a race. They think of Arab women as baby makers.....
Israeli Jews are after all the self proclaimed chosen race of god. It sick what do to their own kids. It is even more sick what they do to everyone else's children.
As long as you call It, or them, anything other than "Jewish" they are safe to continue to do their evil deeds in the shadows.

I do agree with you that we've been intimidated by them to some extent to the point that we are adverse to using the J word.
They're Jews, plain and simple.
THOUGHT CRIME ALERT - Holocaust denier Fredric Toben has been taken into cutody to serve a jail term over publishing offensive material on the internet.
I wonder if we can send [Toben] letters in prison.
Holocaust Denial for Dummies - The International Red Cross reported that less than 300,000 ...died of all causes....barely more than half were JEws....
They never found any trace evidence of Zyclon B in any "gas chambers" at any camp. The Zyclon B was used to prevent diseases at the camps, of course I could go to prison for saying that if I lived in Europe. It's still a fact, the Zionist's deny it because they're delusional and can't face the fact that other people suffered much worse than they could ever dream of under Hitler.
The majority of deaths were from exhaustion and starvation.
There was no 6 million figure..... The escalation of deaths for Jews/communists/gays/atheists came at the very end of the war, the majority by starvation after the allied bombings. ....the intention was that of slavery not extermination or they would all have just been shot upon stepping off the train. (as the handicapped were)
...between 750 to a million people (not all jews) were killed in the prisons on purpose then many many more than that were used as slaves most of whom died of stavation after allied bombings.
Hideous Allied War Crimes during and after WWII

From Ingrid Rimland - Good morning from the Zundelsite.....
Ernst Zundel out of Jail Today!

Our "war prisoner", the world famous freedom fighter, Ernst Zundel has been released to day after seven years from the Mannheim prison!
Great News! I hope [Zundel] is doing well.
Try watching a video by Ted Pike on google video
Full video of interview with Eustace Mullins.


That reflects the lexicon and agenda of the far-right, fascism - nazism.

The sources include Willis Carto, Ted Pike, Eustace Mullins, Ernst Zundel, Zundelsite, AmericanFreePress, CODOH. The subjects focus around a mix of Holocaust denial, demonisation of "zionism" whilst being ambivalent about distinctions between Zionism and "Jews", conspiracism (World Jewish/Zionist conspiracy), legitimisation of Nazism and anti-semitism, delegitimisation of Israel and Jew-spotting, generally.

This is hardly what one should expect from an "anti-fascist" forum. It reads like Stromfront - just without the Swaztikas and obvious "tells". It's Stormfront Lite. It's the "acceptable" face of neo-Nazism.

This is what masquerades as an alternative. Oh dear.

And just in case you think Ryse is joking, check this:
If you must kill, Kill the, generlas, kill the politicians kill the zionist media. I never understand why buses and malls are targets. Seems like it be more effective to just poison the water, set random fires etc. A ton of things would work better than a one time suicide mission. Makes me think some of these are staged.

kill the politicians kill the zionist media?????

Jared Loughner anyone?

The disturbing thing about this is that Rys2Sense believes the entire American media and political system is "controlled by Israel", so presumably qualifies for errr.....extermination.


Real Truth Online said...

"The disturbing thing about this is that Rys2Sense believes the entire American media and political system is "controlled by Israel", so presumably qualifies for errr.....extermination."

You think they are all independently operated??? LOL. I just pissed myself.

Do you realize that all major media in the world is owned by only SIX corporations??

the_last_name_left said...

How are they "controlled by Israel" Larry?

That's the issue.

the_last_name_left said...

Rys repeatedly claims that Israel is "the country which can do no wrong in the eyes of the media and would have nothing to fear from the press or an investigation".

This is the same tripe we always hear.

When challenged about how Israel escapes such attention we get a jew-hunt trying to spot Jews in the media as some lame justification for claims that "the media is all jewish owned".

But that fails to make the connection to Israel. All it does it expose the prejudice underlying such claims - just because they are Jewish they must be working for the interests of Israel and to the detriment of America and everyone else? Case closed, eh?

Such claims fly in the face of lame defence such as claiming to be "anti-zionist" rather than anti-jewish.

What's the distinction if you abandon it at will whenever you need to find "some Jooos" to justify your wider "Zionist conspiracy"?

People, like Ran Dawson (Rys2Sense) say---"We don't hate Jews, just anti-Zionists/Israel."---

Oh, then how come when you want to prove this Zionist conspiracy you go jew-spotting amongst the media?

"Jewish ownership of the media is the Zionist conspiracy - see!"

Oh, so what's the difference then?

See, this jumping back and forth between JEW and ZIONIST is exploited by the prejudiced anti-semite whether consciously or not.

When we look at it more closely the results are horrifying:

Rys2Sense says "kill the zionist media"

But Rys also suggests that the American media is all "Zionist"....because it is all owned by Jews, apparently.

Simplistically, Zionism is just support for Jewish/Israeli nationalism. To whom else would these "anti-zionists" deny national expression? Nobody, surely? So there we are - "anti-zionists" have an exceptionalism over Jews/Israelis - they deny them national self-expression and paint it as evil - whereas the corresponding will for Palestinian nationalism is trumpeted as a banner of liberation.

If one is against the existence of Israel then one is "anti-Zionist". Nazis are "anti-Zionist", for example.

Anyone whom supports the right for Israel (or any Jewish homeland) to exist can be reasonably called "a Zionist".

It's a very mutable term.

So when Rys2Sense says "kill the zionist media" he's targeting a huge range of people.

And why? Simply because they are either Jewish or because they support Israeli right to national self-determiantion etc.

That's enough to 'deservedly' get you killed, according to Rys, it seems.


Oh, and note the difference between Rys' justification for "killing Zionist media politicians and generals" and his criticism of what he calls Allied 'warcrimes' in WW2?

He suggested poisoning the water supply? Yet he complains about the Allies' conduct of WW2? Crikey.

Anonymous said...

Who is more hated,neocons or Libertarians? Yes,Libertarians are a little mor collectivists,anti-establishment " revolutionary and more understandable by the masses.Neocons,called Jews are the lightning-rod when the thunderstorm comes.