Saturday, 12 February 2011

Dishonesty, lies, deception - despicable. You know who you are.

Some dishonest POS has changed my post at their blog - they completely changed the content of my post, making it appear I have said things I never did. Despicable behaviour.

The loon makes out they are being stalked by someone. Clearly they are the ones doing the stalking themselves - publishing personal information alongside lies and deception. If they have to change my post and lie to make a case, why believe any of their claims? Truly despicable behaviour.

The following appears to be written by me, but I didn't write it. The blogowner has altered what I wrote, changing my original post to essentially the opposite of what I had said. Here's the version that now appears at their site - which I did not write:

Seems to me be certainly unethical to alter peoples' posts - is it illegal? I will make a complaint to Wordpress, for certain. I don't name the blog because I don't see why they deserve a link, and they are posting personal information about people.

Punks. I did not say what they claimed I did. I just posted this in response:

How long before that gets changed?

ETA - it didn't take long to get changed - a matter of a few hours. My post has now been changed to read as follows:

Same deal as before - my post was changed to essentially the opposite of what I had actually said. That's about as low as one can go as a blog owner. But there we are - they provided the means to undermine themselves.

What a very stupid and malicious thing to do. Does this person imagine that such obvious tampering and flat-out dishonesty will help support their claims? Crazy.

ETA2: A rather purposefully menacing post has been added. It says my site is a "lethally tedious Zionist shill disinfo blog". Good. That's just the way I would want someone like that to imagine it. Having already revealed personal information about one person, they're now threatening me - "I also know who Socrates is, and it may interest you to know, my boring little man, I know who YOU are too." I'm sooooooooooo boring that random nutters on the internet know who I am......and waste their minutes writing crap threatening me.

lethally tedious Zionist shill disinfo blog - I like it! Catchy.

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